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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2020 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin germany covers up to beat the virus shoppers and those traveling on public transport have to mask up starting today but with a shortage of supplies how will that work also coming up schools and day care centers remain open in sweden as it avoids the kind of lockdown seen in other european countries we look at the coronavirus strategy that's being watched with fascination and fear. from holiday hotspots to tourist freezing
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presidents and all street is picturesque resorts are getting used to the quiet after the pandemic but the world's holiday plans on the whole plus the wider impact of venezuela's fuel shortage show lack of gasoline is keeping people at home during the coronavirus crisis but it's also hampering efforts to help those in need. and welcome to the program in parts of asia that have been successful in controlling the coronavirus like south korea taiwan or vietnam wearing face masks is now the norm now other parts of the world are slowly adopting the practice as a key measure to limit the spread of the infection from today all over germany mouth and nose coverage mandatory in certain public spaces it's hoped the rules will help prevent those who are in fact. but don't know they are from passing on
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the virus. g.w. political correspondent thomas sparrow is on the story told us 25000000 masks have just arrived in germany i understand tell us more about the. this is part of the delivery responsible for that deliveries the german army and those mosques will be coming from china in fact the german defense minister i know that come cotton ball is in leipsic to receive 5 least the 1st of those 25000000 moscow she will be there to receive 10000000 of those that have come from china is part of that delivery they will be flown to germany on the world's biggest kaga plane and that's only one way in which germany is trying to make sure that it has enough mosques obviously the priority is for health care workers but in general as germany starts to talk more and more about face mosse this is an important element which explains how
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germany is trying to get those mosques and they said this comes in the biggest cod go plane in the world and we're talking here of a total of 25000000 mosques from china in 3 separate deliveries ok musk masks are becoming a blip atory in germany starting today what situations are people are actually required to wear them in. so as of this week in all german federal states there will be compulsory requirement to wear mosques on public transport and in most german states but in being an exception people will also have to wear mosques when they go to shops but all these requirements and rules based on the specific german federal states and the such there are differences when you look for example that also how that is going to be enforced but in general we can say that in all german federal states as of this week people will have to wear masks when they go on public transport course or all sorts of ways to cover your mouth and nose let's
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take a look at some basic types of cemetery musk's. national mosques are created equal we can generally distinguish between 3 main types. will train face peace arrests f.p. masts fit snugly around the nose mouth and chin and filter out the tiniest airborne particles the most effective type let's know viruses in arrives and that's the nation involved makes breathing easier doesn't increase the risk of viruses escaping so an unsolved f.p. must protect both the wearer and the person they encounter with a valve asone reliably protects the wearer f.p. masks are in short supply worldwide so they should be mainly reserved for medical personnel a mask that so often seen nowadays is this simple protective face piece for them as the nose known as the surgical mask consists of several layers of paper non woven
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fabric with a thin wire to make it fit over the nose when the wearer coughs or sneezes the mouse blocks the large droplets but an inhalation air also flows in over the sides that means that maybe protects others from infection rather than the wearer once the mask is west from breathing after a shower was wearing time at the most is high. to be discarded in the covert 19 crisis professionally manufactured monster in short supply leading to a flourishing kasich industry in d.i.y. musts. whether using handkerchiefs t. shirts or vacuum cleaner bags people all around the world are revving up their sewing machines. a cloth ballast functions rather like a surgical mask helping to block the droplets from the wearer's my eyes the nose droplets that can spread the coronavirus. cloth must also be washed and reuse. the most important thing no matter which mosque you wear it's still essential to
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follow basic hygiene measures like there are hand washing and keeping a safe distance from others. tell us where in masks in germany it's a culture virtual topic one we saw one of the elements in our reports namely the question of how effective they are how much the wearing of mosques and actually help to prevent the spread of the virus that's one element that by the way terry has not only been discussed here in germany but internationally as well a 2nd issue that is particularly interesting here in germany has to do with that compulsory element there has been a lot of discussion whether that should be made compulsory for people to wear mosques or whether the government and authorities should urgently recommend people to wear those mosque so i could see those 2 elements as being elements that can explain why the issue of face mosque has been so controversial not only here in germany but also in other parts of the world as well thomas thank you very much
