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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2020 7:00am-7:15am CEST

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this is they don't believe news live from berlin donald trump does damage control after his medical musings triggered a backlash u.s. president is on the defensive after saying injecting disinfectant could be a coronavirus treatment now from says he was being sarcastic also coming. to zilch political turmoil tetons the powerful and popular justice minister resigns accusing president paulson hour of interfering with the police is the 2nd minister he's lost in just over. and system crashed the
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story of a troubled child scoops the best film and best director prizes at the german film it's. a method he held welcome we stop in the united states where president donald trump has caused alarm by suggesting people infected with the coronavirus could be treated with ultraviolet light and disinfectant trump by those remarks during a white house press briefing after a presentation by a government official suggesting that heat and sunlight could weaken the virus now trungpa since claimed he wasn't encouraging people to ingest disinfectant but his comments dismayed medical professionals present at the briefing. we're grateful to be joined by vice pres u.s. president donald trump stayed true to form on friday claiming his comments were
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deliberately misinterpreted by the fake news media he said his words had been taken out of context and had been misunderstood but i was asked to circle it has taken a very sarcastic question to the reporters in the room about disinfectant on the inside but it does kill it and it would kill it on the head and that would make things much better that was done in the form of an sarcastic question to the reporters donald trump's claims the day before left health experts speechless during the white house press briefing trump suggested disinfectant injections and u.v. light could be used to treat patients and fecht it with corona virus supposing we hit the body with a tremendous whether it's. just a very powerful 8 and i think you said that hasn't been checked but you're going to test it. supposing it were the lady you can which you can do either through the skin or. in some other way and i think you said you got it so it was interesting to
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. see the disinfectant not in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something. injection. or almost a cleaning the remarks were criticized by health experts who say disinfectants like bleach a dangerous when injected or ingested. on friday trump tried to clarify his comments and explain away what he said the day before. ok so. of course all they had to see was just you know the way it was in this i was smoking and you. once said. i was looking below i was looking at the doctors looking at some of the reporters i don't know if you were there you know i don't think you were there i was there and
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i watched you know after you were there you were there i never forgot you were. you were not. ok. and only continued. ok although it's not in any of the questions from any other people ok did you know. you. well from all let's bring in t.w. stephens the months in washington d.c. so it was a sock has tics and other words the president was on the joking stephon who is buying that. sweden short nobody nobody's buying it at least not here in washington not across the political spectrum and i don't think that people will buy it definitely not buying it will be the journalists who were in the white house briefing room yesterday and anybody who had the chance as our viewers now to see what happened yesterday on on thursday the
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president was not so cast it and he didn't joke he seemed to be very serious and put his health experts in a very uncomfortable position now he's peddling back and he's doing a trump style by not admitting that he may be may have been wrong or made a mistake but by saying well he was just the casting and that was not the case after 2 years it takes quite something to shock the world in relationship to this presidency now what would the initial reactions to trump's comments there. well. initially jaw dropping and an expression of disbelief and many many many people. faces an x. is significantly when it comes to the experts doctors because i mean this is just common sense who would suggest to ingest or or inject disinfectant or cleaning materials like lysol or clorox or any other of many many
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brands that can't be bad and you know the president said on thursday well how about we're testing this or doing a test about this well you don't need to do any tests about this anymore because those tests are not necessary because they is a unified opinion in the expert world and with doctors and epidemiologists this infected inside your body is a big no no it's different whether the world is laughing or screaming or not doesn't seem to matter to the president but he's popularity is all important in an election year do the polls show any movement after a month of daily briefings which have put increased focus on his performance as president very good point yes so the president uses as you know as our viewers know as everybody knows me in the mean time those daily test for us white tells test for suppressors as a platform to reach his clientele his platform his voters his supporters however
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his approval ratings for how he handles the coronavirus crisis and what he says on those presses was more like a roller coaster at the moment it's actually on the lower and so is approval rating doesn't look good but he needs to have better approval ratings and he needs to reach his base if he wants to have a good chance to be reelected in november as president of the united states stiffens events in washington thank you so much. and earlier we spoke to muhammad nia to get a medical perspective on donald trump suggestion of injecting disinfectant to clean the body of corona box well it does add as dangerous as it soames really i think the important thing for the general public is to understand that the virus when it is outside the body is different than what is inside the body oh side the body you can cheat by the way you wanted it disinfectant u.v. light it whatsoever where once white is entered into the body it doesn't respect
