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trying successfully i am. just going to. start charging you something i'm just thankful. to see deputy news live from for land crunch time for leaders house talks on a massive coatless recovery package and trace forth debt commission president 1st looks underline says she is feeling top domestic find positive for today we're not there yet but things are moving in the right direction that sentiment also and now being echoed by the leaders of france and of germany we'll tell you what's at stake
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. also coming up the british government suspends its extradition arrangements with hong kong it comes after beijing imposed a tough new national security law that is further raising concerns about human rights abuses in china and 76 years ago out of hitler survived an assassination attempt now germany's armed forces on our klaus launched alphanumeric the man who tried to kill hitler plus breaking through the woman coaching a professional men's team here in germany she says it's no problem getting through to younger players getting older club managers that's the real challenge. time sarah kelly welcome to the program leaders are continuing. to try and thrash
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out an agreement over a massive coronavirus recovery package they have been locked in tough negotiations for 4 days now the core disagreement concerns how much of the proposed $750000000000.00 euros will be distributed as handouts or as loans that will have to be repaid the hard hit southern states including italy and spain want to see substantial aid payments but a group of celtic players frugal northern european countries want the money distributed as loans and more checks on how the money is. let's talk still ongoing e.u. council president shuggie show said that he remains confident an agreement will be reached i'm going to say and my new proposal to all the lead we have were it's very hot and this proposal is the fruits of for a lot of. research. to loose i know the last steps are always the most difficult time and for didn't i think that even
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if difficult even. if you truly believe in polls and to continue to work i finch and i am convinced that a new agreement is possible to. get more now we are joined by our correspondent teri schultz who is standing by for us in brussels terry is this a sign of consensus. sure michelle would very much like us to believe that is a sign of consensus and in fact what we're hearing is that there has been an agreement reached on the ground portion of the recovery package to be 3 $190000000000.00 euros that's down from the $500000000000.00 that was originally announced which was opposed by the frugal so if there is an agreement on this part of the package that would truly be a really big step forward and it may in fact smooth the way for the recovery package to be resolved. if that is indeed true and they have reached that agreement
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tell us terry because i mean the summit was meant to heal the wounds of the coronavirus crisis but it seems as if you know all of these divisions are now on display. well sara the summit was very much meant to ensure that the health crisis did not become an economic crisis that dragged the entire european union down with those countries that were hardest hit both by the virus and of course by the financial implications of the virus and what it has done is once again as we've seen with so many issues laid bare that when it comes down to it there's a lack of solidarity among the 27 countries there are those countries the frugal zz and others who who simply believe that they should not have to pay the bills for countries that you know are are in dire circumstances economically we saw this with the financial crisis we see it when it comes to migration and so while the well of the recovery package would indeed be a way to to to bolster the financial situations of those countries italy
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spain and greece it comes at a price and there were as you mentioned there were some very frayed tempers there were some nasty things being said among the $27.00 leaders in their 4th day of negotiations over this so it's made clear that the e.u. may be one team but it's teams with its team members with very different views on how things should move ahead especially because it's not just about the recovery fund you know the fees exceptional circumstances created by the pandemic and we also have on the table the matter of the long term budget as well don't we. that's right we've all been focused on the recovery package and the proportion of grants versus loans how much should be given how much should be repaid but in fact we've barely talked about the 7 year budget which also has to be agreed with was expected to be agreed at this summit and which is still very much on the table and there are some very real issues over that that still remain very big points of contention one
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of that has come to the fore in the last couple of days is whether those countries that are under scrutiny for violating what what the e.u. believes are its democratic values its the rule of law whether those countries should just expects to get payouts from the e.u. there are countries like the frugal za led by dutch prime minister mark rubio who says you know if you don't share our values don't expect to share our funds teri schultz with the view from brussels where things are moving at this hour summit into day number 4 thank you terry. and now to some other stories making news around the world the german daily handles plot says that the former head of payments giant wire cart has fled to russia young marsalis has been on the run since wire card collapsed after a $2000000000.00 euro hole was found in its balance sheet the austrian national is reportedly now staying at in the state west of moscow under the supervision of russia's she argues military intelligence us. scientists at oxford university
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say that their experimental coronavirus vaccine appears safe and has produced strong immune responses in early trials but the researchers warn that while the results are promising wider tests are needed to provide the vaccines efficiency. now saudi arabia's king saul man seen here in file pictures has been taken to the hospital efficient press agency says that he will undergo medical tests after developing and inflammation of his gallbladder king saul months health has been the subject of speculation for years his son the crown prince mohammed bin samana is now effectively in charge of the king. first and has suspended an extradition treaty with hong kong amid growing international criticism over a new national security law imposed by the territory. posed by china excuse me on the territory for much of the foreign minister dominic robb announced the decision
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amid rising tension with beijing he said that he had concerns about the new security law as well as about alleged human rights abuses in the country. right now the british government feared the long standing extradition arrangement could result in people extradited to the territory fleeing or if you tried in mainland china china has accused britain and of brutal meddling in its of their cars for the moment let's bring in correspondent charlie potts in london charlotte tell us more about today's decision why now. well foreign secretary dominic rob this said that the key assumptions under which that extradition treaty was functioning had changed and what he meant by that is of course the new security law that china has imposed on hong kong which makes it more possible to silence dissidents and to punish protest us and the fear of the concern here and the u.k. is that hong kong or sewer currently living in in the u.k.
