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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin germany dear friend backed hezbollah group police carry out grades across the country as all hezbollah activities are outlawed and the interior ministry classifies it as a terrorist organization also in the program long term battle against the coronavirus germany announces more aggressive plans to expand testing for the virus and stocked up on seasonal flu vaccines to head off a double hit of infections later this year. british fund raising hero captain tom
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celebrates his 100th birthday just days after completing a record breaking charity walk to raise money for health care workers battling the corona boxers. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program we begin with some breaking news germany has banned hezbollah on its soil and designated the iran back group a terrorist organization since early this morning police have been conducting raids in 4 cities on mosques and associations suspected of affiliation with the group as well as a shiite muslim political party and militant group based in lebanon german security officials believe up to a 1000 people in germany belong to its extremist wing. let's get more now from political correspondent. tell us what do we know about these
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rights. the goal behind these raids according to the german interior ministry was to prevent. destruction of documents in particular after the announcement over the bond that bond again announced by the german interior ministry it's important terry opposite to understand what type of activities what actually hezbollah was doing in germany because the german interior ministry says it does not understand it is not believe that it has an umbrella organization for those $1000.00 members that you mentioned but they do believe that hezbollah was in particular using germany as sort of retreat and recruitment place also where they could get the money or they could carry out propaganda so that explains in particular why they decided specifically now to ban hezbollah but this also gives an idea that the german authorities had been for a long time also following the activities of hezbollah here in the country well that is the question tomas'. has had a presence in germany for quite some time why is germany's interior minister going
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against it now this is not a new development in particular here so as you say this has been something going on for a long time in fact also not only in germany but in other parts of europe as well so the e.u. for example placed military wing go for hezbollah already on a terror list but there were various european countries that had kept the civilian part of hezbollah that had allowed that the civilian part of as well and that had gotten a lot of criticism in particular from israel or from the united states but in december for example the german parliament passed a resolution calling for a national ban on hezbollah so that also gives some legitimation to the announcement made today by the german interior ministry and what. germany or authorities not running a risk that it's members will continue their activities under grow. there is a risk but there are also clear guidelines in germany's law as to what happens when our organization is banned so not only assets will be confiscated documents will be
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confiscated members are not allowed to meet or to know goes are also not allowed to be used so these guidelines are also expected obviously to apply for the specific case of hezbollah and that's how the money into a ministry and how german officials are hoping that they can fund not only the activities but also the activities of those 1000 members as we spoke earlier terry tell us thank you very much political correspondent told aspera well as the debate here in germany intensifies over the speed at which low lockdown measures are being relaxed in the pandemic there's been a stark warning from the health minister he said there would be no swift end to the coronavirus pandemic and germany is introducing new measures for dealing with the virus long term including more testing and stocking up on additional flu vaccines to prevent a wave of double infections in the fall the latest figures from the whole bit call institute provided the clearest picture yet as to how the epidemic has developed in
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germany the calculations show when and how many people became infected and when key steps were taken to slow the virus spread the ban on public gatherings took a while to make a noticeable difference the closing of schools brought infections down considerably . german health minister spans as the number of registered acute infections in germany has been falling for over 2 weeks and is currently at 37000 but regional differences remain so the government announced that testing will be stepped up even further from nearly half a 1000000 tests last week. if you will introduce more regular testing in care homes including for asymptomatic patients we're also changing some of the rules for tests to get a better overview of the epidemic and we're introducing compulsory reporting of negative test results. to return to. work on an antique over
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1000 vaccine in germany has meanwhile taken a step forward minds based company biotech says the 1st group of 12 participants had received a trial vaccine on wednesday. but with the progress of infection still unpredictable across europe germany's foreign ministry has decided to extend his global travel ban until mid june foreign minister said that europe needed to find a coordinated approach. over the last 4 weeks we brought 240000 tourists from all over the world back to germany we will not carry out such an operation again this summer which is why a lot will depend on how we got talking with fighting the pandemic here and in other countries prime dimmy became for once remember the. protesters and pressure groups meanwhile urging the german government to ease even
