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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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this is t w news live from berlin china's one time coronavirus epicenter of lifts its lockdown after nearly 3 months people who have passed health checks are streaming out of the city but authorities remain on high alert trying to guard against another outbreak from important cases or domestic travelers without symptoms also coming up no agreements after all night talks for an e.u. economic rescue plan hard hit italy is leading the call for help as coronavirus fear shut down rios famous speeches but rebels are 1st can't resist the pull of the
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waves just as solo sport really put them at risk. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program a month long lockdown starts to use a day and will haunt the chinese city where the corona virus outbreak was 1st reported the city's drastic measures have served as a model for countries battling the coronavirus around the world after 11 weeks chinese authorities are now allowing residents of all han more freedom of movement this milestone comes as china reported no new deaths on tuesday. it's about time as the clock struck midnight and when one of the major looked at measures was removed i travel an impressive light show marked the occasion featuring health were. careers and the words heroic city others werent pausing to
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celebrate instead thousands of travelers flock to catch trains or take advantage of remove road blocks. so. i feel great the epidemic has maybe stabilized to some extent so we're able to travel now. has lost a lot in this epidemic and its people have paid a big price. the lockdown has been lifted i think we're all pretty happy here. it's the city where the coronavirus a break began many people have been trapped for more than 2 months they will leave for hand to rejoin friends family and return to work. i came back before the lunar new year and planned to stay for a few days it wasn't even 2 days and it was announced 200 would be locked down and i couldn't leave so i've been stuck here the whole time. the easing of the lockdown
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comes as china reported no new coronavirus deaths for the 1st time since it started publishing figures. but authorities still urge caution. since 0 new covered $900.00 cases does not mean 0 risk but the lifting of the knockdown does not mean the lifting of epidemic prevention and control. who has been breathing a tentative signs of relief more shops are open and there are more people on the street so a return to normality appears far off the area's restrictions on movement within the strolling metropolis will remain in place to guard against a 2nd wave of infection. so let's bring in correspondent crutch for who is joining us from beijing 5 so it's not
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a complete return to normal as it. no it's far from normal and what we see here is that of course the streets are filling up but mostly are still empty restaurants some of them are open now but also empty as we see for example now there are fissures again at the young to the river that flows through the city that's normal and for many residents feel it's normal but of course a virus compared with it and it's not normal it on the big change today is that some people are allowed to leave the city and that means if they are have a green q.r. code every resident is given a cold depending on their health status and if you are green and that means you don't belong to any health risk group then you are allowed to leave the city but within the city of course many of the restrictions of movement are still in place and that's also because the responsibility for new infections in china is a cheap delegated to the lower level toward me and the neighborhood committees the
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property management of residential compounds and also the companies can be held accountable if you inspections break out so they actually take a very seriously you have to report to your neighbor the committee before you eat your compound and then really tell them where you're going and it would strongly encourage that you're only doing necessary sings so given all of that how are people reacting to the relaxation of the curfew. they're very euphoric very happy i mean one resident that i interviewed he told me that the moment that he that he left his compound his residential compound for the 1st time in over 2 months he took selfies and sent them to all of his friends because he really just wanted to share his joy and then he headed to the supermarket and straight to the section of sweets and chocolate bars and all that because in the last 2 months of course the necessities were all taken care of he was supplied rice vegetables and even meat but you know all those sweets for his children were the 1st in over 2 months so
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yeah definitely it's very emotional but actually many residents also that i misspoke told they're still afraid of a 2nd wave of and so they're really young not really easy going out but want to stay home how high is that fair fabiana because i mean the coronavirus as is by no means to feed it as you highlight it yes actually it's only a matter of time until the infections will rise again we know that actually within will han the testing the virus testing has been increased now they're up to 12000 virus tests to date again so that means also there will be much more. carriers of the virus persons who are infected but who don't show any symptoms i think that number will increase and it's basically trial every decision that is now made and can be also turned back so i think they really want to. experiment they want to try can they open it with a number school a co-op or not and then they can take it from one step at
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a time correspondent. thank you so. well let's get you the latest now the latest developments on the coronavirus pandemic the global death toll from coven 1000 is now more than 82000 people with more than 1400000 confirmed infections since the outbreak began british prime minister boris johnson has spent his 2nd night in intensive care he is said to be in a stable condition and not on a ventilator us president donald trump has threatened to freeze funding to the world health organization trump accused the w.h.o. of protein a bias i do you finance ministers have failed to agree on a joint plan to ease the economic impact of the pandemic southern states including italy and spain are insisting on debt sharing tools called corona bonds which northern european states reject. well for more let's go to brussels where our correspondent boundaries are just standing by him back i mean we have these e.u. countries saying that they're trying to find unity in the fight against the virus
