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well you. this is news coming to you live from berlin germany covers up to beat the virus shoppers and those traveling on public transport have to mask up starting today with a shortage of supplies how will that work also coming up schools and day care centers remain open in sweden as voids the kind of lockdown seen in other european countries we look at a crowbar a strategy that's being watched with fascination and fear. and from holiday hotspots of tourist. residence and also the results are getting used to the quiet
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of the pandemic put the world's holiday plans on hold. if hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program in parts of asia that have been successful in controlling the coronavirus like south korea taiwan or vietnam wearing face masks is the norm now other parts of the world are slowly adopting the practice as a key measure to limit the spread of the infection from today all over germany mouth and nose coverings are mandatory in certain public spaces as hoped the rules will help prevent those who are infected but don't know who they are from passing on the virus. political correspondent thomas sparrow is following this story good morning thomas tell us in what situations are people
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now required to wear masks here in germany. so in all german federal states people will have to wear mosques on public transport and in most german federal states people will also have to wear the mosques when they go into shops for example here in berlin that is an exception for people in berlin do not have to wear a mask when they go in to shop although authorities have said that they do recommend people to do so but in general terry you can say that those rules made by the german federal states in particular so there are certain differences also when it comes to the inforcing of these rules so you can say that in all german federal states as of this week people will have to wear masks on public transport of course or all sorts of ways to cover your mouth take a look at some basic types of sedentary masts. not all mosques are created equal we can generally distinguish between 3 main types.
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will turn face piece or f.f.t. must fit snugly around the nose meth and chin and filter out the tiniest airborne particles the most effective type let's know viruses in arrives and that's the nation involved makes breathing easier creases the risk of viruses escaping someone unsolved f.p. mask protects both the wearer and the person they encounter with a valve a sony reliably protects the wearer f.p. masks are in short supply worldwide so they should be mainly reserved for medical personnel a mass that so often seen nowadays is this simple protective face piece for them as the nose known as a surgical mask consists of several layers of paper none woven fabric with a thin wire to make a fish over the nose when the wearer coughs or sneezes the mouse blocks the large droplets but an inhalation air also flows in over the sides that means that many
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protects others from infection rather than. the wearer once the mouse is west from breathing after a shower was wearing time at the most is has to be discarded in the covert 19 crisis professionally manufactured mass are in short supply leading to a flourishing cottage industry in d.i.y. mass. whether using handkerchiefs t. shirts or vacuum cleaner bags people all around the world are revving up their sewing machines. a cloth basket functions rather like a surgical mask helping to pluck the droplets from the wearers my eyes the nose droplets that can spread the coronavirus. cloth must also be washed and reuse. the most important thing no matter which mask you wear it's still essential to follow basic hygiene measures like there are hand washing and keeping a safe distance from others. so those are some basic mask
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types thomas what kind of bursts are people being advised to wear here in germany terry already mentioned the shortage of mosques so certified mosques should be as we saw in our report reserved for health care professionals so the types of mosques that you mostly see in germany are the other 2 types that we saw in our report either textile d.i.y. mosques or surgical mosques those are the ones that you clearly see here in the streets in germany the key element stressed by authorities is that they should cover your mouth and your nose that's a sort of key element here but you're not required to use a sort of professional in mosques those i say should be kept for health care workers in particular so what's being done then to assure that there are enough masks for everyone as everyone expected to make the room. there are different measures so on the one hand i'm an authority to have stressed that local companies
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should increase their production then a 2nd element is using already available supply chains that are available by german companies to bring those mosques to germany and a 3rd element and this one is particularly important is the german army is also participating in bringing mosques to germany and in fact today a big container of 10000000 mosques from china will arrive in the german city of leipzig in fact the german minister of defense will be there to receive those mosques and that is one of 3 big shipments of mosques that will come from china to germany so there's a 3 elements 3 ways in which germany is trying to make sure that in of enough mosques are available here in the country tell us thank you very much tell us spare our political correspondent. it's all sweet and has ordered the closure of several bars and restaurants in the capital stockholm at the weekend after they breached guidelines on social distancing sweden has favored
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a light handed coronavirus strategy allowing bars restaurants and other businesses to operate as long as they respect physical distancing recommendations they care centers and schools are also still open the country's chief epidemiologist says it's a carefully thought out approach designed to be sustainable over the long term. daily life in sweden as in most countries is dominated by the corona crisis but children here are still going to daycare centers this one in stockholm looks after 25 boys and girls some things have changed the debate over the advent of mc is live on i normally spend a lot of time outside but now it's even more if you check out more i get a pretty man inside we do lessons in small groups everything else is outside we take it in turns. in the health and give the. details working parents that day care centers and primary schools are still open and the swedish health