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more of the current restrictions on thursday the state premiers of germany's 16 states will reassess the situation with chancellor merkel. of joint but he's a member of the german parliament representing the opposition business friendly pretty democratic he's also a medical doctor good to see you again. what do you think of the way chancellor merkel is handling this crisis. well i think this is the time that we have to limit the impact of this crisis and i'm a little disappointed since i do not understand the strategy of our government anymore the whole society here in germany did a great job cutting down a new infections the hospital systems work perfectly we didn't have any promise in this regard our death rates is very low and i think now if the time that we have to talk about a losing strategy which is very important for society without without also
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understanding that we cannot go back to the situation that we had in february or december of last year so we have to understand what is the schedule for government for the new normal in our country and i think this kind of strategy is missing and this could be done very easily in my opinion the party has been pushing for a pandemic restrictions to be relaxed more quickly do you believe the government has its priorities wrong and valuing public health or economic interests. i'm not sure if the are going along the route of the odd politic us we call it here in germany i think it's more overbidding of different. state rulers in this country said we have been in germany what we really need is a hygiene concept that is logical and transparent understand by everybody and this could be done very easily by wearing a mask keeping your distance. how to disinfect this readily available and also
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using digital apps to understand or to cut down possible infection changes our party is actually asking the government very clearly that now we need some kind of abuse some kind of strategy by the government how we could revitalize our economy without endangering our health and with those 4. points that i just. gave you i think this can be done very easily enough course we have to have more testing and to be sure that there is no regional hotspots of this 1006 and these are all things that are missing and the issue is that we have a federal state and whatever the chancellor says doesn't really mean that it's going to work on under the state level and these are big issues that are coming more and more to question in the society and lot of people do not understand the provisions to beyond the exceptional rules and this has to be done in a logical manner otherwise it's scientifically sound of course and if this is not
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done the understanding and the reliability of our citizens will fall very significantly and i think now it's the time a week up call for the german government to loosen step by step the restrictions that we have without endangering our health ok we talk about schools from what we see new studies that suggest children can be just as infectious as adults yet it's been decided that schools across germany will start to partially reopen next week isn't that risky from a public health perspective. it is a life it's not without risk to help but nevertheless it's not. easy basis we need school and we need education and a lot of teachers are very smart and coming up with ideas how they could teach their children in. different shifts some morning show some afternoon shift expanding school to saturdays and also explaining the children with us what does
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this mean physical distance see how do you keep up this call this the scene and personal hygiene and of course the teachers have to be taught how to identify possible kids that might have some kind of signs or symptoms of infection and these are. things that we could actually all follow up on without endangering into a significant amount everybody else dr allman thank you very much for talking with those that was and are all and a member of the german parliament representing the opposition free democrats well it's a side effect of the coronavirus pandemic and one that has risks for people in need of medical treatment hospitals here in germany with ample capacity but very few patients to treat the fear of getting infected with corona virus is causing many people to avoid going to hospital even though some are critically ill we have this report from munich. the root is that if you use it from
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a home. as an oncologist in chief of the pulmonary wing at a private hospital new munich right now he says the staff outnumbers the patients usually the wing holds 34 people with lung diseases during this corona pandemic it's only 5. we definitely see a 30 to 40 percent decrease in some departments maybe even 50 percent and we know that patients are uncertain and trying to wait until they really can't hold out any longer but that can cause some really bad situations. this patient came to the palm unary clinic 6 days ago his diagnosis lung cancer we're going to start chemotherapy today. the decision to visit the clinic was not easy for the 77 year old yes there is the cancer but he was also afraid of catching the coronavirus in the end he could no longer bear the pain. i had to go there was no question corona is not the
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problem for me my main problem is cancer and this caught me off guard corona is completely off my mind right now. it is not just the patient's fear leading to low occupancy rates at the clinic here like everywhere else beds are being kept empty in case covert 1000 patients need them business as usual has come to a stop and that brings risks. we are focused on the most severe cases that have to be treated as regulations demand but of patients come to us at a later stage they will have bigger health problems and they'll be a higher mortality rate. here at the emergency center of another munich hospital had physician kristoff thought has witnessed a massive decline in the number of patients. people saw the images from italy and they're thinking one the hospitals are overwhelmed 2 i don't want to be a burden and 3 i don't want to get infected. the feared wave of course 1000
