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how does the little dangerous mutual admiration for the rest of the. museum bullies trump important starts august 3rd on d w play. laying blame . blame. mrs d. w. new saliva from berlin president donald trump a stokes division on the u.s. independence day as a record surgeon coronavirus cases casts a shadow over celebrations in a speech at mt rushmore trump attacks protesters who toppled monuments honoring slave owners as the president has promised a special evening as july 4th festivities moved to washington d.c.
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also coming up on the shop. rental rains last southwestern japan triggering floods and landslides that leaves residents stranded on their rooftops thousands are forced to evacuate. and their german cup final takes place right here in berlin later today they were close and take on byron here next but the pandemic means the end vengeful be a somewhat subdued affair. i'm claire richards and welcome to the show the united states celebrates independence day as the country reports another record rise in new coronavirus cases more than 57000 people have been infected in the past 24 hours alone u.s. president donald trump kicked off a 4th of july celebrations at an event in south dakota fireworks lit up the sky oh . for the mount rushmore monument which in
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a controversial move trump chose the venue for this year's festivities in a divisive speech he criticized recent protests against racial injustice as a quote campaign to wipe out our history. while trump has also promised a night to remember on the national mall in washington d.c. tens of thousands are expected to gather to watch flyovers and fireworks displays in other parts of the country though 4th of july displays and parades have been canceled due to fears of a further spread of the coronavirus with experts calling on americans to practice social distancing at public and private gatherings not many feel like celebrating the national holiday didn't use all of his ballot has more last chance to enjoy mt washington mall before the celebrations begin this is where a large crowds will cheer to fly overs and fly a works on america's national holiday because already for tens of thousands of
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visitors but not everyone here feels will of being among masses of people at the height of a global pandemic and makes me anxious to be like around the crowd to be honest so that's what i want to be. but i think i think it. sucks that you know we won't be able to celebrate the way we used to those past years but we're going to try to make the most of it with you know family and close friends that we've been kind of with during the last few months. this year the 4th of july will be a completely different holiday number one because a security fence will set up you're keeping people away from the white tolls for security reasons us we're expecting many protests potentially riots on the 4th of july and later on saturday this is where the president will deliver his speech addressing the nation. at the black live smatter applause a t. shirt vendors are hoping for a good business and a large turnout. so
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a lot. of. liberties that we have achieved for over 200 years. should apply to everyone and obviously this. demonstration sure problematic for everyone i just hope that more and more people will wearables my ass because that is so critical at this point. holiday under strain by the pun demick and racial divisions this year not everyone feels like celebrating. well let's cross over to ian as poll data is washington bureau chief in as today's the 4th of july a big holiday for americans but how is the country celebrating as corona virus infections are surging across the country yeah right really differently you know i'm right here in front of the white house where president will deliver another
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speak and she promises the biggest fireworks ever but they are actually really few people here are in the constitution avenue where normally the big parade is taking place is going to happen this year but hardly anybody is out here yet and when you talk to people you hear that many rather stay at home because other than the president their fear to get infected. all right will president trump a barely mentions the coronavirus during his earlier speech at mount rushmore instead use the appearance to accuse protesters who've been toppling confederate monuments of trying to erase history let's listen to a short short clip from that speech there is a growing danger that threatens every blessing. a recess for so hard for struggled they bled to secure our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history to fame our heroes a race of values and indoctrinate our children all right and as what's your take on
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all this well you know the united states is in the really critical phase there is in the one hand cope with 19 in many parts of the country the health care systems are just overwhelmed then sure we have also the economical implication of this pandemic but here it's another problem this country is as divided as never before and instead of using this moment to bring people together to uni fi people president trump was staring fear of cultural change and as we just heard he says frames protesters as leftwing mob that will destroy america as we know it so instead of calming the country bringing it together on this very holy day on this important holiday he's putting oil in the fire well with that level of division and
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mind are you expecting to see protests alongside the celebrations. yes indeed we do there at least 20 protesters also already announced and we had the chance to talk to some of them this morning on the streets there actually quite some native americans who also want to protest against what trump said president trump said last night obviously that black lives measure the movement will be on the streets so we will keep you guys posted what's going on today in as paul in washington d.c. thank you. well let's go now to some of the other stories making news around the world pubs in england are welcoming patrons again after a 4 month coronavirus shut down restaurants and hair salons have also been allowed to reopen the changes don't apply to wales or scotland or northern ireland which have been setting their own timetables for easing restrictions. on german
