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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin u.s. president don't trump says china could have stopped the coronavirus before it swept the world as number of cases in america approaches 1000000 trump insists all parts of the country are doing well also on the program as spain allows children to go out after 6 weeks of confinement there are warnings about the impact restrictions are having on the mental health of young people we'll hear from a child psychologist on how to help kids. and how to take the distance out of
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social distancing visitors at one nursing home in belgium are getting training live bringing them face to face again with their loved ones. below i'm terry martin good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump says china could have stopped the coded 900 outbreak quickly and prevented it from spreading across the world he said the u.s. was carrying out serious investigations and suggested washington could seek reparations for economic damage done by the virus his briefing also focused on moves to reopen businesses and schools an issue that's put the federal government at all as with state governors and ended in mixed messages for the public. in the united states government is making very different decisions on whether to ease the
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lockdown very much you're seeing a lot of governors get out and they want to open it up many are thinking about their school system that not a long way to go in the school system right now for the season for this year but i think you'll see a lot of schools open up even if it's for a very short period of time are they going to be a good thing in georgia restaurants nail salons and even cinemas are already opening up for business despite 25000 reported cases of covert 19 in the southern state it's not a decision we take lightly but we do know that the governor has allowed it here in georgia we're looking to his leadership as an indication of when when it's appropriate for us to open. well in california and texas hundreds of people are visiting beaches very little is open for business in the deprived city of baltimore maryland which has reported almost 20000 cases of the virus. and.
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a bunch of. thank you but i think it's going. to look down can't continue forever but each state will have to make its own decisions about how and when to end it. well the briefing you saw president trump giving in that report was his 1st following a storm of criticism over his remarks about injecting disinfectant to cure coronavirus i asked our washington correspondent stuff on simmons whether the president has managed to shake all that controversy well i think no he didn't he's doing his best to ignore it he clearly calls that and as you remember he tried to peddle back a day after claiming that he just made sarcastic comments and that it was more or less jokingly what he had said that people should consider ingesting or injecting disinfectants inside their bodies to clean their lungs. violent lights of course
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the experts came out to say well please don't do this if the companies who produce this came out to say please don't do this because it will kill you you cannot ingest anything disinfectant clorox still must also leisel or whatever the products are and now what is the president during his ignoring any other and further questions he said today he will not be held responsible for a up search in calls to the poison center sea in the united states over the weekend and the days before people calling in asking if they should take the president serious and ingest disinfectants he says he's not responsible for this and again as i said it claims they already have made the comments only. well moving on to new zealand where nearly half a 1000000 people have gone back to work as the government eases the national law down some aspects of daily life are getting back to normal hospitality businesses
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including coffee shops reopen for takeaways construction work on major infrastructure projects is also preserving. prime minister just into our think new zealander's for the resilience during the shutdown but she warned that the fight against the buyer is is not over yet it is an ongoing basal there is not one point in time that this mission in snow yes we have done that in lockdown the goal now is to keep up that so we now in the next phase of the battle and we are not done around 75 percent of the economy is operating with key see it does like building and construction forestry manufacturing and contextless 3 house starting back up. importantly major infrastructure projects that are picking today. up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the australian city of sydney has reopened its famous bondi beach to surfers and swim golden sands were closed
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last month for thousands of people ignored social distancing rules residents are now allowed back in the wall her but walking in sunbathing remain. engineers are installing the final span of a new road bridge in the italian city of genoa 43 people were killed when the original crossing collapsed nearly 2 years ago a new bridge costing 200000000 euros is designed by the italian architect renzo. protesters in lebanon have clashed with security forces as the national economic crisis deepens their activists blocked a highway north of the capital beirut despite a coronavirus well there's widespread anger over rising prices and a collapsing lebanese pound. this week so all spain's children leave the confinement of their homes for the 1st time in 6 weeks this isn't followed heated public debate about spain's very strict curfew there had been
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growing calls to loosen the restrictions for youngsters with experts warning of the psychological impact of keeping children indoors w.'s young philip schultz went to meet one family as they left lockdown it's. the have waited for 43 days for this exact moment they have finally allowed to leave their apartment again accompanied by their mother of course they say it's a great feeling but a little unusual too. you see a lot of kids hardly any adults on the street. and there aren't any cars the constraints imposed on children where some of the strictest in europe they were not allowed outside not even for a few minutes this. gives them all the more reasons to be excited about what's finally possible again. 0 my friend lives really close maybe i can at least see it from a distance. but only from