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but failing why it is the sheer enormity of this crisis this she amount of money that is needed to get your butt out of the economic and social coma right now 500000000000 euros on the table in 3 different financial instruments but that might not be enough the european central bank is claiming that $1.00 trillion to the 3 times of that amount is really needed and not only italy but also spain and from demanding though the issuance of common that of corona bones to finance all of this to have a limitless amount of money available why are these countries germany the netherlands for example so opposed to these neutralized of debt solutions like corona bonds for example because i mean this is a fault line which is not new. yes germany and
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the other more richer countries all used to be richer countries against it because they don't know actually how they will get out of this crisis villa germany have the potential the money to guarantee all those credits that are needed in future the german finance minister shows doesn't know it he said recently in berlin it's really a lot of money and he doesn't know so he does not want to do this commitment right now for europe because he has to save germany 1st but some are are looking at this moment really as a test of the european union how much of a threat could this be if this this failure to address the financial situation in the block to the e.u.'s all. if all the 1st time it's a real threat that the e.u. might fail and that the eurozone actually might fail and this the german chancellor angela merkel 2 days ago said this is the biggest test the european union has ever
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faced and today the spanish government not only tell you but also the spanish government says that you could fail over this if not stand together right now is not find a common find an instrument for all of us then the e.u. is not necessary anymore than to regard with the view from brussels thank you so much. let's get you up to speed now with some of the stories making headlines a con amiss in germany are expecting that the country will see its biggest quarterly decline in g.d.p. on record as a result of the pandemic leading researchers say that the economy is set to shrink close to 10 percent between april and june that would be the biggest drop since quarterly figures were 1st collected in 1970. germany's love tons a is said to close its budget airline german wings and decommission more than 40 planes it's become the 1st major airline to announce a permanent cuts as a result of the coronavirus crisis of transit is also planning to reduce the fleets
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of subsidiaries austrian airlines swiss and euro way. one person has been injured after a fire broke out at berlin's rebuilt royal palace authorities say the 2 tar cauldrons ignited before the blaze was finally extinguished the replica of the pression era palace has cost over 600000000 euros to build and it was due to open later this year as a museum complex. well the german government says that it will take 50 unaccompanied children from migrant camps on the greek island of lesbos and childs the another 12 will be sent to luxembourg reportedly the transfers would begin next week tens of thousands of people who have fled their homes are currently living in dire conditions in these great caps the situation has worsened in recent weeks due to the corona virus outbreak and we asked
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a member of the european parliament eric marquardt who's currently on lesbos what he thought about the move in the end it's good to have 50 unaccompanied minors to be somewhere with the state but. it's the german government because that's after months of discussion but they're able to take 50 people where they're getting 80000 people from were mainly for asparagus in the end was. flying back to assist the 200002 wrists to the arm and then nobody can tell me that the next to come to pass city is 50 unaccompanied minors a country like germany was 82000000. to 2000000 people in the end i think it's very shameful that we are not able to solve this problem because we have the possibility we have hotels in germany we can rent food we can just
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see that there are 25 sullivan places in 1st reception centers for refugees in germany that so many possibilities and i think that we also have to ask for a political will. and a call to action there from that and a p from the green party. we've got elsewhere in the world sun sounds also the risk of coronavirus that's the rationale behind a recent closure of rio de janeiro's famous beaches but it stirred up debate on how far these law should go in limiting outdoor sports some surfers are finding it hard to resist the pull of the waves. rio's copacabana beach is almost empty giving him a funny concept to surf despite the state stay at home or to us but his defiance of recently got him in trouble with the police. beat me to it unfortunately i was caught surfing surfing is a crime no you don't end up with
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a criminal record or something as silly as that this is how the a wasn't fined but he now has to go to court to fight the charge that didn't stop the 22 year old from going back into the water just i was tomato rios brazil 2nd most infected state the governor recently closed our beaches in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. right now is the time to think about the collective. suppress my desire and i catch that wave metaphorically speaking to in the near future. to process but the surface to find the band don't see surfing causing any more harm than not the soul of sports. miser to watch i think that in the same way that people run a high current ride bikes somebody can grab a board leave the house good to regulate to the water puddle and go home you want to walk so you guys it's
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a strong argument but surfing does run the risk of overcrowding if everyone were to come to the beaches to survive. you're watching news live from berlin remember you can get the latest on our website www dot com. so are apt to follow us on twitter instagram of social media sites i'm sorry kelly in berlin it's a lot. of. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. information and. our corona up to. 19 special next on d.w.
