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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2020 4:00pm-4:31pm CEST

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a. world war documentary starts many g.w. . this is the news live from berlin europe the green zone a rescue deal for countries it's hard why the coronavirus finance ministers of proof 500000000000 euros for emergency credit lines to soften the financial blow will get the latest from our correspondent in brussels also on the program learning at home how widespread poverty and limited internet access in spain are damaging
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their dedication of children from low income families. like no other worship moves online such searches are cops and religious leaders around the world council the stupidities and celebrations. i'm going out of as welcome to the program europe's finance ministers have struck a deal on a 500000000000 euro bailout aimed at limiting the economic damage from the coronavirus and make measures are meant to help governments hardest hit by covert 90 to support companies protect jobs box disagreements remain italy's prime minister has warned that the whole future of the european union is under threat unless member states come together and italy along with spain and france wants the e.u.
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to raise joint funding by issuing so-called corona bonds other nations including germany and the netherlands reject that idea and. not correspondent teri schultz is following this story for us in brussels terry tell us more about what's in this deal. well the deal doesn't cover everything yet it was a preliminary preliminary step but there's a lot of relief that countries have agreed that the euro euro group finance ministers have agreed to take more of a joint approach to dealing with the economic fallout now some of the major elements are that there will be and employment insurance fund for companies so that they can cut employees hours and not jobs that's a huge concern with so many people sitting at home so many people having lost their jobs already so this is expected to help businesses keep more people on the payroll they will also loosen credit lines for both businesses and for governments and that's
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a big deal it of course doesn't go as far as many governments like italy and spain would like to see at the moment but it will provide some relief some assurances for these countries that they will not have to borrow at record high levels while they're going into so much debt at the moment well it wasn't easy to reach the agreements which countries have achieved what they wanted which mills. well that's right we know from 16 hours of debate and having failed to come to agreement already once this week that it was very difficult and we're told that they all burst into applause when it was achieved so that means everybody got a little bit of what they wanted and probably no country got everything they wanted now of course we know about the frugal for the countries that have been blocking the idea of pooled the debt and it's said that you know the dutch government which has really been on the front line and been very critical of the southern countries had to back off attaching strict conditions to some of this borrowing and german
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chancellor angela merkel stepped in herself and and sort of tried to soften the dutch line on this but of course the 7 countries very much still want to pull the debt they want to consolidate the debt and we're told that while the italian finance minister came out and and expressed appreciation for the deal you know the italian government is saying we are not giving up this idea so clearly the southern states are not going to not going to abandon calls for corona bonds. there seems to be a lot of frustration among southern european states especially against germany because of berlin's strict corona ball what do you make of the. well i don't know if it's especially against germany since. the dutch prime minister margaret to sort of stepped out in front and became the biggest critic of the idea of pool debt and now it seems that behind the scenes yesterday chancellor merkel tried to soften
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that line and very much was trying to be a deal maker here but yes this is really reopened the wounds of the financial crisis of a decade ago and you've got the north and the south with very different ideas about what economic solidarity is and this agreement this proposal limiter agreement because we must point out that the leaders still need to approve it this does not settle the issue of corona bonds and pooled debt and they've sort of continued to kick that down the road now one of the elements of this deal is that they are going to start work on a recovery package and it will very much come up there again and that's something that is the outlines of which we don't we do not know yet and we've just learned that national leaders will meet for a virtual conference on april 23rd to. prove presumably approve this deal and discuss further their response to run a virus pandemic. brussels thank you very much. time now to get you up to speed on
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the latest developments on the coronavirus johns hopkins university's coronavirus websites now shows shows more than 1600000 confirmed cases worldwide more than 97000 people are known to have died after being infected with covert 19 though the actual number is likely to be much higher italian media are reporting the prime minister says that the conti is to extend the national lockdown until may 3 he's expected to make an announcement later on friday south african presidents opposers says he and his cabinet will take a one 3rd caught in salary money will go to a fund helping at risk citizens chicago's cook county jail is reporting $450.00 inmates and staff has tested positive the jail holds almost $5000.00 prisoners and
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is now one of the biggest clusters in the united states now after weeks of rising infections the spanish government is expressing cautious optimism despite more than 15000 deaths the number of daily fatalities has begun inching low up but spaniards will not be allowed to leave their homes for at least another 2 weeks and schools will remain closed the measures are hitting children from low income families in particular. us is most important tools right now are her smartphone and laptop from her own backyard she uses them to try to keep in touch with her students but it's not always possible hence parents don't have an internet connection at home so until recently he was stuck permanently offline. a friend brought me over a few homework assignments i can do that. but unfortunately i can't do the other assignments because i need to be online. yes. the only reason miguel is
