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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2020 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from a heavy toll on britain's health system almost 100 frontline medical workers have died from the corona virus and doctors say they don't have the protective gear or quitman they need to do their job. on the program as spain allows children to go out after 6 weeks of confinement there are warnings about the impact the restrictions are having on the mental health of young people we'll hear from a child psychologist on how to help kids cope. and how to take the distance out of
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social distancing visitors at one nursing home in belgium forgetting. to bring them face to face again with. fellow i'm terry martin thanks for joining us the pandemic has laid bare structural shortcomings in many health care systems the world over here in europe the u.k. is one of the clearest examples of that it has seen more than 21000 people die after contracting copd it 19 years of underfunding and staff shortages and now a lack of personal protective equipment have all left the british national health system and its workers buckling under the strain of the coronavirus. went on and on sleeve gown that protects him from coronavirus doctor assays munaf almost feels
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guilty every time he puts one on he's an emergency doctor so he does have access to past not protective equipment or people. but supplies across the u.k. are very limited in simply aren't enough gowns for every doctor i want to go to get treated to. a conscious user to you they call one box of supplies going alas alas alas so that's every time. we have to merit it all we are in a high risk are not treat court is a phone you can talk to say they don't have access to protective clothing quizes and masks are also in short supply some doctors are having to buy their own f f p 3 masks from the eye why stores and from building that fence. and also having to do things like make their own aprons out of rubbish bin bags to try to protect their closing well staging these high risk procedures over 100 medical staff doctors as
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well as nurses have already died from the virus on social media videos like this are being said hospital workers paying their last respects to a continent even before the crisis the u.k. was short of over 40000 nurses staff are now under enormous pressure even very experienced nurses and pushed to the edge and we have a lot of newly qualified staff who only been in the job 6 months or one year and they've really been pushed pushed to 2 to breaking point we are and. already underfunded we need more doctors and nurses to work in the n.h.s. even in normal times so at the moment we are above and beyond what we ever thought that we could be intense and working and that we're trying our best that we do need more stars and we need more quick meant and that is a result of underfunding of the last decade and patients are suffering to.
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hospitals are having to ration supplies make oxygen on dialysis food for patients with kidney failure. to mourn of describe situations where older patients that might offend the thinking from intensive care has been denied treatment whereas a few months ago people over 65 would see it if you're basing it mentality but now if you scratch your sort straight to it so the trust of anybody looks up to you but if people look there's a 55 i think you should which i deemed. a test of care you did but the i.c.u. project a lot but it worked for crushing britain's national health service is facing its biggest emergency since its founding. and g.w. is big about who filed that report joins us now from london and burke at the u.k.
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has been dealing with this pandemic for months now has been mobilizing resources to deal with it for months yet the problem of the national health service just seems to keep on mounting keep growing why is this such a huge problem for the u k. well from the outside it presents a picture of a health system that's not very resilient that has really struggled to cope with a pandemic and has really done this at the back of their staff for really working extremely long hours and who are saying that they can't go on like this for much more we are also seeing that a lot of the norm know work that the health service does normally is just not being done at the moment it's almost exclusively dealing with the corona pandemic because everything that was in the system had to be mobilized to deal with this immediate emergency so for example we have cancer charities warning that thousands of cancer will go undetected at the moment because people are just not going to the doctor
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and they also are not just not being referred to to hospitals for for more special treatment and also routine operations have been cancelled so really everything and everybody inside the health system is just concentrating on the pandemic and this will present problems further along the line and it's a result of as many critics of the government say of the decade of austerity and of severely underfunding the health service in a few hours from now britain will be holding a minute of silence to commemorate those in the n.h.s. who have died from cover 19 tell us more. well yes we have around $100.00 doctors nurses all to other staff at hospitals like porters and also people in kalam suffering and succumbing to the virus and these people like in so many other country as being hailed as heroes you see in the streets there are many pictures in windows where it's
