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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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the c.w. news live from berlin and europe agrees on a rescue deal for countries hard hit by the coronavirus finance minister has come up with 500000000000 euros for emergency credit lines to soften the economic blow we will get the latest from our correspondent in brussels also coming up germany's starts flying in the thousands of seasonal farm workers to help with the harvest the farm hands from eastern europe a strict medical checks before they can begin picking produce and then easter like no other as worship moves online church services are cut and religious leaders
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around the world cancel the festivities and calibration. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program europe's finance ministers have struck a deal on a 500000000000 euro bailout aimed at limiting the economic damage from the coronavirus the measure should help nations hardest hit by covert 19 as well as supporting companies and protecting jobs show the breakthrough came after ministers failed to bridge their differences and marathon talks earlier this week 3 southern european countries led by italy and spain wanted the european union to ease access to financial markets by creating so-called corona bonds but the idea was resisted by some member states including germany the netherlands and finland. and earlier i
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spoke with our correspondent regard to brussels and i asked him whether the measures that have been agreed would be enough but all experts in brussels and also the european central bank says these emergency funds worth 540000000000 euros are not enough you need a recovery fund to restart the european economy after the coronal crisis the e.c.b. talks about 1.5 trillion euros and you have to combine that also with the national measures germany alone is pledging one trillion yoan run trillion euro for its own economy so the numbers are really high and this is only the beginning of the discussions and the money has to flow the italian fine is mr roberto got here he said vincentio i have one and also the dutch finance minister. on the other side said we have fun because now there will not be any ikoro no bones no debt
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issued by all member states the common debt that is fiercely debated in the e.u. this has to be decided down the road to the time frame is not clear the you finance ministers also agreed to have a recovery fund later on the size is unknown and also it's unknown how to finance this germany is strictly against these corona bones but italy is still fighting for them now is back to make up their brussels well here in germany because her mint has begun bringing in thousands of seasonal farm workers ministers are hoping to recruit some 80000 vegetable and fruit pickers despite travel restrictions imposed because of the virus the workers most of them from eastern europe are being flown to germany in controlled groups to prevent possible infections they are also subject to medical checks. markovian. rimini and seasonal workers cheek by joel before roll call it clues you know port. somewhere masks
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others don't. transport to germany to help with the harvest after an exception was made to the countries traveled. before. before they probably enter the country there will be a health check and this will be sent to the responsible health office because i'm told they will not be allowed to make individual trips when they get here and each company must make sure the workers keep a certain distance during transport and the people work together in groups. on and the 1st 14 days is a near quarantine tag i know they're wondering which they can work. by. but there are questions as to how effective a mere quarantine can be given these preflight conditions and if it's enough to perform a health check rather than a specific test for covert 19 a disease that can be symptomless the desperation to admit these workers is understandable germany's travel ban has caused
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a huge personnel shortage on farms and fields which employ their own 300000 such workers last year those coming in this year some 40000 in april and again in me will pick crops like quite asparagus considered a seasonal delicacy in germany others will head to the very or to harvest crops for one of the country's best known products beer despite the lack of eastern european workers so far this year brewers have a reassuring message. if we had need us we would run out of their old stocks and control. but as their country tries to strike a balance between staying safe and kick starting the economy many germans will hope they don't reap more than they bargained for. launching us now here in the studio is for watts from business welcome to you rob tell us are german farmers happy today they are happy today you got to bear in mind that last year they relied on 300000 or so workers from eastern european countries to help them just
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get through the harvests of pick a plant and this year it looks like we have we're going to get anywhere near that number coming in just a fraction because when corona virus hit the 1st thing the country started to do was to limit movement across their borders that have a big impact not only did germany stop letting certain people in but other countries stopped letting people out there was a very tight restrictions put in place in romania for example one of the countries that you've just been seeing. a great number of workers to germany they stopped allowing all flights to and from countries with a lot of cases that included germany so it was looking very bad for the produce is here we heard from asparagus in strawberry producers association they were worried that their harvest would simply fail this year so there's a lot of relief and they've welcomed the arrival of these flights yesterday but how about the protections for the workers themselves because i mean they're coming to germany now what is in place to make sure that they don't get sick while they are