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political correspondent thomas farah. sweetly ordered the closure of several bars and restaurants in the capitals talk home with weekend after they breached guidelines on social distancing sweden his favorite a light handed coronavirus strategy allowing bars restaurants and other businesses to operate as long as they respect physical distancing recommendations daycare centers and schools are also still open the country's chief epidemiologist says it's a carefully thought out approach designed to be sustainable over the long term. daily life in sweden as in most countries is dominated by the corona crisis but children here are still going to daycare centers this one in stockholm looks after 25 boys and girls some things have changed the debate over the advent of mick is they've on f i normally spend a lot of time outside but now it's even more more i get
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a pretty mess inside me do lessons in small groups everything else is outside we take it in turns. in the school and have thanksgiving. he tells working parents that daycare centers and primary schools are still open and the swedish health authorities say it's good for the children as well they are convinced young children do not spread the virus in fact schools have not become sources of infection there are rules in place. former spokesman but we have to wash our hands carefully and sing a song then after that we could rinse off the site. and we're putting it up for. sweden has followed a different path to other countries from the start the aim has been to protect the vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with existing illnesses it hasn't all gone smoothly a lot of old people have been infected nearly half the deaths in sweden have been
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into your homes senior hospital dr johan still has many elderly patients i do hope and it's got a daughter to call middle bits a scandal that will need looking into when this is over i think we are still going to see a significant rise in fatalities in old people's homes people with sweden has added considerably to its hospital capacity since the start of the op rake there are spare beds but many health care staff are off sick. we don't we're not testing you know we test all patients suspected of having the corona virus and everyone who needs an operation i would like to see all a workforce being tested but we aren't able to do all that and. despite these criticisms most people do support government policy day care centers are counting on the authorities getting it right. is what i had it's not a job to look after children. i hope and i believe that those responsible are
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making the right decisions for a sweet and sometimes it's about. sweden is going its own way with no end to the crisis yet in sight. here's a round up of some of the latest developments in the pandemic south korea has reported only 10 new cases it's 26 straight day below 100 cases officials are now discussing reopening schools amid the slowing caseload iran plans to reopen mosques in parts of the country where there are no registered cases of the infection u.s. president has declared the daily coronavirus briefings as not worth the time and effort both weekend briefings were cancelled after a backlash over his comments on injecting disinfectant to treat coben 19 patients and british prime minister boris johnson is due to resume work today johnson had spent the past 2 weeks at home recovering from 19. now
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a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines today a top south korean security official says north korean leader kim jong il is alive and well emphasizing that seoul has detected no one usual movements in north korea rumors have been swirling about kim's health after unconfirmed reports he was seriously ill following heart surgery. hundreds of cuban doctors have arrived in south africa to help that country fight against covert 19 the team will spend the next 14 days in quarantine for being deployed to different provinces cuba has dispatched more than 1200 health care workers around the world. and new zealand's prime minister just send it down says the country has won the battle against the widespread transmission of the credit by race health officials have recorded only one new case in the past 24 hours new zealand is set to ease of 5 week lockdown at midnight on monday. and italy's prime minister says some lockdown
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restrictions will be loosened starting may 4th people will be allowed to do more sports and exercise near their homes she said that conti also promised italians they would soon be allowed to stroll in parks and visit relatives as the country emerges from europe's longest coronavirus lockdown tourism is one of the industries it's been worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic it's estimated that global travel will fall by 30 to up to 30 percent this year europe accounts for half the world's tourist arrivals and is facing staggering losses in ministers are due to hold a virtual summit later they discuss how they can help an industry in crisis. from paris. to brussels. european capitals that should be filled with people lie almost empty and silent.