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and london for example activists those that are opposing the chinese regime that china would make use of that extradition treaty to extradite them back to china and try them there so this is why you ban that and that was not the only measure that he announced today he also announced that an arms embargo that was already in place with china with mainland china is now being extended to hong kong for example those exports of arms and materials that control crowds like smoke grenades for example or shekels so the u.k. showing they're very much today that they are standing by hongkong side in all of this and they have been very much out front when it comes to making these decisions put on the pressure what does this mean for british chinese relations. well they on very shaky grounds at the moment is so over and that is not only because of
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the situation in hong kong but also because of the treatment of the week in china the u.k. says they are concerned about the alleged human rights abuses by china there so there were a number of key developments for example that the u.k. off a deposit to citizenship for 3000000 hong kong worse in the past couple of weeks and also the u.k.'s decision to ban huawei so the chinese telecommunications giant from building its 5 network that was just announced last week and all of that has really angered china which now we're seeing slowly the starting of a tit for tat economic war it china saying it is pulling plans to build a headquarters of the social media giant to talk that was planned here and london and it's also threatening to pull billions and billions of futurist investments in the u.k. that's why prime minister boris johnson today called for a balanced approach but it's very clear that these goal of the golden era that once
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was between the 2 countries is now over and some n.p.c. even saying a new cold war is on the horizon there charlotte pots in london they charlotte. on a ceremony has been held in berlin to mark the 76th anniversary of a failed attempt to assassinate hitler it was attended by defense minister on a gradual karrenbauer who also swore in new recruits to the german armed services during her remarks she reminded them that their loyalty is to their country and not to any particular leader was. trumped salute for the heroes of the german resistance the pen down ceremony was held at the site of plots in prison in berlin where many of the conspirators were executed after that a plot to kill hitler and failed. on the 20th of july 944 german army officer
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class from shelf and bag led the attempt to kill the dictator with a briefcase bomb hitler survived the attack but the plot showed the world that not all germans backed the nazis a story that still has meaning today according to down from banks grandson this is and it bits of his story it is a bit in the article truth that in democracies there have been many successful assassinations which of change the cause of the world in a tragic way against dictators assassinations of almost never succeeded but these resistance fighters resolve that they must make the attempt whatever the cost. germany's defense minister stressed that the example of the plotters continues to inspire the country's military. didn't. write we will empower peace freedom and humaneness around the world we were new this is a promise here now in commemoration of the men and women of the 20th of july 1944 and if. this one 6th. to underline
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that tradition the 20th of july is no a date when german army recruits swear their oath of allegiance to serve their country but also to put their conscience above mirah b.d.'s to orders and we turn now to sports in football a coaching job in the german 4th tier wouldn't normally make waves that this one has we went to meets the only female coach in germany professional of all every months into her new role she says attitudes in the game our team. is in her element the 31 year old is head coach of german 4th tier club and a lot of it's her 2nd such job in men's football and it's all part of her plan. when i was little i know that i can play my whole life so i start just in the beginning to know ok i want to be a coach because i want a relationship for my whole life with
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a soccer last year she began to study coaching at the german football federation a move that a lotor to coach in the professional game and one that saw her learn from another trailblazing german manager when i make my internship. with you and i gets none it was. a very good experience he is such a good coach. so it was very interesting to see how how he teach principles the way to the top is hard enough for men and even more complicated for women men's clubs have next to no culture of female coaches old fashioned attitudes linger in the boardrooms and on the terraces the wooden horse is the only female head coach in the top 4 men's divisions but she sees a change in attitudes among the younger generation. the boys i coach they have a different thinking about woman and i think when i am on the pitch with them and
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i show them how i want to play soccer with them and how i act with them it's perfect but to talk to the boss of the club and say ok i am the right coach for your team that is the hardest step of being a soccer woman coach in the men's team. the cliche goes as a result business didn't horse will know that a few big wins with her new club will go a long way to changing perceptions. next it is global 3000. combating the pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. 19 special next on d w are they friends and. are then enemies i've
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ever worked for roger.


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