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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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in children the kidnapping campaign of nazi germany starts april 28th going to tell you. since the c.w. news live from berlin and when is the right time to start using a coronavirus lockdown well as germans enjoy a sunny easter weekend bedtimes them to break the rules the country's most prestigious science academy recommends starting to lift the lockdown we will hear from one of its members also coming up helping those least able to help themselves
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in argentina the country has been hit twice over 1st by a recession and now by coronavirus and following the rules imagination knows no bounds as people around the world push their ideas for coping with social distancing and to practice. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program germany could be on the way out of its coronavirus lockdown the country's influential national academy of sciences has recommended that a start be made on easing the restrictions imposed to contain the virus the academy's report came as the number of new confirmed cases in germany fell for the 3rd day running it also set the scene for consultations this week by chancellor angela merkel on what should happen after the current restrictions expire next sunday now one of the main rec. mendacious of this report is that primary and
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secondary schools be allowed to gradually reopen they can soon be followed by shops and restaurants as long as their tables are placed further apart mouth nose protection should be used as an additional protective measure and the relaxing upper structure is dependent on more widespread testing g.p.s. data offered voluntarily by mobile phone users could be used for contact tracing. well earlier i spoke with claudia via the man one of the academics who contributed to that report and she explained that returning toward normal life in germany requires an effort across society it's not just a health problem it is an economic of the we can't ignore that we do have to. deepen our efforts to to to work together to try to solve this particular situation we have to better eiseley for example. people who are infected for that.
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or in need of a doctor so we need a doctor scientist to model these particular situations we need the support of the public who voluntarily give. for these models and well to encourage each and every one to work together on this problem we can't just treat it is a problem of the health care system it is much more than that. that was quoted it isn't from the national academy of sciences meantime spain has been one of the hardest hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic now the country is losing some of its coronavirus lockdown measures after a fall in the death toll and a fall in new cases in recent days some workers are returning to their jobs after 2 weeks at home transit officials in the capital madrid are limiting the number of passengers on metros and bus ants and distributing 10000000 facemasks to commuters but most of the country is still required to stay at home after more than 17000
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coronavirus deaths. in argentina there are just over $2200.00 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and like most countries around the world it is under lockdown but argentina was in recession before the pen demick struck so those restrictions have dealt another big blow the poor have been the hardest hit but in the poorest neighborhoods of the capital. people are coming together to help each other. in the poor settlements around buenos aires soup kitchens are popping up everywhere it's russian style so young for those in this district who lost their jobs even overnight. i'm not currently working so i don't receive a salary if you work on the side paid in cash like me you won't earn a center right now. natalia can't work as a cleaner because of
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a strict curfew that's why neighborhood cooperatives are delivering food to families in need. volunteers cook for hundreds of their neighbors financed by city grants and by donations especially for the poorest of them. were cooking for the garbage collectors who weren't allowed to go out on the streets. and so they can't collect and recycle garbage. we're now delivering lunch. with every additional day of lockdown more argentinians are dependent on community help the lines outside the soup kitchens are getting longer the corona crisis exacerbates the social crisis and said that some. of these volunteers they take care of us homeless. we get food at least 3 times a week. even before the lockdown argentina was on the verge of national bankruptcy
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. president alberto fernandez was trying to renegotiate the repayment of massive debt then came the pandemic now it's unclear how argentina will be able to repay the $1000000000.00 debt and how the country will steer clear of that much feared national bankruptcy the homeless are fending for themselves as they did before corona. during the lockdown they have no place to which they can retreat and donations are scarce. look we've always lived in fear and hunger corona is secondary to us. argentina's retirees are also part of the corona high risk group but many of them have to line up together to collect their pension money. haven't received money in a month i don't know how far in debt i am and i have to pick up my pension in person. argentina and its people are facing even more difficult times the
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coronavirus state of emergency is far from over. it's time to take a look now at other news from around the world strong storms pounded the southern united states on sunday killing at least 6 people in mississippi and damaging up to 300 homes and buildings the national weather service says that strong winds were sweeping through other parts of the state as well. turkish president wretched typewriter one has rejected the resignation of his interior minister who took responsibility for this weekend's much criticized kovac 1000 curfew the announcement of the 48 hour lockdown millions by surprise and prompted panic buying 2 hours before it took effect on friday night and oil prices have risen after the world's major producing countries agreed to what is being called the biggest oil production cut ever a reduction in supply of around 10 percent opec led by saudi arabia have reached