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with borders closed and members of the public forced to stay home europe's tourism industry is in dire straits. the european market accounts for half of world tourism according to the e.u. commission it fears the tourism economy within the $27.00 nation bloc could fall by up to 70 percent that could result in the loss of up to 400000000000 euros for the industry. spain is the most popular tourist destination in the e.u. it's also the world's 2nd most visited nation but there are no visit is these days . for bar owners like pavlo gonzalo it's a worrying time. here 2020 is practically playing many businesses will not reopen because they won't be able to continue. right now the
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only thing to do is to look month by month and not think about the distant horizon . of the final. across the border the portuguese government has said it will start reopening hotels in june for those that is still in business. others are taking things into that own hands in berlin hotel and restaurant owners have taken empty chairs to brandenburg gate to illustrate just how tough life expect come for them. from previous more lives on tourism. if we don't support our who tells in restaurants with a sanction who will do what. most european governments are already offering more financial support to tourism and travel sect is but for some businesses it may already be too late. all for the very latest let's cross over to correspondent
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burns in brussels a bed we heard about spain in that story what other countries in europe are hurting from the collapse of tourism and travel. there really think of tourism in europe of cause all the southern countries come to mind italy portugal greece even cyprus they make a lot of revenue out of tourism in the case of spain 100000000000 euros a year but also other countries are suffering for example judgment he makes $260000000000.00 euros out of tourism every year so all the erupt in countries affected more dependent some more dependent on revenue like greece and so all the e.u. ministers try to come up with a plan how to reopen the border that's in europe so that people can can actually travel to other countries but there are many concepts in the nobody knows exactly the timetable also you know for example wants to open up for its neighbors like
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germany hungary or slovenia spain also wants to lure in tourists again as early as june but the judgment minister of germany for a news cycle mas is warning don't make it so quick he's talking or thinking about the september. ministers are meeting today at a distance to discuss solutions they'll talk about ways of supporting the tourism industry but there's little they can do to bring the tourists back right away on destination that's feeling the pinch is hostile in austria residents who once complained about being overrun by visitors there now find themselves dealing with the opposite extreme. welcome to house start a picture perfect jam and the austrian alps. before the pandemic in the village to a 1000000 tourists a year one tour bus after the other day and day out and now. everyone's gone no buses no tourists no see veneer photos. for
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many how stuffed was something out of a fairy tale a bucket list destination that thousands documented. on their instagram accounts. all 3. in the works but won't tourists admired the old houses and filled the streets many locals felt overwhelmed pretty ruthless if you think the problem is that i almost never spend any time outside anymore it's simply too loud out here on my terrace. not anymore now is a ghost town and the locals aren't sure whether they like that either. 3 concerts and you know what it's such a charming place and now we have it all to ourselves again but even so we miss the tourists but this is from the enemy expects gone from one extreme to the other somewhere in the middle would be best if the situation isn't good for us either.
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institutions are kind of spooky in the village i take a deep breath and that calms me down somehow it's an unpleasant feeling just now. the residents of hull start learning how much they miss the tourists and the money they bring with them some locals can't wait for the commotion to return to the newly quiet streets of their alpine idle. so looking ahead what could tourism in europe look like once it does come back to life. the european union is trying to come up with some guidelines how to reorganize traveler that concerns hotels should hotels only be booked. should they only use of one cause me. to throw away cutlery and things like that to to keep the senate taishan and to keep the house concept and there's also the question how do people actually travel will be able to leave the middle seat free. applets be organized
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all this has to be hammered out but it's also clear that the common approach is very difficult some countries want to do it countries want to do it later and so much of this year might be stay at home state of the nation so germans will have occasion in germany austen's with a cation. this is the most likely scenario and the u.s. boarding that the travel industry but only come back to its normal level next year . thank you very much has been to make it in brussels especially government is debating which areas of life can be eased out of law down and when spain's been severely hit by the pandemic in madrid wants hotels bars and restaurants to stay closed until the end of the year but local politicians and businesses are up in arms many rely on tourism and want to reopen in mid july in
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w.c. on philip schultz went to the usually busy beach resorts of my bay area to see how people are planning for a summer with the coronavirus they came in paradise in standby mode in mid march this pool in my bag was crowded with holiday may cause the hotel almost at capacity says hotel director often and fuck and to from one day to the next everything shut down now he just hopes he can reopen the hotel in time for the high season in july. everything is ready. we could open tomorrow if we have a few weeks before we have to close we revised all our hygiene procedures and so far not a single guest or employee has become infected with the coronavirus. but so far there is no information on what the health regulations for hotels in spain