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authorities say it's good for the children as well they are convinced young children do not spread the virus in fact schools have not become sources of infection there are rules in place. far more focused we have to wash our hands carefully and sing a song then after that we could rinse off the soap and we're putting it out of. sweden has followed a different path to other countries from the start the aim has been to protect the vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with existing illnesses it hasn't all gone smoothly a lot of old people have been infected nearly half the deaths in sweden have been into your homes senior hospital doctor johan still has many elderly patients i'd be hawked in this town daughter to call me no good says scandal that will need looking into when this is over i think we are still going to see a significant rise in fatalities in old people's homes but with sweden has added
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considerably to its hospital capacity since the start of the uk break there are spare beds but many health care staff are off sick. we are now testing you know we test all patients suspected of having the virus and everyone who needs an operation i would like to see all a workforce being tested but we aren't able to do all that and. despite these criticisms most people do support government policy day care centers are counting on the authorities getting it right. put it had it's not just to children. i hope and i believe that those responsible making the right decisions for sweet and. sweden is going its own way with no end to the crisis yet insight. some of the latest developments
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in the pandemic south korea has reported only 10 new cases in the last 24 hours it's the 26th straight day below $100.00 officials are now discussing reopening schools amid the slowing caseload iran plans to reopen mosques in parts of the country where there are no registered coronavirus cases italy reported $260.00 more deaths on sunday but that's the smallest daily tally since march 14th the country plans to allow factories and building sites reopen starting may 4th british prime minister boris johnson is due to resume work today johnson had spent the past 2 weeks at his country residence recovering from 19. quick look at some of the stories making headlines today a top south korean security official says north korean leader kim jong il is alive and well emphasizing that seoul has detected no one usual movements in north korea
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rumors have been swirling about kim's health after unconfirmed reports he was seriously ill following heart surgery. italy's prime minister says some lockdown restrictions will be loosened starting may 4th people will be allowed to do more sports and exercise near their homes decepticon to also promised italians they would soon be allowed to stroll in parks and visit relatives as the country emerges from europe's longest run a virus lock down. hundreds of cuban doctors have arrived in south africa to help the country fight against coburn a 19 the team will spend the next 14 days in quarantine before being deployed to different provinces cuba has dispatched more than 1200 health care workers around the world. global tourism has been brought to a standstill by the pandemic hitting those who earn their living from the sector very hard even ministers will hold
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a video conference today to discuss possible solutions one tourist destination that's been transformed virtually overnight is how stockton austria residents who once complained about being overrun by visitors no find themselves dealing with the opposite extreme. welcome to house start a picture perfect gem in the austrian alps. before the pandemic in the village through a 1000000 tourists a year one tour bus after the other day and day out and now coming. everyone's gone no buses no tourists no souvenir photos. for many cars stopped was something out of a fairy tale a bucket list destination that thousands documented on their instagram accounts. pope pope 3. in the words but the tourists admired the old
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houses and filled the streets many locals felt overwhelmed pretty ruthless if you think the problem is that i almost never spend any time outside anymore it's simply too loud out here on my terrace. not anymore now he is a ghost town and the locals aren't sure whether they like that either. 3 concerts and you know what it's such a charming place and now we have it all to ourselves again but even so we miss the tourists but this is from the end in weeks it's gone from one extreme to the other somewhere in the middle would be best if the situation isn't good for us either. kind of spooky in the village i take a deep breath and that calms me down somehow it's an unpleasant feeling just now. the residents of hall start learning how much they miss the 2. and the money they bring with them some locals can't wait for the commotion to return to the newly quiet streets of their alpine. sports
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now and in the champions mile horse race in hong kong the favorite beauty generation was denied a 3rd straight win on sunday by southern legend in a thrilling finish because of the caret about as the race took place behind closed doors and with no overseas entries in the homestretch beauty generation written by australian zach burton battled southern vij and hong kong jockey vincent ho neck and neck but it was something a legend that won in a photo finish. now the london marathon was supposed to take place this past week and like many other big sporting events the race was postponed no now organizers are looking at a series of different scenarios for later in the year the director says they're considering the idea of allowing only elite athletes take part in the marathon more
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than $40000.00 runners lined up at the start last. news and you're up to date of death you can get all the latest on our website anytime you want that's called we'll be back to talk the next hour of more thanks watch. why subscribe to g.w. books you meet your favorite writer sometimes into the studio holes who. you have to respond to. like. food for the russians so. steep. and so many different walks of life. some are pumping.


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