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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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not. april. this is.
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just citizens. welcome to the program britain's prime minister has been moved to. london hospital . symptoms and johnson has been hospitalized in london since the weekend. 2 weeks ago. but is not. a good.
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minister. will be deputizing for him where necessary. monitoring developments in london to get what is the latest on the condition of. well we've had this morning from michael gove who's one of his close allies and the cabinet to see is a senior cabinet minister and he has also said that johnson is not on a ventilator of course this would have been very very worrying indeed but he's still on oxygen support so still a very serious situation i think a lot of british people are really waiting anxiously to get further news from from how the prime minister is doing because of course it's taken a turn for the worse quite quickly when he was admitted to hospital after downing street maintain for over a week that he was in charge of a fast and he was still leading the government then being admitted to hospital and then shortly after into intensive care so very worrying time here in britain at
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this time of crisis and of course the prime minister's admission to intensive care leaves foreign secretary dominic robb in charge tell us a bit more about mr rob and the task before him. well dominic rob was one of forrest johnson's colleague and a vote leave campaign so that really is what brought him prominence here in the u.k. and then after boris johnson became prime minister he was made foreign secretary but of course he hasn't been under strolled for a very long time and the same goes for a lot of the other cabinet colleagues a lot of them have been allies of course johnson and the vote live campaign but not all of them very experienced as far as government affairs are concerned so we've had michael gove's this morning the cabinet office minister and he said that dominic robb is making decisions collectively so it's still the cabinet and not
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just on the new grad who is in charge but we've also had from one conservative m.p. that there needs to be more clarity he said there needs to be more clarity when it comes to national security so clearly this difficult moment some questions are being raised as to how these decisions really important decisions about for example how it's going on with the lock down how the government is tackling continues to tackle the crisis of the coronavirus how these decisions are being made inside the government and how is the tackling the core of our to spend i mean there's been criticism for instance on the straw poll out of testing for funtime medical staff. still a lot of criticism and we're still also hearing from doctors and nurses that they don't have enough protective equipment and the hospitals say no testing for medical staff not enough testing and it's the impatience that the government has to to roll
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out the testing quickly that just hasn't come to fruition just yet so our criticism as to why this is also slow in the u.k. that criticism still remains but that most in london thank you very much for that. let's get to the latest developments related to the global look are no doubt a spam demick china has reported no new deaths from the coronavirus over the past 24 hours and the 32 new cases the country did report or people who hold it dawned from overseas israel has announced a complete lockdown over the upcoming boss over the holiday get in germany the number of confirmed korean about us infections has passed 100000 the 4th highest caseload in the world and japan has declared a state of emergency in tokyo and 6 other regions to combat the outbreak japan has nearly 4000 confirmed cases of covert 1092 deaths from it for more i'm joined by journalist sagna blushed in tokyo so you know what does
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a state of emergency mean in concrete terms. it means that the governess have the authority to call on people to stay home and hopelessness is too close. and they don't have they can't give any penalties and it's not like a european style look that so to speak that people are still free to move it's still basically more or less a very strong appeal and. if you compared to europe the situation here is very different and much less restrictive it's much more like a regular life and i'm hoping that with the state of her marriage and see this. sense of crisis so to speak will will change and it affects the 2 main regions in japan and effects tokyo and the great to talk area we 35000000 people and also the great. kyoto area. for the well over
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a month but the son of japan initially seemed to be on top of the governor about his response but infections have surged recently what went wrong. yes indeed i think in the beginning what helped was the proximity to china there was a very early in the crisis a sense that people really need to take care be careful and all that schools were closed relatively early but i think because it because it took so long and the number of infections a valid to you know people who maybe forgot about him a little bit or started to get a little complacent and then the cherry blossom season happened we had a super nice weekend in march a lot of people went to the parks despite pleas not to do so and i think the result is what we're seeing now and promised has also announced a huge stimulus package what can you tell us about that yes he
