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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm CEST

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last. managed by from. this is. from berlin tonight the corona virus tightening its grip on new york city as the city's overstretched hospitals try to cope with the flood of patients today's death toll is a shocker 731 new yorkers lost their lives on monday also coming up get well wishes from around the world for britain's prime minister morris johnson he remains
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in intensive care at a london hospital tonight the foreign minister is stepping in for the prime minister and what can the european union do to prevent the pandemic from becoming a bigger recession. finance ministers are divided especially over one controversial proposal with the name. it's good to have you with this it has been another grim day for new york as the city's death toll from the corona virus soared close to 3500 despite that the governor of the state of new york andrew cuomo says that the number of deaths in the city appears to be leveling off and that it shows that social distancing is working a quote somewhat upbeat assessment it did not stop the pain of those in those
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overstretched hospitals whether as patients or as nurses or doctors. new york fishies doctors work around the clock to save lives that makeshift hospitals like this one the governor's daily messages are sounding increasingly bleak more people in the city have now died from kovac 19 of them perished in the september 11th terrorist attacks in 2001 tuesday's number was especially grim 731 people dead the largest daily number of record it's so far. behind every one of those numbers is an individual is of firmly mothers and fathers or sisters or brothers so a lot of pain. again today for many new yorkers this speed of destruction has been staggering new york city registered its 1st infection only 6 weeks ago since then it has become the national at the center of
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a tragedy that is playing out around the world. attention to have been drawn to the leadership of u.s. president donald trump with many criticizing him for ignoring scientific evidence and failing to present a coordinated response. meanwhile the economic consequences are already painfully apparent for a leader who has been keen to judge his performance against the cost of the stock market as the economic outlook can be described as nothing less than disastrous. well on this side of the atlantic world leaders have been sending get well soon messages to britain's prime minister boris johnson this is his 2nd night in intensive care he is said to be stable. on a ventilator johnson spent 12 days in isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus he was hospitalized sunday evening with
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a high fever. on monday after a night in hospital doris johnson insisted there was no cause for concern. but just hours later his condition had deteriorated. as we speak bronzer is in intensive care being looked after boy his medical team receiving the very very best care from a team that saddam says hopes and prayers are with him and with his family downing street says johnson is conscious and includes spirits he's getting oxygen support but he's not on a ventilator. my thoughts are with him and his family because of the sea it's very very tight there and i'm going to stuff one son because it's very seriously going to intensify i mean obviously there are a great breakfast stephanie wake up call for those who might have been taking it seriously can fit people who are normally healthy but including myself i think it's probably a wake up call to well i think you see it in the best of attention i only hope that
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the rest of the british population get the same attention but unfortunately it won't be the case will it. in the meantime foreign secretary dominic robb has taken over the prime minister's judy's world leaders have been sending messages of support sending my best wishes to prime minister barak johnson for a full and speedy recovery my thoughts are with you and your family right now i hope to see you back at number 10 soon hang in there prime minister hope to see you out of hospital and in perfect health very soon get well soon boris johnson thinking of you your family and all our u.k. friends at the stuff time. queen elizabeth has also sent a message to johnson's family and his pregnant fiance kerry simmons wishing the prime minister a full recovery. ministers have faced calls to be more transparent i made concerns
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they under played how serious johnson's condition was for many it's another reminder that the coronavirus does not discriminate. our correspondent show up to parts she's on the story for us tonight in london good evening to you show us what is the latest on the condition of the prime minister. well the prime minister remains an intensive care at st thomas's hospital it's one of the best hospitals in the united kingdom just across the river from downing street and he is receiving oxygen treatment as we've just heard and he does not have pneumonia downing street said and he's not on a mechanical ventilator at this point so this is all we know from downing street from the officials at this point but of course downing street this government has not been very transparent with its information and the past so this leaves many british people worried about their prime minister at this point you're worried
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about their prime minister and worried about who was actually running the country the admission of the president to the hospital on sunday left the foreign secretary dominique robb in charge what do we know about him and talk to me a little bit about the role he is now having to play. well in the beginning of the crisis he was asked to deputize for boris johnson should he become incapacitated and that has now happened he is a newcomer to government he doesn't have much experience he's a foreign secretary and he's been on johnson's cabinet because he was a breakfast that so puerto now he will have to unite the government at this very critical time really and when i asked what kind of authority he has to run the country at this point today in the press conference that he did not give a clear answer he said it's a collective responsibility and it really left the impression that there is
