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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2020 1:00am-1:31am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin it's the end of the road for bernie sanders after 2 runs at the presidency the democratic senator from vermont ends his campaign to challenge president trump for the top job claiming to be the women claiming to be winning the ideological battle for the votes also on the program economics stand still the world trade organization warns of the deepest downturn in our lifetime due to the coronavirus pandemic but despite the risk of a global recession eurozone countries fail to agree
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a common plan. i'm told me already well welcome to the program. u.s. senator bernie sanders has ended his campaign for the democratic party's nomination in november's presidential election that clears the way for joe biden to challenge president donald trump the 78 year old performed well in early primaries but then fell behind biden was built a substantial lead in the race for delegates to the party convention here's what sanders said. i wish i could give you better news but i think you know the truth and that is that we are now as the 300 delegates behind vice president biden and the pain of point victory is virtually impossible so while we are winning the ideological battle and while we are winning this award so many young people and
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working people throughout the country i have concluded this for the democratic nomination will not be successful and so today i am announcing with the strength of my campaign now d w's washington correspondents jeff and simmons is following the story for us stephanie how surprising is this decision by bennett sound as depends on who you ask there are many many people out there was surprising that he does it now there are more out there was like we were actually surprised that he didn't do it early at the math didn't add up for bernie sanders and he finally. got to grips about around this he got his head around he would have no chance of winning enough delegates to be joe biden and that triggered the decision today he also mentioned that he has another job to do which really needs attention and that is being a senator in the face of this coronavirus crisis we have here in the u.s.
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if you look back he started well but then seem to have run out of steam lines that . yeah he never could mark to realize the the moderate democratic crowd and the african-american vote he sent us were strong with progressives but not with moderates he was strong with young people and the 2nd problem is he then failed to really mobilize the young people who weren't his rallies by the thousands to come actually to the poll stations at the primaries and that sealed it for him ok so bernie sanders committed supporters now likely to fully back joe biden now. that's fantastic question i wish i would have would know the answer but no no oracle here the judgment on this is out of course you would expect that most of bernie sanders followers would now put the bigger picture of the democratic win possible when the ember at the presidential
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election in the forefront of their decision and swap to biden and support the biden biden campaign but that's not so sure and not really sure because why because there is really this progress is clear and tell in the senator's campaign which is now it's only disappointed and probably will have a hard time to put their vote behind joe biden they may decide to stay home and voted all which wouldn't be helping the democrats ok stephanie simmons in washington we'll leave it there for now thank you. still in the u.s. president donald trump says the country has a very good chance of beating the original projections on the number of corona virus deaths expected across the country it comes as the state of new york reported a new single day high of coronavirus deaths nearly 800 in the last 24 hours and that brings the state's overall death toll to more than 6000 as we mourn the
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terrible loss of life for this. and from this. grave pandemic we're seeing that our aggressive strategy to slow the spread is working the number of new cases is stabilizing the numbers are changing and they're changing rapidly and soon will be over that curve will be over the top we headed in the right direction i feel strongly about that. some terrible days ahead but we're going to have some some wonderful days ahead. and we're going to get this behind. countries react to the pandemic with travel bans lockdowns and industrial shutdowns the effect on national economies is grim so grim that the world trade organization has issued a dial warning about the global economy. the deepest downturn of our lifetimes that is how the world trade organization assesses the economic damage caused by
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coded 19 this year's spring outlook delivered via video by the w t o's director general. for simply in every region of the world and across all sectors of the economy. you know not to miss that scenario or over economists the volumes of global trading standing by 13 percent 2020 now if they're big is not wrong all the governments food to coordinate policy responses . 32 percent or more and you can see why with half the world now being asked to stay at home business of all kinds has shut down images of grounded planes like these symbolic of a global economy whose engine has simply fizzled out. and as disruption to supply chains leaves even solid sectors like the automobile industry fearing for their
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survival governments around the world have been scrambling to limit the damage injecting billions sometimes trillions into a rescue plan. comparisons have already been made with the great depression and the financial meltdown of 2008. but in this crisis where he lives and not just capital are under threat the stakes could hardly be higher. and the european union is struggling to find common ground as it tries to shore up its coronavirus hit economies southern member member nations want the block to do more to ease their access to financial markets by creating a euro bonds or corona bonds as they as they've been called but wealthier northern states such as germany the netherlands and finland opposed to the idea after marathon talks failed on tuesday night the pressure is now on for e.u. finance ministers to do