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here and then when they go back to their home countries that they're not bringing the coronavirus with them is one of the reasons why there was a struggle to get people to come here before these flights were put on was that romanians for example were worried about coming to a country with so many cases as germany so we seem to have got those checks that are happening when they leave romania and when they arrive here once they do arrive at the farms that they're going to be working. that the accommodation they will be staying in will have hof as many people as it normally would do some of them were spaced out they'll be wearing protective equipment whilst they're working and they going to this sort of semi quarantine when they arrive as well which is 2 weeks where the workers will be able to stay together but they won't be able to work with other people on the farm that's always lead to protect other people working on the farm from coronavirus potentially being brought in after these health checks because corona virus can be symptomless but it it should also have the effect of
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protecting the workers when they go back to their home countries rob lots from v.w. business thank you so much for joining us to fill us in on the. well let's have a look now at some other coronavirus related news from around the world new york city authorities have begun using a trench to vary virus victims the number of unclaimed bodies being interred at heart island public cemetery has increased 5 fold since the start of the outbreak new york plans to draft in additional funeral directors to deal with the high numbers of deaths in the state. the world's major oil producers have made progress on a deal to cut output by 10000000 barrels a day a meeting between opec countries and allies including russia remains between all members except mexico a cut is seen as the best way to support tumbling oil prices as command comments and take top has promised to donate $250000000.00 to the global battle against the
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coronavirus the beijing based social media company says that the money will go to front line workers educators and local communities is also setting aside $100000000.00 of free advertising space for businesses struggling to rebuild after the outbreak. britain's prime minister boris johnson has been moved into a regular hospital ward in london after 3 nights in intensive care johnson tested positive for the virus and his condition worsened his office says that he will be can see mom. is now distributing the offer the world's biggest religions this week is usually filled with celebrations christians mark easter and jews passover for muslims the fasting period of ramadan begins later this month and correspondents in rome manila and moscow report on how social distancing is affecting religious observances that. easter here in italy is going to be an easter like no other
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instead of family gatherings in feasting as well as excursions to the seaside countryside to enjoy the good weather it's going to be all about staying at home the police are expected to be out in full force to make sure that people don't do what they normally used to doing at this time of the year other struggle is to how to make this period special as compared to every other day when we're here into more than a month of these lockdown missions here in italy i'm going to try to cook an extra special meal or perhaps try and get that chocolate chocolate bunny for my child but it's not so easy for many out there their families concerned about the fact that they may have lost their jobs on not getting enough money in order to feed their families here in the philippines easter is celebrated with elaborate religious rituals like reenactment of the crucifixion and massive prayer gatherings we're in for a more quiet easter as we enter the 4th week of lock down this church where i would
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normally be teeming with street vendors and church goers it isn't usually very quiet as 19 has changed the way we worship and we pray masses are still ongoing but they are very limited authorities extended the lockdown to april 30 bringing more uncertainty to filipinos and with that a deeper need to cling on to their faith. orthodox easter takes place later than other easter celebrations and that means people here in russia have around another week to prepare to watch the easter service online as a live streamed the patriarch of the russian orthodox church has called on people to pray at home because of the coronavirus and here and moscow as well as in many other regions the government has introduced a strict policy of self isolation luckily there are still many family traditions that people can enjoy at home for easter including dyeing eggs and baking traditional easter bread known as. soccer news now in the german top boy newspaper
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building is reporting that the bundesliga season could restart on may the 9th if authorities give it the green light and this could mean that the season could be wrapped up by the end of june german football has been suspended until mid march you're watching news live from berlin here and don't forget you can always get news on the gap go just download our app from google play or from the apple store which will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the app to send us photos and videos of what is happening near you. i'm sorry kelli and thank you so much for joining us we hope ya thang.