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a rainbow children have painted rainbow and it's has n.h.s. or there is a really strong sense of people appreciating what hospital doctors nurses what everybody does for them i have hospital around the corner and i know that they get so many donations from people like food to nations because people are so immensely grateful for the actual sacrifice you could say it is that they're making because they don't have the protective equipment and so many of them go to hospital and they still are tending to patients and even at the expense of their own health we know that one of the doctors who died had asked in the hospital for more protective equipment and there have been really tragic cases where this hasn't been a tier 2 so this is the minute's silence for the whole country yeah well just appreciating and showing this really open gratitude to the health workers bigger
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thank you very much for now that was the deadliest in london. now it's catch up on some other stories making headlines today u.s. president donald trump says he may seek damages from china over the coronavirus outbreak at a white house press briefing trump said china could have stopped coated 19 at the source and prevented its global spread he said his administration was investigating how to hold beijing accountable. nearly half a 1000000 new zealanders are back to work as the government eases restrictions customers were lining up again for food in coffee takeaways after a month long lockdown prime minister just sent our thank new zealanders for their resilience but warned the fight against the virus wasn't over. the australian city of sydney has reopened its famous bondi beach to surfers and swimmers the golden sands were closed last month after thousands of people ignored social distancing
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rules residents are now allowed back in the water but walking and sunbathing remain banned. well it's the 2nd day of the pages back climate dialogue that's germany's initiative discuss ways to combat in climate change due to cope with 19 the dialogue is taking place online but the pandemic is shaping the discussions in other ways too with many companies and even industries holding out for help there are growing calls on the government to attach climate friendly strains to aid for businesses. the world's largest car maker is gradually resuming production at its european facilities the coronavirus pandemic has cost small quiet and billions and executives are not optimistic about the future. is that it's the you're concerned that a car is not foremost on the minds of our potential customers right now. so we'd
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welcome efforts by the government to create some incentives for consumers. to put a lot of that is good government assistance for vehicle purchases didn't politicians want to phase out the combustion engine and wouldn't it be a good time to transition to a more eco friendly economy one company coffers are empty on monday a broad spectrum of nearly 70 german companies called for increased efforts to link stimulus programs with climate protection and they were not only those that would benefit from ambitious climate protection policies like insurance companies but also traditional industrial enterprises like toss and coke and buyer they hope the european economy will see a push for modernization that could include massive expansion of renewable energy or more investment and recharging stations for electric vehicles. or more now we're joined by frank paid to he's the deputy executive director of a gora that's
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a think tank focusing on energy reform thanks for talking with us 1st of all the pandemic is putting a lot of pressure on economies and everyone seems to be struggling just to make ends meet could this mean that climate protection issues are getting less attention than they might have before him. well we actually see it is already happening. politicians say ok let's now a little stick away we're talking climate let's talk about research you really need common me let's talk about stimulus programs and climate should be or could be something like a secondary thing now. the german government is providing state aid to companies in trying to get the economy going again as you mentioned do you think that there should be strings attached to those programs that might force companies to switch to more environmentally safe practices well what we see is
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if the recovery is not reading we will have a significant rebound in greenhouse gas emissions he currently saw a drop in energy consumption and gas emissions that is quite sufficient and to why do rebound we need a climate friendly stimulus program. in order to modernize kaname and bring together here stimulus programs was armed protection. kind of investments would you like to see made into the green color me coming from the direction of the government and industry right now. well the focus must be around renewable energies and one hand so we be neat the green energy used to provide the energy for industry to recover but on the other hand you also need
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green. men a sector and capacities to steel sector in the cement sector in the chemical industry even in the common sectors june really have to opportunity to provide a degree in goods that are required from the people off the crisis so we need those we need to use reading to supply side and the supply side and also invest in cream in a sector instructors germany is europe's biggest economy of course is playing a big role in its efforts to modernize the economy towards something greener what 20 extent do you think brussels should be harmonizing european efforts. well it's necessary to have a european approach on that because just a single hand german approach would basically strengths and german situation in europe of course but we also need countries like italy spain france all the other
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european countries to do well off that crisis in order to house and homogeneous economy growth going forward germany as an export oriented country can profit from so you can approach when it comes to infrastructure to monetization programs of the industries to housing renovation systems that is dramatically decreasing yemen and into buildings would be. a better effort to go forward this front page to thank you very much for talking with us was front page deputy executive director of a gore thank you. you know.