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has announced the stimulus package which amounts to $180.00 trillion yen which is $916000000000.00 euros and it's equivalent to 20 percent of the japanese economic output. compared to germany germany has invested around 5 percent the goal is obviously to prevent recession from happening and maybe just turn it into some sort of depression. they will give money to families whose income has dropped by over 50 percent they were given 300000 yen. that's about wasn't 400 euros and also maybe around 80 euros per child and also money for companies 2000000 yen so that's what brought to me this package mollison so now blushed in talk to thank you very much for all that you've overcome and stimulus measures are being discussed in the european union as well finance ministers are
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due to meet today for talks on how to stave off a recession and get america has pledged germany support and member states battered by the cut on autos are desperate to get the money flowing but there's fierce debate over how to do that. the scale of the looming economic crisis is hard to fathom in europe like in much of the rest of the world empty streets and shuttered shops show just how suddenly dramatically business has grind to a standstill national governments in the 19 member eurozone have been introducing stimulus packages aimed at keeping businesses and their employees afloat. now another question has arisen how to pay for it all at present each country in the eurozone is responsible for its own debt this means that a country with a poor credit rating like italy has to pay a higher interest rate than a lesson destination like germany the idea behind the so-called corona bonds is to
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pool debt instead this would ease borrowing costs for a country like italy to increase the burden for more credit worthy nations like germany the idea has predictably led to internal wrangling in the euro zone with france and spain in favor of the plan germany and the netherlands against even if there were a consensus experts say implementing such a scheme could take months or even years. what. if it cannot. knowledge is this is the biggest test the u.s. ever faced how much pressure. to. has the pressure on germany is huge also within the german political spectrum there are many political parties and politicians here in germany that are pushing the
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government urging the government to agree to these corona bonds as they are called but we have to caution that it's not a matter of germany giving money we are talking here about loans that are to be issued and about germany and other countries all countries in the european union guaranteeing those loans so it's not actually money that's being kind of pushed across the table it's a guarantee for loans but because the german economy is by far the strongest in europe if these loans should end up not being repaid or in some sense getting difficult it will be germany that ends up in some sense guaranteeing these loans together with other countries so it is that guarantee that the germans are concerned about the german foreign minister and to the economics minister have recently published opinion pieces in the series of european newspapers offering their alternative they're saying that a common european stability mechanism which is already in place should be used and
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that the rules for that for giving that money to various countries should be relaxed so germany is hoping in some sense to get out of this bind and still be able to help other countries that will do them the political correspondent hans brant from the bottom of the studio in bilin to motor racing now and formula one team bosses have met to discuss ways of protecting the sport from financial problems caused by the coronavirus with the production of the budget under consideration williams became the 3rd f one team to put their star on in force leave until the end of me while the team's drivers and executives have to take a 20 percent pay cut that follows similar moves from mclaren and recent point 8 races of the f one season have already been cancelled due to the pandemic. i never spoke to former formula one wild champion. nico rosberg he says rescuing the season require creativity without forgetting the needs of smaller teams on the circuit i hope that they can still stage
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a couple of races maybe they can become all of it creative and do a double header weekends where maybe on a saturday it goes one way and sunny goes the other way around the racetrack and that could be a year but the problem is now nobody knows when the 1st race is going to be held of course it helps that we can help hold races without spectators is that will allow some races to happen sooner because that will allow us to like the limitations of not having more than 100 people in one place or some like that races can still be held so that's a little advantage apart from that the biggest issue at the moment is the financial situation for some of the smaller teams because the f one circus needs all teams to participate if 2 or 3 smaller teams drop out then it's not really a great sport anymore is not not enough teams competing and they're not even on the grid so that is the main focus at the moment to help the smaller teams financially . easter is coming this weekend and people around the won't have gotten creative
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about celebrating under difficult circumstances in some cases that means defining new categories of what those who are not subject to put on our bottles lockdowns. you'll be placed in our that we do consider both the tooth fairy and the easter bunny to be essential with his new zealanders obviously take their easter seriously so did the swiss where many of this year's batch of chocolate bunnies are dressed in protective masks that way they stay safe on their way to their customers mouths . this may look like a medical laboratory but it's an italian chocolate egg factory the owner has rolled with the new challenges of distributing eggs during the coronavirus crisis. with interest if you can be. anything since we couldn't sell them in stores we ship them out there were more orders than ever before just if if you're in the hospital and i
