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this is the life from berlin leaders take a break from the talks on a. recovery package goes into the early hours over how to pay out the $750000000000.00 euro fund. but there's no sign of a breakthrough gets coming up. out for a stroll around town this jewish man feels real fear as he encounters frightening
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extremism in the markets. trying. to kill jews that. easing restrictions bringing. businesses by a full national. welcome to the program european union leaders have taken a break after the tense summit over a proposed 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery package went into a 4th day they'll be back later today but there have been split over how much of the farm should be distributed as handouts and how much as loans that would have to be repaid. europe's leaders seemed to see each other in. the flash
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germany's angela merkel and france's emmanuel mccall had already agreed and all that's enough for most e.u. problems friday seems to phase with optimism and good humor. good bye monday morning mccoll sounded very different was listening but i mean here you know it's finished but it's difficult. he and macko will be calling on all their diplomatic skills to bridge some significant splits within the bloc they need to reach a group calling themselves the frugal so austria finland denmark. the netherlands and sweden they want loans more than subsidy. when we savages leone's you know they need reforms here from ford but if it's all said out west of a number of countries the most countries all can the it's not hard to learn she subsidies they only want. to know what there's a crisis with us not only because of the last name the procedures are. there now
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whirling around that idea of putting conditions on the money. it's getting close no. hungary's leader viktor orban is at the center of this fight over linking subsidies to rule of law in his country and other issues elsewhere. i don't know what is the person lol reason for the dutch prime minister to hate me or hungary but he's attacking so harshly and making very clear that because hungary in his opinion does not respect the rule of law must be punished financially that's his position which is not acceptable others like greece say they simply need to see the money the big picture is that we're faced with the biggest economic depression since the 2nd world war maybe some compromises will be necessary but we need to be sure to that we achieve an ambitious solution because our citizens expect nothing
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less from us for. it's a standoff and the most powerful voices have so far remained silent i'm joined now by our correspondent marina strauss in brussels but other any signs of a compromise or does the deadlock continue. all stressed courts was one of the few leaders to come in this morning after the leaders came out of you know some of the building to take their break and t. seem quite satisfied with the developments so far so we know we saw in the report he's part of the self declared food frugal for country of 5 countries now shall michel that you council president apparently proposed to hand out 390000000000 euros in grants in comparison to the 500000000000 euros in grants he proposed earlier so this is actually
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a sign that the frou will gain some ground here course also said he's very happy to have this frugal 5 kolob now because now it's not only the 2 big countries now france and germany who are saying which direction that you has to go it's also the smaller ones who can join forces and also decide themselves but we're still far away from from a deal here we don't know if there will be one found today is this big question of norms versus grants but you know why is the conditional out of any financial assistance such a sticking point in negotiations. it would be the 1st time in history that the e.u. utilizes that so this is a big thing and there are 2 very different perspectives on this topic so we have the south and states we have italy and spain that have been badly hit by the covered 19 crisis they say we need your solidarity we want to be at this money to
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be handed out as grounds and we don't want to pay it back or we can't pay it back and then we have the northern countries to say ok yes so derek it's a good thing we want to help you but we want to hand out loans and we want to tie that money to reforms in your countries and the reason for that is also that they have their own tax peris in mind and that they don't want to centralize further centralised money. you already mentioned this sort of alluded to it but in our countries like italy and spain they're already servicing huge debts owed realistic is it then to expect them to pay back any financial assistance that they receive as part of any e.u. recovery fund cornered by this recovery. it's not only israeli and spain it's also agrees and partial girl for example that are already highly indebted and many experts say it's support more burden on them is just a would just be too much and there are also these countries are not only hit by the
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covert nanjing crisis more than other countries for example in the north or in the east of europe but they're also highly dependent on tourism and with travel bans in place and maybe people don't want to travel so much this summer they will even face more difficulties but not strobes in brussels thank you very much for that. now to some other stories making news around the world saudi arabia's king solomon seen here in 5 pictures has been taken to the hospital official press agency says he's undergoing medical tests after developing and inflammation of his. health has been the subject of speculation for years his son the crown prince muhammad bin sultan is now effectively in charge of the can the. judges in iran have suspended the executor of 3 men linked to antigovernment protests the decision follows a public campaign against death sentences the men's lawyers are hoping the planned
