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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from above and a half a 1000000 jobs back on the lockdown mass testing begins in western german towns linked to a new coronavirus are bright new restrictions lead to clashes with some residents locked behind fences and the police called in to enforce the rules also on the program donald trump takes for the shot at the lead as he hosts a polish president under a duda after announcing plans to cut the number of u.s. troops in germany mr trump now says some soldiers will head to poland.
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i'm full girl welcome to the program all-stars is in germany's western state of north rhine-westphalia conducting mass coronavirus testing and to reimpose local lockdowns following a regional outbreak of covered 19 the restrictions apply to hundreds of thousands of people in the district a valid often good as law and follow a major spike in infections at a meat processing plant and other german cities are also facing outbreaks as the summer travel season gets underway. this is what it looks like when the coronavirus restrictions are back long lines have formed outside the testing facilities in the district of cutest little the new restrictions he and in neighboring falcon doff took effect at midnight the mass testing follows a huge corona virus outbreak at timmy's slaughterhouse where more than 1500 workers have country. acted kovac 19 now some 600000 people are affected by the
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restrictions which is those met told d.w. he's furious. group is a company of turn yes i'm angry with the system behind of it and angry is the system of such stark contrast to this which is totally interest in transparent people had to put up with long waits to get tested. i want to get tested until my bit to help find out whether we're all infected here english is low or not. we want to travel to be very err on saturday and the condition is to present a negative coronavirus test that's our goal today indeed with some a vacation about to begin officials in popular destinations like various a good has no residents are not welcome in lest they show proof of testing negative for the virus neighboring austria has gone even further targeting germany's most populous state. our neighbor germany with its state of
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north and the failure has shown how quickly the situation can turn dramatically so we were there for forced to issue a level 5 travel warning for the. we hope of course that the situation there were quickly improve and that there won't be a further spread across germany. to secure. overall numbers are still low in germany but the latest local outbreaks of causing concern the meat processing industry in particular is under pressure employees living conditions are being blamed for the spread of the virus 23 workers have tested positive at the reason health plant gemini's biggest poultry plant where mass testing of every 1000 workers got under way today. some look at this with kristin lynn who speaks for the world health organization and joins us from geneva welcome to day doubly what do you make of german efforts to control this new
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outbreak. of thanks for having me well it's a typical scenario where you don't have communities in the whole country anymore but we have now a cluster of cases not ship large clusters of cases. and here to test and trace basically every single person to offer tests for everybody is a really good idea because this is how do you find out where the iris is how many people have the virus who contacts are and this is the best way to contain it so this sort of locally controlled lockdown rather being controlled from the side so you think this is what we're going to have to get used to. this is actually what we should aim for down instead of having a community spread which we don't cannot over see where the waitress is we will have to work on trying to get the response so strongly and saw strict testing so so
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strict and surveillance that we can respond to individual clusters individual cases immediately ideally not as late we have $1200.00 orcas is like now but earlier than that and then can contain those cases and maybe lock down an individual place maybe only have a 6 year town under strong stronger measures rather than having the whole country reichl into a lockdown scenario that is most likely something we will have to look forward for the future that actually has to work forward to right meat processing plants have been at the center of 2 outbreaks here in germany and 2 in the united states in may does the meat processing industry have a coronavirus problem. the way we see this right now and we don't have the full and summation of what the conditions there were what the living conditions the working conditions were so it seems rather that it has to do with a combination of factors there rather the fact that it is
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a certain species of horses the type of factory it's. it looks like it's rather the combination of against living conditions in conditions and the fact that in a close environment people can easily transmitted virus from one person so that's something which as the child other sort of branches don't have that same scenario and they're working environment of course other companies have to put out a plan on how to enable even coming back to work and how their workers can go back to office just so that is a very different scenarios then this very strict and very strong strongly recommended business ok and i'm just looking at i had the w.h.o. is warning that the global number of carbon 1000 cases could reach 10000000 next week what is our future look like will numbers and deaths just keep rising until a vaccine is developed. well globally the figures are rising let's not forget that
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only in central europe we have a lot of countries which out declining cases of global we reach one peak of the other and yes it will reach most likely 10000000 next week. so until we have a treatment 1st of all until we have a scenario where every country can trace and find and survey every single case and have a better control of virus in their country we will most likely see a rise in cases on a weekly basis. that is not the best scenario but of course he will have to deal with this and have to avoid more and more people coming back with virus once they get infected somewhere else so it's a it's a lot actually it's not all it's not a short sprint and some aren't on when i thank you for joining us a christian that my from the world health organization thank you very much and let