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so it's catch up on some of the latest developments in the pandemic the camera the number of confirmed cover 19 cases worldwide has passed 3000000 that's according to the john hopkins university database germany's retail association is bracing for a wave of bankruptcies was the up to 50000 businesses expected to go bust because of the virus starting in may 1st austria will allow gatherings of up to 10 people as the country eases restrictions and spain in france will also outline plans today on how to lift their 6 week barra's lockdowns. spain began loosening its lockdown on children this weekend when it allowed youngsters to leave the confinement of their homes for the 1st time in 6 weeks this isn't followed heated public debate about spain's very strict curfew and warnings from experts over the psychological impact of keeping children indoors w.'s young
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philip schultz went to meet one family as they left lockdown for. the have waited for 43 days for this exact moment they are finally allowed to leave their apartment again accompanied by their mother of course they say it's a great feeling but a little unusual too. you see a lot of kids hardly any adults are on the street and no cars the constraints imposed on children where some of the strictest in europe they were not allowed outside not even for a few minutes this gives them all the more reasons to be excited about what's finally possible again. my friend lives really close by maybe i can at least see her from a distance yes but only from a distance and tomorrow we'll go roller skating. you know you to. today's destination. but very strict rules apply well getting cycling and running
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playing with other kids is not their grandparents' house is within the permitted one kilometer radius but visiting them is not the same as it used to be. not allowed to lift them up this is something everybody has to get used to. several days of confusion preceded the spanish government's decision to allow children to were outside for walks again the original plan was that they would only be allowed to accompany their parents to the supermarket but eventually the public pressure became too strong more and more parents insisted 6 weeks without any fresh . for children had been reached many experts about the government's change of heart including psychiatry's diego figueroa. he was one of the many who advocated to loosen the restrictions for children but even if the measures are gradually reduced new problems might arise. children that have been spending
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most of their time with their parents might have a hard time adjusting to school or other groups outside their families again this might cause serious phobias or even result in kids refusing to leave the house. and enjoy their time outside despite the new strange circumstances the allotted 60 minutes past the way too quickly the 3 of them already making plans for tomorrow when they can spend their next hour outside and maybe we'll be able to see her girlfriend even if it's only from a distance. or for more on this let's talk to her and rudd can she's a child clinical psychologist at the university of southampton in england thanks for joining us what are the main psychological challenges that children face in this pandemic. i think there's there's many actually i think that the lack of social contact with people outside their family is it is
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a big one but i think or say the intensity of living inside that family unit so squabbles with siblings rattier parents i think it can all help to create quite a pretty terminal for children especially on the children who who find it difficult to understand what is going on and for teenagers in particular with their real worry actually because they rely so heavily on social contact with p. is every single day to help them feel good about themselves so they've really missed out on that as well so there's a lot of psychological and impacts really but one thing that i have found is that the young people that i was working with before this all happened and i was working with them around anxiety they're enjoying in a temporary relief from their anxieties because they're now living in a bubble and the things that used to make me feel really anxious and such as going into school seeing other people has actually reduced surface some people it hasn't been bad ok so social distancing is particularly tough for young people but what
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about the general psychological environmental living in a in a situation where there's a killer virus on the loose and people are dying in their thousands all around them i mean this must be a particular burden for that. i think the threat is is enormous but from my experience i think it's more the adults who've really process that threat very young children it's just too big for them to take on they can't really understand the enormity of it so we have to bring it down to the day to day where she hands don't go near other people and for teenagers i think they felt quite a bit of existential angst around it because it's not hitting teenagers as much as other age groups i think they're feeling pretty protected from it in fact act and so the biggest threat is changes to and families in terms of grandparents now the relatives in front of relatives so a lot of young people are dealing with that threat ok actually and what they're
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experiencing cody's with is the day to day not being of their friends and what advice would you give to parents as a child psychologist to help them support their children in coping with this crisis . it's a really difficult time and parents are going to be putting a lot of expectations on themselves and actually it's the toughest job in the world at the best of times say right now is going to be very very tough so as a parent just set yourself small goals what is it that you would like to do to make sure that that day is going ok a couple of things that you want to get done and go very easy on yourself as a parent but in terms of your child don't worry about them having to you know be incredibly educated during this time you just need to trade who with the learning a lot of parents are very anxious for screen time and how much time the children especially teenagers spending gaming during the day and again it's just about
