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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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this world the 3 part documentary starts many on t.w. . this it is to give you news live from berlin accusations fly in the right wing american media of a coronavirus cover up china says the disease originated in a wildlife market but u.s. news outlets and president donald trump claim the virus could have been created in a research lab in china also coming up. in russia
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the faithful celebrate orthodox easter as the number of corona virus infections jumps but mass is celebrated without worshipers to try to stem its spread after a record increase of 6000 infections on sunday we take a look at how authorities are reacting. on nick spicer welcome to the program most countries accept that the corona virus originated in china but how exactly it was transmitted to people is known for some the media in the u.s. or at least parts of it are suggesting it could have all started in a research lab in the city of han and fox news closely watched by president donald trump is 1st among them china however says the virus spread in a wildlife market leading american and european scientists agree but for some in
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the u.s. the debate continues. chinese authorities say this is the source of a new coronavirus the food markets in wu han been unable to track down the 1st person to half a virus meaning it's all regions are still unclear some american media outlets and even for u.s. president himself have come up with their own theories they claim of i was a scaped from a laboratory in will hand by mistake. it wasn't a mistake they got out of control or was done deliberately it's a big difference between those 2 in either event they should have let us go and you know we asked to go in very early and they didn't want to say and i think they were embarrassed because as yet no evidence to support such claims but to lead cable show us officials had to raise concerns about safety issues invalid 2 years ago is director says his stuff take every precaution. there's no way that the virus came
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from was that we have strict safety regulations in place concerning our research our lab is safe. china has been accused of downplaying of the operate and of underreporting deaths 2 days ago. and raised the official death toll in the city by 50 percent beijing has hit back at the fear is coming out of washington. been. trying to focus attention on the possible source of the virus every attentive server knows that they are trying to cause confusion to distract and to shift responsibility. thank you very much that's a clear dig at u.s. president donald trump who is being criticized at home for his handling of the crisis relations between the u.s. and china was strained before he operates now vo very even worse. and we are joined now by dieter abuse political correspondent alexander in washington alexander why
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is there this debate about the coronavirus starting in a chinese lab when leading scientists say it's unfounded. yeah you are right we are hearing those rumors conspiracy theories we are seeing those reports in some you asked media and even president trump has announced that his administration is looking into the issue and that they have started an investigation and to understand why we have to see the whole issue in the context of the growing china sentiment here in the u.s. 77 percent of all americans according to a recent poll believe that china covered up the extent of the coronavirus pandemic and president trump of course pays attention to such opinion polls he's reelection campaign believes stead being tough on china blaming china china could get him reelected and his critics even though they acknowledge that china was not
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transparent with regards to the pandemic belief that he is trying to use beijing to deflect from the shortcomings of his own response to the coronavirus pandemic. speaking of shortcomings more than 40000 people have now died from covert 19 in the us i think that's the highest number for any country globally how has the president's response evolved. well as you know initially he done played the whole crisis he talked about the virus it is under control he has definitely changed his attitude here and he has established this taskforce he's been holding their daily press briefings on the coronavirus pandemic and has been working with governors and mayors across the country however he attacks them if they criticize him for shortcomings and he uses he's
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briefings instead of talking about sticker on the virus pandemic to to tell his accomplishments so sometimes you have the feeling that he's not only concerned about what's going on in the you asked but he's also very concerned about his own ratings. we watch the press conference of course here as well and trump offered to help around of all countries and there's a come as a surprise to you. know i don't see it as a surprise maybe surprising that he was a very specific talking about ventilators but it was in march that the u.s. administration said that they offer too many terran aides to iran but that iran didn't want to response to it because the iranian government of course is saying that the u.s. as should consider spending its trade sanctions and actually i asked president. a few weeks ago if he would consider suspending you as saying sions and he told me
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that he's waiting for the phone call from iran to start talking to each other so maybe that's a key issue here that he wants iran to come back to the negotiating table ok very interesting thanks for that alexander phenomenon our political correspondent in washington d.c. . more than 260000000 orthodox christians in russia eastern europe and the middle east have been celebrating easter week after other christians church leaders urged worshipers to stay at home to avoid spreading the coronavirus but in some places the faithful did attend services. in georgia some churches were open but because of a nationwide curfew orthodox worship has had to stay it services the whole night long from 9 on saturday evening until 6 in the morning. yet is not. enough i saw no virus threat here today instead i felt much safer
