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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2020 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is news live from berlin and europe's leaders take a break from marathon talks on a massive coronavirus recovery package they had rolled into the early hours over how to pay out of the $750000000000.00 euro fund they'll be back later but there's no sign of a breakthrough yet also coming out of the childless reach could be very expensive. because so many many thing being extremely terrible and cautious about actually
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saying. pro-democracy leader nathan long talks in exile in london he says he'll continue to speak out against china's crackdown on the territory. 76 years ago i don't hate lawyers survived an assassination attempt now germany's armed forces honor a plow some fun stuff into the man who tries to kill hitler. plus argentina starts easing the lockdown restrictions bringing a welcome boost to businesses battered by a 4 month national lockdown. i'm sumi so much kind of good to have you with us european union leaders have taken a break after their tense summit over a proposed 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery package went into a 4th day members are split over how much money should be just. viewed as handouts
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or as loans that will have to be repaid and whether strings should be attached to enforce the rule of law and some countries now hard hit southern states including italy and spain want to see substantial aid payments but a group of the players frugal northern european countries want loans and more checks on how the money is spent. let's get some more perspective on the story now we have maria de metis with us she's the deputy director at the european think tank google maria thank you for joining us it is not unusual that we see e.u. member states argue about money but this divide over this aid package seems unprecedented especially this battle over loans versus grants why do you think this is been so divisive well i think of the what you call the struggle for which is actually now 5 countries said they are of the opinion that any help that should be given to any country should be in the form of loans and the reason why would be no arguing this is because they are not seen favor of centralizing more money of
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putting more money in as often a kitty in the middle that goes out and spreads to those who need it they believe that this money needs to be to paid back you know order to satisfy the demands of their own citizens who simply do not want to see more centralized powers at the u. by contrast of the countries of the south who are arguing for more grounds they are very much afraid that if help comes in the form of loans that simply kind of piled up on the debts that they have to pay back and they had very very high debts to be in with when before the pandemic a start it with epidemic they had to go to the markets and bought borrow more so they really warrant that any more loans is simply going to make the burden of the debts on manageable if we look at the details both sides are haggling over as you said the amount that should be in grants with around 400000000000 right now the ballpark what kind of compromise do you expect. well you know that's an interesting
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one i believe there are 301000 now which is almost like a psychological barrier and the you can commission suggestion of one of the owners of my commute of 500000000000 in the form of grants they're going to be some are going to land somewhere in the middle exactly where i'm not entirely sure i think 450 will probably be number 2 in 4 but anything above 401 i think will be a good solution so i think this is where we're going to end up marrying maria do you think there's any chance that we might not see a deal unless a package. oh no not at all in her this is this is her year of work in fact if anything europe has reacted to the pandemic crisis if i compare this for example to the way that you have reacted to the financial crisis 10 years ago this is at the speed of light going very very fast however there are 27 people sitting around the table with very different agendas aiming for different things and also with very different problems to have to deal with so you know it takes every long time but there will be there will be
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a solution even if it's not today there will be a solution yet this is an unprecedented crisis this pandemic this doesn't really bode well for the cohesion of the what does it. yes i'm afraid that's probably right yeah i mean i think the reaction from the very beginning was from on off you know sort of directly there was need to sort of direct a very 1st reaction of the european countries were very much about protecting their own i think that soon soon became different i mean everybody realized that if we're going to tackle the pandemic we have to coordinate we have to cooperate however that the regional reaction actually left a very bad taste in particular in countries like his family who were there 1st and hardest hit and the disagreements that we see today are not a known of the had always been disagreements but it is true that even a thing the problems of the day require more collaboration more cohesion and you know touch these disagreements like this to do not bode well with our i don't know
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counterparts in the world like the u.s. and china who sometimes and i look at those disagreements to simply take advantage maria dimity is deputy director of the european think tank bruegel thank you so much for joining us. now to some other headlines from around the world the german daily 100 slots says that the former head of payments giant wire cart has fled to russia. has been on the run since wire hard collapsed after a $2000000000.00 euro hole was found in its balance sheets the austrian national has also been lent to russia's g.r.u. military intelligence service in media reports. saudi arabia's king solomon has been taken to the hospital the official press agency says he will undergo medical tests after developing an inflammation of his gallbladder king someone's health has been the subject of speculation for years his son the crown prince mohammed bin so money is now effectively in charge of the him down. the judges in iran have suspended the executions of 3 men linked to anti-government protests that decision