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happiness fears for everyone penises are very different from primates we have a totally ridiculous i mean the size view of nature. this is climate change regular sex how do you know in books you get smarter for free you know where your books on. health care systems around the world are under stress more and more patients are seeking treatment pushing hospitals to the brink of collapse but if you look closely there are differences in the u.s. health care is largely privatized in an effort to cut costs many hospitals have reduced staff and stretched resources that are now urgently need it many clinics are overwhelmed the same goes for countries like italy and spain which were burdened with severe austerity measures after the last financial crisis state run
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health care systems on the other hand are proving to be more robust to deal with a crisis some experts say in many countries this has sparked a discussion about whether health care should be a public good run by the state or a business model. this is your covert 900 special in g.w. news i want to get jones and bill i'm glad to have you with us now let's agree money can't buy you everything but it can give you a better chance of survival if you can afford a private health insurance chances are you get to see your doctor sooner than someone on national health it's not fair but it is what it is but how does it work in a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic and a moment we'll talk to the c.e.o. of germany's biggest private hospital operator but 1st this report. the patients just keep on coming the coronavirus outbreak is testing the limits of hospitals all over the world the demand for beds for spiritual equipment protective
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gear and workers continues to search many former medical professionals have been called back on duty like a qualified doctor the irish prime minister as you know rejoined the medical register there last month and. setting aside really one session a week about half a day a week so far it's been a telephone click the virus which is infected politicians celebrities and business leaders is often described as indiscriminate but as hospital staff get to work in a quality rames. poorer people are more likely to catch the disease and they're more likely to die from it that's led to calls for a lifting of the barriers for example between public and private hospitals in spain one of the country's worst hit by the crisis the government has ordered private clinics to share resources with the public system australia has pushed through
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similar measures. in germany meanwhile some private clinics have reportedly applied for government support to compensate for the cancellation of lucrative procedures but they simply aren't a priority right now. for more i'm joined now by the c.e.o. of frizzy a global health care group with more than 200 set 90000 employees in more than 100 countries and here in germany is also the largest hospital operator welcome stephanie good to have you with us tell me how are your hospitals holding up in this health crisis. we're going to differentiate between the situation in germany and japan we have 86 hospitals in germany where we're still waiting for a large wave of corona patients to arrive on the other hand we have 44 ospital across spain weren't particularly in the hot spots in madrid and barcelona
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we have had more than our fair share of patients to deal with. how big a role of in it it feels awful to talk about money in such a situation but how big a role does money play when it comes to providing good health care. well we have to see that the fatality rate in germany is substantially lower than the one that we are seeing elsewhere but i do believe that 1st and foremost that has to do with quite a few issues that happen outside the hospital. so when it comes to the amount of testing that we're doing that denominator in the fatality ratio germany has done substantially more as far as i can see than most of the countries but also when we look at the numerator i believe that in germany potion population on average is substantially younger and elsewhere a key reason for this may actually be
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a cultural difference where i think it is more. towards the german culture to keep the natural social distance relative to what we can observe in italy and its banks. and it comes to the money the capital allocation to a hospital system than i do believe. that germany is a bit better equipped than what we're seeing elsewhere and as far as our own hospitals are concerned we have invested quite heavily in the past and we can now also afford to shift resources within this large network where they are needed right as as you just mentioned about shifting resources you are you do run private hospitals and private hospitals that's and then they'd say they need to be profitable is that a problem now given that treating covered 9000 patients is very time and very cost consuming. no and this is not the time to think about market share
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gains or profitability this is the time to think about how we can best help the society as it was mentioned a bit earlier on yes the spanish government has drawn on resources to help out and we saw more than happy to do that. i believe that yes whilst we're still waiting in germany for. actually we're not waiting but no we haven't seen a large wave of corona patients yet and therefore in many of our hospitals where we have followed the ministers appeal to delay in the elective surgery yes we are seeing in on the utilization of capacity but that is obviously absolutely fine we got to see through this crisis now and everything else is going to be taken