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agreement with russia in an effort to boost the oil price and stabilize an energy market ravaged by the corona virus pandemic. italy has proposed quarantining migrants rescued at sea on another vessel off of the island of sicily the german flagged along kirti rescue boat picked up 150 people over recent days but has been unable to find a port that will allow it to dock the n.g.o.'s sea i says that one person has been evacuated for medical care and that the ship is an urgent need of supplies it's not yet clear what will happen to the migrants once the koren team period is over. and we are joined now by stephan streisand my or he is a human rights observer with the ngo see i was actually on that boat right now so tell us we are hearing that italy signalled that they would take the refugees from the boat into quarantine on board in the talian vessel have you heard anything else
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about this particular effort from authorities. i remember to vote for of this human kerry an offer but we didn't have any official response to us from the german although it's a telling governmental you know we're waiting it will be very grateful to the whole thing would happen but we're not sure. ok so it's very much wait and see at the moment in the meantime what is the situation right now onboard the rescue vessel. though we have $149.00 people plus 17 people their crew on the ship that means that the ship is very overcrowded. the night of every coal become not make use of by sort of people. we have to top 2 showers now all the waves are getting thicker so the people are getting sick. we know that you have quite
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a lot of experience in this arena so we want to ask you you know we are in the midst right now of this coronavirus pandemic what influence are you observing on the numbers of refugees leaving for example from libya from what you can tell. from what really can tell on this ship right now if that it has no effect on the number of constructing you have that boat or both being on you still. may they may have capsized they will. go on and we know that they were over there but we don't know what happened to them so it was through not all people can cross the bridge arrogancy. to receive them for. you or. all around the world i mean we are seeing social distancing measures in place obviously and you were looking at these boats right now and it seems as if social distancing is
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indeed impossible there is not the space in order to do. so given that what measures. are you guys trying to take in order to protect yourselves to protect the migrants who might be on board. so i'm not a doctor but we have a medical team a very good medical team here on board the. boat funny ok shannon of all how the virus spreads so where is the risk here for we are taking your own medical assessment from everybody you really have no room. during this medical assessment and no rest or a risk or a story of problems. and now we are checking on the. vital signal every 2 days. you know we didn't have any. problems with by the school. we also were pretty small all the time. all can do on
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this very limited space. and that was stefan strays and a human rights observer with the ngo see i speaking with us earlier from the alon kearney rescue. all the coronavirus has driven much of the world's population into lockdown and created a lot of stress but even in the worst situations there's sometimes something to smile about let's take a look now at how people from indonesia to bella bruce are getting to grips with those social distancing roles. when the moon comes out ghosts roaming the streets of indonesia's java province. but they're not souls damned to wander while repenting their sins they're volunteers scaring people into staying home. african able 1st of all we want to be different secondly we want to create a deterrent effect because poor kong is spooky and scary so when we show up it's
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a deterrent. well getting kids to wear masks has been tough for many parents around the world this chinese man created a full body anti-virus suit for his son so he could take him to a shanghai park he said a tough goal. or song is wearing it during the epidemic i hope to provide him with total protection and isolation. if anyone bothers him the boy looks like he can handle himself. meanwhile in the u.s. state of maryland a wine store uses a dog named soda to bridge the 2 metre gap dictated by social distancing guidelines so to is much more than a curiosity he's a social media hit who's bringing in new business. i don't know that even if i saw it. on facebook and i just had to i love y. so i love i love dogs you put the 2 together that make the dyna. and
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in belarus the coach of the dynamo breast soccer team came up with a novel way to keep players from getting demoralized by playing in almost empty stadiums mannequins adorned with the faces of fans who've sent their pictures and. while the virus continues its path of destruction and initiatives like these help make social distancing just a little more interesting and perhaps even fun. well this is the definition is and i'm sorry kelly and thank you so much for joining us for this update at the top of the hour we want to leave you now with the italian tenor m j m alonzo closed cathedral on easter sunday it was part of a music for hope a vent bringing people together during the coronavirus pandemic there was no one in the pews so but cheli performed live stream on his you tube channel thank you so much for watching enjoy.