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able to talk with his teacher right now is because a schoolmate gave him a pre-paid sim card says that was great but it's no long term solution. i don't know how to learn who i have students who are really good but i can't continue their learning. the government should be making sure that everyone has access to the internet and all students have the chance to take cuts and classes online. spain has some of the highest poverty levels in europe especially among minors according to the united nations certainly percent of all spanish children and adolescents are at risk of poverty internet access is not much better around one in 5 families in spain still don't have a computer at home. isolation social exclusion problems at school children from low income families that's specially affected by the crisis and there's another
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director of government reports have phones that the number of people infected in poorer neighborhoods is up to 7 times districts there's a lot of discussion in spain about possible reasons but what is already clear is that a person social status plays a role in the home much the virus effect someone. marta stays positive but the longer schools stay closed the harder it will be for disadvantaged students to catch up on their learning can't wait to leave her home office and get back into a real classroom again but many in spain believe that's unlikely to happen before the summer holidays. let's take a look now at some other coronavirus related news from around the world authorities in new york city have begun burying victims of a coronavirus in a trench in a public cemetery in a number of unclaimed bodies being interred at hob island in the bronx increased 5 fold since the start of the outbreak and your plans to draft an additional funeral
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directors to deal with the high number of deaths in the state. the world's major oil producers have made progress on a deal to cut output by 10000000 barrels a day meeting between opec countries and allies including russia so agreement between all members except mexico qantas seen as the best way to support tumbling oil prices as demands plummets. british prime minister boris johnson has been moved into a regular hospital ward in london after 3 nights in intensive care because of the coronavirus johnson spokesman says these are the early stages of his recovery and it is unclear when he will return to work. here in germany the government has begun flying in thousands of seasonal farmworkers' ministers hoping to recruit some 80000 vegetable and fruit because despite travel restrictions imposed because of the virus the workers mostly from eastern europe
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are being brought in into germany in control groups to prevent possible infections . monocle beach. rimini and seasonal workers cheek by joel before roll call at clue sheer port. somewhere masks others don't hold a week transport to germany to help with the harvest after an exception was made to the country's travel. before finalising before they probably enter the country there will be a health check and this will be sent to the responsible health office because i'm tired they will not be allowed to make individual trips when they get. here the young company must make sure the workers keep a certain distance during transport and the people work together in groups. on and the 1st 14 days is a mere quarantine tag i know they're wondering which they can work the other. but there are questions as to how effective
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a near quarantine can be given these preflight conditions and if it's enough to perform a health check rather than a specific test recovered 19 a disease that can be symptomless the desperation to admit these workers is understandable germany's travel ban has caused a huge personnel shortage on farms and fields which employ their own 300000 such workers last year those coming in this year some 40000 in april and again in me will pick crops like quite asparagus considered a seasonal delicacy in germany others will head south to bavaria to harvest crops for one of the country's best known products beer and despite the lack of eastern european workers so far this year brewers have a reassuring message. we won't run out of their old stock and contract. but as their country tries to strike a balance between staying safe and kick starting the economy many germans will hope they don't reap more than they bargained for. for the world's biggest
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religions the coming days are usually filled with celebrations christians mark easter and jews passover muslims the fasting period of ramadan begins also later this month the need for social distancing means religious leaders have scaled back or canceled many traditional public festivals and celebrations i easter at the vatican this is what catholics around the world expect every year. tens of thousands packs and peter's square as pope francis addresses the faithful. but what will it look like this year the pope will say mass in an empty basilica and his address from his balcony has been canceled person must stay home. motorways across europe like here in germany are usually clogged on easter weekend as people travel cross country to visit family. but this year lockdown measures
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mean people can't leave their home towns or cities in many places. in jerusalem the 8 day jewish festival of passover is marked by public prayer and big meals with extended family but this year travel is banned and religious observance must take place at home and is restricted to close family soldiers are delivering sealed meals to people in isolation. for muslims ramadan set to start in 2 weeks is a month of fasting that ends with the celebrating the feast. but religious leaders have said that people with fragile health should not pass this year and several countries have caused mosques altogether. to many of the faithful these restrictions are heartbreaking but authorities fear that a lowing traditional large scale celebrations to go ahead could undo weeks of lockdown. or news now the german tabloid newspaper billed as reporting that the
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season could restart on may 9th if authorities give the green light spot games will be played behind closed doors this season could be wrapped up by the end of june german football has been suspended since mid march. from the season could be wrapped up by the end of june german football has been suspended since mid march. there was a bit of news are from berlin up next on our corner of our special program with want to cajole us all the arc of the top of the hour was a news update thanks for watching.
