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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2020 3:15am-3:31am CEST

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voicing since. the winners were selected before the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic he was 79 stood out as being counseled for health reasons. this is due to the news live from berlin on express or thanks for joining. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona update. from the covert 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we have it and when will all this. just through the topics covered and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would
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like any information on the prong of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us at. science. as the pandemic grips through the world shattering national health systems and economies a global response to help pick up the pieces has never been more central but international cooperation has sagged under the weight of the coronavirus united nations the world health organization and the g 20 all unable to take the lead. countries have closed themselves off each locked into a contest to secure supplies of limited resources like face masks protective clothing and medication. but how it is now is not how it has to be
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deepened them it remains a chance for countries to come together and create opportunity from crisis so. how will the world look after all this. welcome took over 19 special here on the news i'm chris cuomo and it is good to have you with us now when looking at the what the future might bring is good to remember what shakespeare once it passed. meaning looking back can help one look ahead now the duchess story rivkah bregman has made a career looking at the great crises of the past millennium he's concluded that they've always lead to major interventions and eventually beneficial shifts for him the coronavirus calamity has shown the kind of solidarity that humanity is capable of heralding positive changes for greater society.
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so let's bring in the man himself historian rick bragman it's good to have you on the program and your new book humankind a hopeful history you say that empathy compassion and kindness make us human beings now how did people hoarding toilet paper buying more clothes of noodles and spreading fake news during the current crisis fit into that argument. well that's a great question you know this is all theory within western culture and scientists go to the near theory it's the idea that civilization is only a thin veneer and then soon if something happens say a natural disaster or tsunami or an earthquake or a pandemic that people go back to their true selves and that they show who they really are because they're basically selfish right animals before they start hoarding stuff and they panic and cetera et cetera this is very popular story in the media. always after natural disasters you know think about katrina in 2000 by the that's what people have been experiencing tourism really it's what people at
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experience much the opposite actually i think it's pretty my deal is it so if you zoom out a bit i think the vast majority of the behavior that we see right now is pro-social in nature and you see you really see an explosion of gold ration incontinence on the local level and sure there is some panic buying very some hoarding but even there i mean i'd love to talk about toilet paper by the way because the fascinating thing is that most of the toilet paper shortage is was just a supply delivery problem right so there are 2 kinds of toilet paper commercial toilet paper and the sort of paper that you use a whole right so they're kind of 3rd paper that you use at an office is different from what you use it hope and suddenly there's this huge increase in the amount of you know that sort of a for the user because people are known so they go to that oh so easily i mean that's the reason why there was suddenly such a shortage google we tend to do because this is such you know idea within our culture is to say oh that must be because of selfishness in order to ensure there's a little bit of that but i think if you zoom out and if you look at the science we
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have all this you find that actually most behavior is pro-social in nature and people are actually helping each other so what specific signs. of a change for the better do you see. ok so what we have seen in the 15 to 20 years is that there has been a kind of signage revolution with indifference trying to convince events so whether to talk about anthropology or archeology or psychology or sociology well the science is that move to a much more hopeful view of human nature and the fascinating thing is that they often don't even know it from each other so for example biologists have been arguing in the last couple of years that we have evolved to be friendly they call this survival of the friendlies which means that for millenia when we were in that nomadic hunter gatherers it was actually different use them only screw up most kids so the biggest chance of passing on their genes to next generation but
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psychologists have been discovering something very similar you know for example they've studied the behavior of people during an emergency say someone's drowning or attacked in the streets and based on real evidence from c.c.t.v. footage they found that in 1000 percent of all cases people actually help each other so it's very much the opposite of what i say the news of our culture or the holywood movies always tell you. also claim that the era of neo liberalism has come to an end thanks to the coronavirus why. well i don't know if you seen the the editorial in the financial times you know from 2 weeks ago i mean this is the big he's maybe one of the most powerful who's based in the globe and even the financial times is saying right now in an editorial that there needs to be an end to the policy direction of the last 40 years and for 40 years we've relied on values like individual isn't selfishness and you know the central idea of you know