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me bring you up to speed with some other developments in this pandemic india has registered 16000 new cases its highest ever daily increase and the government has called in the army to manage new treatment facilities in delhi the e.u. may ban travelers from the united states brazil and russia when it reopens its external borders according to the new york times and new york and burnley have cancelled marfan's due to coronavirus concerns. for some other stories from around the world will start in germany where every year pharmaceutical company bear has agreed to pay up to $10900000000.00 u.s. dollars to settle a lawsuit of the weed killer roundup the firm has faced numerous lawsuits in the u.s. over claims that life a state based product causes cancer since it bought monsanto which manufactures. a special prosecutor in the hague has found an indictment against scores of us present asheem touchy and 9 others for war crimes including murder and crimes
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against humanity president touchy mad anti serb forces during the kosovo war in the 1990 s. the special tribunals been operating since 2015. pakistan's aviation minister says human error was to blame for last month's airliner crash in karate that killed 97 people the airbus a 320 plugged into a residential district near the airport while attempting to land initial reports says the pilots were distracted as they talked about the coronavirus pandemic. but donald trump says he will probably move some of the 10000 u.s. troops to be withdrawn from germany to poland you know has been seems intended to drive a wedge between the 2 e.u. member states president trump made the statements during the controversial white house visit of polish president andrei duda a storage ally of the us president mr dude is the 1st foreign needed to visit the united states during the coronavirus pandemic and he's contesting
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a presidential election on sunday straight to d.w. that washington bureau chief alexandra found nominet yeah she joins us from the white house rose garden welcome alexandra so do they were really going to say u.s. troops moved from germany to poland or is this the president trying to increase pressure on germany to pay more into nato. well 1st we have to say that the 1st president was quite the during this press conference today saying that the troops that will be withdrawing from germany will probably be moving to poland but then he went all on saying that some of the troops will be going home some of them will be going to other places and one of those places will be poland so president seems to have made he's mine and he once again during this press conference criticized germany for not spending enough on defense spending and it
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was a clear win situation for the polish president whose government is very eager to receive more you ass troops in poland and the clear punishment of germany here the president trump. husband pulling out of this thread for some time he said the u.s. will only be satisfied when all nato members pay what he calls their fair share into the alliance of nato members really not pulling their weight. well actually according to nato secretary general stoltenberg nato members are increasing their efforts to spend more on defense but when we talk about germany for instance germany is far away from reaching this goal of spending 2 percent of its g.d.p. on military aid can be reached according to the german government maybe 2031 but when presidents trump is talking about those members not spending enough on military and calling them delinquent this wording i think it's wrong because those
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countries are not owing any money to nato they are just not reaching the goals that they said from themselves president trump and president to do to hold discuss possible u.s. investments in nuclear energy in poland what's that likely to look like. well this is again a win for the polish president the polish government is a very interested in constructing the 1st nuclear power plant in that country they try to be less dependent on coal they will be buying khaliq wind gas from the us and hoping now that the us will help them to to build this 1st nuclear power plant ok thank you for that alexandra norman ups the white house. the host nation of the 2023 year women's world cup will be selected on thursday with a contest now a 2 horse race
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a joint bid from australia and new zealand is the hot favorite over a solo option in colombia what's certain is that a region that's never previously stage of women's world cup will be able to capitalize on a rapidly increasing interest in women's football i calling the success of france 2019 the next women's world cup is heading to a new confidence of the 2 bids australia and new zealand dokken suited to financially viable options the 2 countries of fish and handling of the coronavirus pandemic is also seen as a plus point a win would represent the 1st in world cup history at all and hosted by nations in different footballing federations australia competes in asia and new zealand in oceania but they are a united front when it comes to promoting women's football i'd like to thank everyone who is we excited tirelessly to get our submission together which is one main fate but more importantly as it demonstrates the strong relationship between
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the 2 nations and member associations. and so we're really talking something that's bigger than this sport it's a bat leaving behind communities that are much better off and societies that we aspire to have columbia meanwhile has a richer footballing heritage as well as the added bonus of broadcasting matches at convenience times for u.s. and european audiences there are however security concerns something the nation disputes a miser in terms of security colombia suffered from that scourge in the past but we feel we've overcome that. bids from japan and brazil will withdraw in earlier this month leaving just the 2 wherever the 2023 women's world cup is staged women's football is certain to continue its rapid growth. but that such objects will have more world news at the top of the hour stephen beers they will be here in just
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a moment with that your business update of the day. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few in his face 1st with official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many can trust and their problems are all.


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