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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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city. philippines in the sights of i.a.s. starts may 20th on d. w. . this is. from berlin tonight a warning from germany there will be no quick and easy end to the coronavirus pandemic germany's health minister today said that the country and the world will be dealing with the virus for a long time to come in preparation orders of flu vaccines have been increased to prevent any whammy viral hit this fall also coming up britain's coronavirus
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death toll jumped by almost 4500 in one day but is that increase the result of a worsening crisis or simply a switch in statistics also ahead protesters in lebanon returned to the streets to corner by silenced anti-government demonstrations but that is apparently no longer the case and the german football fans bucking the trend by not using social media during the walk down they're not allowed in the stadium to follow their team so they found some good old fashioned cardboard in their scissors and glue and show you what they put together. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around. in the world welcome we begin with
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a stark warning about when the coronavirus pandemic will become history germany's health minister today said that the country thinks is a long haul before approaching any end to the outbreak as a result germany is buying more flu vaccines than usual to prevent a wave of double infections in the fall the latest figures from the whole bad call institute provided the clearest picture yet as to how the epidemic has developed in germany the calculations show when and how many people became infected and when key steps were taken to slow the virus spread the ban on public gatherings took a while to make a noticeable difference the closing of schools brought infections down considerably german health minister spawn says the number of registered acute infections in germany has been falling for over 2 weeks and is currently at 37000 but regional differences remain so the government announced that testing will be stepped up even
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further from nearly half a 1000000 tests last week. we feel it will miss that he will introduce more regular testing in care homes including for asymptomatic patients we're also changing some of the rules for tests to get a better overview of the epidemic and we're introducing compulsory reporting of negative test results trying to get to test. work on an anti covert 900 vaccine in germany has meanwhile taken a step forward mindspace company biotech says a 1st group of 12 participants had received a trial vaccine on wednesday. but with the progress of infection still unpredictable across europe germany's foreign ministry has decided to extend its global travel ban until mid june foreign minister high command said that europe needed to find a coordinated approach. let's go home over the last 4 weeks we brought
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240000 tourists from all over the wild back to germany we will not carry out such an operation again this summer which is why a lot will depend on how we got talking with fighting the pandemic here and another country's prime dimmy became for a bit once when i'm not a member and by target. protesters and pressure groups meanwhile edging the german government to ease even more of the current restrictions on thursday the state premiers of germany's 16 states will reassess the situation with chancellor angela merkel. are let's talk a little bit more about the that tend to do that i'm joined by our chief political correspondent melinda crean she's here in berlin good evening to you melinda let's take a look again at that graph that we just saw in that report let's pull it up again if we could what we see here are new infections in germany and italy rising and only seem to start falling once the country's schools were shut and it's been
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mostly downhill since then so the logic seems to tell is that reopening schools would be a big risk is that the case. yes and i think the authorities are very much aware of that but it is a priority amongst the different measures of relaxing restrictions for one very simple reason surely attendance is mandatory here in germany schools are pupils are required to go to school by law and learning at home under the supervision of parents is the absolute exception here in this country so there has been a push to get schools reopened and also for 2 other reasons 1st of all a lot of concern about the effects on pupils being socially isolated particularly kids from vulnerable or troubled families where there may be domestic violence also
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kids who might have have access to digital technologies that are now being used by some teachers for home schooling and finally the burden on parents who are perhaps trying to do work from home and at the same time take care of kids so for all those reasons a priority on reopening schools and at the same time a clear knowledge that it could be a risk so the authorities at both federal and state level have made it clear they are going to be watching that number of how the infection spreads and if it goes up they will be reconsidering this and other measures of relaxation yeah we hope it doesn't come to that let's talk a little bit about the vaccine trials that we just heard about and every poor people will see that story and of course they're going to ask does that mean we can all live forward to giving our coded 19 banks a nation's. i wish it were that simple the fact is there's a lot of really exciting innovation going on right now in terms of the search for a vaccine but the head of the w.h.o.