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a lack of leadership at this very very critical time for you the united kingdom there's been criticism. of testing for medical staff in the u.k. what is the state of the country's response to this pandemic tonight. well it's been very slow to begin with the prime minister took this crisis lightly that is for sure and the restrictions on public life here came a little too late to stop the spread of the virus so the death toll is rising in the case of this rising at this point and the number of people admitted to the hospital rising so london really is a hot spot at the moment and hospital beds are filling up quickly we're hearing from doctors and nurses that they've never seen scenes like this before that they are becoming overwhelmed that it is very hot on them and fracking as well the problem of testing you mentioned testing is only done for severe cases in the
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hospital so the unrecorded number of cases is incredibly high and they are as well not tracked and then there is the issue of ventilators there are just not enough ventilators at this point british industry is producing them but the question is will they be ready in time for really the peak of the virus outbreak here. a lot of thoughts on the story for us in london with the latest on the prime minister's condition so lots of thank you with the coronavirus is still claiming the lives of paralyzing societies all around the world it might not seem to be the right moment to talk about lifting the walk downs but denmark is about to begin doing just that for about 4 weeks it's been quiet on the streets of denmark now the restrictions on public life are to be dial down people in copenhagen have mixed feelings. if i think it's too early that. this is the present my opinion it's the right thing to do not i'm not worried that it's too soon. but of course there is discussion where
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the infections will rise but i think it's a good move. the biggest step is the reopening of kindergartens and schools off the east but only certain classes an age groups will be allowed back strict home office rules for private sector workers are also being relaxed the government's reasoning for the move the number of coated 19 patients in hospitals is beginning to fall or so newsman to them is the message from our health ministry is that it is reasonable and appropriate to begin a controlled reopening of the country. but it comes with conditions that we own and he knew to keep our distance. wash our hands him and avoid groups of people from. denmark borders will remain closed until at least the 10th of may and the ban on lodge of vents and festivals will stay in place until the end of august in
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australia cardinal george pell has walked free from prison after the high court to the country overturned his convictions for child sex abuse tell he was once a senior figure in the vatican was serving a 6 year prison sentence he has always maintained his innocence. images that spark of vindication or hopelessness after $405.00 days in custody cardinal george pell walks free from an australian prison into a monastery a decision felt acutely by sexual abuse survivors. in any earth. it's it's he. really. it was a year ago that the cardinal was convicted of sexually assaulting 2 choir boys in
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the 1990 s. making it the most high profile case of alleged historical sex abuse to rock the roman catholic church the cardinal has always maintained his innocence the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me in a statement he says he holds no ill will to his accuser stressing that he does not want his acquittal to add to the hurt and business so many feel his supporters in the church say they've always believed in his innocence. my own sense. and understanding of the man. when he said use innocent accepted best but also accepted the processes of the courts and that has come to its conclusion. the decision came from a strangely as highest court marking the end of a complex 3 year legal battle there were no celebrations from the vatican but at
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mass on tuesday the pope recalled the persecution that jesus suffered. if. i would like to pray for all those who suffer unjust sentences resulting from persecution and the man. for the work awaits pelz lawyers as a number of civil suits are seeking compensation for his alleged failure to protect children from tata files over many christians around the world this coming sunday will be an easter unlike any in living memory in countries with lock downs and stay at home orders people are left to celebrate with no church service is no family gatherings and no easter egg hunts for the children but wait who said that the easter bunny is also under lockdown through said that the easter bunny is an essential in these trying times our sources tonight tell us that peter cottontail may just be hopping down the money trail. you'll be placed in our that we do
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consider both the tooth fairy and the easter bunny to be essential lucas new zealanders obviously take their easter seriously so did the swiss where many of this year's batch of chocolate bunnies are dressed in protective masks that way they stay safe on their way to their customers mouths. this may look like a medical laboratory but it's an italian chocolate egg factory the owner has rolled with the new challenges of distributing eggs during the coronavirus crisis. but then doesn't even be in a go if anything since we couldn't sell them in stores we ship them out there were more orders than ever before with just a figure and the possible and i guess. going on shit on my startup and. in greece dr bunnies can even bring candy medical equipment their diagnoses are not considered reliable though. in case people eat too much of the sweet stuff just
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remember ardern has allowed the tooth fairy to continue its rounds as well. she is a good mother after all you're watching the w. news live from berlin stay tuned for our coast good night team special coming up right after a short break we'll see you tomorrow. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our corona update. from the 19 special next. on d.w.
