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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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re. this world our documentary starts made on day w. . this is the w. news live from berlin signs of hope and germany's fight against the coronavirus boss johnson aka warns the nation must remain vigilant she says it's still too early to consider easing restrictions on public life that many of them are. also coming up scientists in western germany take a look at an area hit particularly hard by the throat of virus and get some encouraging results we'll hear exactly what they discovered animals. inside india's
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containment zones will report on what it's like to live in the areas where the country's toughest measures against the spread of the one. i'm go out of as welcome german chancellor angela merkel says she sees signs for optimism in the country's fight against coronavirus but in her latest update a short time ago she warned there can be no easing of the lockdown yes despite growing coals to lift at least some restrictions. deserted streets in the german capital a common sight in countries facing her and a virus around the world but according to experts in germany there is strictures on movement seeing to be having a positive effect. the number of new cases there appears to be leveling out but with a long easter weekend looming the german chancellor has warned against getting complacent
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if you do if you know its niche we mustn't allow ourselves to be loaded into a false sense of security instead we should be really happy that more stringent measures are necessary for me this means that we cannot be reckless now we mustn't allow ourselves to be lulled into this false sense of security and i know that for myself personally you get a little hope then you gain confidence then you become a little more relaxed and then you're a little careless you know we have to stay focused the situation is fragile you germany also announced plans on thursday to increase domestic production of protective medical gear asian manufacturers are currently responsible for 90 percent of the world's production of protective masks more than 100 companies have responded to the government's call for help that's if you're game of an ongoing displacement as a result in our discussions about procurement and the purchase of personal protective equipment especially medical protective masks we saw the 1st steps of
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progress. some companies that operate here in germany are already investing in increasing the production of the material that's needed for masks and the it's true that. hopes among germany's european neighbors of neutralize debt however were cautious after merkel ruled out the highly debated corona bonds. over clear no there from the chancellor easing restrictions let's bring in the obvious political correspondent amount of oil ses. are america's warning germans not too relaxed shouldn't she be a bit more optimistic. yes indeed she only shows some very measured optimism today however she did say that there was definitely a trend there as seeing the decrease in numbers of infections it is no longer an exponential increase but rather a very slow very lean or decrease decrease or increase in the case sorry so there's
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a thought i hope however she also stressed i didn't need for people to passive you with the current measures saying that there was no reason not the moment to increase them a bit it was also no reason to soft and dementia so stress on the past not ever she left she perfectly understood that people would get a 1st train to did and found it hard for they really lifeboats and she's actually being supported by those has mr young and ahead of the research institute caught as she went on people not to let their guard down. stay with us while we take a closer look at a new study conducted in one of the worst affected regions in germany in the west of the country far ologists from the university of baum have managed to test nearly a 1000 people then the hind spec district and found that 15 percent of participants are already immune to the disease. scientists in germany have taken
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a close look at a region hit especially hard by the corona virus the affected community is goggled southwest of distilled or if initial results show that 15 percent of the population has tested positive thought about we gave people a questionnaire took a throat swap and used the p.c.r. methods to verify whether an infection was currently present we also took a blood sample and use an antibody test to see if the person had already experienced an infection. in the minas apology of dangled the scientists calculated a mortality rate of 0.37 percent that's 5 times lower than what the u.s. based johns hopkins university projected for all of germany this may lead to a relaxing of restrictions in some areas of daily life but experts warn special measures favoring older people should still be a priority. of this also according to hold out cough instituto is 83 so it is very important to protect the elderly. heinsberg district chief says
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this area narrowly missed a catastrophe had the virus been detected just 2 weeks later the situation would be far worse in the meantime the curve of the number of infections has begun to flatten. studies seems to suggest that the epidemic is even less lethal in germany then comparatively low numbers we've also seen already seen also more and more politicians and business leaders are demanding a speedier end to the lockdown why is the chancellor still so reluctant. well the line of conduct is definitely to be extra cautious today germany's team accounted for about $5000.00 more cases bringing the total number of coronavirus infected people to over 810000 such a restriction so a remain a country that least a pretty nineteen's here in germany america say we must keep these over easter
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and the days afterwards because we could very very easily destroy what we have achieved you know i got america is not known for its not decisions for untimely a decision making as so she will have for us to lose in the measures when she will be upset at the office of the senate and that they said this is the right thing to do and she's just not convinced yet. one more question briefly if you can mark also said that europe has to tackle this crisis together we've heard that a lot as well but what does it mean in concrete times. when it was quite significant that she actually mentioned european summit darity up to a moment where she stayed out for example his friends spain and italy who are in favor of current a-bomb so the european countries have to find a compromise and have to find out a way to stand together to fight a pandemic if they do want the european union to stand for its values. i mean i