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guess. going on shit on my startup and. in greece doctor bunnies can even bring candy medical equipment their diagnoses are not considered reliable though. in case people eat too much of the sweet stuff just remember ardern has allowed the tooth fairy to continue its rounds as well. even bunny is already is there is that 7 of more. with you in 45 minutes. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. from the vid 19 special next on d w. how does
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a virus spread. and when will this. just through the topics covered and weekly radio. the show is called spectrum if you would like any more information on the crawler virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you go your part cast you can also find us and others are can look for in fact science. now is the time to listen to the experts scientists are our best hope to end the coronavirus pandemic research labs around the world are racing to create a new vaccine the idea is to simulate an infection while avoiding the possibly severe symptoms of covert 19 once x. in 1000 our immune system should destroy the virus if we are exposed to it
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according to the w h o there are currently more than 60 teams of scientists working on a vaccine under normal circumstances it would take more than 10 years but thanks to previous research efforts there is a chance this process may be fast tracked with human trials already underway in some cases but scientists agree that it will still take months until a vaccine is approved. this is your coded 1000 special on d w news i'm monica johnson berlin good to have you with us when will a corona vaccine be ready a vaccine that enables us to resume our lives without restrictions while protecting us from the disease i'm afraid we need to be patient and keep our distance for a while longer and let scientists do their job like here in berlin where a biotech company comes up with promising results. berlin is empty. and those who can are staying at home. but these lab
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technicians can't work from home for them there is more work than ever the chemists at the j.p. peptide company are regarded as systemically important. since what they're producing here could speed up the search for a coronavirus vaccine. we're creating peptide based tools that enable the vaccine developers to monitor the immune systems of patients and treatment to track them over a certain period of time. and. insightful. peptides are amino acid chains that make up proteins this company creates hundreds of thousands of them and assembles them so that they resemble the coronaviruses most important surface proteins. the scientists have been working on this project since january their work will contribute to research about the possible
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effectiveness of a vaccine. in the race for a coronavirus vaccine some scientists are focusing on the development of vaccines based on messenger r.n.a. or r.n.a. this involves injecting a person with the instructions for part of the virus this would then spur the body to partially produce the virus this in turn encourages the immune system to develop antibodies. then if the real corona virus strikes the person would be well equipped and able to defend himself or herself. whether that will really work has what's being tested with the tools being developed here j p t's technology has already been used in the fight against the zeek of virus and ebola. the berlin based company is indirectly involved in. the race for a vaccine since it belongs to bio and tech
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a german company at the forefront of the vaccine race but for j p t it's not about competition. i think that's the wrong way of looking at it at the moment it's really about getting a vaccine onto the market it doesn't matter who does this in the end it's about making a contribution and maybe being among the 1st to do so but right now it's truly about fulfilling the ethical duty to help. the technicians here seem to feel the same way. yes absolutely one can you think you can contribute to making people healthy or even healing them and it's very motivating. yes oh yes sure but i do have mixed feelings on the one hand i'm afraid on the other i know i have something important to contribute it's exciting. but. it certainly is a new test could be ready soon and many are placing their hopes and the effective
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death of an m. r.n.a. based vaccine. the whole world is waiting for a vaccine but even though at least 60 teams of researchers around the globe are working to develop one no one expects a rapid breakthrough because producing a vaccine goes through several stages and that takes time and i know 1st step the virus and its effects on the human body and allies this is necessary to determine the composition of the back soon potential vaccines are 1st tested on animals and later on this procedure is followed by testing human volunteers. i fall those tests are successful vaccine has to go through a lengthy approval process and only after that mass production can begin this process usually takes up to 15 years but thanks to new technologies development can go
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a lot faster today. and for more i'm joined by klaus scituate tech president of the power institute that's the german federal institute of vaccines and bio myths it's good to have you with us so 1st of all i need a covert 1000 vaccine be fast tracked and if so what stage would be best to skip definitely we have 1st trick in the development and there's nothing to skip but rather to combine which means are we given highest priority or poorly conceived to to the developments and to our regulatory authorities and in terms of let's say shortening the development time what we're doing is. focused number of animal studies that have to be done for example so not pharmacology toxicology or defining the dose in animals that will be applied to humans in the 1st have and then of course we also have to combine clean contrivances so there is discussion with some