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all of these detergent because it is hiding weight in an individual cells one of the 2 or 3 trillion cells in our bodies so disinfectant wouldn't reach near the what disinfected it would do it does all remember a and all the sell off all their body and it will turn out to be extremely toxic and probably one would survive in the girl no wires but wouldn't survive by injecting disinfectant and that was mohamed money from lancaster university that now is a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world officials in the democratic republic of congo say at least 17 people have been killed in an attack at the room the national park the park which is known for its mountain gorillas has frequently threatened by militias and poachers the group has yet claimed responsibility. russian emergency services wildfires in at least 3 regions of siberia no casualties have been reported but the
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faas have destroyed dozens of buildings temperatures have been about 15 degrees celsius higher than usual for this time of year last year wildfires in siberia also been huge swathes of land. dozens of inmates have rioted at a prison in argentina's capital one of city's they demanding improved health measures after a run of ours was confirmed in the facility several other brides have broken out in argentinean prisons in recent days leaving one inmate. well there are fears brazil could become the new santa of the corona virus as officials in major cities want hospitals are overwhelmed and the risk of collapse president diable sinatra has played down the dangers of the pandemic and form a political allies are now turning against him last week he fired his health minister who had resisted his coronavirus denialism and now his justice minister
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has resigned accusing him of meddling with the police it's a fresh blood to his political authority. noisy protests rang out across brazil on friday dragging out the president's televised address to the nation. shy of all sanaa grow defended his sacking of the federal police chief and made accusations that he was trying to interfere in the country's justice system you know there could be jilted also i don't have to ask for authorization from anyone to change any official already one else. but both scenarios still provided no reason for the dismissal which had prompted the resignation of crystal's popular justice minister on life t.v. . from his mission on pay and fortunately i have no way to continue with the commitment that i assure you without any are able to preserve your tone
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a meeting of the federal police to carry out their work. about what you think of that all. said geo morrow's departure was a body blow to a president already under fire over his handling of the coronavirus crisis both scenarios has repeatedly described covered 19 as a little flu that's now hundreds of victims are being buried in mass graves. state governors have brought in social distancing measures it's dismissed by both the narrow as poison officials a warning that hospitals are on the brink of collapse. and the man at the top faces public anger growing lied to by the day. it's the beginning of ramadan the muslim holy month normally it's a time for the world's one point i 1000000000 muslims to come together in
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celebration and prayer but this year that's impossible next report takes us to egypt to see how people there a balancing unprecedented breast reductions with religious observance. few people wear masks when shopping for ramadan sweets and hardly anyone keeps a safe distance many gyptian zur still fairly relaxed about the threat of infection from corona virus but it's a very different story when it comes to the devastating economic effects of the pandemic these volunteers from the minister out here charity are working hard to provide relief every year they distribute staple food packages during ramadan and this year they're delivering a lot more because the crisis has forced many egyptians into poverty but it's not only material life that's been affected in the mosques there's no common prayer an unprecedented step in the holy month of ramadan. we recommend observing the protective measures that have been introduced. these are in
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accordance with sharia law difficult. breaking the daily fast should only happen within the close family gone other times of big feast with friends zain has found an alternative to video chat. let's see how the meet will be during ramadan keep in contact with my friend and after breaking the daily fast how she experienced it despite the restrictions she can celebrate the rituals of ramadan with as many friends as she wants thanks to social media the german film awards is normally a glitzy and glamorous affair but this year was something different physical distancing rules meant no red carpet gala instead the prize winners were announced in a virtual ceremony this year's big winner was system crash which tells the story of a 9 year old girl with a violent behavioral problems and her experience with germany's child welfare
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system the film method i thought i towards all dollars including best picture best screenplay and best director for nora. dylan alexanderplatz one the runner up prosper best film they doubly correspondent scott ross perot sent us this summary of the knot system crasher and berlin alexanderplatz an intimate social drama and the sweeping political epic were the winners of this year's lola's and showed the breadth of modern german cinema now it might seem a bit obscene to hold a awards ceremony in the midst of a pandemic but the german film academy rightly in my opinion decided that the show must go on without an audience without applause but with a few interesting and compelling moments like when 11 year old best actress winner helmut saniel of system crasher accepted her lola via video link from her parents'
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kitchen her mother screaming in the background it's moments like the personal intimate surprising that remind us what cinema at its best can give us and until that moment when we can go back to the movies together it gave us a glimpse of what we're all missing and you're up to that money's coming up in 45 minutes time with rebecca bridges finale and anthony have. a to use for me. this for you. as for help.


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