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would say is in berlin thank you so much now let's take a look at some other coronavirus related news from around the world the international monetary fund says the pandemic is causing the worst economic fallout since the great depression in the 19th over $170.00 countries are expected to see a decline in per person income this year and almost total reversal of free coronavirus projections emerging economies and low income the actions will be worst affected. russia and saudi arabia are reportedly close to reaching a deal on cutting oil production the news comes as the opec oil cartel holds a meeting via video link weak demand because of the coronavirus and the price war between moscow and riyadh have caused oil prices to plunge to an almost 20 year low . the u.s. job market is continuing to collapse last week saw another 6600000 people filing
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for unemployment benefits bringing the total number to almost 17000000 the flood of new claims is so large at least one state florida has opened up a drive through unemployment offices. well the economic consequences are becoming clearer and increasingly frightening that's for him he's the president of the german institute for economic research. the situation in the u.s. is getting a lot to get worse before it's getting better the biggest economy in the world what does it mean for the world economy. well it will mean for the world economy that the recovery will be delayed and we have to understand that the global economy is so integrated so strongly integrated in the u.s. is so important for everyone for all european economies but china that if the u.s. is not recovering the rest of the world will not become but so clearly china is
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head of this way you see the business is starting up again production rising but the u.s. probably has not reached the peak yet so he is probably 2 months 3 months behind what is happening in china so this will mean until the u.s. is not be covering markedly the world economy will be in a difficult situation with the international monetary fund has said that especially emerging economies will be hit very hard by a depression comparable to the want and the 930 s. why especially these economies. then number of reasons why emerging markets and particularly relevant countries are so vulnerable one is because they are often very highly dependent on a few exports and particularly on primary resources and commodity prices have of course been collapsing so government revenues have to be collapsing because they
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are often very much strong maybe lie on export revenues from primary commodities 2nd you have many a managing markets that highly dependent on foreign capital inflows that oftentimes finance that debts in foreign truancy and weigh a lot of for the best us and so we see capital flow from those countries and this double whammy this double hits are very weak revenues and at the same time declining currencies with foreign debt means that we could see a transformation of this real economy shock from the coronavirus triggering a financial crisis a sovereign debt crisis in a managing markets and bets a big risk we have facing and that's not just affecting emerging and developing countries but that would also affect europe and the united states most of which i thank you very much to india now where
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the government has designated to 20 so-called come taman zones in delhi they are considered hotspots where the coronavirus rapidly spreads other states in the country also defined such zones the decision comes in the middle of a nationwide lockdown restricting free movement of more than 1200000000 people within the containment zones rules are even stricter as a correspondence nimish such as well explains. now these containment zones are basically considered hotspots eva crew one of bias cases have been identified and there's an expectation of a proliferation this is the government's effort to break the chain of transmission now india is already in the midst of a t.v. lockdown but these are the inside different they have been completely sealed off wild wrestling's in other parts of the country can step out to access essential services this is not permitted within these containment zones all essential services will be provided to them at their doorstep on this stretch that allegedly
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vendors who are backing registered loose and handing them over to the security guard so that they could then provide these alleged abuse all these essential to the residents inside another key difference is that while the media as a part of the central sort of says is allowed free movement as well it is not allowed into these containment zones to again break the chain of consummation now this strategy is going to be an important part of india as we forward in fighting the spread all of the code on our wires the lockdown is supposed to end in the middle of next week but it may well be extended a decision on this is expected in the later part of this week by saturday perhaps the prime minister in consultation with other local leaders is likely to come out with a decision about if this t.v. blog down is going to be extended. now let's take a look at some other developments concerning the pandemic corona virus infections confirmed that worldwide have now passed 1500000 with the death toll approaching
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90000 some countries hope the worst may soon be over after seeing sustained drops in new cases but others are seeing fresh outbreaks hungary discovered more than 100 infections that a care center for senior citizens in the capital budapest russia has seen a record daily spike in confirmed virus cases nearly 1500 new infections and spain's prime minister says the country may be nearing the peak of its epidemic lawmakers there are set to vote on extending lockdown measures by another 2 weeks. an inventor in the southern indian city of hadera is injecting a bit of humor into his country's national lockdown. is latest work is a coronavirus shaped vehicle it's out on the road to remind locals of the need to stay off the streets as the pandemic sweeps the world because it isn't quite the
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perfect jessen doesn't always fire on all cylinders spot when it is moving. sudar call ya the figures that will remind people to remain in social distance. that's it from me on the news team here in berlin stay tuned now for our special coverage of the corona virus pandemic with monika. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona up to. 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. anger just 3 of the topics covered and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like