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warned this evening that this is going to be a difficult past path it's going to take a while and he said it's not guaranteed that we're going to get a vaccine at all a couple of reasons for that 1st of all the tests tests will have to proceed very cautiously because there is no treatment or remedy for hope it at the moment therefore if people get seriously ill in the process of testing the vaccine the test will have to be stopped secondly even if vaccines look promising in theory they may prove ineffective in practice from past experience with coronaviruses it's pretty clear that people who get them often the immune system forgets that it's had the contingent and essentially resets as if it had never had an experience with your harness so that may indicate that it's going to be hard to come up with a long term effect in that scene and then finally even if that scene is there ramping up production is going to take quite some time so no we probably are not
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going to all be able to afford to have axion anytime soon yeah as painful as it is to hear that it is the truth tonight w.g. political correspondent linda gray melinda thank you. well as melinda said many of germany's schools are due to reopen on monday with children learning at home for the past 6 weeks teachers students and parents they have discovered well a new reality w. news has been speaking with the teacher to find out how this new style of remote learning has been working out. so mentally mind we're not sure and modern. this is maximilian vesa he would normally be in class with this students right now but because of the corona crisis on all germans schools are partially still closed so instead maximilian streams his math lessons life on you tube from his living rooms almost every day. doesn't usually you're for
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math lessons especially it's a great way to teach. you happy with the help of the chat function i can interact communicate react to spontaneous questions if i have to answer more but this by all his efforts the 29 year old teacher knows that a major element of his lessons is missing at the moment. and i think 2 thirds of the students are doing quite well with their online assignments but most of the miss the social contact 16 year old valentina also misses her classmates but at least she can spend some time in her garden with her favorite pal some sun at the moment this is also why she watches her teacher's online lessons but valentino says it's not the same as being in a real classroom. this is really got on and it's much more difficult to learn without having
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a teacher in the room who helps you and tries to explain things to you in different ways of course you can ask questions but it takes a while before you get an answer so it's not the same medical. despite the lack of personal interaction there are benefits. when i'm learning how to manage my time and i'm learning to use the day wisely so i can send off my homework punctually and i might be learning a little self-discipline to. valentino is one of over 10000000 german students who are partially still learning at home but not all of them have the technical capabilities that she does that worries tom atman. students who grow up in difficult family situations are a big challenge for us they're often hard to reach teachers and childcare workers have a hard time even initiating contact. maximillian vessel did find a way to keep in touch but there was a good reason why i decided to become
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a teacher i always wanted to work with children or with people and not just sit at a desk all day but now i work from home and hardly ever see the students i really miss that part of the job and that's why we can't wait for the schools to reopen. maximillian vessel plans to continue offering online lessons in the future but only as a supplement to his real life teaching well from education to economics germany's economy is expected to shrink by more than 6 percent this year all because of the pandemic 6 percent well that would be the biggest slump in europe's biggest economy since record keeping began in 1970 and the bad news it doesn't stop there here's what germany's economics minister said earlier today. any of it enough to matter it's what else might for the 1st time in many years we will initially see a drop in employment levels that's
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a regression and it will be painful in it even though it's just a fraction of what other european countries and especially the us are facing. so if that's iceland it's all right from germany to the u.k. britain's coronavirus death toll has risen by almost $4500.00 in one day because health officials are now including non hospital deaths in the camp the total number of deaths in the u.k. attributed to cope with 19 now stands at just over 26000 and includes people who have died in all settings including nursing homes and care homes the revision means that the u.k. has europe's 2nd highest number of deaths in this pandemic behind italy are let's take this now to our correspondent auto parts in london good evening to you. well 1st of all why has the u.k. changed its counting methodology. well the
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government came under intense pressure in the last weeks just hearing what was going on in care homes and across the communities that people were dying there but that those deaths recorded as death so finally the government today gave into that pressure and decided to publish these new numbers and they really paint a more true picture of what is going on and sides of this country inside the united kingdom how far this virus has really spread and how deadly it has been these numbers suggesting that not only vulnerable and older people are affected here and dying but also for example today this death toll included a 14 year old otherwise healthy boy while that's very disturbing you know given the spread testing in the u.k. there must be worries that the real figure is much higher yet and those worries they are justifiable we have to say because the government
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has just not done testing outside of the hospitals up to this week which means that those deaths that were not tested positive for cope at 19 in the community or in care homes not recorded and officially named as cobe it just so. that the care homes can saying that people are dying in the hundreds and thousands and that the numbers are much much higher and the office for national statistics another government body you takes care of the death count here in the united kingdom suggesting even that the u.k. death toll is now at $40000.00 which would of course make it the most effective country in europe. so much. news of new life the prime minister has announced that he has just become a father again tell us about. he became
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a father today to a healthy baby boy mother and baby a healthy kerry simmons his fiance a. boy in a london hospital this morning we don't know more about the circumstances there but boris johnson was president and. prime minister returning to downing street delivering. had a very tough time in the past months with johnson being himself treated in intensive care with 19 and his highly pregnant fiance self isolating and to self showing symptoms of the virus now that they have that healthy baby boy has fixed kids he is planning he says to take some protection on this year. before. in london thank you.
