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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2020 5:00am-5:31am CEST

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this is b. w. news live from berlin the united states now has more than half a 1000000 cases of covert 19 new york state alone has more cases than any country in the world but there are signs of hope to go to new york for the latest on the situation. also coming up pope francis leaves good friday ceremonies at the vatican without a live audience live streaming his address instead as italy's government extends coronavirus lockdown into may. and after years of devastation in syria's civil war
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it live faces a new danger fears grow those that the novel coronavirus could sweep through the war torn region. and wave welcome to the program the cove in 19 pandemic has reached a grim milestone the global death toll has topped one 100000 as reported by johns hopkins university the number of total infections stands at nearly 1700000 in the united states alone more than 800000 people have died from the novel virus that puts the u.s. close to overtaking italy as the country with the world's highest death toll the total number of confirmed cases is now more than 500000 in the u.s. new york state alone has more cases than any other country. passengers have thinned out on new york subways but that snow is sure and to many people who need
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the ride it's very frightening to hear anything that one that one might get like you know there's a lot of homeless people want to take. this thing so you can get away for the next training getting fired so that's not if. you know your kids we don't miss it that's the problem keeping your distance from others experts agree that social distancing combined with aggressive testing of suspected cases is the fastest way to tackle coded 19 but there aren't enough tests for the job in new york and elsewhere in the u.s. new york's governor says companies now cannot provide the numbers needed we need. an un precedented mobilization where government can produce these tests in the millions president trump pointed to progress in the numbers of
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new cases on the other side you have the numbers of beds being used we're just saying substantially average is that usually the sign that it's heading in the downward curve but the death toll continues to mount hundreds in new york die every day hospitals or repurpose in refrigerator trucks as makeshift morgues and in the cities reserved for on mark graves burials have spiked the weekly average is now being reached every day the rise is being attributed to coded 19 and joining me in new york is journalist addict abby what's the latest there. william as you know the now the numbers are staggering thousands of deaths here in new york 777 people died between thursday and friday alone and the daily briefings governor cuomo has to present these numbers to the people of his state and he says
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it's extremely painful to do this these are families that have lost loved ones but he is saying that there are signs of hope right now and that's what we have to look at as we move forward in terms of the hospitalization if you think the number of hospitalizations are down slightly and also the number of people entering intensive care units are also slightly down there is about that differential was about 17 people it seems like a very small number when you look at the previous week where over 300 people entered the i.c.u. wanted daily basis this is fine a hope of optimism for him there so he has been highlighting those facts but of course this need to keep those numbers down that new yorkers and he to do what they've been asked to do and that's to stay at home a much they absolutely have to go outside their own essential work or if they're making that grocery store run and if they do go outside to socially distance themselves from others we just saw those aerial images of unmarked burials at heart
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island really harrowing things to say what more can you tell us about that. yeah i mean those images have certainly been making the rounds but i do want to point out the fact that hart island have been holding people there as their final resting place for over 100 years this location in the bronx has been taking people who passed away who don't have families or whose families can't afford private burials but of course as we know given what the hospitals in the morgues are experiencing right now they're running out of space in capacity that they're having to send people there so generally in the past with happened there's been one day of burials where they see about 24 bodies on average there right now they're seeing that number every day and it's 5 days a week so certainly a spike there and this again is happening because the morgues are running out of capacity the medical examiner's office has now said that anyone that passes away the hold the bodies report 2 days before sending them to heart island and there are reports that if gamli members come forward at some point they will be able to move
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their loved ones to another location and i do want to say before i have and this topic is that marital the blog the o. has tweeted about this and said that there are no such thing as mass burials happening there he's saying that every person is being treated with respect well. quickly if you can of what is the rest of the united states looking like right now . i think one of the biggest concerns right now when we look across the country is that the u.s. had its 1st confirmed case of 1000 on january 21st we're now into april and there's still no nationally ordinated response president trump has resisted issuing a nationwide lockdown california issued there is on march 19th florida did it after spring break on april 2nd and this to infectious disease experts is not the ideal situation they want a nationwide response president trump is not willing to do that right now and there are concerns about that. right journalist i think outside of new york thank you very much. christians around the world have celebrated good friday arc in the