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a deal on thursday. spain versus the netherlands over. rome versus berlin. the german government believes existing tools are enough to protect a block from economic collapse. and they include using hundreds of billions of euros in bailout funds parked in what's known as the european stability mechanism to shore up struggling member states and a 200000000000 credit line at the european investment bank for struggling small and medium sized companies among the countries backing berlin's position in the netherlands i was on the hill and. we've come far but we're not quite done either. we are of course talking to each other about what provisions europe should make what things we can do together to ensure that we get through this crisis as best we can but the measures don't go far enough for countries like spain and italy which have been hardest hit by the pandemic and are least able to afford it they're
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calling for the introduction of so-called corona bonds which would see member states pull debt for the 1st time allowing countries with bad credit to borrow money on the cheap backed by their neighbors economic clout. i don't want to point a finger at anyone our shared responsibility is to reach an agreement within the next 24 hours a failure is inconceivable and shake it. but with a condom is on lockdown throughout the e.u. the clock is ticking for the blocks financial leaders. ok so you've lost track of time it's easter this weekend and will be one unlike any other not least in jerusalem programs have visited for thousands of years but due to coronavirus restrictions large gatherings cannot take place it means for the 1st time one group is making sure that the city's long held easter traditions will be making their way into the digital world. a new sunday tradition an improvised altar is assembled on
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this rooftop overlooking jerusalem's old city since visitors are no longer able to come to the churches here the austrian hospice a catholic guesthouse is bringing the service to them virtually did do for all. yet so many other people can't come any more to jerusalem we bring jerusalem to the people into their farms on their screens and t.v. we want to keep doing that during the holy week and easter. sunday mass on a rooftop but without a congregation because the pandemic gatherings are no longer allow the service is live streamed using a mobile phone 2 floors down in the now closed coffee shop a young volunteer follows the broadcast coverage in ferguson and i think it provides a kind of support you know that even though you can't be here every sunday you can
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still be a part of it. but to a list. easter in jerusalem is very different this year the normally busy via dolorosa the way of the cross is empty the church of the holy sepulcher have closed its doors most easter services will be live streamed instead it's a highly unusual situation also for the local palestinian christians residents are under tight restrictions. probably talk to family. or. smart we threw some lights out. gotten used to receive think so many. in the last 2 millenia at least but this year will be your reward this is. where the people celebrate this easter jerusalem as residents say it's important to show solidarity and not to lose faith that better times will come.
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they've got sun and sand and of course the risk of coronavirus that's the rationale behind the recent closure of rio de janeiro's famous beaches but it stirred up debates in brazil about how far laws should go in limiting outdoor sports and some surfers are finding it hard to resist the lure of the waves. rios copacabana beach is almost empty giving him a funny concept to surf despite the state's stay at home to us but his defiance of recently got him in trouble with the police. beat me to it unfortunately i was caught surfing surfing is a crime now. if i don't end up with a criminal record or something as silly as that. patty i wasn't fined but he now has to go to court to fight the charge that didn't stop the 22 year old from going back into the water just hours later rio is president 2nd most infected state the
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governor recently closed our beaches in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus . right now is the time to think about the collective. so i suppress my desire and i catch that wave metaphorically speaking to say in the near future fuku process move but the surface defined the band don't see surfing causing any more harm than other solar sports. to watch i think that in the same way that people who run a hike can't ride bikes somebody can grab a board leave the house good. directly to the water bottle. you want to want so you guys it's a strong argument but surfing does run the risk of overcrowding if everyone were to come to the beaches to survive. an inventor in the southern indian city of hydrabad is injecting a bit of humor into his country's national lockdown his latest word is
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a coronavirus shaped vehicle it's out on the road to remind locals of the need to stay off the streets as the pandemic sweeps the world the car isn't quite perfect yet and doesn't always file in all pistons but when it's moving comic us so that got together figures it will remind people to maintain social distance. you're watching t.v. news before we go a reminder of the top story this hour. u.s. senator bernie sanders has ended his bid for the democratic party's nomination in november's presidential election clearing the way for joe biden to challenge president trump. you're watching news remember you can get the latest headlines on the d.w. app on our website d w dot com and of course follow us on twitter and instagram as well we're at the news i'm told me a lot of fun i'm back at the top of the hour with the headlines thanks for joining
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us. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona update. from the coded 19 special next on d w. beethoven is for me. it's for. me tell them it is for.