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patients never came really for everyone but the impact is noticeable. it's over i'm going to be prepared for a big wave of patients we freed up that's cheering this time we canceled elective surgeries that was scheduled because of that we saw 50 percent fewer patients in our clinic proof he puts in media puts in holes. cancer patient was wary of having surgery in times of corona to the point of having panic attacks before making his way to the hospital 3 times and all of a sudden it was a choice between the lesser of 2 evils i won't necessarily die if i get corona but if my renal carcinoma grows beyond a certain size it will be irrepairable it will be over i did. you see some of the problems so far he's had his life saving surgery and a few days he'll be allowed to go home. is a roundup of some of the latest developments in the pandemic south korea says it
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has recorded no new domestic cases for the 1st time in 2 months the korea centers for disease control and prevention reported poor new cases but all of them were imported japan's expected to extend its state of emergency by about one month for the entire country it's currently scheduled to expire on may 6th and south africa has sent has seen its largest single day jump in cases with the total surging past the 5000 mark and in the health ministry and getting just how they say the prime minister no gomez has tested positive for covert 19 the west african country has so far recorded 205 cases and one death. now for a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world today despite a krone virus lock down protesters took to the streets of tripoli in lebanon for the 3rd night in a row and clashed with soldiers the country is in a deep economic crisis and this latest wave of unrest comes after
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a further plunge of the national currency. indian actor poor has died of cancer at the age of 67 best known for his romantic roles he was part of the cup or acting dynasty which has long dominated bollywood the indie film industry cum pours death follows that of another acclaimed indian actor irrfan khan on wednesday. and south koreans are celebrating the birthday of the buddha at a temple in seoul where shippers lit candles and incense and prayed under the lanterns many offered prayers for those affected by the corona fires stuff held up signs encouraging social justice. the united states has seen its biggest quarterly dip in economic activity since the global financial crisis 12 years ago the u.s. economy shrank by 4.8 percent during the 1st 3 months of the year with much of the
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country shut down during the last 2 weeks of march an estimated 30000000 americans have lost their jobs since the coronavirus crisis began to drop and the longest ever period of economic expansion in the u.s. . germany is set to release its labor market figures for april an early indicator of the economic damage caused by wide reaching and demick measures economists expect a jump in unemployment for the months given widespread business closures but the figure is likely to be modest in comparison to other industrial economies and he businesses have implemented the federal short term work program to keep employees on the payroll. for more on this cost and bush s g chief economist at i.m.g. germany joins me now from frankfurt thanks for being with us so how bad do you think these new jobless figures in germany are going to be. i mean we will not see
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a big increase in the unemployment numbers because everything is more or less off sat or is mirrored in these shorter work schemes and there the the numbers are horrible just last week we have the numbers that 720000 kompany have been filing already for the shorter work applications the year the assumption is that we already already now are much higher than during the peak. the financial crisis in 20082009 we've seen other countries shedding more jobs does that mean this short term work programme you're talking about the german government's job support measures did does this mean those measures are effective. they definitely are a fact of the some how they were the gold standard in the 20082009 cries and i think they will also be the gold standard during this crisis and they are in fact if the cries should not last too long that's also clear the government has just extended the scheme so that it will help cushion the fall out of this crisis it
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will also help stabilize private consumption to some extent so this is an enormous effect of economic policy instruments what more do you think can be done to reduce the negative impact of the 10 demick on the labor market in the economy in general . i think we're now seeing so much already specially coming from the german government to 3035 percent of g.d.p. has been put on the table in the form of guarantees bridge loans but also cash out fiscal stimulus so what we need more in this 2nd phase once we get through the the trough of the crisis and this will happen now that with all the locked on measures are gradually east we will need the 2nd phase and this will be fiscal stimulus more investment also more tailor made not across the board but more tailor made and i could see that all the topics reemerged named investment infrastructure digitalisation education ok talking about tailor made the hotel and restaurant
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industries have been especially affected by pandemic measures are widespread job losses they're simply unavoidable. some job losses are actually on the laudable thing what the government could do here is to also come up with with bailout schemes to some extent to really support this sector but the claim that we've heard. from the government a couple of weeks ago that this process shouldn't cost any single job i think was highly ambitious and extremely unrealistic so we did guess we will see job losses the only thing that the government can do is to caution to limit these losses and to create a very quick recovery once we get out of this 1st phase of the crisis customer chief economist at germany thank you very much. the advice since the coronavirus operate began has been to stay at home and save lives
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but for some locked up behind closed doors of home is where they are most vulnerable to domestic violence agencies say that surging numbers of abuse cases are going unchecked because restrictions on physical distancing mean victims especially children have no one to turn to. the look down for many means living on top of each other no playgrounds for young children schools and day centers closed everyone is finding it stressful and it's worse for families where domestic violence is already a problem agencies supporting women said tax are on the increase. we know from the cases we're seeing that nearly always affects women who have been subjected to long term violence by their partners and who now cannot get away because they have to stay at home. it's just as bad for the children as there