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what most people call that you would roll your own is the idea that most people are selfish and you're in the midst of in the midst of them and you realize that's not going to get you anywhere and what has been happening is that i did it just 56 years ago were seen as crazy and very unrealistic are now moving into the mainstream you know the idea of wealth taxes basic you know rule for the state all these ideas are becoming much more prominent right now. refer bregman historian and you certainly hope that you're making the case for a better society after the event i make does come to thank you so much for talking to us sure thank you. well from picturing what the world will look like after the pandemic on to the issues of the here and now the questions you've been sending us about the coronavirus and there are so many are science editor derek williams hardly gets to leave his all. if you've
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had over 1000 and recovered do you still need to wear my. old though the effectiveness of wearing a mask as a measure to prevent you from catching cove at 19 is still being debated there's no a pretty broad consensus that it certainly makes sense to wear one if you have the disease because it will make you less of a danger for others in theory if you had the virus and recovered you shouldn't have to wear a mask for at least a while because theory says that after fighting off the disease you should be immune which means you can no longer produce the virus and infect others or on the flip side you cannot be reinfected by others the problem is that this is all still very much theory as experts still have to little information about things like the possibility of reinfection they can't yet make real science based recommendations
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about people who have recovered they need more time to gather data so if you want to continue to wear a mask even after having covert 19 i don't think anyone at this point would consider that silly. when we have a vaccine with people who have already had coma 19 be vaccinated as well. this is an interesting question because it touches closely on the question of the munity takeover at 19 which we still don't know much about but by the time the vaccine becomes available which despite a lot of hype nobody expects to happen before next year we will have a lot more information about how long your immune response is likely to last and when you've had this disease that will of course informed decisions about who needs
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vaccinations mode. what's clear is that if and when they become available frontline health workers will be the 1st to be vaccinated and i imagine that will include those who have already had the virus even if they're only given it as a precautionary measure depending on what we know by then about the length of the average american response it's quite likely i think that people who haven't had the disease will be prioritized over those who have had it but this is all still really hypothetical because we still don't have the data we need on a large number of critical aspects and any potential vaccines are still quite a way down the road. can diet affect how vulnerable you are to covert 19. probably no other factor has more of an impact on your health in the long term than your diet i haven't seen any specific scientific studies
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showing that a particular diet like a plant based one makes you less vulnerable to cope at 19 than any other diet that would probably be impossible to show anyway in the middle of this pandemic but there are recommendations that health bodies and doctors are continuing to make pretty much across the board 1st and foremost even though they might not be easy to come by where you live you should try to eat a range of fresh unprocessed foods every day 2nd drink plenty of water and of course no matter how great the temptation try to avoid comfort foods loaded with sugar and fat salt they might lift your mood temporarily but in the long run they won't give your immune system what it needs to put up a fight. that was science editor derek williams and if you have
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a question for him about the pandemic simply posted in the comments section of our d.w. you tube channel and read the rest of this edition of coven 900 special full more i highly recommend a website d.w. dot com which is dedicated covert 900 pages and 30 languages i'm chris coburn bolen thanks for watching and we'll leave you now with pictures of the last part of the globe yet to be hit by the pandemic the motives of antarctica is a blessing and a curse it's kept covert 19 at bay but would make sending help difficult if it does spread there all the estimated 4000 people there can only hope that doesn't happen thanks for watching and take it.
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all on the road with our superheroes my mission is clear. and to me cause surely should be explored in germany. and everything out there is a lot going on in. germany tried and tested again. next d.w. . the global
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corona tri says you can find more information online in fact e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. i'm david and this is climate change. happiness in 3 books. smarter birth free digital we've got a minute. they were abducted by the nazis until it into germany to be raised as citizens of the. during world war 2 thousands of polish children suffer.
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