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execution zz will be overturned. and the german daily hundreds blocks ses of the former head of payments giant why ecod has fled to russia yanmar solich has been on the run since collapsed after the 2000000000 euro hole was found in its balance sheets. has also been linked to russia's g.r.u. military intelligence service in media reports. britain is set to suspend its extradition treaty with hong kong amid growing international condemnation of china's new national security law in the territory the controversial law punishes a broad range of offenses that are considered subversion terrorism collusion with form elements that however didn't stop pro-democracy activists from holding an unofficial primary election hoping to come up with enough candidates to win a majority in the legislature later this on monday a prominent pro-democracy activist joshua one submitted his up occasion to run in
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the polls. and another most prominent young activist. recently fled hong kong from london where. it's not all new in london the left hand traffic he says from mine some of hong kong his home which he flips 2 weeks ago the new security law made it impossible for the activists to stay. so. being prosecuted i'm meeting law in central london the 27 year old brought this banner all the way from hong kong a banner that could now get him arrested at home and a reminder of what he is fighting for freedom access and chinese the activist does not want to disclose his exact location and plans because he's concerned for his
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safety we all know that childless rich could be very extensive. on the movie being extremely cautious about saying so i could protect myself. it was an umbrella that once made famous when alongside thousands of other hong kong as he protested for democracy in 2014 together with one he founded the pro-democracy opposition party. and got elected to the city's defacto parliament now and has had to leave his life and hong kong behind. very painful decision but for me i think. it's more than personalization. to me because we need someone to speak on the international freely. people see mom when they cannot speak up on the ground so for me i would love to bear that responsibility
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even though i need to have some personal sacrifice. came to london on a visit with one clear purpose he wants to be the strong voice for those still fighting the fight back in hong kong but who are now being silenced under the new security law yes the historical time for u.k. regarding the china policy. change in the past 6 months. i think is. a strong consensus in the u.k. politics that we have to be more assertive to china and i hope that my presence and my engagement in the u.k. could facilitate that change that we could hold china accountable in the future we have to respect all wants to and power the movement and his fellow activists from abroad but the reality of not knowing if and when he can return to hong kong in the future leave some sound. like.
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is awaiting that you don't know when it will end. a lot of responsibility on my shoulder. and i have to remind myself. i don't leave for myself but for the whole movement. it's a lonely path that mason law has chosen but one where he believes he can be the most useful to the cos. joining me from hong kong now is our correspondent phoebe kong phoebe moore is in london and now britain looks set to suspend its extradition treaty with hong kong is the pro-democracy movement of hong kong encouraged by britain support. well this is what some of the activists in hong * kong how the lobbying in seeking from the international minutes of what they call checks and balances against
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a lot of them to take on this by announcing this is one thing not counting right now. but it says let. me just. to be of some kind of distrust was contradictory and ellie and the british government also laid out 9 the so-called lifeboat deal to accommodate hong kong this will hold british nationals this is possible that certainly you can offer them a pop up license but on the other hand it's not that they will ask the lady china's position relations which has been rather. busy week and while this is going on you have another. huge. debate just in the city but with.
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russia this is not the 1st time for talks want to run back to the same model for the actual last time. but that he was followed by the authorities saying that he supports self-determination so this remains up this week the question like what he will be allowed to run for election this time so. it has been closely watched that that's how the government implemented national security not specially. clearly stated that anyone with any one wants to run for public office is that he or she must sign or take oath to such elections to the specialist these special ministry to preach on on this is a unique situation. just come on to find out if i. feel better given that whatever happened that you come up on it's quite expected that oh my. god that all but if i did qualify that
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a candidate is going to get the fact that i will have to leave it on the coming week. in hong kong thank you very much. and here in germany the trial begins on tuesday of a man charged with carrying out an attack on a synagogue in the eastern town of last october the suspect fails to storm the synagogue but is accused of shooting 2 people dead one in the street and another in a shop the case has sparked a debate to germany about the security of its jewish citizens. matfield says jewish and lives in the eastern german city of hala he shows us round the market square where most days a well known neo nazi organizes a rally the city spots igor threats come over the loudspeaker.