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any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. forum slash science. on. how useful our face masks during the corona crisis experts contrie to agree on this should we wear them and if so who should wear them to the pretty. me or the other person and which types of masks make sense at all in many asian countries face masks are regarded as one of the main weapons in the fight against the coronavirus and in china it's even forbidden to be on the streets without a mosque. here in europe we have mixed feelings about wearing masks in times of scarcity many believe masks should be reserved for health care workers depend on
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protection but that view seems to have changed recently now more and more local authorities don't recommend to wear masks in public so let's talk about face masks and what they can do for us during a pandemic. welcome to our covert $900.00 special here in the news i want to get johnson berlin good to have you with us is wearing a face mask useful during the coronavirus crisis or is it all just nonsense opinions are divided but there seems to be a growing consensus that we can't stay in permanent crisis mode but how do we end the lock down without risking a rise in new cases and consequently a higher death toll could compulsory facemask policies be the out so well in a moment we'll talk to an expert from the w.h.o. but 1st this report. not all respirator masks are created equal
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we can generally distinguish between the 3 main types. so-called filtering face piece or f f p mask fit snugly around the nose mouth and chin and filter out the tiniest airborne particles the most effective type let's no viruses in or out. and solution valve makes breathing easier but increases the risk of viruses escaping through an unfair elves f.p. mask protects both the wearer and the person they encounter with a valve that only reliably protects the wearer f.p. masks are in short supply worldwide so they should be mainly reserved for medical personnel. a mask. that's often see now it is this simple protective face piece for the mouth and nose known as the surgical mask it consists of several layers of paper or non woven fabric with a thin wire to make it fit over the nose. when the wearer coughs or sneezes the surgical mask blocks the large droplets but on inhalation air also flows in over
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the sides that means mainly protect others from infection rather than the wearer. once the mask is wet from breathing after 8 hours wearing time at the most it has to be discarded. in the coated $900.00 prices professionally manufactured masks are in short supply that's led to a flourishing cottage industry in d.i.y. amounts whether using handkerchiefs t. shirts or vacuum cleaner bags people all around the world are revving up their sewing machines a textile mask functions rather like a protective mask made of paper but generally has a poor seal and blocks only a 3rd of the droplets of the surgical mask does according to a study. however a cloth mask can be washed and reused the most important thing is no matter which mask you wear it can only be effective if used with hygiene measures like thorough hand washing and keeping a safe distance from others. and still some people say the mask is better than none
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others however warn that basque give people a false sense of security for more i'm joined by professor cowling at the university of hong kong his research there focuses on respiratory virus transmission and the impact of control measures on professor callan he's also a co-director of the w h o collaborating center for infectious disease epidemiology and control at the h. k. you school of public health good to have you with us so please there are still a lot of mosque critics out there and they say that there simply not enough evidence that wearing masks could actually stop or at least reduce the spread of the virus you however were involved in a study that was published just last week tell us a bit about that. sure so the study that we did last week was a very careful experimental study in a lower tree of how much virus comes out of the mouths of people with influenza or common cold infections including a common cold of around a virus and we found
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a lot of virus in the x. our breath not only in the large droplets but also in the small particle aerosols and the 2nd part of the study we looked at how well facemask blocked that virus from getting into the environment we captured all of the extra breath that these patients were breathing now and we found substantial reductions in the virus that was able to get into the environment when those patients wore surgical facemasks including influenza and including human coronavirus well that sounds to me like the study says that we should wear face masks and perhaps it should even be mandatory what you say i think we need to be careful not to think that may face mask or magic weapon against corbett we know the best things that we can do in the community is stay at home stay away from other people because that's what would definitely stop transmission but then if we do need to go out i think it might be better if people were wearing a mask than if they weren't but you mentioned the beginning the supply limitations is one of the big challenges to that kind of policy oh i did just one more question about this discussion around whether or not we should wear face mask because it's
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also linked to fears that a sas code to could be airborne what do we know about that. well we don't know i think the jury's still out in the clip that you just played now you mentioned the face masks block the large doctors from coming out of someone who's infected but for the other person who's wearing some of the air comes in the sides actually in both cases the air will come in the sides and leak but they can still protect against droplets what we found in our study was that actually surgical mask a block many of the aerosol particles as well so even if sars kovi too is airborne a surgical mask could still provide some benefit obviously not as much as it would against the largest group of doctors but it could still provide some benefit whereas in as you mentioned earlier surgical mask or any kind of mask really they're in short supply right now a lot of people are turning to d.i.y. mask what kind of mask makes sense in your view for the general public.