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. comes a virus spread. why do we panic and when will. we just threw the topics covered and our weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the growth of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast if you know where you get your pod cast can also follow us and. science. health care systems around the world are under stress what more patients are seeking treatment pushing hospitals to the brink of collapse but if you look closely there are differences in the u.s. health care is largely privatized in an effort to cut costs many hospitals have reduced staff and stretched resources that are now urgently need it many clinics
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are overwhelmed the same goes for countries like italy and spain which were burdened with severe austerity measures after the last financial crisis state run health care systems on the other hand are proving to be more robust to deal with the crisis some experts say in many countries this has sparked a discussion about whether health care should be a public good run by the state or a business model. this is your covert 900 special d.w. news i want to get germs and good to have you with us now let's agree money can't buy you everything but it can give you a better chance of survival if you can afford a private health insurance chances are you get to see your doctor sooner than someone on national health it's not fair but it is what it is but how does it work in a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic and a moment we'll talk to the c.e.o. of germany's biggest private hospital operator but 1st this report. the
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patients just keep on coming the coronavirus outbreak is testing the limits of hospitals all over the world the demand for beds for spiritual quip and protective gear and workers continues to search many former medical professionals have been called back on duty like a qualified doctor the irish prime minister as you know rejoined medical register there last month and. setting aside really one session a week about half a day a week so far it's been a telephone click the virus which is infected politicians celebrities and business leaders is often described as indiscriminate but as hospital staff get to work in a quality rains. poor people are more likely to catch the disease and they're more likely to die from it that's led to calls for a lifting of the barriers for example between public and private hospitals in spain
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one of the country's worst hit by the crisis become and has ordered private clinics to share resources with the public system australia has pushed through similar measures. in germany meanwhile some private clinics have reportedly applied for government support to compensate for the cancellation of lucrative procedures but they simply aren't a priority right now. for more i'm joined now by the c.e.o. frizzy a global health care group with more than 200 set 90000 employees in more than 100 countries and here in germany is also the largest hospital operator welcome stephanie good to have you with us tell me how are your hospitals holding up in this health crisis. we've got to differentiate between the situation in germany and spain we have 86 hospitals in germany where we're still waiting
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for a large wave of corona patients to arrive on the other hand we have 44 hospitals across spain weren't particularly in the hot spots in madrid and barcelona we have had more than our fair share of patients to deal with right how how big a role i mean it it feels awful to talk about money in such a situation but how big a role does money play when it comes to providing good health care. well we have to see that the fatality rate in germany is substantially lower than the one that we are seeing elsewhere but i do believe that 1st and foremost that has to do with quite a few issues that happen outside the hospital. so when it comes to the amount of testing that we're doing that denominator in the fatality ratio germany has done substantially more as far as i can see than most of the countries but also when we
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look at the numerator i believe that in germany the potion population on average is substantially younger than elsewhere a key reason for this may actually be a cultural difference where i think it is more. towards the german culture to keep the natural social distance relative to what we can observe in italy and its banks. and it comes to the money the capital allocation to a hospital system than i do believe. that germany is a bit better equipped than what we're seeing elsewhere and as far as our own hospitals are concerned we have invested quite heavily in the past and we can now also afford to shift resources within this large network where they are needed right as as you just mentioned about shifting resources you are you do run private
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hospitals and private hospitals that and then they'd say they need to be profitable is that a problem now given that's treating covered 9000 patients is very time and very cost consuming. no and this is not the time to think about market share gains or profitability this is the time to think about how we can best help the society and it was mentioned a bit earlier on yes the spanish government has drawn on resources to help out and we saw more than happy to do that. i believe that yes whilst we're still waiting in germany for. actually we're not waiting but you know we haven't seen a large wave of corona patients yet and therefore in many of our hospitals where we have followed the ministers appeal to delay in the elective surgery yes we are seeing in on the utilization of capacity but that is obviously absolutely