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crucifixion of jesus and the start of the easter weekend the coronavirus pandemic means that like other gatherings religious events have been banned in many countries has been locked down for weeks that it can city is no exception to those rules so the put the pope also spent good friday largely on his own it's the time of year he usually drools huge with the pope conducts the good friday service without the public due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown worshippers are at home watching the live stream online. almighty and eternal god provided of shelter for the suffering look with compassion on the affliction of your children who suffer from this epidemic. the scale of the outbreak continues to cost
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a doc shadow on italian watch these firefighters in sicily are farewelling a colleague who taught from the chorus a funeral isn't allowed. the streets look set to remain empty for a while longer italians were hiding lock down measures would be relaxed after easter but it will be extended. we have just prepared a new decree with which we are extending the restrictive measures until my a difficult decision but a necessary decision for which i am for the course assuming food political responsibility. here. and at a time like easter the lock down it's hard. not to put him where he was when easter align with you'll see our children and our grandchildren in video conference most of it's very sad but it is what it is. as a number of people in intensive care begins to fall officials are urging italians
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to not get complacent and to get here strictly to the lockdown. earlier we spoke with correspondent synagogue in rome and asked what easter will be like for italians this year well it's going to be a very different easter for sure generally it's a time for family friends to get together there's feasting easter monday traditionally the idea is to get out of the city go to the countryside go to the seaside enjoy the good weather we have here recently but this year will be very different the authorities are calling on people to stay at home there are increased patrols and checkpoints that have been set up particularly on the roads leading out of the city as well as the authorities are using drones to make sure that they can keep track of people to ensure that they don't go out that sit there with a piece creasing temperatures in better weather we are seeing more people on the streets as well despite this call of the authorities are saying while the numbers
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appear to be improving you can't let your guard down. let's take a look at some other coronavirus related news from around the world apple and google have announced plans to work together to create contact tracing technology to slow the spread of the corona virus the 2 companies mobile operating systems powered 99 percent of the world's smartphones while it tracing app could be a powerful tool in combating the virus remains serious privacy concerns. the united kingdom has seen a record daily death toll from the corona virus surpassing italy's worst $180.00 people lost their lives in 24 hours raising concerns that the country's national health service lacks sufficient ventilators staff and protective clothing. the world health organization has warned african states to expand coronavirus testing saying it's urgent it says clusters of community transmission have emerged in at
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least 16 countries there the u.n. health body said some african countries are likely to face a huge peak in cases there is soon. the syrian region of it live has been one of the worst affected by 9 years of civil war a cease fire in march finally reduce the civilian death toll there but the spread of covert 19 poses a new threat to the region's 3000000 people observers are on edge about what an outbreak there could do. in the bombing has fallen silent but now fear is spreading about an insidious killer coronavirus no one knows how far it is in full trade of the city at the hospital everyone's temperature is taken but there aren't the resources to tackle an epidemic. what we need most urgently are doctors there aren't enough and we have very little medicine or medical equipment so if the virus starts to spread our supplies will be used up within
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a few days simo down. as yet there are no confirmed cases of the virus in the ad lib region perhaps because testing has only just begun the lab here only got the equipment a few days ago it's a race against time. close by is a refugee camp where 300000 people live packed together it's not a question of whether covert 9000 will surface in the camp but when. our economy is as vulnerable to the coronavirus as all the others there's no disinfection no medical staff god help us if it spreads here it would be disastrous there would be many deaths. what will happen when the sickness strikes as long as the cease fire holds chances of survival here should be higher but the highly contagious corona virus could make life in even more dangerous than ever. people
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around the world i've been marking good friday but various lockdowns mean they've had to do it in a way that a month ago might have seemed unbelievable many are streaming services on the internet and a group of force or person western germany have put a drive in cinema to good use. songs of worship for drivers and passengers alike this is normally a drive in cinema but on friday $900.00 christians from various denominations and dusseldorf celebrated what's known as an ecumenical service. if you don't want to be abandoned by you. is this the the only way for us to come together even if it is with distance and all the churches are empty so many people are watching online. but in this way we can create a few new community even if it is a bit strange own. at this. was.