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your. after. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. code 19 special next on d w. that people of the world on for g.w.
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on facebook and twitter to date and in touch. with. the global corona crisis you can find more information online at e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. please react to the pandemic we have trouble babs lockdowns. fighting for every life in one of germany's coronavirus hotspots some european countries are starting to relax more restrictions will call this a title. no is not the kind of next measure.
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europe is a lot of schools businesses restaurants and factories have all been shuttered for weeks now people are the more lost with the arrival of spring they've been enjoying what they still can the sun in the park some fresh air but many are missing a sense of community some countries like denmark and austria are already beginning to loosen the most severe restrictions others think it is too early for that now. 2 experts is the virus on the control room can public life return to normal and will the warmer temperatures now arriving in the northern hemisphere slow the spread of the disease. these are some of the questions we'll discuss in this edition of covert 19 special here on the w. news i'm chris coburn milliners good to have you with us now the longer the shutdown is in place the more pressing becomes the question when constrict social distancing measures be eased here in germany public officials are yet to decide on
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an official strategy so let's get an expert's view to be escort is a professor of public health and it in the ology at berlin's shotty hospital welcome to our program to b s let's talk about the weather 1st here there have been some including the u.s. president saying that rising temperatures are bad for the virus are they well if you look at areas reporting factionalism if you see this bird that the virus there's really no differences between regions of war and reaching the colder so i think the virus is really not affected by temperature it is true that you are in the cold weather season that is in uncertain most consecutive throw is more susceptible 'd for getting in it's actually that may be a factor of it don't think that it is really affected by so much so springtime meaning it's not necessarily a bad time for corona. it's not about time for the buyers it's time for for
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us and enjoying the sun roof and so fully getting some fresh air certainly the sunshine helps certainly it's what moves it's a good time for all of us it's a new screen right now but sort of iras i don't see that makes much of a difference to me as the number of reported cases in germany is declining italy and spain the countries hardest hit here in europe are reporting receiving death numbers where are we in the timeline of this pandemic one thing one has to understand that the virus cannot be stopped the reasons why these measures and the physical contact restrictions on places to allow the health care system to leave some regions even in germany we know that. hospitals are really on the edge so this was the reason why we certainly support it these these measures now and
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them it is really over the so-called herd immunity is reach and that is a long way to so if not we would like some measure of success not that iris is gone the virus is there and we have to deal with the virus but quite some time until we have pixelation available or until enough people have been infected with the virus and have immunity against the virus nevertheless the severe social distancing measures they are taking their toll on people and number of public officials here in germany and other places are talking about lifting some of the strictest countermeasures is that the right time to do that. well scientists than many experts agree it is not discussing this office the end nobody likes to put this really hard nash's entry into place this is the right time we'll be including weeks in 2 weeks and 10 days nobody really can tell what i think is a good time now to discuss how we can lift this restrictions and how we can move
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into the future and as you know deal with biomedical data but also of the economic social they are psychological data and all of these is not really helpful or for the health of the people so we have to really start to move on and to to really start to go back to a life that is certainly not the normal life that we used to but to a life that makes sense and makes. us starting businesses again and allowing kids to go to school so i think it's a good time to discuss this right now all right lester let's talk about they have now germany's academy of sciences one of the most renowned research institutions in the country says primary and secondary schools should gradually open again and it should be mandatory for people to wear face masks on public transportation what is your take on that. i think these are her goods and reasonable of such actions
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many experts from various fields have been involved in this recommendations and i think that those are really good starting points we all have to understand however that if restrictions are lifted it's that we may see an effect of the healthcare system again and that we have to increase as some of the restrictions potentially this will mean on the law for some time we have to evaluate this very 'd carefully indeed exports are doing to these 2 to recommence specific measures to the politicians who then has to make their decisions but i think the recommendations of the national academy of science will 'd be reasonable and they are good starting points also it is important that they set that we should not really isolate specific care groups such as the elderly or such as people who have certain medical conditions i think that was also a very important state and to be as briefly one of the most important aspects of