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a distance and to morrow we all go roller skating. you know then you truly. are today's destination grandma and grandpa but very strict rules apply well getting them cycling and running this allowed playing with other kids is not their grandparents' house is within the permitted one kilometer radius but visiting them is not the same as it used to be. not allowed to lift them up this is something everybody has to get used to. several days of confusion preceded the spanish government decision to allow children to were outside for walks again the original plan was that they would only be allowed to accompany their parents to the supermarket but eventually the public pressure became too strong more and more parents insisted that after 6 weeks without any fresh the limit for children had been reached many experts about the government's change of heart including psychiatry's diego figueroa he was one of the many who advocated to lose in the
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restrictions for children but even if the measures are gradually reduced new problems maija rice. children that have been spending most of lead time with their parents might have a hard time adjusting to school groups outside their family so again this might cause serious phobias even result in kids refusing to leave the house. enjoy that time outside despite the new strange circumstances the allotted 16 minutes past the way to quickly the 3 of them already making plans for tomorrow when they can spend their next hour outside and maybe we'll be able to see her girlfriend even if it's only from a distance or for more on this let's talk to her and rudd can she's a child clinical psychologist at the university of southampton in england thanks for joining us what are the main psychological challenges that children face in
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this pandemic. i think there's there's many actually i think that the lack of social contact with people outside their family is it is a big one but i think also the intensity of living inside that family unit so squabbles with siblings rattier parents i think it can all help to create capita turmel for children especially on the children who find it difficult to understand what is going on and for teenagers in particular with their real worry actually because they rely so heavily on social contact with p. is every single day to help them feel good about themselves so they've really missed out on that as well so there's a lot of psychological and impacts really but one thing that i have found is that the young people that i was working with before this all happened and i was working with them around anxiety they're enjoying in a temporary relief from their anxieties because they're now living in a bubble and the things that used to make me feel really anxious and such as going
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to school or seeing other people is actually reduced safe if some people it hasn't been bad ok so social distancing is particularly tough for young people but what about the general psychological environment a living in a in a situation where there's a killer virus on the loose and people are dying in their thousands all around them i mean this must be a particular burden for that. i think the threat is is enormous but from my experience i think it's more the adults who've really process that threat very young children it's just too big for them to take on they can't really understand the enormity of it so we have to bring it down to the day to day where she hands don't go near other people and for teenagers i think they felt quite a bit of existential angst around it because it's not hitting teenagers as much as other age groups i think they're feeling pretty protected from it in fact act and
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so the biggest threat is changes to and families in terms of grandparents now to leave relatives in front of relatives so the 2 young people are dealing with that threat ok actually and what they're experiencing cody's with is the day to day not being of their friends and what of bytes would you give to parents as a child psychologist to help them support their children in coping with this crisis . it's a really difficult time and parents are going to be putting a lot of expectations on themselves and actually it's the toughest job in the world or the best of times say right now is going to be very very tough so as a parent just set yourself small goals what is it that you would like to do to make sure that the day's going to kate couple of things that you want to get done and go very easy on yourself as a parent but in terms of your child don't worry about them having to you know be incredibly educated during this time you just need to trade with the learning and
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a lot of parents are very anxious about screen time and how much time their children especially teenagers spending gaming during the day and again it's just about having to just take a step back as a parent and think what is it that i need to do right now i need to keep my child well and safe and healthy and these just evolve little steps they don't need to involve any big changes. thank you so much that was her it right can a she's a child psychologist the university of southampton thanks for talking with us. well the coronavirus lockdown has sometimes meant loneliness especially for the elderly here among the most vulnerable in this pandemic their cut off from friends and relatives they haven't seen for months but one enterprising belgian businessman has come up with an idea that's taken some of the distance out of social distancing . has been waiting for this moment for almost 2 months the husband is in this
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brussels cab home the last time he saw him was in early march now they're reunited for a few precious minutes. then this is great isn't it it's great. i think i have to stay here yes. the idea of using cranes to hold people closer together was a brainchild of tristen fund and bosch he's the manager of the company that rents out the platforms for window cleaning and fruit picking. i saw somebody waving at his mother 2 or 3 floors up and i thought given that we have a serious fall in business we could live up to the window with our machines. and that's what we did. 84 year old clementine says that the crane right has given her at least a semblance of intimacy with her loved one i think i am very happy the time could speak to him that closely it's great i really appreciate this initiative. is up
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this moment. now clementines back down on solid ground and a husband still in lockdown even so just a few minutes with him have made a huge difference. thank. you watching t w news thanks for being with us. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona. 19 special next on d w.


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