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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2020 4:00pm-4:29pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin the world's biggest coronavirus lockdown extended for 3 more weeks indian prime minister narendra modi tells the nation the economic price of the lockdown has been high above people's health is far more important. also coming up germany ponders how it how it's to start easing its lockdown after the country's most prestigious science academy says it's time to gradually lift restrictions. and ukrainian firefighters are battling blazes just kilometers away
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from the site of the world's worst nuclear explosion at an open. m god of as welcome to the program india's 3 week coronavirus lockdown is being extended until at least may 3rd it's the biggest lockdown in the world measured by the number of people affected in a nationwide t.v. address prime minister narendra modi said that although the cost to the economy had been high the lives of the people of india were more valuable. holistic approach and not if india had not adopted a holistic integrated approach and had not taken quick timely decisions we cannot imagine what our situation would have been these plans not only it would be now let's go to delhi where our correspondent money or so daryn is standing by in an
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era listening to mr modi he's convinced his manage manage the crisis and the right way as all politicians think they do do people feel the same way well the logical thing in the country is of course in favor of the log down it is in feudal the extensional the lockdown as well because people can see that the number of cases are rapidly on the rise but that is a section of people who are saying that even in today's don't always address the prime minister missed out on something a lot of questions which are important so how effective the strategy that the government is implementing will be the jury is still out on that because we need to remember that a large population of india is in the do slowdown of the gist of the thing into extreme quality because of the impact bill economy that has been after this is a long down has been announced as many activists and critics are saying that coronavirus is a big problem but what do you is also a huge problem and he conquered it this you would say people who are the most
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marginalised end of the society to face a double whammy of the wyvis and of forward to tell us some more about the lock down extension the one they locked down carney in place and the easing of the rules the announce for some people at least in the coming week. well apart from giving this date of me that's good mr modi has also very importantly of needed that must take the measures will be implemented i could be for the coming one week so now this one week is important in the sense that in this one week all the areas of the country will be very very closely monitored very closely scrutinized and you have mentioned that in the areas that show an improvement on which show a control over the spread of the widest which do not let hotspots of exports and large in there look at it then some economic activity will be allowed to be dissolved so that the daily wage earners will go out and on their livelihood now what these activities are exactly they don't know yet we have still been waiting
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for the detail guidelines to come from and when they are in terms of the big picture how bad is the situation in india at the moment with regard to the corona bars when despite that the country did implemented all done much earlier even before 600 positive cases were reported were still over the past few weeks we have seen a rapid rise in the number of cases we have seen a rise in the number of 4 sports across the country and asked far as the instructors them sun india is just still trying to ramp up is the creation of the passerby deal with the point when the peak of these days is come the medical experts are saying that india has not even seen the peak yet and a bottom that as we saw the market sort of the workers from cities do when it does there is a chance of a community transmission making out and the government is ringback still trying to build its infrastructure better to face the situation if that ever comes to that when there are so dark and delhi for us thank you very much. now let's get you
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the latest developments on the corona virus pandemic global confirmed cases of covert 19 are approaching the 2000000 mark more than 120000 people have died from conditions related to the virus the international monetary fund says 2020 will be the worst year for the world economy since the great depression in the 1930 s. in its latest forecast the i.m.f. predicts the global economy will contract by 3 percent this year taiwan has reported no new cases of covert 19 for the 1st time in 5 weeks and austria started to ease its lockdown along small shops to reopen the strict social distancing rules remain in force. now german chancellor angela merkel will hold a video conference with regional state premiers on wednesday on whether to join the growing list of european countries gradually easing lockdown restrictions merkel's
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next moves could be influenced by recommendations from the influential national academy of sciences which has advised for the gradual lifting of some restrictions so. blame it on the sunshine germans flocked to nearby lakes and pocks to soak it all in over the east a long weekend police patrolled popular areas that found most were abang the restrictions. as long as it's necessary i think the rules of fine health has to come 1st light or last light using would definitely be good at some point we need to start earning money again and gay pride in this may be coming germany's most influential science academy has recommended the lockdown slowly be lifted primary and secondary schools would gradually reopen with extra precautions in place. and if so should distancing rules are enforced stores and restaurants could follow the
