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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2020 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin with a record surge in coronavirus cases in the u.s. donald trump gives another divisive speech on independence day the president attacks his critics and praises what he calls progress against the pandemic and then the fireworks fly between pro and anti trump demonstrators reflecting the country's growing divide also coming up croatia heads to the polls for parliamentary elections we have coronavirus cases on the rise and the economy in crisis and a new right wing party could play the kingmaker. i'm
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tired very welcome to the show our u.s. president donald trump has used independence day to give his 2nd divisive speech off the holiday weekend just bought a surging coronavirus cases in praised what he just drives as progress against the pandemic while downplaying its severity trump also talked about the uprising against racism and police brutality using his so-called salute to america to attack the black lives matter movement. it's not the celebration a president would want in an election year amid social unrest and a worsening pandemic trump delivered a speech full of the combativeness often reserved for his rallies let me just point throw prosecutors we are now in the prior service serve. defeating the radical left
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the marxists the anarch is the agitators the looters and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing. the holiday comes during a time of national reckoning of the country's history and legacy of slavery. criticised for his handling of the coronavirus trumps claims of progress is that stock odds with the country surging infection right. now we have tested almost 40000000 people by so doing we showcases. 99 percent of which are totally harmless. the risk was enough to discourage many with only a spa scrouge watching on. the day brought different meaning to those who turned out. to me it's
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a very important day in it deserves to be celebrated today as a teaching day to know that we can get to a day of independence and what we have to come together the more we actually have to unite different this year that there's no people but doesn't make a difference to me so i'm still here. the event culminated in a huge fireworks display. fireworks also between opposing protesters the polarization of america on a day intended to unite. washington correspondent covering the 4th of july celebrations he's fair assessment yeah right i mean you know this is a 4th of july comes in a in a moment when this country and which this country is really split i mean it's divided as his have has never been before and instead of donald trump using this moment in the speech he delivered last night delivered today he is delivering using
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this possibility this opportunity to really bring this country together he does quite the opposite she stirs fear he kind of puts out a cultural war on his own people that's the opposite i think a political leader should do right now. and that was in this poll in washington let's bring you up to date now with some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic the world health organization says it will stop studying the effectiveness of hydroxy chloroquine in and that hiv drugs as treatments for covert 19 after trials failed to reduce deaths the doubly great show on saturday also announced the siegal highest the highest single day increase in new infections since the start of the pandemic with member states reporting more than 212000 new cases and india's keisler it is fueling that rise it recorded its highest single day spike in new infections with almost 23000 people testing positive within 24 hours and the australian city of mill been about $3000.00 people there in 9 public
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housing estates have been placed in total lockdown as in fiction numbers continue to rise in the suburbs there. well croatians are heading to the polls on sunday for parliamentary elections the governing conservative croatian democratic union is up against the center left social democratic party the poll comes as the country faces a renewed spiking 19 cases voters are looking for a prime minister who can keep infection rates down while reviving the battered economy but none of the main contenders is expected to gain a majority and that makes a coalition government a lot cleaner prospect. some say it's a gamble by the incumbent president andre plink overture that the ruling party calls early elections to profit from their relatively successful handling of the corona virus pandemic but as a number of covert 9000 cases rises again the center right party is in the
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spotlight playing golf which is main challenge it is style for bennett age the social democrat leader is heading a restart coalition made up of small the center left parties he's trying to win over voters by claiming the removal of a dozen government ministers is proof of that incompetence. but. the election comes as depend damage batters croatia's fight terrorism success but the biggest financial crisis in decades looming the economy is the main issue for many voters. that are both i know that for me as a young mother it is important to have a stable job so my family can be sustained the fire at a certain amount of that 11 they don't care enough about croatians going abroad on the climb and and the low salaries for young people many simply don't have a choice we should have more young people. involved in politics and the
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i don't know maybe because the have some youthful ideas fresh ideas. recent polls put the 2 main political camps neck and neck with only a row. around a quarter of the vote each that could leave room for croatia's right wing homeland movement to join the government. a new nationalist party led by populist sing amira sloughs choro speaking of those from the ruling party here to be able to vote. there's no clear winner in sight and due to cope at 19 voter turnout is unpredictable as depend for the 1st time croatia will have an election not only decided by voters but also by a virus. or ad let's see today on your head she is a professor of political science at the university of sagrera good to speak with you today professor look we just heard the coronavirus is likely to have
