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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2020 4:00pm-4:23pm CEST

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world. this is dude of the news live from berlin. images from one of the harshest. in the world after more than 2 months. being allowed to leave the city but only after passing health checks and authorities remain for another outbreak.
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the economic impact of the pandemic. is the. welcome to the program a months long lockdown has started to ease in the chinese city where the corona virus outbreak was 1st reported drastic measures taken there have served as a model for other countries but the pandemic after 11 weeks chinese authorities are now allowing residents of more freedom of movement this relief but also fear infection as the sealed off city opens up again. it's about time as the clock struck midnight and will hand one of the major lockdown measures was removed by in travel an impressive light show marked the
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occasion featuring health workers and the words heroic city others where in pausing to celebrate instead thousands of travelers flock to catch trains or take advantage of removed roadblocks. so. i feel great the epidemic has maybe stabilized to some extent so we're able to travel now. the way it has lost a lot in this epidemic and its people have paid a big price. for the lockdown has been lifted i think we're all pretty happy. it's the city where the coronavirus a break began many people have been trapped for more than 2 months they will leave we had to rejoin friends family and return to work. i came back before lunar new year and planned to stay for a few days it wasn't even 2 days and it was announced would be locked down and i
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couldn't leave so i've been stuck here the whole time. the easing of the lockdown comes as china reported no new coronavirus deaths for the 1st time since it started publishing figures. but authorities still urge caution. since 0 new covered 19 cases does not mean 0 risk with the lifting of the knock down does not mean the lifting of epidemic prevention and control. to hand has been breathing a tentative sight of relief more shops are open and there are more people on the street so a return to normality appears far off. various restrictions on movement within the sprawling metropolis will remain in place to guard against a 2nd wave of infections. let's bring in correspondent a crutch for joining me from beijing fabiani is it back to business as usual in
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rwanda that. no no no that's we're already far away from normal i mean it's kind of a soft opening i would say the authorities are trying to get trial and error principle they go with one step at a time for example now some citizens are able to leave the city and those citizens who are assigned to greek you are called that signals their health status as some other residents told me that actually many of the restrictions are still in place for example they can only leave their residential compound every 2nd day and others have to report actually to their neighborhood committee the guards who are standing in front of the houses where they're going before they go out so it's a really toned down freedom i would say and it can be reversed any time because as was mentioned before in the bigger package there is the fia off actually a 2nd wave of infection so the authorities are cautious on the other and one
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resident told me that he was given actually coupons to go shopping because the authorities are also encouraging to you get the economy started so it's basically yes. it's a new new opening of the city but not compared to what was normal before the virus essentially a soft easing of the london underground but of the lockdown i'm sorry but there's a bit of human element to this far beyond written about a city of 11000000 forced to stay indoors for more than 2 months give us a sense of what people are feeling today. they're very euphoric one resident for example told me that the 1st thing that he did when he left his compound for more than 2 months he took selfies it was really really far he couldn't believe that he said and freedom so to speak up he went to the supermarket and bought from the boss for his kids because i mean they they had enough to eat they had rice and even meat and vegetables but there was no sweets for the kids so
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he went that for the 1st time but they also lost saddest stories i mean another resident resident for example was planning to visit her family from a different province she wants to drive home essentially but her mother does encourage him because she was afraid that she might carry the virus within herself and that's a big stigma actually that people from will hunt here in china yeah they're not really welcome in some other parts of the country because this really again there's a fear that the virus might not be defeated yet 5 in one in many ways is a postcard from the future for the rest of the world what can the world learn from one. i mean in the early weeks there were also mistakes done by the authorities cetera and some of the success stories cannot be called by other countries but i said i would mention one specific thing. i mean in the beginning they all sort he's half not. and mild infections people with only mild symptoms into
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currency but then they realized that up to 80 percent of all the infection custis were running through families not in the park space but in homes so they took literally everyone also with mild symptoms. to karen seen hospitals and also hotels school buildings that were temporarily basically charon 1000 stations 500 thank you very much for that. let's get to the latest developments on the cone of a spend demick the global death toll from govan 1000 is now at more than 83000 with more than 1400000 infections since the outbreak began british prime minister but his johnson has spent his 2nd night in intensive care patients say he's in a stable condition and not on a ventilator us president donald trump has threatened to freeze funding to the world health organization trump accused of pro china bias and e.u. finance ministers have failed to agree on
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a joint plan to ease the economic impact of the pandemic southern states including into me and spain i insisted on debt sharing through so-called corona bonds which northern european states are rejecting and for more about that e.u. finance ministers summit let's go to brussels and our correspondent bandt but he got bad good to see you each country is trying and trying to find unity in the fight against this virus but failing why. i think it's the enormity of the problem of the impact that will come from this corona crisis that frightens the e.u. finance ministers there 500000000000 euros on the table of the euro group which is the biggest aid package ever. did dealt with in the u. but still this might not be enough because the european central bank says 1.5 trillion 3 times of that might be needed to get out of the crisis and so it's very
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difficult to find a compromise a netherlands a blocking everything right now because they want and you conditions on your credit lines on the other hand many countries that say we have to develop a recovery plan now and for that recovery plan you need common debt corona bones or euro bonds issued by all countries but this is very difficult germany the netherlands and others say no we will not do that because we cannot calculate the risk is that the only reason for the german opposition to call on a bonds. there's also the fia that germany after this tries is might not be as potent and as wealthy as now so ken germany actually governed t. all these credit lines and stand in for all that debt that might come in the future we just don't know and so enough shows the german minister is very careful in this respect but on the other hand spain and italy say we need you now if you don't have
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those now what is the e.u. then good for is disagreement at a time of solidarity isn't it a brand i mean how much of a threat is theirs to the european union as a whole. actually this is a huge threat to the european union because he did he has a concept is in question here and the german chancellor. really said this is the biggest has that europe has ever faced since his voice was founded 70 years ago and the spenders government issued a statement after the euro group that says if we don't get together now then europe is at it at the brink of failure then we don't need the european union anymore i just want to band in brussels and you so much for that. but let's get you up to speed with the other stories making headlines around the world economists in germany are expecting the country to see its biggest quarterly decline in g.d.p.
