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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2020 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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violence against children. this is the end of the news live from berlin over a half a 1000000 people in germany back on the lockdown mass testing begins in western german districts linked to a new coronavirus outbreak a new restrictions are causing tensions with some residents kept behind fences and
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police being called in to enforce the borders also on the program hosting his polish contra boss u.s. president all trump again targets germany trump says some of the thousands of u.s. troops he is pulling out of germany may be bound for poland. and russia marks a belated victory day anniversary and with a display of military muscle the british judge ruled event also holds special importance for president vladimir putin. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program authorities in germany state of north rhine-westphalia are conducting mass coronavirus testing after they re imposed local lockdowns the restrictions affect hundreds of thousands of people in the districts of veyron doff and goods are slow and follow a major virus outbreak at
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a meat processing plant and as the summer holiday season gets underway all the parts of germany and europe are imposing travel bans on the affected region. this is what it looks like when the coronavirus restrictions are back long lines have formed outside the testing facilities in the district of goo to settle the new restrictions here and in neighboring valen doff took effect at midnight the mass testing follows a huge corona virus outbreak attorneys slaughterhouse where more than 1500 workers have contracted kovac 19 now some 600000 people are affected by the restrictions goodness knows met told d.w. he's furious. group is a company of term yes i'm angry with the system behind off with the system of sub sub sub contractors which is totally in trucks in transparent people had to put up with long waits to get tested. i want to get tested and do my
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bit to help find out whether we're all infected hearing go to slow or not. we want to travel to bavaria on saturday and the condition is to present a negative coronavirus test that's our goal today indeed with some a vacation about to begin officials in popular destinations like bavaria say good has no residents are not welcome in lest they show proof of testing negative for the virus neighboring austria has gone even further targeting germany's most populous states. our neighbor germany with its state of north and the failure has shown how quickly the situation can turn dramatic. river for forced to issue a level 5 travel warning for the state of the hope of course that the situation there were quickly improve and that there won't be a further threat across germany. to secure what.
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overall numbers are still low in germany but the latest local outbreaks of causing concern the meat processing industry in particular is under pressure employees living conditions are being blamed for the spread of the virus 23 workers have tested positive at the reason health plant gemini's biggest poultry plant where mass testing of every 1000 workers got under way today. earlier we spoke to christian lyn myer from the world health organization in geneva and we asked him if and forcing locally controlled lockdowns as germany is doing is the right approach instead of having a community spread which we don't cannot over see where the why resist we will have to work on trying to get the response so strong and saw strict testing so so strict and surveyors that we can respond to individual clusters individual cases
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immediately ideally not as later that we have 12 under the law is like now but earlier than that and then contain those cases maybe lock down an individual place maybe only have 6 year talons under strong stronger measures rather than having the whole country reichl into a lockdown scenario that is most likely something we will have to look forward to for the future but actually have to work forward so until we have a treatment 1st of all until we have a scenario where every country can trace and find and survey every single case and have a better control of the virus in that country we will most likely see rising cases on a weekly basis. that is not the best scenario but of course you will have to deal with this and have to avoid more and more people coming back with virus once you get infected somewhere else so it's a it's a lot of journey it's not the it's not a short sprints and some are out on way and. i was christian lou. myer from the
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world health organization now let's bring you up to speed with some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic. india has registered $16000.00 new cases its highest ever daily increase the government has called in the army to manage new treatment facilities in delhi new u.s. cases have surged to the highest level in 2 months and the state of florida confirmed cases of triple compared to 2 weeks ago arizona texas and california are also registering sharp increases and in the netherlands the government has announced a significant relaxation of measures including reopening high schools permitting sports events with fans and allowing sex workers to resume their trade. u.s. president donald trump says some of the $10000.00 u.s. troops to be withdrawn from germany will probably be moved to poland trump made the statement during a white house visit by his polish contraband and trade duda
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a staunch ally of the us today is the 1st foreign leader to visit the united states jury in the coronavirus pandemic he's running for reelection on sunday. news washington bureau chief alexander von naaman joins us from the white house rose garden looks under how likely are we to see u.s. troops moved from germany to poland or is there something else at play here. well at 1st president was quite be doing the press conference saying that poland's have had asked for more u.s. troops and that they will probably be moving from germany to poland but then he got more precise more a more specific saying that the u.s. is going to reduce you as troops in germany some of them are going home some of them are will be going to different places and one of the places will be poland so he seems to have made he's mine and this announcement was
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a huge win for the polish president who's government is very eager to receive more you asked troops and it's of course a punishment of germany and president once again criticize germany for not spending enough on defense. donald trump also said the u.s. will only be satisfied when all nato members pay what he calls their fair share into the alliance our nato members really not pulling their weight. well actually according to nato secretary general told more and more a member states are increasing their efforts to meet those goals when we talk about germany however germany is far. away from reaching this goal the german government that it's going to be reach and 2031 but when president criticize germany and. saying that they are delinquents i think that this is
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a wrong wording because those states do not own any money to nato they just not meeting or not are not ready to meet the goals that they set themselves and the 2 leaders trump and also discussed possible u.s. investments in nuclear energy in poland what's that supposed to look like. well we know that poland is very interested to get the last cold hand and there are going to start to buy gas from you as and they are also very eager to build their 1st nuclear power plant and the you as seems to be determined to help and this is of course this cooperation will be another huge win for the polish president here ok because alexandra phenomena from the white house thank you.
