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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2020 8:15am-8:30am CEST

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emily sure went in last. you're watching d.w. news we've got lots more for you on our web site about the coronavirus crisis and much much more my name is terry martin you follow me on twitter at t.m. news stream thanks for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona update. from the covert 19 special next on d w. in the. climate change. to suit.
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what ideas do they have their future. dot com for their cities filmmaking to get. a vaccine doesn't exist yet but studies suggest class more from former coburg 9000 patients could help cure the illness as it contains. their good used by the immune system to neutralize pathogens when a virus enters the body the immune system develops specific antibodies that stalk on to the viruses antigens to remove it the method is used against other diseases people one sick but now recovered donate blood the blood plasma extracted contains antibodies and is given to patients suffering from coded 19 that's the idea. but
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that's it well. welcome to the 90 in special here on news on want to get jones good to have you with us so let's talk about blood plasma what is it how do we get it and why and how is it used in sarah p. now plastic is the liquid portion of blood in which the red and white blood cells are suspended along with a platelets which help in blood clotting when blood is donated a centrifuge separates the class a solid parts the red and white blood cells and platelets settle to the bottom the plasma which makes up about 55 percent of the total blood volume stays on top a lot of countries are experimenting with plastic but there's just not enough to go around so the trials of focused on severely ill patients with a coronavirus several german institutes looking into the treatment including
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regensburg university hospital. and little job for a good cause maximilian stand a has agreed to donate plasma the teenager and the donor next to him have what everyone's looking for coronavirus antibodies they've both successfully recovered from the infection. mean if it can save lives or relieve someone's pain it's worth it. on the moment because i can help others you to be unfair not to do that. doctors that reagan's book university hospital started developing their own antibody test in february. they've been working with blood plasma from recovered patients since early april. about is that these patients produce directly attack and destroy the virus this is the only virus specific therapy available. probably
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about 30 patients have received the plasma cases ranging from medium to severe doctors at the coronavirus intensive care unit pleased with the results. means we can intervene do something to help patients besides artificial respiration and support. we can help build up their immunity we've observed the viral load fall and it completely disappeared in one case it's probably pushed on the quality of the samples varies not everyone has enough antibodies the micro biologists have to select the best samples. is the biggest challenge is to assess the quality of the past. to detect the antibodies and whether the protector and hell the patient did during the transfusion. when he may have
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if the transfusion takes place early enough it may prevent the use of artificial respiration the plasma is like a passive facts a nation itself is good recovery chances without any side effects so far. put in some of our patients have been ill for a long time and it blows my therapy seems to be the most promising option for them right now for free is. and it's an opportunity for former coronavirus patients to help others and possibly save lives. blood plasma therapy sounds promising so is it the answer to our prayers let's ask professor halakhah had stan head of transfusion medicine and cell engineering at the medical immunology campus in allen good to have you with us and tell me just how effective is blood plasma therapy in the fight against kobe 19 actually that's a very good question maybe it's the most important question right now because we
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just know from empirical scientific reports that plus not therapy from persons have recovered from an infection and giving their plasma to other sick persons can be. ringback vicious but i must say that there are so far no controlled clinical trials really providing clinical evidence for this assumption all right and of course without those trials we also know very little about possible side effects and certainly we heard in this report about the problem of finding the right antibodies how do we deal with those challenges. yeah it's a big logistical effort in order to find the right donors and to take care that you have donor said to have produced really enough antibodies
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and good antibodies to target really the virus because as you may know there are not so many tests available right now in order to really give you a good answer to that christian but this is getting better every day at that is my feeling and so far we can say that we can really identify good dolorous but this blast that has really produced a lot of antibodies that targeting directly the virus it could explain a bit more about what is a good. body yeah a good antibody i would say is an antibody that targets a virus directly at critical sites for example and a corona virus has its spike protein that francisco not shape of the virus and despite protein is critical for the virus in order to end enter into
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human cells so a good antibody would be an antibody that binds directly to this critical side of the virus and there are some as it is available and we are using a lot of these as this in order to identify donors that has produced antibodies against this spike pro-tea right now plasma therapy of course isn't really new why did we wait until i think the beginning of april she tried out including 1000 patients. well that's a good christian. i think we didn't wait until april i think in china they started much earlier already to try this but as you as you are right this is always the same you know sequence of events 1st you have a new virus then you have really emergency treatments coming up and you have
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a pandemic in this case that makes it really very difficult and then. people start to figure out these these these treatment possibilities and then this is i think if you look back to sass one for example or it's all with the evil out crisis there were different treatment strategies initiated at that time centers very very briefly put blood class my therapy to be the cure what we've been waiting for on just one piece in a big puzzle that we still have to solve i think it's rather one. piece in the big puzzle because i'm a little bit reluctant to say this is the big hit against coral our virus i think this is not justified. the big hit against coral now would be effects in nation and looking very much forward that we hopefully have soon of explanation available well
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we all know forward to that point has actually and i thank you so much for your time ok take care thank you. and now over to our science edited eric williams is standing by to answer some of your questions. i had there are 3 variants of 19 cold a b. and c. obvious symptoms for all 3 the same. a study led by researchers at cambridge university identified 3 different variants of sars cove 21 type is most commonly found in asia and the other 2 are most commonly found in europe and the us now those 3 types have different genetic signatures which means that their genomes have mutated in ways that allow us to track how the virus has spread around the globe but that doesn't mean that the genetic changes have have altered
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these 3 variants to have different effects on you when you catch them at least there's no clear evidence of that so far. does recovering from one variants protect you from the other variants. what you're asking is basically how much does the virus have to change before a trained immune system won't recognize it if someone gets reinfected and once again why we don't really know every day we're learning more and more about how the immune system reacts to this particular pathogen but at the same time it's a valving we just have to hope that eventually we'll pull ahead in the race. can you use boiling water is a harmless disinfectant to kill the virus on surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen. the w.h.o. does say that heating water to temperatures above 65 degrees celsius has been shown
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to kill related viruses but the problem is that those temperatures have to be maintained for a certain period of time and there's no guarantee that you'll be able to do that plus there's an added danger which is that you could burn yourself badly trying to use water that that hot so stick with soap based or alcohol based cleaning products they're more effective and there are a lot safer. there it williams the answer your question will do so again tomorrow now finally artistic relief to the pandemic french painter a site is known for his biodegradable images on lawns now he's created a huge masterpiece in the swiss alps called beyond crisis the work is literally gigantic as you can see here. it's designed to bring
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a little freshness and optimism to the world during such a somber time of the artist as it's important to stick together even if we can't hold hands. and that's all. for today for me and the team to len thanks for. the bump. conservation that one of. the coral reefs are endangered by climate change. the local people are aware of what's happening. and they're all pitching in to protect their region. this is reforestation different coming. next on.
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the global corona crisis you can find more information online at b.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. in ruins are always a symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. by as fighters occupied the city center. president deter. was killed. by the better it will never gain a foothold in the game. the reconquest turned into tragedy. this is not the kind of freedom that we won. how did knowledge become
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a gateway to islamize terror until now the same story goes under more severe as the result of an exclusive report from a destroyed city in. the philippines in the. sky. welcome to global 3000. divers recently thought they discovered a new reef in the mediterranean but it would appear to be bright colorful corals were in fact mountains of plastic waste swaying in the currents.


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