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such a strategy of easing these restrictions well it is. new really have to move to what is possible and people what they can do i think we all this aside the understood the importance of defeating his virus and the importance of the of the health care system so i think chair we should also count on on to society that they really work with everyone to make this. epidemiologists to be escort thank you for talking to g.w. . thank you. so the discussion over when and how to access the lock down is still waging meanwhile spring has arrived in many countries in europe and in recent germany people tried to make the best of their situation over the easter weekend which meant catching some rays while trying not to catch the virus. spring has come and in parks across
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germany you wouldn't necessarily know that the country is in lockdown having spent weeks cooped up indoors many people are experiencing a fresh appreciation for nature. you can send me looking for the tree being at fight but of course i'm not meeting friends or socializing and it has a calming effect is the last thing. for me it's liberating to be actually in a chair tools. in germany you are still allowed to go it alone or with one other person but it out to exercise or just to breathe in some fresh air but even when you're soaking in the spring sun you still need to make sure you're sticking to social distancing rules. another man who certainly wishes he'd have more time for a nice walk in the park but our resident corona expert eric williams has been very
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busy thinking about and answering the questions you sent us here's our latest installment. can you get the coronavirus and not share any symptoms. based on what we know right now it looks like around one out of every 6 people that catches 19 gets seriously ill and develops difficulties with breathing symptoms and others who have tested positive for the disease ranged from serious to very mild and some people who test positive have no symptoms at all at the center for disease control in the u.s. believes as many as one in 4 people who get the disease show no symptoms know about vital information to have as asymptomatic carriers might remain perfectly healthy themselves but contribute dramatically to transmission. how many people are asymptomatic would also help us nail down the real mortality rate of the virus
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which continues to be guesstimated and finally it's important in terms of fighting the disease if we can figure out why some people don't get sick that information could help us in the. race to develop therapies. could surviving can have 19 meaning to your d.n.a. this question is closely tied to the question of why some people can carry the disease but are are asymptomatic from what we've seen so far the corona virus infects everyone but some people don't develop symptoms and that probably has to do with their genetic make up past research has shown that genetics do have an influence on the course of viral infections and scientists are looking at some key genes very closely in the covert 19 pandemic especially the ones that include 4 and control the expression of an enzyme in the cell membrane called ace 2 it's what
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the corona virus uses as a gateway to get into the cell could variations there make some people more susceptible than others maybe it's pretty unlikely though that there will be a single genetic variant that determines whether you get a mild or severe a case of coke at 19 the 1st wide scale research studies in the area are ramping up now but they'll take time to carry out and evaluate. and if you have a question for us about the virus simply post it in the comments section of our d w you tube channel and that wraps up today's edition of covert 19 special for more on the pandemic to check out our social media channels and our website that's d.w. dot com which has dedicated covert 9000 pages in 30 languages i'm chris cobram berlin thanks for watching and before we let you go many scientists around the
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world are calling on governments to provide people with face masks if they intend on easing lockdown restrictions on taiwan seems to be a step ahead on this story as there has sort of vending machines where people can scan their health insurance cards health insurance cards in order to pick up their fortnightly ration of 9 masks and at the other countries may well wish to a doctor who says it's. if they're attacked play fight back. that seems a rather unfair fight lamps against an enemy other danger. but. both are remarkably well. i'll give
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a good. routine to. eco india. the world has a bit less plastic when tableware is edible. and afghan women refugees have jobs. this is what the drama is doing. it's a project started by students in new delhi. we saw the potential in that idea. in 60 minutes on d w. we know this is a scary time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself good distance wash your hands if you can stay at
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how we do w. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on overview of what we're all in this to get on together make it through. stay safe everybody in the stacey stacey stay safe the priest insists it. gets into tomorrow today for science show on d w coming up. europe's new launch rocket is due to take off in late 2020 what's up with allie on the 6. will be doing a little experiment hound that are all there's a digitized voice sound. and this we look at plants they
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may seem new but they have their own ways.


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