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of the developers would combine phase one phase 2 or phase $2.00 and $3.00. increase maybe the number of subjects that will be brought in these studies but we need to be very careful with the assessment of the development as usual but of course we concentrate focus and shorten time or well time of course is off the essence of all those studies underway at the moment which one is the most promising you say. well i think we need a variety of cough to vaccine developments prior to this currently and also the developers of perves hazing is our need fixin's and also back to since because they have the advantage that we know exactly which parts of the genetic information and said information of the perfect job can be included in
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the vaccine we know this from purpose or research were also at the poorly conceived to burst room scenes and in that respect i think we say. ok but what about the production capacity of developing a vaccine is one thing but then once we have it will there be enough for everyone to shut everyone get it. i think 1st of all those who are tourists who get it 1st and freeze for severe courses of covert 19 but also the risk for being infected may be morris and others and number 2 man effect will be no issue specifically the army and d.n.a. vaccines can be manufactured in a large amount of those is in quite a short time we're talking about a 1000000 doses or so within a time period of 4 weeks and that's the river runs each of these new legs in platforms as we say and by the time we have a vaccine the pandemic will quite probably has peaked out we actually working on
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a vaccine for a future pandemic. yes we are i think we learn really from the bowler. africa we're taking these kind of learnings to the development of europe and south korea to fix him but we will use the time in any case to develop these platforms so that we are ready and the quicker ready than this time to have a vaccine if the next and then they arise and i professor to take there from the german federal institute of vaccines and bio med since thank you so much for your time thank you. now time to address more of your questions and please do keep them coming on you tube on facebook on twitter or via e-mail because our resident corona experts g.w.s. derek williams stands ready to provide some answers.
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ringback ringback ringback the w.h.o. says getting vaccinated against pathogens that cause respiratory ailments like pneumonia is always a good idea particularly for the elderly but unfortunately vaccines against a bacterial infection will not prevent you from getting the covert 19 pneumonia caused by the corona virus because it's a viral pneumonia so a vaccine against a bacterial pneumonia won't stop that many health authorities are currently however also recommending getting vaccinated against the flu that won't prevent you from getting covert 19 either but it will hopefully cut down on the number of severe flu cases that end up in the hospital occupying a bed that might be desperately needed by a covert 19 patient ringback ringback ringback
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ringback ringback. one thing that's really crippling us in this pandemic is that we don't know exactly who has had to cope at 19 an unknown large number of people have gotten it but don't know they were never tested because they had mild symptoms that they have maybe no symptoms at all that's incredibly important information because it could tell us who is ill probably amusing to the coronavirus it's information that going forward is going to be essential as we try to get our societies back up and running and that's where an antibody test comes in the works like this when it's infected with a pathogen your body forms these proteins called antibodies they are part of this immune response and the antibodies it makes are tailored to that specific bug those antibodies remain in your system that if you've gotten over the elders helping to protect you from reinfection an antibody test is diagnostic for detecting that. oh
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and the antibody test for covert 19 could tell was if you had it in maybe didn't even notice it if that's the case then you would theoretically no longer carry the body or be able to infect anyone else and bukit get back to work sounds good that was out in 1000 special for more on the damage to check out our social media channels and our website at www dot com which has dedicated covered 900 pages in fact which i want to johnsonville end thanks for joining and stay healthy. capital in crisis the streets are empty. the majority of businesses are closed and families are confined to within their own 4 walls. place in berlin during the corona crisis. the current residents are dealing with
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the restrictions. next d.w. . staying up to date don't miss our highlights w. program on line w. dot com highlights. the secret behind this classical. music the sound. or the story behind the music was a hit for the ages greatest. cause. beethoven's 9th symphony for the world starts in tonight on t.w. . oh. my gorgeous love was. for the russian saw.
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so many different walks of life. some are. ugly. but almost come straight from the heart the former senior v.p. for the morning still in the marsh. for. the long journey to their final resting place the russian. w. that's it's out of it's just it's on the verge can you please get the toilet paper from the back thank you everybody it's the same thing oh no the it was one of you will school and. if you do me call when i. come to the school corona virus is spreading ever faster and germination and up. with the virus comes the
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fear news reports and images like these are unsettling restrictions on movement shuttered stores what effect is it.


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