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are some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. people in. the city of. 50 kilometers south of the capital seoul an explosion in the basement is believed to have triggered the. stream have been charged in connection with last summer's killing of a. politician. was a member of a c.d.u. party. policies in his home state of hessen bollywood star. at the age of 53 the indian born actor became internationally known for his roles in the film slumdog millionaire. in 2000. that he had been diagnosed with cancer he died. in mumbai.
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officials say at least one person has been killed and several others injured in a prison riot in sierra leone's capital freetown a major fire also broke out during the violence the rioting comes 2 days after authorities confirmed an inmate at the prison it tested positive for the corona. protesters in lebanon have returned to the streets and cities across the country for a 2nd day one demonstrator was reportedly killed in the latest clashes fueled by the country's deepening economic crisis lebanon has seen months of anti-government unrest now compound it by growing anger at the walk down. another night of violence in lebanon in the northern city of tripoli demonstrators held fireworks and rocks at security forces 'd responded with tear gas and rubber bullets the anger of lebanon's crumbling economy growing day by day.
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this is the beginning of the road with us today is just the stop. lebanon is in financial crisis grappling with a collapse in its currency soaring inflation and rampant unemployment problems worsen by coronavirus lockdown to live unease on the streets the fight is extensional. we have day labor as if we walk we eat if we don't work we don't eat i hope to god the situation changes. live it owns banks have borne the brunt of the protestors fury they've employed strict capital controls on accounts freezing access to cash as food prices soar. to money that sort of just being evicted. from. the lebanese army has deployed across tripoli to contain the on the wrist. as the government still works on
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a risky plan to drag the country out of its current turmoil. let's go now to our correspondent bosler reidy he is in beirut good evening to you basile and so it is night time around midnight where you are what about the protests are they continuing across lebanon yes indeed they are. right now in tripoli for example the clashes came back to the seats between before the yesterday but he's on forces bought the violence compared to the past 3 days it's not complete with these 3 days. at this moment we can talk about blocking the streets with. some stones so we got the l a it doesn't even cite one of the major cities in south lebanon also there we had some a connection between the and s i s f internists which forced out some protesters
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who threw some dead. mullet of cooked at all one of the central bank branches in the city and as you can see behind me i'm now in beirut as you can see behind me you know you all are just off taking extra measures in beirut sort of sounding the main but actually of the central bank and also when we understand that the coronavirus restrictions are just making things worse in lebanon how badly has the pandemic affected the country. it is checked indeed it affected the county. first of all the end of the economy fading economy and the collapse of the u.k. by nice currency added to the. make all of us stand. up to the state could just break into any states even know this week the government stuck to a slow rate the proteas 3 high distinctions. and this may be this reason was mainly
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behind the brightest industries coming in this case the same and much and one thing that most of the doubts they don't take the many did measures to protect them from people in the fight of some of them i met them they told me the state for what they produce that bite from better to die from hunger. ok our correspondent bhosle already there joining us tonight from beirut where as you can see behind him there is a tense situation there in front of the country's national bank also thank you very much it's thank you we're now into zimbabwe where the pandemic is hitting farmers hard local markets and the european markets where they export much of their produce have been closed by the walk down this latest hardship comes as farmers were just starting to recover from the cycle last year the news correspondent from mission here reports. it has been a year since cycling