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having to just take a step back as a parent and think what is it that i need to do right now i need to keep my child well and safe and healthy and these just evolve little steps they don't need to involve any big changes. thank you so much that was inherent read can a she's a child psychologist the university of southampton thanks for talking with us. well children all around the world are having to deal with but in some countries such as egypt pump public information about tackling the virus doesn't always filter through to the youngest and poorest in society enter but a student who's turning his acting skills into a way to educate a few last practice moves before slipping into character transitioning from engineering student to clown has become 2nd nature for. for 5 years now the 22 year old has been performing as a mine at events as
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a side to bolster his studies but the corona crisis put into that now often it has found a new angle he's taking his act to cairo's poorest neighborhoods to educate children about the virus. and it's our duty to educate kids because they don't really have access to information while they watch cartoons on t.v. they're not that interested in what's going on in the world. op ed is setting off to cairo's city of the dead it's a good hour's drive away but since the universities are closed he's got plenty of time on his hands the corona crisis hasn't visibly impacted cairo's traffic packed mini buses as millions of people commute to work through busy streets they all need money to survive while egypt's official infection rates are quite low so are the rates of testing the actual number of infections could be much higher many here simply hope they won't be infected especially kids. i
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sense that i can change the awareness and behavior of the kids that makes me happy . some 1500000 people live in cairo city of the dead a large portion of them below the poverty line and many of these poor children don't yet know about social distancing hygiene and masks. it's these kids said osmond wants to help he talks to them and gives them tips keep your distance or even better stay home wash your hands wear masks if possible at all times conventional wisdom but many here are hearing it for the 1st time. this. kind of fact i liked what he said i'll try to do what he said. ok. yes i'm scared. we're not allowed to touch each other any more than
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a lot of that if we touch someone with corona our whole family could get infected anyway. you know. a few final relaxing pantomime practice exercises comment doesn't want to leave the kids worried or in panic it might seem like a lot of effort for just 15 kids but often hopes they will pass on what they've learned to others in the community. the credible. spent loneliness especially for the elderly here among the most vulnerable in this . they're cut off from friends and relatives they haven't seen for months but one enterprising belgian business has come up with an idea that's taken some of that distance out of social distancing for. has been waiting for this moment for 2 months the husband is in this process kat the last time he saw him was in early
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march now they're reunited for a few precious minutes. then this is great isn't it it's great. i think i have to stay here yes. the idea of using cranes to hold people closer together was a brainchild of tristen fund and bosch he's the manager of the company that rents out the platforms for window cleaning and fruit picking. i saw somebody waving at his mother 2 or 3 floors up and i thought given that we have a serious fall in business we can live up to the window with our machines. and that's what we did. the 84 year old clementine says that the crane right has given her at least a semblance of intimacy with our loved one because you think i am very happy the time i could speak to him that closely it's great i really appreciate this initiative is so fucked up this will make the phone now clementines back down
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on solid ground and a husband still in lockdown even so just a few minutes with him have made a huge difference. thanks you're watching g.w. news you'll find a lot more about the credible course on our website that's t w dot com thanks for watching.
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smitty one as they would have thought it was just 2 of hundreds of thousands of children living in overcrowded refugio camps and living on the. next to a football project to get a few hours of respite at beirut park again is a great. man to. beirut hard to sit in refuges football to go off the. next going to believe.
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it's better than any thriller. new ways to bite crime. crime scenes are preserved in virtual form break ins can be predicted in advance autopsies conducted without a scalpel what used to be science fiction has now become reality for the high tech law enforcement. in 60 minutes on t w. morrow a symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslim and the christian population . as fighters occupied the city center in 2000. president due to his response was. this is not the kind of freedom that we.
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coded morocco we become a gateway to islamize terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed sitting. in the sights of i.r.s. starts may 25th on d w. god god god. god god god. part one beirut park told the story of 11 on.


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