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combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. covert 19 special and next on d w. the global corona crisis you can find more information online at d.f.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. the global economy is in a state of paralysis businesses are closed production has ground to a halt and many western countries governments are dishing out a generous aid packages to business owners freelancers and companies in need but in
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many developing and emerging economies the coronal crisis hits people with full force as a result un secretary general antonio harris has urged rich countries to do more for those that are less prepared otherwise he warned we face the nightmare of the disease spreading like wildfire in developing nations with millions of deaths. welcome to our covert 900 special here in the news i want to get jones in the lead good to have you with us the pandemic affects us all yes but while the rich countries can cushion the economic fallout from the crisis others like mexico stare into an abyss. the virus is already claimed some 200 lives in mexico but so far there have been no lockdown measures like in other countries and so case numbers are rising as people continue to gather including
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to protest here hundreds of waiters air their grievances in front of the presidential palace their restaurants of closed and they've lost their jobs. or if i don't have that income i can't pay my rent a campaign my bills and i can't support my daughter. or you. from today we can no longer survive day to day by being at home so exposing ourselves to come out in congregate we know there were exposing ourselves to virus or exposed to the contagion that you. mexico's president offered encouragement in a speech on sunday he also announced a rescue package focused soley on supporting the poor. we will defeat the coronavirus will revive the economy. i'm mexico will continue to stand up and show the world it's glory and its greatness.
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but for now acapulco is famous speeches remain empty tourists want of a much hope for the forseeable future. and there are great concerns about another perhaps more important economic sector. where prices have fallen sharply. and mexico isn't alone among emerging economies the collapse of tourism and oil prices has hit nations from russia to brazil india and south africa. and for more i'm joined by the head of the united nations development program in new york at him stein a who's done a good to have you with us now emerging or did colonies developing countries they are very much exposed to this crisis this virus crisis which region worries you the most in terms of the pandemic and the following economic decline. and as of this morning we know that 212 countries and territories are affected by cope at 19 so the concern of all of us but also the united nations is for all countries but
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indeed as you point out in many parts of the world africa perhaps being one she region of the world but also parts of asia latin america central america areas where the virus is beginning to impact both in terms of it tries in the health system but then also the social economic impacts and the issue of greatest concern for all of us must be that many of these poorer countries and economies don't have the health system infrastructure to cope 1st of all with the suppression of the virus secondly with also providing the kind of social safety nets that i needed in order to deal with this extraordinary impact sister organization international labor organization yesterday publish new numbers in terms of expected job losses 195000000 jobs lost intentionally this is a number that is without precedent and that is a shock to not only our economies but our societies to livelihoods especially when you bear in mind that over 60 percent of people employed in the world i'm torn in
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the informal sector no work means no livelihood means no safe social safety net these are the frontlines of the battle indeed english pandemic which is both a health crisis it is becoming a social and economic and developmental crises and it is one that requires us to work together in ways as we have never been challenged to do so before i mean that disinterest us an audio that you're describing he also tells us that this virus of course causes haven't everywhere and even rich nations a struggling to deal with the economic fallout from the penn demick how then can poorer countries hope to cope with it. well i think the 1st priority must be what the w.h.o. has told us over just to suppress the virus this is the 1st line of defense and much of the work of the united nations of the international community right now must be focused on helping countries to 1st of all be able to stabilize their health systems and to have that health systems response in place secondly and these are the programs that are urgently needed is to provide fiscal means governments
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need money right now 1st of all to respond to the health crisis but 2nd you're also to an unfolding social and human and economic in development crises and this means having resources available with which to finance mitigation measures cash transfer programs being able to stabilize local parts of the economy and as you also said countries very often are confronted with even the consequences of the virus somewhere else in the world take small island developing states many of them rely on tourism tourism has imploded very often that's 304050 percent of the g.d.p. of these nations this is economic collapse but i mean what you're describing here is really that we have to give a helping hand to each other even though we're affected by this condemning ourselves and this at a time when multilateralist is is weakened and people have become more in good instinct there's more nationalism around do you think that this has weakened our