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care of afterwards that is definitely a an almost luxury position to be in the one that you describe here in terminal spittles as you mention it at so far germany's health system managed to keep the number of covert 9000 related to this fairly low 7 in comparison to other countries but the number of cases keeps rising now as the c.e.o. of germany's biggest hospital operator how worried are you that maybe the e.u. will not be able to cope with the influx of patients and and have to make hard decisions. this has been a very very dynamic development that frankly has beaten out so my expectation so i will be cautious with making definitive statements but at the same time. germany has had the luxury of being somewhat late to this and therefore we have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit from what worked in other countries as an aside we have also had quite a number of volunteers in our german hospital system to go down to spain and help
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out our colleagues over there and those who are returning now have a real life experience as to how we can better deal combat this crisis nobody derives truly arrives here in germany right stefan storm c.e.o. frizzy news thank you so much for your time and all the best to you and certainly for your medical staff in the coming days and weeks thank you stay healthy. and now let's get some more answers to your questions remember that you can keep them coming in on you tube on facebook and twitter or via e-mail the science journalist deron williams stands ready to provide some answers. was germany better prepared for the pandemic than other countries. ringback throughout this pandemic the number of fatalities in germany has remained remarkably lower than
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that and other countries only between one and 2 percent of the people who tested positive for covert 19 here have so far died from the disease that's a lower case fatality rate than almost any other country tenser the question germany appears to have been better prepared than many other countries in one key way the number of acute care beds here is very high there are more than twice as many of them per capita as there are in european neighbors like france or italy and i don't think any country was really well prepared for a covert 19 but germany's reaction to it looks to have made a significant difference and in how many people it will probably kill here. the u.s. and the u.k. were supposedly well prepared for this kind of emergency but they're seeing a lot of infections and fatalities why. that's
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a tough question because so many factors if you were to be contributing to how effective countries are and grappling with this disease don't forget the situation is unprecedented and we're still in the middle of the pandemic it's way too close to fast changing events to be able to really say country a this writing country be wrong that's one thing in particular has seemed to play a pivotal role in slowing the spread of the disease in some countries and that's early widespread testing as we've heard over and over again you can't fight what you can see right so both the u.s. and u.k. got off to quite slow starts when it came to testing because healthcare systems they are rely on. tests from a single government source and those government sources didn't respond very rapidly so despite getting top marks for their health care systems and reports like the
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global health security and it's a structural aspect of how the u.s. and u.k. were set up to deal with a possible pandemic might now be making a big difference in the overall numbers. w.'s derek williams and he'll be back of course tomorrow to answer more off your questions for now that was our 900 special. in berlin for more on the pandemic to check out our social media channels and our website that is g w dot com where we have information on covert 19 and more than 30 languages. now we would like to leave you with a story that shows we really are all in this together. at a hospital in taiwan people wait in line to make donations to help italy and its fight against the coronavirus a so far donated more than $3000000.00 u.s. dollars to the relief effort is
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a way of showing their gratitude to italian priests who helped build hospitals in taiwan after the 2nd world war the funds were used to purchase much needed medical supplies to cope with 9000 stricken areas and it's in a. host . of markets well. the momentum of the working world. made in germany. on.
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the conspired changed the people making it. go africa fantastic. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many colleagues do you all for tuning in africa. in 60 minutes on d w. or. in the light of climate change. the frequency of. what's in store. well for the future. pretty major city to get insight. into.
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the global corona crisis you can find more information online at g.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. to get a bit of the. name place of residence date of the email address mobile phone number credit card number security code it's mind boggling the amount of personal information you have to share when shopping online and we just go along with it the internet and privacy give me your data our topic today on mate well.


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