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combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona update. 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would
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like any information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you can get your podcast can also find us at dot com ford slash science but. how useful are face masks during the corona crisis experts contrail you agree on this should we wear them and if so who should wear them do they protect me or the other person and which types of mosques make sense asshole in many asian countries face masks are regarded as one of the main weapons in the fight against the coronavirus and in china. it's even forbidden to be on the streets without a mosque. but here in europe we have mixed feelings about wearing mosques in times of scarcity many believe mosques should be reserved for health care workers depend
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on protection that the us seems to have changed recently now more and more local authorities do recommend to wear mosques in public so let's talk about face masks and what they can do for us during a pandemic. welcome to our covert $900.00 special here and news i want to get good to have you with us is wearing a face mask useful during the coronavirus crisis or is it all just nonsense opinions divided but there seems to be a growing consensus that we can stay in permanent crisis mode that's how do we end the lockdown without risking a rise in new cases and consequently a higher death toll could compulsory facemask policies be the out so well in a moment we'll talk to an expert from the w.h.o. but 1st this report. not all respirator masks are created equal
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we can generally distinguish between the 3 main types. so-called filtering face piece or f f p mask fit snugly around the nose mouth and chin in the filter out the tiniest airborne particles the most effective type let's no viruses in or out. an excellent valve makes breathing easier but increases the risk of viruses escaping through an unfair elves f.f.t. mask protects both the wearer and the person they encounter with a valve that only reliably protects the wearer if f.p. masks are in short supply worldwide so they should be mainly reserved for medical personnel. a mask that's often seen now it is this simple protective face piece for the mouth and nose known as the surgical mask it consists of several layers of paper or non woven fabric with a thin wire to make it fit over. who knows when the where or coughs or sneezes the surgical mask blocks the large droplets but on inhalation air also flows in over
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the sides that means mainly protect others from infection rather than the wearer. once the mask is wet from breathing after 8 hours wearing time at the most it has to be discarded. in the coated 19 prices professionally manufactured masks are in short supply that's led to a flourishing cottage industry in d.i.y. amounts whether using handkerchiefs t. shirts or vacuum cleaner bags people all around the world are revving up their sewing machines at textile mask functions rather like a protective mask made of paper but generally has a poor seal and blocks only a 3rd of the droplets of the surgical mask according to a study. however a cloth mask can be washed and reused the most important thing is no matter which mask you wear it can only be effective if used with hygiene measures like thorough hand washing and keeping a safe distance from others. as they'll some people say the mask is better than
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none others however warn that mask give people a false sense of security for more i'm joined by professor cowling at the university of hong kong his research there focuses on respiratory virus transmission and the impact of control measures on professor callan he's also a co-director of the w. h. o. collaborating center for infectious disease epidemiology and control at the h. k. you school of public health good to have you with us so please there are still a lot of mosque critics out there and they say that there simply not enough evidence that wearing masks could actually stop or at least reduce the spread of the virus you however were involved in a study that was published just last week tell us a bit about that. sure so the study that we did last week was a very careful experimental study into the poetry of how much virus comes out of the mouths of people with influenza or common cold infections including a common cold around a virus and we found a lot of virus in the x.
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our breath not only in the large droplets but also in the small particle aerosols and the 2nd part of the study we looked at how well facemask blocked that virus from getting into the environment we captured all of the extra breath that these patients were breathing now and we found substantial reductions in the virus that was able to get into the environment when those patients wore surgical facemasks including influenza and including human coronavirus well that sounds to me like the study says that we should wear face masks and perhaps it should even be mandatory what you say i think we need to be careful not to think that may face mask or magic weapon against cobbett we know the best things that we can do in the community is stay at home stay away from other people because that's what would definitely stop transmission but then if we do need to go out i think it might be better if people were wearing a mask than if they weren't but you mentioned the beginning the supply limitations is one of the big challenges to that kind of policy oh i did just one more question about this discussion around whether or not we should wear face mask because it's
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also linked to fears that a sas code to could be airborne what do we know about that. well we don't know i think the jury's still out in the clip that you just played now you mentioned the face masks block the large office from coming out of someone who's infected but for the other person who's wearing them some of the air comes in the sides actually in both cases the air will come in the sides and leak but they can still protect against droplets what we found in our study was that actually surgical mask a block many of the aerosol particles as well so even if sars kovi too is airborne a surgical mask could still provide some benefit obviously not as much as it would against the large risk but it could still provide some benefit right and as you mentioned earlier surgical mask or any kind of mask really they're in short supply right now a lot of people are turning to d.i.y. mask what kind of mask makes sense in your view for the general public.