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but i didn't have it would have been much better if more people were here. now it's just the doctor the sort of. in baton rouge where there's no lockdown and no official fear of the pandemic hundreds of thousands attended services all over the country. but in neighboring russia where huff of all eastern orthodox christians live easter was celebrated in practically empty churches pottery kerio head of the russian branch of the religion had called on people to stay home. if you will but sheesh president vladimir putin greeted the faithful from his home and said he had no doubt they would overcome the challenges of the pandemic now but when i do earth people often say god helps those who help themselves really personally and that is how we are acting but on this radiant holiday of christ's
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resurrection i would still like to see all will be well with god's help. in moscow as in most other parts of the orthodox world this easter is the quietest in the history of the religion. and is staying in russia the number of corona virus cases there soared this month the country reported far fewer infections than many western european nations in the early stages of the pandemic but on sunday the russian crisis response center reported a record rise of 6060 new cases from a day earlier that brings the nationwide total to nearly 43000. thanks and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea have been taken to a quarantine ship off the italian coast nearly 180 migrants are now on board the
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vessel which is to remain off the coast of sicily for 2 weeks italy has blocked all rescued migrants from disembarking on its shores because of the fires. in canada a man wearing a police uniform has killed at least 16 people including a police officer in the eastern province of nova scotia the gunman went on a 12 hour rampage shooting people in several locations he is now dead after a chase on a highway in. spain has the 2nd highest number of coronavirus fatalities in europe with more than 21000 deaths but there are some encouraging signs now the numbers of new infections and deaths have been declining allowing the country to ease restrictions last week some construction and factory workers were allowed to return to their jobs with conditions our correspondent has more. slowly but surely construction is
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starting again in spades these were renovating the stadium used by some club stevie if see the industry has been at a standstill since the end of march now it's being fired up again i'm just tricked conditions. don't go to work if you have any symptoms always use a face mask disinfect your hands wash your clothes in a temperature of at least 60 degrees the governmental guidelines for employees returning to work as long still many critics say it's not sufficient for the most part the measures are only recommendations and many spend spend says with a really be implemented in the daily routine at work. we tried to contact a number of companies in seville but made little progress off the wreckage that explains why many said they were unable to comply with a protective measures required by the government and therefore did not want anyone filming and their company. eventually we managed to speak to a small business owner and mother read. this he sent us this video he said the
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situation was tricky employees were trying to keep their distance only 2 people were allowed in the firm's cars meaning that they had to make more journeys he said the health of his workers was paramount but he said there were also serious challenges. even though we had tried to buy protective gear there never have items in stock not at pharmacies orange wholesale dealers know where it's especially difficult when it comes to simple face masks and protective shields we've been waiting 12 months for a shipment of those. fortunately 40 cardo he's already getting his 1st targets implementing protective measures is expensive some of the products cost $9.00 times as much as they did before. we have the virus but as an enterprise you on your own even though the authorities want us to implement all the measures we just don't
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have the means to do it. we asked the government for comment on the difficulties companies face about the health ministry said it wasn't responsible and the labor ministry fails to respond to our request businesses with direct contracts to customers remain closed in spain a decision on their future is expected in the coming days that's when it's thought there would be a broader discussion on the question of protective measures. i mean take a look at sports now. clubs are feeling the financial strange strange grow with each passing week of the league's suspension with no clear and date in sight clubs are hoping a season can resume in may but for some the suspension has exposed the frailties of the football business itself. the bundesliga has been suspended for more than a month which has left clubs in financial limbo. last month the german football league the d.f.l.
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held a general meeting. 13 out of $36.00 clubs said they would be at risk of insolvency. from t.v. deals plays an important role in their survival. if we don't get the money from media contracts then he reminds we're talking about a deficit of around 15000000 euros the economy is tending to surge has been analyzing the balance sheets of booms league clubs why have some clubs quickly found themselves in financial difficulties among the reasons high levels of debt. burden is league it depends on games being played that's the product and if i can talk to a product then i have a massive problem with. several clubs have been guilty of over investment by basing their expenditure on future earnings like shall go to spend large amounts of money chasing a spot in the lucrative champions league they had a poor season last time around and posted losses of 26000000 euros they've had to
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ask sponsors for a helping hand. the situation is indeed very serious. not serious situation has led the president of the club's hof month to call for a rethink of how clubs are financed but for now the more pressing issue is just how soon the bundesliga will be able to start back up again. you're watching to have your news. thanks for watching. stan form. filling which. video. anytime anywhere. w. me.


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