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on record as a result of the pandemic leading researchers say the economy is likely to shrink by almost 10 percent between april and june that would be the biggest drop since quarterly figures or 1st collected in $1070.00. it's fair to 85 percent of the 10 workers in portugal could be temporarily laid off in april the coronavirus epidemic has had a major impact on the country's tourism dependent kaname the hotel association of portugal says the vast majority of its members have applied to suspend stuff contracts authorities and baddest have imposed limits on outdoor exercise most notably jogging the measure aims to reduce the number of people on the streets during busy daytime hours france has now been under lockdown for more than 3 weeks . much of europe remains under lockdown but there are exceptions denmark is one of just a few countries that have decided the time has come to start lifting restrictions
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for about 4 weeks it's been quiet on the streets of denmark now the restrictions on public life are to be dial down people in copenhagen have mixed feelings. i think it's too early. this is the person my opinion it's the right thing to do and i'm not worried that it's too soon or what it can with of course there is discussion where the infections will rise but i think it's a good move. the biggest step is the reopening of kindergartens in schools after easter but only certain classes an age groups will be allowed back strict home office rules for private sector workers are also being relaxed the government's reasoning for the move the number of coated 19 patients in hospitals is beginning to fall or so newsman to them is the message from our health ministry is that it is reasonable and appropriate to begin a controlled reopening of the country. but it comes with conditions that we all
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continue to keep our distance. wash our hands him and avoid groups of people from. denmark's borders will remain closed until at least the 10th of may and the ban on lodge of vents and festivals will stay in place until the end of august the german government says it will take 50 unaccompanied children from migrant camps on the great island of les paul's and cheer us another travel we sent to luxembourg the transfers could begin next week tens of thousands of people who fled their homes are currently living in dire conditions in. the situation has worsened in recent weeks due to the outbreaks of the koran of virus. former brazilian football out of dino has been released from jail in paraguay and put under house arrest one of the new is considered among the best footballers of all time he's accused along with his brother of using fake passports to enter the
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country nearly 30 days ago the pair will stay in a 4 star hotel in the capital us and so on until their trial after being banned of $800000.00 each to deny any wrongdoing. the largest brightest super more 20 rows over cities around the world. on tuesday sky watchers had witnessed a super moon rising over the city. and its 20th day in. the full moon of up to 14 percent. you're watching news live from berlin. more news at the top of the but before we go one more bit of sad news to report american folk and country john bryant has died at the age of 73 due to complications from 19 he was known for his songwriting.
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and. grammy awards. but his music. when they've on. his learning. special next. time. she's looking for answers and thankfully with the help. and there are reports in hong kong. cats. and their pets.
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how dangerous they get infected. let us start with action i would stay away. from my patio away from my pad if i had to so i should earlier it's a so-called anthropos and not in just what a fog of livestock and these animals and these animals as we speak it's to milk really presents a risk i mean pigs are not susceptible are not susceptible to see. that cattle are indeed an examination of big men's in the 1st place. the global wildlife trade plays a major role. but there are also a source of viruses among those found in bats 96 percent of its genetic material with of but this particular batch particularly bad likely is that the virus jump to
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human force way. of back or an outbreak actually i do says the case all in you insist is that from the bed rest of war of course we're all trying to find a solution i mean ferrets are animal did out being used as a model for human rest model for human restoral to infection by all of ours to. get infected get infected education or transmission. we are and then we have organization and we have globalization and we have globalization discovering these. spillover in spillover into earliest possible toward that they actually will quest resident corona experts william stands ready to provides us ready to provide some ounces. is it safe to dry your hands with a hot air hand dryers after washing them. and dryer would be a good way to divide us is that or do i found that was published found that was published a couple dryer compared to ambient uncirculated with those who lived it's
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a public bathroom so where are those droplets and i really can't claim to be your hand dryers at the moment and cold patients who took out against source code to themselves urgency to use authorization which means no evidence that it's taken in combination there that's. where there is no known to bolivia up picking up cats and dogs apparent apparently abandoned by their owners and a big thank you to the rescue teams to the rescue teams and hope for the. country's economy growth a country that faces many challenges. just don't let. me build one time old boy says. the 77 percent.
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pursue. music pursue. the story behind british. hello welcome to. you know it's.
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