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but i think any mass is better than no moss but we know that materials that are a bit thicker probably have better through a trace in performance so a cotton mask across mask is probably better than a scarf but we we actually don't know that much there haven't been that many studies on the different choices and i think dust now one of the pirates sees now you already mentioned that a mask condron plays measures like social distancing or washing your hands but there's a lot of discussion now in in europe and bowed to an exit strategy from the lock down can face mask help us return to an almost normal life so are they prerequisite for ending the lockdown. i don't think masa going to be a magic weapon that lets life go back to normal if people would just wear masks and washing their hands i think they will do something but probably not enough to allow
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life to otherwise return to normal i think we're still going to need a lot of social distancing and the other measures to test and trace but maybe if we do the masses well every little bit will help is there a downside to wearing a face mask why is there such a reluctance amongst even experts of recommending it to you say any mask is better than none so is there a downside we should know about yes some experts have been saying that perhaps people could choose between staying at home or going out and it's better to stay home everybody agrees that but then if there was a mask available maybe that person would go out with a mask instead of staying at home with no mass and actually it's better to stay at home but if you do really need to go out it should be better to wear a mask to not wear a mask i think the experts are really saying there could be some consequence to behavior so that people wear the mask they think it makes them protected and actually it's more like a small benefit and if everybody does it then we get a small benefit as
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a community all right professor thank having there from the university of hong kong thank you so much for your time and yes to stay healthy. facemasks lockdown and of course the constant fear of catching the virus many of us look for a way out of this nightmare by following conspiracy theories that explain what really happens or by discovering old health myths that promise to keep us safe be aware that there is a full scale it's not a list to detail the use deron williams time for your questions. can you kill the virus by spraying alcohol chloride. ok this is a really bad idea the only place on your body where you should use alcohol based sanitizers is on your hands because they are what transmits the virus to your face
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that's how it enters your body through the membranes in your nose or mouth or also your eyes and when using hand sanitizers you should pay close attention to recommendations about health frequently they can be used without causing damage to your skin don't ever spray a sanitizer or chemical on your body or your face you'll do no good and you'll possibly do a lot of harm. is there a connection between covert $19.00 and $5.00 but. you're referring to the conspiracy theory currently making the rounds on a lot of social media platforms that the spread of the virus is somehow linked to the spread of 5 g. technology now this was a brand new myth for me at 1st i couldn't believe it was serious because the idea is so patently absurd but apparently people are taking it seriously enough to go out and set fire to mobile communications masts folks but to get something straight
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this disease is caused by a virus not radio let me repeat that it's caused by a virus not by radio waves ever. national and international help body on the planet green zone so if you're somehow involved in spreading this idea please stop and especially stop if you're one of the ones trying to burn down telecommunications infrastructure emergency service personnel have much more important things to deal with at the moment. derrick williams they're setting the record straight and he'll be back tomorrow good friday to answer your questions and that was our covert 1000 special for today thanks for joining us for more on the pandemic do check out our social media channels and our website at www dot com which has dedicated kovac 9000 pages in 30 languages i want to get jones and berlin and we'd like to leave you
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with some images of creative opiate not necessarily serious ideas full face masks you can see them coming up now here we have oversized plastic bottles and of course large lettuce leaves and there are men with long and well groomed to be it's well that might be something for you to go for creativity in times of a pandemic. entered the conflict zone with team sebastian 16 months of go by since a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was killed by agents of his own st margaret's news out of. the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs where there's still so many unanswered questions about the murder and why the massive crackdown on human rights activists inside saudi arabia conflict into the to the next because d.w. all of that. can inspire big changes for the 2 people
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making it possible to go out for coffee sometimes to. join them as they set out. to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future. many times do you all for tuning in for. in 60 minutes on d w. ringback
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news day it is good to get over now live on the show that of us are also some who are going off searching for money in support of. what's a big what's a robot down there oval so. you know we've got. this was of the operation that it was not authorized we still don't know what happened to the remains of the question how is that possible we don't have a history of good friends of citizens 16 months of gone by since the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was killed by agents of his own state is that on both but the issue doesn't go away my guest this week here at the munich security conference is our go out to bear the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs why are there still so many unanswered questions about the murder and why the massive crackdown.


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