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follows a public campaign against death sentences the men's lawyers are hoping the planned executions will be overturn it. britain is set to suspend its extradition treaty with hong kong amid growing international condemnation of china's new national security law in the territory that this controversial law punishes a broad wage range of offenses that are considered a subversion terrorism or collusion with foreign elements that did not stop pro-democracy activists from holding an unofficial primary election hoping to come up with enough candidates to win a majority in the legislature later this year on monday a prominent pro-democracy activist joshua wang submitted his application to run in the poll another one of hong kong's most prominent young activists nathan law recently fled hong kong to london where our reporters all of the parts caught up with em. it's not all new in london the left hand traffic he says from
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mine some of hong kong his home which he fled 2 weeks ago the new security law made it impossible for the activists to stay. on i myself are in great danger under the law but also a lot of my fellow activists in hong kong so a lot of us are. fear of being prosecuted harmful you know i'm meeting law in central london the 27 year old brought this banner all the way from hong kong a banner that could now get him arrested at home and a reminder of what he is fighting for freedom access and chinese the activist does not want to disclose his exact location and plans because he's concerned for his safety we all know that china us rich could be very expensive. for me i'm on the movie being extremely cautious about actually thing so i could protect myself.
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it was an umbrella that once made famous one alongside thousands of other hong kong as he protested for democracy in 2014 together with joshua he founded the pro-democracy opposition party. and got elected to the city's defacto parliament now no one has had to leave his life in hong kong behind. very painful decision but for me i think it's more than myself more than personalization is a strategy for the movement because we need to have someone to speak on the international level freely. people see mom when they cannot speak up on the ground so for me i would love to bear that responsibility even though i need to have some personal sacrifice. came to london on a visit with one clear purpose he wants to be the strong voice for those still fighting the fight back in hong kong. but who are now being silenced under the new
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security law yes the historical time for u.k. regarding the china policy. change in the past 6 months. i think is. a strong consensus in the u.k. politics that we have to be more assertive to china and i hope that my presence and my engagement in the u.k. could facilitate that change that we could hold china accountable in the future we have to respect all wants to and power the movement and his fellow activists from abroad but the reality of not knowing if and when he can return to hong kong in the future leave some sound. is just like. don't know when. it's. a lot of responsibility.
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for myself but for the whole movement. it's a lonely path that mason law has chosen but one where he believes he can be the most useful to the cause. for more on the story let's go to hong kong where our correspondent is standing by for us we saw there that nathan law is now in london and we also mentioned the britain is looking to suspend its extradition treaty with hong kong does the democracy movement there see britain as a safe haven. to ask. nations and tensions what. did the u.k. actually follow suit many of his allies including the us canada. and australia suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong so the hong kong
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controversial national security law is only one of the reasons. britain and china. that you can have to basically announce out to remove chinese telecommunications giants hallways from your network and the u.k. government is also under pressure from party members to sanction chinese officials . to human rights abuses so. beijing. in home in london has already warned that. resolutely media to any kind of like what chinese official. in the. u.k. and finally going to. the shop. meanwhile we've been looking at some pictures of another a prominent pro-democracy movement founder joshua wong and he's just announced that he'll stand for election to the legislative council in hong kong but will he be
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allowed to stand. for this is a big cost to him a. moment that has just how long how just kind of like running for the upcoming legislative election this long time for him to run for that. so last september last november you are not alone would you like but the bottom line from running out that action. 'd whether he can actually like run for these this election especially i'm certain you'll be implementing national security law which clearly stated that anyone who doesn't hold the national security may face like me may be far from running for public office so for many observers and analysts in hong kong it's been closely watched on how the government will handle the upcoming election and how they will interpret the new
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law on the screen. in the coming week. our correspondent reporting for us thank you very much. here in germany new military recruits are being sworn in on the 76th anniversary of a plot to assassinate hitler the tradition reminds members of the armed forces to be loyal to their country rather than to a particular leader on july 20th 1904 klaus fun stuff in baghdad a group of officers who tried to kill hitler with a briefcase bomb hitler survived the attack and stuff and bark and his coconspirators were rounded up many of them were executed today was hailed by the german german armed forces as a role model and is honored in ceremonies around the country. well let's bring in our political correspondent nina with more on this story hi nina good morning tell us more about how this day is being commemorated. well this year it's going to be