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are so few opportunities for them to get away from it. when police or social services are brought in it generally means there's been a serious incident social workers at one agency which helps young people are especially concerned. because it's much quieter than usual and that is very worrying for his office or. that's because agencies can't make home visits at the moment and can only talk to families on the telephone it's the same for doctors teachers and neighbors who would normally pick up on women or children being abused . this is extremely concerning schools and day centers often bring is in children even a place of a trust and is about any problems of course that's not happening at the moment it's all. very not really a complete vic. children subjected to serious violence may be placed under
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protection orders at butlins criminal investigation office it's often the youngsters themselves who report the offenses. most often sighing in rows of eyes and ones we hear about most cases when the children if it did get a bit older. juveniles often go to the police station we family members all call emergency numbers. but we also get reports from doctors and hospitals what we're not getting at the moment are reports from schools and day centers of on so i. can toss. restrictions on leaving home often the trigger for violent outbursts. we know there are parents who resort to violence to stop their children going out of course that is not acceptable and the children themselves often go to the police it seems many families who are didn't really need help are using the corona
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restrictions as a pretext to break off communication. we favor because of a coronavirus and the reduction in contact that it will be difficult to reestablish dialogue. they may not be possible for us to step in because some families have retreated into themselves as if you are from the scene. the authorities are appealing to everyone to be on the lookout for signs of domestic violence and if necessary to call the police. british world war 2 veteran who captured the public's imagination with charity walks around his garden turns 100 today captain tom moore became a big can of hope after raising millions for britain's national health service ills to say his many fans around the world didn't want to miss out on the chance to wish him well on this very special birthday. a flood of birthday wishes.
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outpouring of love for a great man captain tom i think. the hearts of everybody. this country and this is what it looks like really we've we've had 125000 cops in the last week and a bit. the centenarian being celebrated as captain tom moore he's famously completed 100 laps of his garden with the help of his walking frame and in doing so raise more than 27000000 pounds to support britain's national health service during the coronavirus outbreak crutchfield it's. right here in america and they were kept in tom's aim was to raise just a 1000 pounds with his charity walk but his humble mission became an unexpected hit as people tuned in from across the globe to watch his progress online. if he still believed that they would listen oakland to get. to the nothing.
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having raised more donations than any charity walk in history he's even earned himself a spot in the guinness book of world records while politicians athletes and stars are jumping at the opportunity to applaud the captain's initiative for his donations have already enabled the opening of a brand new 500 bed hospital facility in yorkshire leaving little doubt that there is nothing a 100 year old with a strong sense of solidarity and a sturdy walking frame can do. just reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on new years german police who carried out raids in 4 cities after announcing a ban on all activities of the around baghdad as a whole lot of groups on its soil. and germany's a health minister says new measures to deal with the coronavirus of the long term include stocking up on additional flu vaccines to prevent waves of double
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inspections in the fall. you're watching g.w. news we've got much more for you of course on our web site that's at g.w. dot com i'm sorry march and i'll be back to talk of next hour and you'll find me on twitter at g.m. news stream thanks for being with us. play. the blame game. playing. the game in.
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the face of the. euro. what unites. what divides us. looking. tragic. what binds the continent together. the tensors and stories of plunging the. spotlight on people. next on d. w. . enter the conflict zone in these extraordinary times we decided to take the
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opportunity to focus on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on human rights around the world there are reports of invasive surveillance authoritarian power grabs my guest is the head of human rights watch can probably tell many limitations are people willing to accept in order to fight a threat like coronavirus conflicts of. interest in 60 minutes d.w. . like . oh a muggle or just some of our food for the russians so. come to your room steve. so many different walks of life. some are pumping. oddly. but all of them come straight from the heart
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looks to our senior even when there's no more delusion the marsh will enjoy some place from the 1st glimpse of the logs to their final resting place the russians on g.w. documentary. about a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me. peter craven and we begin this week with the threat posed by russian cyber attacks on the west we're not just talking about data theft but also the spreading of what's described as industrial scale defense information computer experts loyal to the kremlin so-called trolls are accused of infiltrating.


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