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will be a growing number of hotels expect the next season to be next year in economic disaster tourism employs about 2000000 people here in spain and that doesn't include the many small businesses that depend on tourists some beach restaurants and offering delivery and takeout meals for locals and retirees who came here for the winter and couldn't or didn't want to return home. right now it's a little bit people but we are increasing every day people know we need to be more. business at least spanish tourists at the beaches this summer the challenge would be making the beaches safe for everyone. 2 meters distance between each beach that would be about this much space between. that's one of the many plans being considered spain at the moment to at least partially save this season but many are
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asking is this plan feasible and who were enforcing these measures. some people are calling for a kind of beach police one businessman from italy has designed plexiglas boxes that could be set up to reduce contact between sunbathe us we talked to him via video link from his office and he told us he has had inquiries from results all over europe including spain. we want to make this invention even better. for example we are working on a spray system on the outside walls to disinfect the area. yeah. it's an idea that. i cannot imagine for his hotel he says he's getting bombarded with curious inventions but what he really needs is reliable information from the government about what regulations he'll have to meet and when he can reopen his
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hotel. has the largest oil reserves in the world so it comes as a surprise to some that gasoline has been in short supply there for years the shortage has reached unsustainable levels and is hitting the capital caracas in the midst of the pandemic without fuel it could be easier to keep the lock down regulations but. at what cost this report now from caracas. here in the venezuelan capital the streets are empty despite the fact that venezuela has the lowest number of covert 1000 infections in latin america people here are it hearing strictly to lock down rules some say that's partly because of a severe shortage of gasoline. will force to quarantine whether we like it or not due to the lack of gasoline you may or may not agree with staying at home
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there's no way of going out without getting on well but it's i mean let's say the. economist rafael curios believes this shortage is due to a lack of maintenance work on venezuela's 6 oil refineries the u.s. sanctions against the state oil company since early last year have made things worse but outside the capital the gasoline shortage has been going on for at least 6 years. since it does it mean there's $65000.00 barrels of oil currently produced each day in venezuela as well as the imports do not cover the gasoline needed for vehicles but of. which is no less than $180000.00 barrels a day. but yet you are right now during the global pandemic the gasoline shortages appear to be encouraging people to stay home but medical emergencies food distribution and rising prices are also affected by the
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lack of fuel. when the lockdown began astrid garcia hoped to be able to offer food deliveries now that's become complicated. there they have to leave home at 10 in the evening to wait for the truck bring in fuel for the next day. it starts pumping gas toward noon and we leave there at 3 or 4 in the afternoon there's only enough gasoline for $200.00 motorcyclists so. a black market for fuel has emerged selling gasoline well above your fishel price of well we are suffering from a shortage of gasoline we're sending 25000 barrels of gasoline a day to cuba. the drop in oil prices is a severe blow to the venezuelan economy however low fuel costs mean imports could alleviate the current shortage what's needed is a refining company to turn the oil into fuel and tankers to transport it.
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sports now and in the champions mile horse race in hong kong the favorite beauty generation was denied a 3rd straight win on sunday by southern legend in a thrilling finish because of the coronavirus the race took place behind closed doors and with no overseas entries in the homestretch beauty generations ridden by australian battled southern legend in hong kong jockey vincent ho neck and neck but it was sudden legend that won in a boat. and just reminder of the top story that we're following for you here today on d w news germany has made face masks mandatory in certain public spaces such as stores and public transport it's hoped the new rules will help prevent people infected with the virus from passing at all. this is the daily news don't forget
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you can always get all the latest news information on our website that steam dot com i'm terry martin holding back top of next hour thanks for. the full.
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africa. embroiled in a battle for land and resources i know kanya richard chiles breadbasket. in the late 19th century european settlers arrived at its shores they drove out and subjugated the indigenous people to this during the conflict remains unresolved and it's escalating. in 45 minutes on d w. o.
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d t you know that 77 percent of africa are younger than thinks of. that's me and me and you. and you know what time all voices are. on the 77 percent the talk about me is you stop. this is where you come to. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. cohen
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