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academy says the government should also make it mandatory to wear face masks in public. if we can learn from our neighbors in asia and i think the mouth nose protection must become a social standard for months more not to politicians a yet to agree on how quickly the lockdown should be lifted does the movie does so we must continue to look at what effect it has on the number of infections in some places we may have to reimpose certain restrictions in the coming months members and members chancellor angela merkel is due to hold a video conference call with the state's leaders on wednesday. with the restrictions set to expire on sunday she says the academy's position will play a role in deciding germany's path forward. it's time to take a look now at the other news around the world french president manuel not cause says his country will have to endure another 4 weeks of lockdown the course says
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that progress has been made but the battle against the corona virus was far from over france has severely restricted says citizens movements since mid march. south korea's military says north korea has launched several missiles into the sea of japan. south claims pyongyang 5 both cruise missiles and ground rockets launched comes just days after north korean state media showed leader kim yong on visiting an airbase. one place the world is looking to for guidance and planning an exit strategy from the lock down as china it was the 1st country to experience the coronavirus and it's the 1st to begin the slow return to normality but a recent increase in infections along china's remote northern border with russia is causing concern. china has all but declared a victory in its war on covert 19 year. but now fears are growing that
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a 2nd front is opening here in the province of a long jang the country's north eastern border with russia. the government has rushed help to the area they're setting up a field hospital a mobile testing labs and they want to counter the threat from china's northern neighbor russia which has become the biggest source of imported cases the chinese nationals based there tried to return home in beijing a spokesman confirmed that all but 3 new infections on monday came from overseas. gershon to ship on monday or the chinese mainland reported 89 new cases e.g. 6 of those cases where imported from abroad partially already reaching way surely. china is determined to fight off a 2nd wave of infections and in the northeast it is leaving nothing to chance arrivals by ass forced to spend a whole month in quarantine anyone from outside is tested i must give details of
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all recent contacts beijing does not want to jeopardize the recovery elsewhere in the country as knock downs are gradually lifted people are starting to venture out . measures such as temperature checks and physical distancing remain in place it will also be a long time before businesses recover with restaurants especially hard hit. but the colombian owner of this cafe has some advice for other entrepreneurs facing uncertainty. don't panic and try to. to rethink course because things are going to change and it is not just going to be a period of 2 or 3 months it's going to be a new reality that we we're going to need to reinvent ourselves. and find a way. food for thought perhaps the millions of people across the world still in
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lockdown and probably a long way off from being able to enjoy a simple meal in a restaurant. forest fires burning in northern ukraine an hour just a few kilometers away from the abandoned it's a noble nuclear plant emergency services insist the fires are under control but environmental groups claim radiation levels are rising the area has been empty since the nuclear disaster in 1906. the firefighters of normal cold into battle once more. for over a week they've been fighting back what experts call a super fire now environmentalist warn the blaze is in danger of reaching the site of the world's washed nuclear explosion. drawn fruitage shows blackened forest just hundreds of meters from the ill fated plant. i must stress that the space affected by the fire is now she huge. i can say it's the
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biggest fire ever in the territory ready. the government has sent hundreds of firefighters along with helicopters and planes in an aerial water bombing effort officials insist the fires are under control but greenpeace warns that the blaze could spread dangerous waste well outside the exclusion zone. if you look radioactive particles remain in the forest meaning that the wood is polluted. it means that during the fire radioactive material together with the smoke and other products of the fire are fanned by the wind. in more ways than one failure to stop the flames would be catastrophic for life here and far beyond these fields. russia is seeing
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a sharp rise in infections and deaths authorities have imposed a lockdown that includes closing non-essential businesses officials are warning that unemployment could triple to 15 percent many entrepreneurs fear they could soon go on the flow industry has been hit especially hard demand for flowers virtually disappeared overnight after the closure of non-essential businesses across russia producers have been forced to get rid of millions of flowers every day and shop owners now fear for their livelihood. these florists from st petersburg are trying to draw attention to their plight by destroying their own sold inventory but i wish them when you watch it but i can't store these defective goods every 2 or 3 days they rot they leak and they smell and that's why we can't show the full quantity of the goods that we actually had and. this is a tiny part of what we threw away why then is our money taken on credit. if the