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beethoven it is for. beethoven is for embryonic claim beethoven 2020. the 50th anniversary here on. as the death toll of covert 19 keeps rising scientists are still uncertain about where this deadly virus came from in the 1st place it's believed that it jumped from animals to humans so far pangolins and babs it was sold at the web market in rouhani in china are the most likely candidates but the virus doesn't stay with humans there are signs that it's also spreading to other animals a tiger at the bronx zoo in new york city has tested positive for cope with 19 developing a dry cough
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a couple of lions also show signs of action. and there are reports in hong kong that the dogs have tested positive without having any of the usual symptoms scientists say those cats are very susceptible to the virus and you people around the world are now worried about what that means for them and their pets and farmers also want to know how dangerous the virus could be to their livestock picks chicken and ducks at least i'm not likely to get infected but about the rest. welcome to our covert $900.00 special here on news and want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us what role do animals play in the corona virus pandemic which species can get infected which is immune and what's this mean for our interaction with pets and farm animals let's ask professor thomas sneddon lighter he's a bar ologist and the president of the free trade lefler institute which studies animal health and infections which can be transmitted from animals to humans good
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to have you with us on the program let us start with pets a lot of people now are wondering whether their pets could transmit the virus what do we know about that so far. hello phone in serene's what we actually do now is that cats can get infected experimentally and by. exposure we know very little about transmission because all the instances that we've seen so far they clearly hint to infection of the pads by their owners this is biased or not ours to infect the owners so the the owner is more dangerous for the pet than vice versa what does this mean for the interaction with with our pets i mean we have terrible stories about some owners are already putting their pets down because of this no there is no reason for doing that at all i mean of course i
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would stay away from my pet if i am sick myself and this is particularly true if i'm sick was a coronavirus too so i should really take caution in that aspect on the other hand it's still very clear that this is a so-called anthropos over knows this which means that humans are the ones that infect the animals and not in this particular case the other way around so what does this mean for lifestyle i mean we're already heard that picks up probably not success susceptible to the virus but what about coulson how would a pharma know that his cow for example is infected we have experimental evidence that picks chicken and ducks are indeed not susceptible to infection we have no experimental evidence of any other of the of livestock and for producing animals that are colleagues all over the goal it's really testing these animals as we speak and we hope that we have more information on that in a couple of days actual so if not knowing everything yet also worries
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people of course certainly consumers is that any advice you have for consumers for example when it comes to milk. at the moment we have no indication that any foods really presents a risk for a con time a nation or for transmission of the infection as every 4 i mean pigs are not susceptible chicken and ducks are not susceptible and from what we can deduce from the previous sars coral our response was also to into his pockets where he i would be very surprised to see that cattle are indeed and in fact that this is under experimental. examination at the time as we speak of course we're still trying to learn more about this new coronavirus professor mitten like to thank you for now we have more questions for you so don't go away because 1st we want to look at how scientists a wetting to find out how the virus was transmitted to humans in the 1st place.