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let's take a look now at some other news stories from around the world the german pharmaceutical company by a has agreed to pay up to $10900000000.00 u.s. dollars to settle a lawsuit over the we round up the firm has faced numerous lawsuits in the u.s. over claims based product causes cancer since it most santo which money factor is the heaviside. a special prosecutor in the hague has filed an indictment against kosovo's president $39.00 others for war crimes including murder and crimes against humanity president that she led to serve forces during the kosovo war in the 990 s. the special tribunal has been operating since 2015. pakistan's aviation minister says human error was to blame for last month's airline a crushing karate that killed 97 people a 320 plunge into a residential district near the airport while attempting to land the initial report says the pilots were distracted as they talked about the coronavirus pandemic.
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russia staged a massive military parade to commemorate its victory over nazi germany 75 years ago the event was originally shuttled for the may 9th anniversary but postponed due to the pandemic for many russians victory day on those the more than $25000000.00 soviet citizens who died in war to this year's parade also held special significance for president vladimir putin. it's a tradition but never before has russia's victory day parades been more controversial than this year. in the midst of a pandemic the government of one of the worst affected countries gathered thousands of people on the red square to commemorate the defeat of nazi germany. it was our people who were able to overcome the evil defeating more than $600.00
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divisions of the enemy destroying 75 percent of their aircraft fuel tanks artillery pieces. and to the end we reached the point of victory. of leaving a path of valor justice and sacrifice. the event timing is no coincidence on thursday voting starts in a constitutional referendum that could extend putin's role until 2036 hailing russia's accomplishments and sacrifices in world war 2 the president hopes to boost his unusually low ratings taking only minimal precautions to ensure the health and safety of the parades participants. all the 14000 marching across the red square. and had their temperature is taken to ensure that they don't have a virus or that. during a pandemic. every day
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the w.h.o. has warned russia that the parade could exacerbate the spread of the coronavirus the matter of moscow asked people to stay at home but many ignored the physical distancing advice. at the. it was absolutely right to go ahead with the parade. people who have criticized the actions of the government and the president for this are being petty. the only thing you know i'm scared of the virus no one's wearing masks that's fine isn't it was the word we came to give them a sense of patriotism us particularly important for boys and girls need to know the history of boys need to be prepared for the army out of years just to do patients attempt to stand up infusing. some has clearly been successful with some russians but he'll have to wait until next month to see if that spills over to the poles.
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the berlin and new york city marathons have both been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic butlins race widely considered the fastest track boasting numerous world records for shuttle for the end of september in while the new york city marathon is the world's biggest with over $50000.00 runners finishing last year was set to take place on the 1st of november london's marathon though is still expected to go ahead one month earlier. south african authorities are warning of urge watersports boss to be cautious following recent sightings of great white sharks in the indian ocean east of cape town this drone footage shows a very close encounter in pleasant bug bay a shock circles on unsuspecting cayuga and several surfers in just 2 metres of water and the kayak appears to spot the creature and raise the alarm luckily the great white just turns and glides away.
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just minding its business speaking of business coming up stephen beardsley will have all the latest headlines including much more on baez multibillion dollar settlement for you get you don't forget you can get all the latest news on our website dot com and instagram and twitter at the meetings. with. the global corona try since you can find more information online in fact e.w. dot com and. on t.w. social media channels.
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you know that 77 percent. are younger than 16. that's me and me.


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