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commemorates in quite a different way because of course the coronaviruses still a threat and protective measures against the virus are still in place here in germany so this year there will be no audience present on the ground at the prison where many of the people who took part in that attempted assassination were killed by the nazis but there will be some high ranking german officials there and there will also be the grandson of dolphin back himself who will give a speech and of course the german defense minister is going to be that because of the ceremony where the new recruits are going to be sworn in what role do you think the state plays in germany's collective memory today it is still alive and needs collective memory of course there have been books have been exhibitions that has been the hollywood film starring tom cruise and the german governments over the last few decades have tried actively to keep that memory alive by commemorating that event every year by also choosing that date for that special ceremony when new
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recruits are sworn in and the idea of course is to ingrain that principle of resistance against any form of fascism right wing extremism within modern day german soldiers having said that of course the memory is also beginning to fade somewhat according to recent polls where some 15 years ago a poll found that half of germans didn't know what date stand stood for and that number was even lower with a young generation where one in 4 had no idea what about the way that it is perceived by germans how is that changed through the decades. it does change tremendously and of course that is very symptomatic and symbolic of how germans and different german generations have thought of that country's nazi past right after the war in the early fifty's there was a poll that found that some 60 percent almost of germans thought negatively of that attempted assassination and it took younger generations to question their parents
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and grandparents exhibited during the war and during the nazi era to change that perception of what the nazis had actually committed which crimes that commit committed and how that whole period was seen. over the decades and then of course these days a fraction of germans only sink back and his people as traitors interestingly enough. some members of the alternative for germany party which is of course germany's biggest opposition party call back and his people traitors and that is proof to some experts that this party is at least home to some people with right wing extremist views our political correspondent you know has a thank you very much in another world war 2 commemoration france has been marking the nazi roundup of thousands of parisian jews in july 942 they were taken into custody in an operation known as delta eve named after the cycling racetrack where
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most of them were 1st held only a limited number of people were allowed to attend the ceremony because of kobe 1000 precautions. this was a very controlled environment were even the children of survivors could not attend but the significance of the ceremony loomed large it commemorates the events of july 1942 when more than 13000 pairs jews were rounded up by the german occupying forces with the help of french police most of the jews were brought to the city's indoor cycling track they and the others were then deported to the auschwitz concentration camp. at the server moni a leader of the jewish community in france expressed his concern about the rise of anti semitism there was an almost 75 percent increase in anti-semitic acts in the country in 2018 and a further increase of more than 25 percent last year the mayor of paris and he said she's concerned this with. i would also like before the end of this year
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and if health conditions allow me to organize with all the religious and also secular authorities in the conference and to take a moment to reflect on and review all these foundations of anti-semitism and racism undermining our society. more than $75000.00 french jews were deported to nazi death camps but only a few 1000 survived. argentina has started lifting coronavirus restrictions in the capital case around $2200.00 argentinians have died from the virus and the president has warned that the battle is not get one but businesses need a boost the economy was already fragile before the pandemic and when inside it has been hit especially hard by the 4 month lockdown. for months this plan osiris
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restaurant has seen only staff no guests inside they offer their food to go the owners have been fighting to keep the restaurant in business with its 90 year history wholly on dss most gallegos is part of the landscape of the argentine capital but now it's struggling emotionally we have thought about closing the place down but so far we've been able to make ends meet. then added. slowly the city is starting to reopen families are allowed to venture outside more often joggers can hit the road again and from wednesday small businesses can reopen assuming they have survived a ghost town after 4 months of strict lockdown i mean it was definitely a challenge for the body for the mind and financially. before the pandemic argentina was already struggling on the heavy burden of debt to pay it off the economy needs to grow the coronavirus put a stop to that the government is trying to negotiate debt relief with its credit us
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the deadlines and of august if the contrary argentina will default not for the 1st time. to pull out from businesses this would be a catastrophe they would have serious trouble getting loans on the capital markets that would affect their ability to invest or to your companies would go bankrupt setting off mass job losses millions already depend on soup kitchens and this part of by a series they hand out 6000 meals every day. since some of the people who come here a middle class they used to have their own businesses. clearly n.d.s. refuses to give up on his restaurant it has already survived national bankruptcies and other crises he's betting it can outlive the pandemic. the corona virus has now killed more than 140000 people in the united states and the caseload is rising sharply across the country there is growing public anger over