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national seeing it got bought it is out that easy. without any cells shop owners hope the government will step in and provide much needed assistance. within yet us is just not done like our business activities currently completely suspended he says it's impossible to pass through this crisis and the situation on the lot of this part of comp be stored for a long time it can't be preserved demand has fallen and the markets are empty and business has come to a halt this loop all. depressed i would business what's opinion thank you to the russian president vladimir putin is expected to ramp up stimulus measures to prop up and economy heading toward recession and keep businesses afloat but tumbling oil prices and tax revenue could weigh heavily on his government's efforts to help those affected most by the corona virus outbreak. that's it from me and the news
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team for now phil gale have a news update for you at the top of the hour now stay tuned for called $900.00 special of course of coal but that's up next what she did abuse take on the world. all about the stories that matter to you. what ever it takes. to help you make for mines. in the fight against the coronavirus there is still one big our know how many people have actually contracted and maybe even without showing any symptoms one way to answer the question is by anti-bodies. an antibody is a protective protein produced by the immune system to destroy for example harmful
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viruses when a pathogen enters the human body the immune system recognizes it and produces antibodies that dark onto the pathogens and eugene's to remove them later a test can be used to detect these antibodies in a person's bloodstream but antibodies are also used in vaccines to make people immune to future infections but immunity doesn't always last a lifetime so what do we know about sars cove 2 and how long will people be immune after an infection. these will be some of our topics on this edition of covert $1000.00 special here on b.w. news i'm chris cuomo in berlin welcome to the program now in the quest to fight the corona virus a small town in germany could provide valuable answers and spec and the state of north rhine-westphalia has become an epicenter of the current health crisis now scientists are using the town as
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a testing ground to find out how covert 19 has spread and how to move forward. streets are empty in heinsberg the town on germany's western border with holland has become the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in the country it was here that the virus spread at the local carnival infecting dozens of citizens and putting the town in the focus of politicians and by rolla just like. first the unique opportunity to us because the virus arrived here on a very specific date on february 14th or 15th during carnival. based on this we have sufficient data for example to determine unrecorded cases. business. has become a case study for cobbett 19 and the question how can we go back to normal
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a lot depends on how patients develop immunity to cope with 19 through antibodies to find out mouth swaps and blood tests were conducted in 1000 locals. and 15 percent of the population of the municipality here can no longer be infected with sars to. prove it's viola's could be the top. there has been some criticism that the study might not be representative of other regions also some experts fear it might be too early to say whether or not antibodies prevent further infections with corona virus. we'll talk to a leading scientists here in a moment if and if so how the search for anti-bodies can help the fight against covert 19 1st a quick reminder what exactly we mean when we talk about anti-bodies antibodies are
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produced by the immune system to neutralize pathogens when for example a virus enters the body of the immune system produces specific anti-bodies that dark onto the viruses and genes to remove it now these antibodies can be detected in a person's bloodstream later on. so let's take a closer look at the matter with jack hauser he's a professor of epidemiology at the handhold center for infection research it's good to have you on the program does finding anti-bodies mean that the pathogen has been eliminated the infection is over not necessarily know and your body it's just the fact that the human system has had contact with the pathogen and all and also the fact that data off of that disease has been kossuth and. that then the body is human resource time against new things and so
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how does detecting these anti-bodies help us against the fight against the corona virus here ok so this helps it with the letters i get the creation that it also individual level so the population that we know how when you send us a book as you do have antibodies we do also know that those people will not be able to transmit and be caught off the to be cation and transmission process of the epidemic anymore so this is how it was a necessity what kind of measures we need to do it also helps us in determining how many percent of the cases that column to do actually exist and that helps us to assess only the cases in portions of the cases that actually exists so those figures are very important as assessment of the risk of their identity but also for the assessment of the strategies to fight against it and then now some experts say visionaries does anybody test don't deliver accurate enough results that antibodies
