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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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mindset d. w. dot com and on social media channels. this is d w news coming to you live from a heavy toll on britain's health system almost 100 frontline medical workers have died from the corona virus and doctors say they don't have the protective gear or basic equipment they need to do their job. also in the program leaving law down service fall in sydney as bondi beach reopens well almost half
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a 1000000 new zealanders go back to work. and how to take the distant sound of social distancing visitors at one nursing home in belgium or getting a crane lifts to bring them face to face again with their lawful. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the british public will hold a minute's silence today to pay tribute to frontline workers who died after contracting co bid 19 the government has announced it will make 860000 pound compensation payment that's all 70000 euros to families of health workers and social care stuff who died fighting the outbreak after years of underfunding and now a severe lack of personal protective equipment the pandemic has laid bare the crisis within the u.k.'s national health system. and non-slip gown that
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protects him from coronavirus dr assays munaf almost feels guilty every time he puts one on he's an emergency doctor so he doesn't have access to past more protective equipment or people. that supplies across the u.k. are very limited they simply aren't enough gowns for every doctor i want to go to a kitchen it's a. conscious user to you they call box of supplies going last summer so that's so that's every time. we have to marry you know we are in a high risk are not 3 quarters of all you can talk to say they don't have access to protective clothing mises and masks are also in short supply some doctors are having to buy their own f.p. 3 masks from the i y. stores and for building that fence. and also having to do things like make their own aprons out of rubbish bin bags to try to protect their closing while staging
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these iris to see just over 100 medical staff doctors as well as nurses have already died from the virus on social media videos like this having said hospital workers paying their last respects to a continent even before the crisis the u.k. was short of over 40000 nurses staff are now under enormous pressure and even very experienced nurses and pushed to the edge and we have a lot of newly qualified staff who only been in the job 6 months or one year and they've really been pushed pushed to 2 to breaking point we are and. already underfunded we need more doctors and nurses to work in the n.h.s. even in normal times so at the moment we are above and beyond what we ever thought that we could be in times and working and we're trying our best that we do need
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more stars and we need more quick meant and that is a result of underfunding over the last decade and patients are suffering 2. hospitals are having to ration supplies like oxygen on dialysis food for patients with kidney failure. up to mono describe situations where older patients that might offend incident from intensive care has been denied treatment whereas a few months ago people over 65 it would sit at your basic mentality but now it's got your sort straight to it so the trust of anybody looks up to you but if people look at a 55 i think you should which i deemed. a test of care you did but the i.c.u. people rejected it a lot but it worked for crushing. britain's national health service is facing its biggest emergency since its founding.
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and did all these big mass who filed that report joins us now from london to get the u.k. is a rich country and has been mobilizing resources to deal with this pandemic for months yet its health system is having real trouble coping why. well when you look at it from the outside the you could health system comes across as not being very resilient it's not being designed to cope with a pandemic like this you could almost say it's almost run of water almost before the pandemic running at full capacity so this huge sad and patients hospitals have just really had to struggle you have almost no other any other elective surgery or even things like cancer care at the moment everything has been on hold everything has stopped just in order to deal with this crisis and cancer charities for example are warning that thousands of cancers are going undetected because patients are
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reluctant to go to g.p.'s but also there are no referrals to specialists and and no surgeries so it will present a huge problem also further down the line when slowly all these normal services are being resumed and yes critics say that this is due to severe underfunding particularly in the last decade where the country has seen a lot of austerity as a result of the financial crisis. at noon britain is to hold a minute's silence to commemorate the workers who have died from 19 tell us more about. well yes like in many other countries because particularly hospital staff doctors nurses they're being seen as heroes across the u.k. you see in many windows there are really 3 rainbows that symbolize the n.h.s. and symbolize the support that families and the gratitude they have for n.h.s. workers now this is
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a minute of silence to well have the whole country come together and commemorate these people who have sacrificed their life while they were helping others to survive we've also seen on the back of this the government announcing a new scheme a compensation scheme. because who have diets or will be dying in the future there will be a financial compensation so this is also an official mark of the gratitude that the government is showing to everybody who's on the front line against the virus for good thank you very much that was the w.'s very good months in london. australia and new zealand have begun relaxing their law downs after 4 weeks of stay at home restrictions both countries have avoided high numbers of infections and although new zealand this week declared it had the virus under control social distancing remains the order of the day. johnston and we are now