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ability to give a global response to this crisis. well perhaps in the 1st reflex there is a tendency to look after oneself and this is understandable it is natural and i think every country is confronted with unprecedented challenges right now but this virus has taught us one thing and that is that it is a global pandemic they can only succeed in controlling and ultimately overcoming this or that by working together there is no go it alone solution and therefore the ability of richer nations also step up right now 1st of all through the kinds of measures that have been proposed through the international monetary fund but also looking at issues of debt relief and debt cancellation in order to allow countries aat in need of help not to have to use the funds that they receive from the international need to pay off debt is right now there is a need for massive investment in developing countries it will rely on the richer part of the world but it is also in our common interest because even from our
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perspective economic recovery the markets into which industrialised nations will sell off this pandemic on the markets of also the developing world so there is a common interest and enliven self-interest as much as the need for solidarity right now in order to massively round up this support because otherwise we will not only see the economic collapse there are social geo political consequences that i think none of us have either considered so far clearly enough and the need urgent attention right help others to help ourselves icici i think steiner the head of the united nations development program in new york thank you so much for your time. now time for your questions questions you sent us on you tube twitter and facebook e-mail as always our resident corona expert derek williams stands ready to provide some concepts. are faith tallahassee rates of couvade 19 related to blood types. i'm not aware of any studies looking at faith talladega rates and blood
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groups for covert 19 but but this is a really interesting question because what other types of viruses blood types have been shown to affect susceptibility to infection as well as severity of outcomes though we still don't know exactly why a recent preliminary study carried out by chinese researchers did indeed discover what they think are some connections between blood type and susceptibility to the new coronavirus it says people with blood group a did indeed seem to be more likely to catch it than other groups while blood group oh appeared less likely to get it that data is still unconfirmed but if it's correct it could have an impact later in clinical practice but the differences if there are unlikely to be really major. what risk could cope with 19 posed to pregnant women and their unborn children. if you're pregnant or have
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a newborn these days i'm sure you're probably frightened even more than the rest of us the w.h.o. has a question and answers page dedicated to you some of the key takeaways though are that 1st there is currently no evidence that pregnant women are at higher risk of severe illness than anyone else so the precautions they should take are simply the same as those were all taking we still don't know if a pregnant woman can pass the virus along to her baby during. pregnancy or delivery but the w.h.o. also recommends prioritizing pregnant women with sometimes for testing as they may need special care if they have the disease and finally it says women with cope at 19 can breastfeed if they wish to but they should wear a mask if one is available they should wash their hands before and after touching
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the baby and also regularly disinfect surfaces in the household. can you protect your lungs from coburg 19 by giving up smoking. in this pandemic smokers are in particular danger for a couple of different reasons 1st when it comes to possibly contract ing the disease a smoker's lips regularly come into contact with their fingers which is one of those things that you really want to avoid and of course regular smoking also leads at some point to one disease and reduced lung capacity those are 2 co-morbidities that can have a major impact on outcomes if you do catch cove at 191 study of data from around 1100 patients in china indicated that severe disease and case fatality were over 2 and
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a half times higher for current smokers than people who had never smoked which really shouldn't come as a surprise so jake up there's never been a better time to quit. and a quick look to india where millions are required to stay indoors for 3 weeks to slow the spread of the coronavirus among other measures the state of punjab installed a so-called code ignited safety station where workers can wash their hands and half their temperature taken before being sprayed with disinfectant a similar initiative for people on motorbikes was started in chennai. and that was alec overnight in special on this good friday for me the team in berlin thanks for watching. can inspire big changes to the people making it possible to go africa fantastic right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one
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another and work together for a better future. many thanks to you all for tuning in africa. next on d.w. . eco india. the world has a bit less plastic when tableware is edible. and afghan women refugees have jobs. this is what the drama is doing. it's a project started by students in new delhi. being saw a lot of potential in that idea. for seeing the film. in 60 minutes on d w. i'm david and this is a climate change brags that sex. happiness increase books. for
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