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the good friday service took place without war shoppers. instead many took part at a distance from home. mention feels he also feel abandoned by god like jesus on the cross people are going through difficult times they're afraid like jesus was and his story has now become ours and that's why it is good that we celebrate this service together this time in an empty church but connecting to many people through other channels. spiegelman is 84 years old she's lucky chaplain francisco. visits her once a month to hold communion. it's about just being there for them. just giving some support and showing that we are there for you that we will not abandon you that god would abandon you either. it's such a help for me that he comes to my home. at the drive in cinema remembering the suffering in the death of jesus christ offers hope and strength. just being
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supported to be received and supported by community especially now during this time in unusual service for unusual times on good friday 2020. watching today news from berlin our coronavirus special monica joins us next hour back at the top the hour thanks for watching. combating the pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w. has a virus. and. just through the. weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any
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information on the chrono like or any other science topic. you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your pod cast can also find us at dot com slash science. the global economy is in a state of paralysis businesses are closed production has ground to a halt and many western countries governments are dishing out a generous aid packages to business owners freelancers and companies in need but in many developing and emerging economies the corona crisis hits people with full force as a result un secretary general antonio good harris has urged rich countries to do more for those that are less prepared otherwise he was we face the nightmare of the
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disease spreading like wildfire in developing nations with millions of deaths. welcome to our covert 900 special here in g.w. news i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us the pandemic affects us all yes but while the rich countries can cushion the economic fallout from the crisis others like mexico stare into an abyss. the virus has already claimed some 200 lives in mexico but so far there have been no lockdown measures like in other countries and so case numbers are rising as people continue to gather including to protest. here hundreds of waiters air their grievances in front of the presidential palace their restaurants have closed and they've lost their jobs. or pm and that if i don't have that income i can pay my rent a comp a my bills and i can support my daughter. or your. son today we can no longer
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survive day to day by being at home so exposing ourselves to come out in congregate we know there were exposing ourselves to paris or exposed to the contagion. that you. mexico's president offered encouragement in a speech on sunday he also announced a rescue package focused soley on supporting the poor. better there more we will defeat the coronavirus will revive the economy in a mexican will continue to stand up and show the world glory and its great pass. this. but for now acapulco is famous beaches remain empty tourists won't offer much hope for the forseeable future and there are great concerns about another perhaps more important economic sector. where prices have fallen sharply. and mexico isn't alone among emerging economies the collapse of
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tourism and oil prices has hit nations from russia to brazil india and south africa . for more i'm joined by the head of the united nations development program in new york at him stein a who's done a good to have you with us now emerging de colonies developing countries they are very much exposed to this crisis this virus crisis which region worries you the most in terms of the pandemic and the following economic decline. and as of this morning we know that 212 countries and territories are affected by covert 19 so the concern of all of us but also the united nations is for all countries but indeed as you point out in many parts of the world africa perhaps being one she region of the world but also parts of asia latin america central america areas where the virus is beginning to impact both in terms of it tries in the health system but then also the social economic impacts and the issue of greatest concern
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for all of us must be that many of these poorer countries and economies don't have the health system infrastructure to cope 1st of all with the suppression of the virus secondly with also providing the kind of social safety nets that i needed in order to deal with this extraordinary impact sister organization international labor organization yesterday publish new numbers in terms of expected job losses 195000000 jobs lost intentionally this is a number that is without precedent and that is a shock to not only our economies but our societies to livelihoods especially when you bear in mind that over 60 percent of people employed in the wild are employed in the informal sector no work means no livelihood means no safe social safety net these are the frontlines of the battle indeed english pandemic which is both a health crisis it is becoming a social and economic and a developmental crises and it is one that requires us to work together in ways as we have never been challenged to do so before i mean that this thinnest ison audio
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that you're describing here also tells us that this virus of course causes haven't everywhere and even rich nations a struggling to deal with the economic fallout from the penn demick how then can poorer countries hope to cope with it. well i think the 1st priority must be what the w.h.o. has told us all which is to suppress the virus this is the 1st line of defense and much of the work of the united nations of the international community right now must be focused on helping countries to 1st of all be able to stabilize their health systems and to have that health systems response in place secondly and these are the programs that are urgently needed is to provide fiscal means governments need money right now 1st of all to respond to the health crisis but 2nd you're also to an unfolding social and human and economic in development crises and this means having resources available with which to finance mitigating measures cash transfer