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but i think any mass is better than no mass but we know that materials that are a bit thicker probably have better through a trace in performance so a cotton mask or cloth mosque is probably better than a scarf but we actually don't know that much there haven't been that many studies on the different choices and i think dust now one of the pirate sees now you already mentioned that a mask condra plays measures like social distancing or washing your hands but there's a lot of discussion now in europe and bowed to an exit strategy from the lock down can face mask help us return to an almost normal life so are they a prerequisite for ending the lockdown. i don't think mass they're going to be a magic weapon that lets life go back to normal if people would just wear masks and washing their hands i think they will do something but probably not enough to allow
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life to otherwise return to normal i think we're still going to need a lot of social distancing and the other measures to test and trace but maybe if we do the masses well every little bit will help is there a downside to wearing a face mask why is there such a reluctance amongst even experts recommending it you say any mask is better than none so is there a downside we should know about yes some experts have been saying that perhaps people could choose between staying at home or going out and it's better to stay home everybody agrees that but then if there was a mask available maybe that person would go out with a mask instead of staying at home with no mass and actually it's better to stay at home but if you do really need to go out it should be better to wear a mask to not wear a mask i think the experts are really saying there could be some consequence to behavior so that people wear the mask they think it makes them protected and actually it's more like a small benefit and if everybody does it then we get a small benefit as
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a community all right professor think having there from the university of hong kong thank you so much for your time and yes to stay healthy. facemasks lockdown and of course the constant fear of catching the virus many of us look for a way out of this nightmare by following conspiracy theories that explain what really happens or by discovering old health myths that promise to keep us safe beware the barest of full scale but a list to detail the use deron williams time for your questions. can you kill the virus by spraying alcohol chloride when you. look at this is a really bad idea the only place on your body where you should use alcohol based sanitizers is on your hands because they are what transmits the virus to your face that's how it enters your body through the membranes in your nose or mouth or also
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your eyes and when using hand sanitizers you should pay close attention to recommendations about health frequently they can be used without causing damage to your skin don't ever spray a sanitizer or chemical on your body or your face you'll do no good and you'll possibly do a lot of harm. is there connection between covert $19.00 and $5.00 but. you're referring to the conspiracy theory currently making the rounds on a lot of social media platforms that the spread of the virus is somehow linked to the spread of 5 g. technology now this was a brand new myth for me at 1st i couldn't believe it was serious because the idea is so patently absurd but apparently people are taking it seriously enough to go out and set fire to mobile communications mass folks let's get something straight
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this disease is caused by a virus not radio waves let me repeat that it's caused by a virus not by radio waves there. national and international help body on the planet green zone so if you're somehow involved in spreading this idea please stop and especially stop if you're one of the ones trying to burn down telecommunications infrastructure emergency service personnel have much more important things to deal with at the moment. derek williams they're setting the record straight until be back tomorrow good friday to answer your questions and that was 1000 special for today thanks for joining us for more on the pandemic do check out our social media channels and our website that's d w dot com which has dedicated coded 900 pages in 30 languages i want to get jones in berlin and we'd like to leave you with some images of creative opiate not
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necessarily serious ideas for face masks you can see them coming up now here we have oversized plastic bottles and of course large lettuce leaves and there are men with long and well groomed to be it's well that might be something for you to go for a creativity in times of a pandemic. market . top of the morning world. as man made in germany.
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