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it's finally coffee time again new zealand took a 1st step towards normal life as the country's businesses begin to resume their activities cafes and restaurants that sell takeaway food and drinks along with construction sites and beaches were allowed to reopen. new zealand was under a strict coronavirus lockdown since march 26th with most of the country shut down the measures seem to have contained the spread of the virus but authorities warn that the country is still not out of the woods is an ongoing basis there is not one point in time that this mission in snow yes we have done that in lockdown the goal now is to keep up there so we're now in the next phase of the battle and we are not done. in australia sydney's famous bondi beach reopened to swimmers and surfers after it was closed for 5 weeks people braved the cool autumn weather to dive in
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beach goers are left to swim and surf but not to sunbathe or linger the area has australia's highest concentration of coronavirus cases last month police had to close the beach because people were congregating this regarding social distancing measures of thirty's hope that this time they will finally follow the rules. for some of the other stories making headlines around the world today new figures here in germany show the number of new cases is on the rise again disease control experts say the reproduction rate is now back in one meaning those infected with the virus passes to one other person a new data comes as germany attempts to reopen public and economic blood. protesters in lebanon have clashed with security forces as the national economic crisis if deepens there blocked the highway north of the cause. well beirut despite
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the coronavirus. there's widespread anger over rising prices and the collapsing lebanese pound. to egypt down where the number of confirmed coronavirus cases may be a low but the need for information on tackling the virus is huge getting that information to society's poorest and youngest can be a challenge. a student who's using his acting skills to educate a few last practice moves before slipping into character transitioning from engineering student to clown has become 2nd nature for. for 5 years now the 22 year old has been performing as a mine at events as a side to bolster his studies but the corona crisis put into that now often it has found a new angle he's taking his act to cairo's poorest neighborhoods to educate children
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about the virus. it's our duty to educate kids because they don't really have access to information while they watch cartoons on t.v. they're not that interested in what's going on in the world. op ed is setting off to cairo's city of the dead it's a good hour's drive away but since the universities are closed he's got plenty of time on his hands the corona crisis hasn't visibly impacted cairo's traffic packed mini buses as millions of people commute to work through busy streets they all need money to survive while egypt's official infection rates are quite low so are the rates of testing the actual number of infections could be much higher many here simply hope they won't be infected especially kids. i sense that i can change the awareness and behavior of the kids that makes me happy
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. some 1500000 people live in cairo city of the dead a large portion of them below the poverty line and many of these poor children don't yet know about social distancing hygiene and masks. it's these kids that are spent wants to help he talks to them and gives them tips keep your distance or even better stay home wash your hands wear masks if possible at all times conventional wisdom but many here are hearing it for the 1st time. this. kind of fact i liked what he said i'll try to do what he said. ok. yes i'm scared. we're not allowed to touch each other anymore you know what if we touch someone with corona our whole family could get infected anyway.
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a few final relaxing pantomime practice exercises. and doesn't want to leave the kids worried or in panic. it might seem like a lot of effort for just 15 kids but often hopes they will pass on what they've learned to others in the community. the crowd of. some time spent loneliness especially for the elderly who are among the most vulnerable in this. they are cut off from friends and relatives they haven't seen for months but one enterprising belgian businessman has come up with an idea that's taken some of the distance out of social distance. clementine has been waiting for this moment for almost 2 months the husband is in this process cab home the last time he saw him was in early march now they're reunited for a few precious minutes. then this is great isn't it it's great.
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i think i have to stay here. the idea of using cranes to hold people closer together was a brainchild of tristen fund and bosch he's the manager of the company that runs out the platforms for window cleaning and fruit picking. i saw somebody waving at his mother 2 or 3 floors up and i thought given that we have a serious fall in business we can live up to the window with our machines. and that's what we did. 84 year old clementine says at the crane right has given her at least a semblance of intimacy with her loved one. i am very happy at the time could speak to him that closely it's great i really appreciate this initiative. this is. now clementines back down on solid ground and a husband still in lockdown even just a few minutes with him have made
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a huge difference. you're watching d.w. news so we've got lots of information about the coronavirus pandemic on our web site that's at t w dot com of course you can catch up on other stories there are many many stories moving around the world also deserve our attention i'm sorry march and you'll find me online on twitter at tim news stream thanks for being with us. this state of emergency is the normal people around the world dark documenting these dramatic times. they're keeping the coronas diary and welcoming us into their lives they let us get as a close and personal as the pandemic will allow. the diaries starts many teeth
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