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when it comes to the transmission of infections from animals to humans to global wildlife trade plays a major role. take bats in some parts of africa and asia they're considered a delicacy. but they're also a source of viruses among them the corona virus. one study found that a corona virus found in bats shared 96 percent of its genetic material with the virus behind the current pandemic known as sars cold v 2. but this particular bat virus is unlikely to have infected human cells directly and what is more likely is that the virus jump to humans via another animal one prime candidate is a pangolin a corona virus found in pangolins has similar surface proteins which dr receptors to the virus currently infecting humans but other animals are also potential transmitters the search for the source of this pandemic is still in full swing. back to profess them at night or on the free trade lefler institute an animal
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studies what is the significance of bats carrying so many viruses and how does this knowledge help us deal with a current outbreak. so apparently bets are a good reservoir for different kinds of viruses not only coral are viruses we actually don't know why this is the case that they can control the virus better than other species do might have a special in human system which is able to control the viruses but so far it's unclear what the basis of this reservoir function really years by but we can state is that there are frequent events that viruses actually jump towards humans from the bed reservoir of course we're all trying to find a solution to this crisis and to your infection studies actually found that ferrets are a good model for humans why is that i mean ferrets are animal did out being used as
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a model for human respiratory infections for quite some time and probably they are also susceptible to infection by this asteroid of viruses to. the good effect that they are a propagated virus to exclude the viruses and they also are able to transmit to other in context ferrets so we can actually use them for is to see the influence of for example makes a nation or education 2 words reduction of virus replication or virus excretion or transmission. of i tend to cause sars coronavirus to is not the 1st virus to jump from animal to humans how can we prevent this from happening in the future. i don't think we can ever completely prevent this jump from the animal to humans i mean we have increasing contact was animals there and the human population is increasing we are entering habitats usually were prohibited before and then we have organization and we have globalization i mean
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what we could do is to put more emphasis on discovering these. spillover events as they call them early and then try to control and contain them as early as possible toward that they actually then continue to expand in something as we see now you know as professor met in light of there from the institute thank you so much for your time your ira. it's time now to turn you to your questions questions you sent us on you tube facebook and twitter or via e-mail our resident corona expert eric williams stands ready to provide some answers. is it safe to dry your hands with a hot air hand try your after washing them. like me initially you probably think off the bat that a hot air hand dryer would be a good way to dry your hands during a pandemic after all you are touching anything that could be bearing germs in the
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air coming out is heated so maybe that will damage viruses that produces body temperature it sounds like it makes sense but think again a study i found that was published a couple of years ago by us researchers showed that the air flowing out of the hand dryer in a public restroom increased the circulation of microbes dramatically compared to ambient uncirculated air in the same room and if you stop and think about that it makes sense after all where did the air blasting out of the hand dryer come from it was sucked out of ambient surrounding air filled with heroes who lies to droplets and it's a public bathroom so where are those droplets coming from. there is still a lot of debate about this and i really can't claim to be an expert on the topic but i certainly don't want to go anywhere near a public restroom equipped with hot air hand dryers at the moment. what do we
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know about hydroxy clora queen encoded 19. hydroxy chloroquine as a drug used to prevent and treat malaria is currently also in testing for effectiveness against covert 19 now there are anecdotal accounts of patients who took it and showed improvement and it has so far shown some of pick to see a game stores total to themselves in the lab but just because it has an effect from the lab it doesn't mean that it will help in a real clinical practice a big reason and there's a lot of hope surrounding the medication is that it's been proven safe to use for a very long time to us. mint in particular is betting big on it they've given up what's called emergency use authorization which means it can be given to patients that have run out of their therapeutic options drug makers are already ramping up production but real evidence that it can help either cure or prevent qubit 19
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is still very thin on the ground and we don't know things like for example whether if it's taken in combination with other medications it could potentially do more harm than good so there are still a lot of question marks. w.'s derrick williams there answering your questions until be back to do the same tomorrow about 900 special for more on the pandemic to check out our social media channels and our websites that's d.w. dot com which has dedicated to cope with 900 pages in 30 languages i want to get jones and berlin thanks for joining us and before we go here's a reminder there is no need to have your pet put down because of the pandemic also don't abandon your pet as has happened in many parts of the world already animal rescue teams from lebanon to bolivia up picking up cats and dogs apparently
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abandoned by their owners who fear their furry family members could get infected and pass on the virus a big thank you to the rescue teams and hopefully if those pets can assume finding . as tag be to get a new in her early twenty's lucy what you could be was a victim of domestic abuse. it works in the slums of nairobi to promote self-determination for women also supports. its information programs in schools and campaigns for women's rights. 3000.
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or. but. oh. my gorgeous love our food for the russian soul. and. so many different walks of life in some form. and oddly one but
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all of that comes straight from the heart that's what i see here in the course of the morning to leave the marsh. on. some of the laws to their final resting place of russians w documentary. welcome to global 3 south and harassment and sexual violence are all too common place for many women around the world in japan for example women are often groped in overcrowded trains most suffer in silence but they're beginning to fight back. in one of my robi's poorest districts a young woman is raising awareness about gender violence. and the daughter of an indian 1000000000 alpha's microfungus.


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