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chancellor angela merkel has paid tribute to the elderly saying they have faced particular hardship and loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic during her weekly address merkel urged the germans to protect the elderly by respecting social distancing rules take. barcelona's sagrada familia has reopened to cope with 19 front line workers after a 3 month closure the basilica is reopening to the public in stages the 1st of which has been dubbed the quote tribute phase the church which has been under construction for over a century is spain's most visited tourist attraction. dozens of people are feared dead in japan as severe flooding and landslides hit the country's southwest at least 10 people are reported missing and tens of thousands have been in vacuum waited with troops being deployed for search and rescue rescue operations. where lifting. the floodwaters immobilizing his car this man is forced to leave it
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behind left only with what he can carry. a tarantula down the last possible southern japan on saturday some areas saw $100.00 millimeters per hour. and as the rain eased floods and mudslides will it houses an infrastructure with many residents stranded on rooftops awaiting rescue. the government has sent troops to assist the rescue operations all. the time going you know here i instructed officials to take every possible measure to deal with the rain disasters in the country southwest with the priority on saving lives. the government plans to send some 10000 troops to the regions. more than 200000 people in the prefixes of cooma motel in case she might have been urged to evacuate by officials but not everyone was able to remember governor telling
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reporters that 14 people are presumed dead after a nursing home was flooded. prime minister shinzo has set up a task force to deal with the disaster as the number of missing and dead is sure to rise. well let's go to sports now and in formula one of us has secured pole position in the qualifying run for sunday's austrian grand prix fellow mercedes driver lewis hamilton came 2nd giving their team a clear advantage just as looking for his 1st ever world championship having come 2nd last year the race and austria is the 1st of the 2020 season which has been cut down to an 8 race competition held soley in europe due to the pandemic and in football the german cup finals takes place here in berlin today with labor cruising facing leverkusen facing byron munich now the game would normally bring tens of thousands of fans to the german capital but the pandemic means that this year will
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be a far more subdued affair league champions bahrain have a chance of securing their 2nd double in a row while leverkusen are only seeking the 2nd german cup triumph in their history . berlin's olympic stadium the fans this year because of the pandemic. the city itself will also be without the usual throngs of football fanatics. who heard. it's a bittersweet final for many not least for the members of leave a only fun club in the german capital they rarely miss in the way game the most loyal have backed by or for over 30 years. played in berlin which they seldom did except in the bundesliga we were always in the stadium. when you've got the chance again after 27 years to be in the final and to win the cup. leverkusen beat.
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to win their only german cup in 1993 with kiersten scored the winner in a one nil victory and the striking stone hopes for an end to the trophy drought for a club the tories for its ability to snatch 2nd place from the jaws of 1st. could or should have lifted one or 2 trophies we were always close we were in the final twice and when you factor in the last league championship we should have won more. the current team is desperate for a 2nd german cup captain lars bender left that in no doubt. this year we have the chance and the ambition will approach it hungrily tomorrow so that we can finally bring a trophy back to live accused and again. at least there should be some of this fear at the cups presentation as the brand new system makes its debut at the olympic stadium. well let's go now to d.w.
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sports correspondent oliver moody who is standing by in front of berlin's olympic stadium good to see you all over but there's barely a fan in sight as i still feel like cup final day. it does not really clever be honest with you i've been in berlin for plenty of german cup finals and usually you see the city full of passionate football fans like the ones we met in the report just there the trains to the stadium are packed as well today i just had a very eerie kind of walk from the station to the olympic stadium here behind me there are a few fans milling about i think just sort of curious about how a cup final without supporters looks but really there's no atmosphere at all to speak of we've seen from a sporting perspective that the strategy that german football has followed has more or less work to allow the bundesliga to get through to the end of the season successfully and i'm sure the players a used to it too i don't think they'll be too badly affected by it but i think i speak for everybody who loves german football when i say that i hope this is not
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just the 1st ghost final we have but also the last one i'm sure there are many with the same sentiments but unlike in the bundesliga the german cup has had several different winners in the last 5 years do you think leverkusen it can challenge byron well certainly by and have lost a couple of finals over the last decade including just a couple of years ago against frankfurt and on top of that leverkusen are certainly one of the teams in germany that you would say could give byron a run for their money they have indeed beaten by an once already this season in the league they had a good season they were unlucky to finish outside of the champions league places this would be the perfect way to make good on that they have a very talented squad particularly in the form of chi habits who is possibly the most wanted player in the bundesliga and pitt's a boss will be hoping to continue the dutch tradition of winning german cup finals no doubt coaches of the last one and all of a movie at the olympic stadium that thank you so much for your reporting.
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