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and it is this stage it's telling that even after the attack this kind of thing can still take place in the middle of hala i'm sad to say it's quite normal for him to insult ordinary citizens things like this just fuel conspiracy theories and help to radicalize the halla attacker and. the incitement stops just short of criminal activity but it helps to foster a climate of fear the extremists also targets the media accusing journalists of lying. the police are keeping a low profile we asked officers off camera whether it's right that jewish citizens should have to listen to this far right extremist they tell us the right winger also hears things a reference to civil rights campaigners. howlers
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jewish people tend to keep to themselves and that saved lives during the attack the solid wood synagogue door protected people inside from the gunshots. on october the 9th last year on yom kippur the most important jewish holiday the heavily armed near nazi tried to storm the synagogue. the attacker fired repeatedly at the door and threw hand grenades failing to gain entry the attacker then shot dead a woman passer by who challenge him. he then opened fire to a nearby takeaway food shop killing one tyner. both of the victims are commemorated at the place where it happened. the leader of hallett's jewish community was among the 50 worshippers who escaped
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the attack on the synagogue with their lives the effects however are still being felt when. the sound of a helicopter makes me uneasy which it never did before. i never had any problem with the fireworks on new year's eve. this year i felt not exactly nervous but a bit on comfortable and. that's because of the attack. he's been the death of me does a month's lock. max prevail russkie recently found 2 swastikas in front of his office building. he was further unsettled when he witnessed a police officer covertly clearing a swastika or a way. to feel so insecure or
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feel that you can't entirely rely on the police and other authorities that's really battle. most of huyler's jewish community are reluctant to go out in public he does venture out but remains cautious. and i think most jewish people would not be happy to walk around hollow wearing a kippah. it's no great surprise that hal is jewish community does not feel safe so why are near nazis and out to spread racial hatred on a daily basis in the market square since the attack last year the man has prioritized countering anti semitism we wanted to ask him about this but his office said he was too busy to talk to us. we've been destroyed you know it was
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benjamin knight who covered the aftermath of of the 4 different welcome the trial of the suspect begins to model what. 28 years olds now live with his mother he is kind of a pathetic figure i mean he in the video films of committing the same you streamed it live on the internet and in the video he described himself as a loser and he's getting it all wrong and his attorney his defending him he said he's the kind of person who blames his own misery on other people a lot of the time and what we kind of knows that he was deliberately trying to copy the christchurch attack which happened a few months before at a mosque and that this time he wanted to kill as many people as possible in a synagogue that was his used extremely anti semitic and he had to be of there was a psychological assessment of him which found that he was basically obsessed with 2
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things which was what was building domes of the guns that he made with homemade and the other thing was. how you covered the aftermath of a bunch of other and you will tribune back there recently what does the city feel now why it's not like i could tell you the you know the whole city is in shock and trying to work out what they're going to do the situation is not that's not how people function their life in the aftermath in the few days afterwards there was like. in a row that there was a human chain forms a symbolic tuman change around the synagogue to show solidarity as thousands of people out in the market square and i think that now like 9 months later it's not as if there is much is changed like the things of just settle down and the attitudes of the far right because we saw in the clip that and there was. there's a there's a there's a. the notorious guy who does regular and he semantic protests that now is
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not a big there's just like a t.v. people have a shot in history but people just kind of accept you know they're people because they are is just part of the furniture it's like the and the only people who show real outrage on t.v. activists and it's not like. people just kind of get on with our lives you know you'd seems extraordinary benjamin that a man in germany can stand in the middle of a square shouting and to submit to abuse essentially and that is ok is that as you mentioned really acceptable in eastern germany i mean was there any political fallout in the east off the visitor for example yeah i mean it's not as if people don't like it were put in and you know there's a sort of the public is against these type of thing but it's not as if there's thousands of people protesting anymore against anti semitism and against the far
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right and i think. yeah i think the political point of view i think a lot of the politicians are more kind of saying didn't really you know this is nothing to do with how we don't want to impugn people as hala that is kind of like a natural reaction but it's not as if there's a really big oh. i don't think i don't think the politicians really know what to do in a situation like this because this you know they often like emphasize oh this is just a lone wolf kind of figure and we have to kind of ask like obviously he was like a loser character but why is he then there for anti semitic isn't really there for the time being reported benjamin knight thank you very much for coming in. argentina has started lifting coronavirus restrictions in the capitol. 2200 died from the virus and the president has warned the battle is not your business is
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need a boost the economy was already fragile before the pandemic and business ideas has been hit especially hard for months. for months this plan osiris restaurant has seen only staff no guests inside they offer their food to go the owners have been fighting to keep the restaurant in business with its 90 year history wholly on the . part of the landscape of the argentine capital but now it's struggling emotionally we have thought about closing the place down but so far we've been able to make ends meet. then added. slowly the city is starting to reopen families are allowed to venture outside more often joggers can hit the road again and from wednesday small businesses can reopen assuming they have survived a ghost town after 4 months of strict lockdown i mean it was definitely a challenge for the body for the mind and financially i mean before the pandemic
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argentina was already struggling under a heavy burden of debt to pay it off the economy needs to grow the coronavirus put a stop to that the government is trying to negotiate debt relief with its credit the deadline is and of august if the contrary argentina will default not for the 1st time. to pull out from businesses this would be a catastrophe they would have serious trouble getting loans on the capital markets that would affect their ability to invest your companies would go bankrupt setting off mass job losses millions already depend on soup kitchens and this part of bio sirees they hand out 6000 meals every day. so. some of the people who come here a middle class they used to have their own businesses so the polish clearly n.d.s. refuses to give up on his restaurant it has already survived national bankruptcy and other crises he's betting it can outlive the pandemic.
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