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fine we got to see through this crisis now and everything else is going to be taken care of afterwards that is definitely a an almost luxury position to be in the one that you describe here in terminal spittles as you mentioned that so far germany's health system managed to keep the number of covert 19 related to death fairly low 7 in comparison to other countries but the number of cases keeps rising now as the c.e.o. of germany's biggest hospital operator how worried are you that maybe you will not be able to cope with the influx of patients and and have to make hard decisions. this has been a very very dynamic development that frankly has beat not so my expectation so i will be cautious with making definitive statements but at the same time. germany has had the luxury of being somewhat late to this and therefore we have had the
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opportunity to learn quite a bit from what worked in other countries as an aside we have also had quite a number of volunteers in our german hospital system to go down to spain and help out our colleagues over there and those who are returning now have real life experience as to how we can better deal combat this crisis nobody derives truly arrives here in germany right stefan storm c.e.o. frizzy news thank you so much for your time and all the best to you and certainly for your medical staff in the coming days and weeks thank you stay healthy. and now let's get some answers to your questions remember that you can keep them coming in on you tube on facebook and twitter or via e-mail the science journalist derrick williams stands ready to provide some ounces. was germany better prepared
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for the pandemic than other countries. ringback throughout this pandemic the number of fatalities in germany has remained remarkably lower than that and other countries only between one and 2 percent of the people who tested positive for a covert 19 here have so far died from the disease that's a lower case fatality rate than almost any other country tenser the question germany appears to have been better prepared than many other countries in one key way the number of acute care beds here is very high there are more than twice as many of them per capita as there are and european neighbors like france or italy i don't think any country was really well prepared for a coke at 19 but germany's reaction to it looks to have made a significant difference and in how many people it will probably kill here.
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the u.s. and the u.k. were supposedly well prepared for this kind of emergency but they're seeing a lot of infections and fatalities why. that's a tough question because so many factors if you were to be contributing to how effective countries are and grappling with this disease don't forget the situation is unprecedented and we're still in the middle of the pandemic it's way too close to fast changing events to be able to really say country a got this writing country be wrong that's one thing in particular has seemed to play a pivotal role in slowing the spread of the disease in some countries and that's early widespread testing as we've heard over and over again you can't fight what you can see right so both the u.s. and u.k. got off to quite slow starts when it came to testing because the health care
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systems there rely on. tests from a single government source and those government sources didn't respond very rapidly so despite getting top marks for their health care systems and reports like the global health security and a structural aspect of how the u.s. and u.k. were set up to deal with a possible pandemic might now be making a big difference in the overall numbers. w.'s derek williams and he'll be back of course tomorrow to answer more off your questions for now that was our 900 special i'm going to jones in berlin for more on the pandemic to check out our social media channels and our websites that is g w dot com where we have information on covert 19 and more than 30 languages. now we would like to leave you with a story that shows we really are all in this together. at a hospital in taiwan people wait in line to make donations to help italy and its
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fight against the coronavirus a so far donated more than $3000000.00 u.s. dollars to the relief effort it's a way of showing their gratitude to italian priests who helped build hospitals in taiwan after the 2nd world war the funds were used to purchase much needed medical supplies to cope with 1000 stricken areas and it's in. the. capital in crisis the streets are empty. the majority of businesses are closed and families are confined to within their own 4 walls. life in berlin during the corona crisis.
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the current residents dealing with the restrictions. next on d w. s take me to mean when you in her early twenty's listen when you can younger was a victim of domestic abuse. workers and muslims or claim to promote self-determination for women also supports victims of abuse the induction aids information programs in schools and campaigns for women's rights. condom 3000. and 16 s d w. for. each stone tells my story. of the people who plans me bill. to me. i am not to dumb to carry.
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on my secrets. i have mocked my city's days for centuries and accompanied my country through its finest alleys until the day i mean. not down to. dance and. that's it's out of us just it's on a vision can you please get the toilet paper from the back thank you everybody it's the same thing oh no the it was cold one of you will school one of the it was treason to me cold war not a pity me but you come to steal from the school corona virus is spreading ever faster and germination along. with the virus comes the fear of news reports and
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images like these are unsettling restrictions on movement.


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