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a big effect on this election what do you think croatian voters the thinking about as they head to the polls. i think there is a degree of uncertainty but partly and i wouldn't say fear i think the development on view really is that it's come autumn in particular and nobody knows what exactly the consequences economic consequences from particular of this strong a crisis will be taken that the creation tourism makes more than 20 percent of the g.d.p. of the country and that we know of that we don't take you know at the moment whether the current crisis will continue for much longer i think everyone understands a majority of people understand that it's very difficult to govern in these circumstances nevertheless there is a big question mark over whether croatia should continue with the governing of the or indeed any of these 2 major parties that have actually marked the creation
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politics for the last 30 years or whether they will they will have to be or in what should be some kind of a challenge to them. we've heard that some analysts from the ruling power went to these early elections because they hope to capitalize from they handling all of the pandemic but given there's a renewed spike in cases do you think this gamble is going to pay off. the 2 major parties including the christian democratic union have lost about 20 percent of their voters compared to the last elections in 2016 and they try to avoid further loss in losing of the votes that might happen because of the economic crisis in the autumn and the agent said indeed which insists that in his in its slogan that only the creation is safe only with them all for some kind of stability and continuity and so certainly they would like to come up with the lies the circumstances of the crisis and to offer themselves as these safe pair of hands
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let's talk about these right wing policy the hind leg movement eats likely to come 3rd and also likely to be the kingmaker since none of the 2 parties are expected to gain a majority what could the demands of the homeland movement be this is the movement that actually offers a kind of order on the zation of. everything that we can see in hungary with or. might actually happen if they have a veto power over the new government i think involves for example the minority rhetoric that questioning the issue of gender equality even. in such instances in which we talk about abortion in the case of so forth raped women which has become and they see it in this election is quite unexpectedly in a way they also are very critical of independent media and independent civil society sector and they glorify they glorify the homeland war of the 1907 want
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to introduce it much more directly into school curricula and public discourse and it's been good to talk to you and your vids professor of political science at the university of zagreb thank you very much thank you. here are some of the other stories making news this hour brazilians took to the streets once again on saturday to protest president. of different groups including health workers and teachers criticize the government's response to the pandemic. discrimination and police brutality. and protesters in the u.s. city of baltimore have torn down a statue of christopher columbus as seen in this video that's gone viral on social media as we. approach to president donald trump praised columbus in his independence day speech activists. committed genocide against the indigenous
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peoples of the americas. capital berlin is renaming a central subway station that has become a tory is bearing a name based on a derogatory word for black people the move comes after worldwide protests against racism connected with the violent death of george floyd at the hands over us police officer. this berlin metro station has borne many names since it opened in 1908 but the name it acquired in 1991 has been hotly debated since the beginning more than just tossing it translates as more street using them an evil term for people from north africa. public transport company b v g things it's time for yet another change of this day sions name. on the occasion of diversity day we have to side to rename the station we have people from 51 countries working at the d.v.d.
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bilin is an open minded city and we at the b.g. welcome the world so we thought in times like this it would be appropriate to you name the station. by the end of the year the station will be renamed. after the 19th century russian composer mikhail evanovich going who composed this symphony. by activists for tests. and i think it's fantastic they're doing it it's not right in the 21st century to name things of their gracious terms for black people it is high times and i hope that not only the station but also the streets get renamed. to go to the renaming comes as countries around the world we evaluate their legacies of racism and colonialism but in berlin not everyone is happy with the change of name from charley a pity that the metro station of old ruin named but i can live with the fact that it might have soon
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a new name because i can't understand we have some more pressing problems in the city walls but linguists say more is not a neutral term they say it was already derogatory by the 18th century and while the b.g. has taken this into account the city of berlin still has a tend to name the nearby street that carries the same name. football now i'm buying munich of one the german cop they beat by leaving prison for 2 to clinch a league and cup double in berlin for the 2nd year running the pandemic meant it was the 1st german cup final to be played before empty stands david opened the scoring for by and just off to after just 14 minutes after says going on 3 out of a 2nd goal robot 11 dusky made sure of the count with by and 3rd goal on the hour. back through. who scored a powerful header from a corner but despite an delight penalty it was by ends die 11. to clinch and
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now the double. this is d w news live from berlin is more now web site d w dot com you can follow us on twitter and instagram to handle there is that you don't get in i'm sorry great thanks for watching. thanks. on legal i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of on the grill. let's talk about the environment so about society and it's still about a little planet on the brink spokesman so leading experts in the fish don't do much or. look at just a little blue focus to keep.

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