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programs being able to stabilize local parts of the economy and as you also said countries very often are confronted with even the consequences of the virus somewhere else in the world take small island developing states many of them rely on tourism tourism has imploded very often that's 304050 percent of the g.d.p. of these nations this is economic collapse but i mean what you're describing here is really that we have to give a helping hand to each other even though we're affected by this condemning alice self and this at a time when multilateralist is is weakened and people have become more a good instinct there's more nationalism around do you think that this has weakened al ability to give a global response to this crisis. well perhaps in the 1st reflex there is a tendency to look after oneself and this is understandable it is natural and i think every country is confronted with unprecedented challenges right now but this
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virus has taught us one thing and that is that it is a global pandemic they can only succeed in controlling and ultimately overcoming this or that it by working together there is no go it alone solution and therefore the ability of richer nations also step up right now 1st of all through the kinds of measures that have been proposed through the international monetary fund but also looking at issues of debt relief and debt cancellation in order to allow countries ah in need of help not to have to use the funds that they receive from the international need to pay off debt is right now there is a need for massive investment in developing countries it will rely on the richer part of the world but it is also not a common interest because even from our perspective economic recovery the markets into which industrialised nations will sell off this pandemic on the markets of also the developing world so there is a common interest and enlightened self-interest as much as the need for solidarity right now in order to massively run up this support because otherwise we will not only see the economic collapse there are social geo political consequences that i
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think none of us have either considered so far clearly enough and the need urgent attention right help others to help ourselves basically i think china the head of the united nations development program in new york thank you so much for your time . now time for your questions questions you sent us on you tube twitter and facebook e-mail as always our resident corona expert derek williams stands ready to provide some. parfait talent to rates of couvade 19 related to blood types. i'm not aware of any studies looking at faith tally rates and blood groups for covert 19 but but this is a really interesting question because what other types of viruses blood types have been shown to affect susceptibility to infection as well as severity of outcomes though we still don't know exactly why a recent preliminary study carried out by chinese researchers did indeed discover
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what they think are some connections between blood type and susceptibility to the new coronavirus it says people with blood group a did indeed seem to be more likely to catch it than other groups while blood group oh appeared less likely to get it that data is still unconfirmed but if it's correct it could have an impact later in clinical practice but the differences if there they are are unlikely to be really major. what risk could cope with 19 posed to pregnant women and their unborn children. if you're pregnant or have a newborn these days i'm sure you're probably frightened even more than the rest of us the w.h.o. has a question and answers page dedicated to you some of the key takeaways though are that 1st there is currently no evidence that pregnant women are at higher risk of
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severe illness than anyone else so the precautions they should take are simply the same as those were all taking we still don't know if a pregnant woman can pass the virus along to her baby durant. pregnancy or delivery but the w.h.o. also recommends prioritizing pregnant women with sometimes for testing as they may need special care if they have the disease and finally it says women with cope at 19 can breastfeed if they wish to but they should wear a mask if one is available they should wash their hands before and after touching the baby and also regularly disinfect surfaces in the household. can you protect your lungs from coated 19 by giving up smoking. in this pandemic smokers are in particular danger for
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a couple of different reasons 1st when it comes to possibly contract ing the disease a smoker's lips regularly come into contact with their fingers which is one of those things that you really want to avoid and of course regular smoking also leads at some point to one disease and reduced lung capacity those are 2 co-morbidities that can have a major impact on outcomes if you do catch cove at 191 study of data from around 1100 patients in china indicated that severe disease and case fatality were over 2 and a half times higher for current smokers than people who had never smoked which really shouldn't come as a surprise so jake up there's never been a better time to quit. and a quick look to india where millions are required to stay indoors for 3 weeks to slow the spread of the coronavirus among other measures the state of punjab
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installed a so-called code 960 station where workers can wash their hands and half their temperature taken before being sprayed with disinfectant a similar initiative for people on motorbikes was started in chennai. and that was our coconut in special on this good friday for me the team in berlin thanks for watching. if they're attacked they fight back. it seems a rather unfair fight lance against the other day. old remarkably world. how do they do it. to the religious. belief.
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corin says. dr. bird used. requiem. march 20. second 13 it's. like. oh. my god says love love food for the russian soul. state. so many different walks of life some are funny and oddly twined but all
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of that comes straight from the hard core acedia even for the more religious the marsh the. bomb. the loss to their final resting place the russians are g.w. documentary. good shit into tomorrow today the sun shining on d w coming up. europe's new launch rocket is due to take off in late 2020 what's up with nothing on the 6. movies in that like spirit meant how natural does a digitized voice sound. we look at plants they may seem but they have their own ways.


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