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a perceived lack of leadership and national strategy to tackle the pandemic japanese in us poll reports from arizona. for amanda and gina their grandfather who see it was like a father to them he taught them everything help them become who they are and died of the corona virus one of so many in arizona it was horrible to leave him alone and him knowing we had to leave him alone like what was he going through at that time knowing that he couldn't have his loved ones there to support him his facing everything pretty much alone and there's nothing we could do about it. i don't know it's hard break is very hard breaking. a situational aster has become all too familiar with even after 38 years in the funeral business the corona pandemic nothing is as it used to be. with these families so many of them haven't been able
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to be with their loved one at the time of death put into a hospital where they can't visit or into a nursing home where they can no longer see them so many people are dying alone and that emotionally is challenging for families just to know that they can't be there and they can't you know be supportive and so are our challenge our job is to help them kind of deal with that and start to help them heal and grieve and that's that's what we do. more than 2500 people have already died in arizona leaving many hospitals overwhelmed with the sick and the dead. when we get a death call the hospital will say can you come quickly because we're archipelago at capacity we don't have anywhere to put these people they're trying not to get to these mobile units but they actually are so when we go now to a hospital transfer someone in our care they have to actually have to look and see where the body is is it in the hospital facility or is it out in the mobile facility. it's been a little over
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a week since they've buried their grandfather amanda and gina still need time to come to terms with their loss but they already have strong feelings about who is to blame they could have handled a lot better i feel they knew about this from john and they didn't have been i understand price so the world wouldn't go on panic mode but at the same time like what's going on liquid occurred due to them knowing and not doing anything about it and i really do think they could have did a lot more to help a lot of people and people are still getting sick people are still going to the hospital people are still dying and i don't understand why i just don't and i don't think it's fair to any of us. their feelings are shared by many mourners in america that the lack of leadership from the white house is just as dangerous as the virus itself. sports now and football the german a coaching job in the german 4th year wouldn't normally make waves but this one is
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we went to meet the only female coach in german professional football 3 months into a new her new role she says attitudes in the game are changing. didn't cost is in her element the 31 year old is head coach of german 4th tier club and a lot of it's her 2nd such job in men's football and it's all part of our plan. when i was little i know that i can play my whole life so i start just in the beginning to know ok i want to be a coach because i want a relationship for my whole life with a soccer last year she began to study coaching at the german football federation a move that a lotor to coach in the professional game and one that saw her learn from another trailblazing german manager when i make my internship. with you and i gets none it was. a very good experience he is such a good coach he worked in detail so it was very interesting to see how how he teach
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principles the way to the top is hard enough for men and even more complicated for women men's clubs have next to no culture of female coaches old fashioned attitudes linger in the boardrooms and on the terraces wooden horse is the only female head coach in the top 4 men's divisions but she sees a change in attitudes among the younger generation. the boys i coach they have a different thinking about woman and i think when i am on the pitch with them and i show them how i want to play soccer with them and how i act with them it's perfect to talk to a boss of a club and say ok i am the right coach for your team that is the hardest step of being a soccer woman coach in the men's team. the cliche goes as a result business. is a few big wins with her new club will go
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a long way to changing perceptions. by let's get a recap of our top story on d w europe's leaders are taking a break from a marathon summit aimed at finalizing an agreement on a 750000000000 euro coronavirus economic rescue package they are expected back at the negotiating table in brussels later today. thank you for watching.
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in good shape. there is no cure for a child. how can one lead to normal life with the potential buyers they are
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working on a vaccine as a therapeutic drugs. and new media a move to defeat the virus from to the top of hendrix leaving a child. could shit. on. into the top in opera is not for the faint hearted. a fantastic voice alone just isn't enough any more. wages and hard work in this world dr singers could sing an aria about. the tough.
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passion drama competition rival marketing none of us here by that time and childish love 8. 1000000 at the san fran 5 spams. all. because my football. club. hello and welcome to in good shape as always directly from berlin this is where in 19021 of the 1st persons in germany was diagnosed with hiv that's the virus which causes aids the.


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