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a day strike allan and. from what. extensive damage was caused to infrastructure a freight recovery has slowly started but you know the global cooldown of a respond to me has knocked again. we had these 2 weeks where there were no cells a tool not a. phone and then yes i'm saying that the prices have been have been depressed depressed. and demand has been and he clears hard it has been off right out of the country. there's been a lot of flights that are being cancelled and frequencies and to some bad weather being canceled their main diesel from was for export to the european markets in normal times they export up to 2000000 stems of flowers base season but this year
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they may not even achieve half of that they would wait coronavirus pandemic forced it wide closure of flow markets. though zimbabwe's number one of virus infections and fatalities us to know it's ease the economic impact of the citizens who have to do it the country is in a lockdown for 5 weeks with need to economic activity said that the government is broken to come up with and stimulus packages also small scale what a culture in food farmers who are still recovering from the impact of cyclon if they in $21900.00 i hate you know access to local markets it's become very difficult jus to the coronavirus don't. say it's also because i. think whole family depends on the banana sales very nice
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school fees comes from the bananas doing so salt and even sugar all comes from banana steals so if we don't get them i can't will die of hunger to see any kind of . zimbabwe is facing its west economic crises in recent times. that country is billick at least it by international money lending institutions and may not even benefit from any one of a dress bail outs families like alan batey only hoping for a slowdown will set in and of course the 19 foot people to attain to normal life again. if from the fields to the skies air bus reporting a 1st quarter loss of nearly 500000000 euros on wednesday citing a plunge in no surprise orders and deliveries the european plane maker also warned that the crisis is still in its early stages airbus even refused to issue any long
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term guidance for investors in the c.e.o. says that the company is bleeding cash it has furloughed thousands of employees and taking out billions in long hours. as football fans around the world wait for their teams to return to television screens supporters of the german team. are trying to solve what they see as an even bigger problem how do they remain part of the action when they're not allowed inside the stadium. all these quiet in german football the sounds of singing birds has replaced the screaming fans the sight of empty stands likely to remain for many months yet the show. and it's very difficult to watch a game on t.v. instead of actually being that night in the stadium on t.v. you just don't get the emotions you can get by being in the stands with friends for the diehards of birth. football without fans is unthinkable and so they're making
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cardboard cutouts of themselves to literally remain part of the scene using a mobile app interested parties can take a photo of themselves which is then printed on cardboard and. bankers taken to the stadium. it is against. this whole cardboard mates campaign is more like a vigil because football just doesn't work with that fans. almost $10000.00 orders have already been placed and demand continues to grow the club are big fans of the initiative to so much so the glovebox players and coach have got themselves a place on the north terrace even opposing fans are on board a touching show of solidarity for the times. it costs 1000 euros by buying it 3 companies in mention gladbach will be supported to your eyes will be donated to the foundation and 2 euros to help. mel hasn't missed
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a home game in almost 14 years from now and the foreseeable future she'll have a proxy presence as she and tens of thousands of fans white to join the chorus once more. have to make it work some way you're watching the news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight u.s. g.d.p. so are we headed for another great recession or will it be the corona depression. about 2 minutes. it was.
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this state of emergency is the new normal. people around the world are documenting these traumatic times. they're keeping the karuna tiring. and welcoming us into their home. they let us get as up close and personal as the pandemic will allow. the diaries starts maintained on t w. the coronavirus pandemic has hit the united states hardest when we talk about the loss in lives and widely puts the world's largest economy shrank by almost 5 percent in the 1st quarter just wait until we include this quarter tonight the u.s. on a troubling trajectory what feels like a repeat of the great recession today.


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