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against other forms of corona corona virus get to take to and then get mistaken. this is quite this is a big difficulty that we have so so far i think we have a that antibody tests and if something costly i give the election to the to the other oh no i obsess and it's difficult to assess our notches this phaedo of this percentage actually is you hope that in the future and actually mind that it's working on that you were at the party as a baby girl that it will be more precise and more specific and there are reports about potential re infections despite the people supposedly being immune what are we to make of that well i think that quite so far they don't imply that people got the infection despite or the b. knew they would die only that as detection or slightest as possible after people
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have recovered and that's yet another thing so not necessarily does a person that we caught us with it as had a negative test in that virus action necessarily have immunity probably infection or doesn't also mean that the chronically sick case so we need to look into that more and more this week to look at the antibody detection of those patients and then we'd also see it as a patient who had we i think the cation and detection of at the chance he got ill of it just carry us the pathogen you know from any other diseases that people maybe carry us or a disease or a pathogen is actually fighting you know. is there a way to determine how long immunity will last in terms of sars cover to. i'm afraid the only bait is this time we need to look at the patients who are at the disease at one point in time from which you have antibodies from
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a good time and then reactivate and go into the future or their case or someone goes when to get the disease again now your institution wants to conduct antibody testing similar to the one we've seen in the report but on a much larger scale what do you hope to show by doing that so by the colleagues in hyderabad and under very important study with a very specific focus in a very exclusive look at the t v 5 to do the number of studies at different times for incident different look at the country in order to get a better section on the you that you that in their own will predation but also on the change of the units that are over time and by that you ought to be got ready for the ticks and policymakers and decision making us on how to adjust the interventions in the fight against and jack calls of the whole center for infectious research thank you for sharing your thoughts with us you're very welcome
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. and not a staple segment on our show you send us your questions about the coronavirus we try to answer them and the man hard at work and doing so is our science editor derek williams. if i order take away in an infected could my delivery person sneezes on it can i get covert 19 i get asked this a lot it's something that worries people let's put it this way there is no evidence so far suggesting that takeout or takeaway food contributes in any way to cope with 19 transmission there are no reported cases that have been linked to food there aren't any full blown studies yet on covert 19 but there have been some similar studies on this topic with other coronaviruses and they show that transmission in those pathogens doesn't really happen via the digestive tract in the 1st stages of
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the infection at least coronaviruses in general invade the cells in the upper respiratory tract sars cove to also often appears to gain its 1st foothold in the nose which food doesn't enter of course viruses that are swallowed in food and up in the digestive tract and are eventually killed by the alice a in your stomach so as far as we can tell takeaway food doesn't present a danger packaging probably presents slightly more of one that's why many experts also say if you want to be extra safe you can transfer take out food to your own household dishes dispose of the containers quickly and of course then wash your hands thoroughly. drinking water carry the virus and.
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we still don't know everything there is to know about the transmission of source code too but we're learning all the time and as far as we can tell there's no way to get covert 19 from drinking water w.h.o. says there is no abbott. about the survival of the virus in either part of the water or sewage and other corona viruses are not transmitted this way source code to is actually what's called an envelop virus which means it has a quite fragile membrane that doesn't protect it all that long outside the body standard treatment methods used in most municipal drinking water systems like filtration and in this infection should inactivated just like they do other pathogens if you live somewhere where you don't have access to safe treated drinking water then the precautions that you've always taken to protect yourself
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like boiling your drinking water should also inactivate in the coronavirus that was our science editor derek williams answering your questions about the corona virus and that wraps up this edition of covert 19 special for more on the pandemic to check out our social media channels and our website a d.-w. dot com it has dedicated covert 19 pages in 30 languages i'm chris coburn berlin thanks for watching and take care. it's like a creature from another planet it's revolutionary not by appearances it's a technological. the citoyenne d.s. and other car goddess it's still received by careless fans all over the world.
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