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has the right. this is the w.'s life from then signs of optimism from a new leaders negotiating a massive coronavirus recovery plan you council president shall michelle says an agreement worth hundreds of billions of euros is now within reach after a new proposal and if breaking the full days of deadlock falls on the program the british government suspends actual dition arrangements with hong kong it comes
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after facing imposed tough news national security that's further raising concerns fashion rights abuses in china. and the united arab emirates alone she's the arab world's 1st mission to moscow the hope truck aims to provide the 1st complete picture that chinese. i'm sure gal welcome to the program you counsel present shall michelle says he's confident a deal on a 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery package will be breached e.u. leaders are in their 4th day of talks tensions have been running high with the core disagreement concerning how the funds will be distributed the latest proposal includes $390000000000.00 euros of grants and $360000000000.00 of loans that will have to be repaid hit southern states like italy and spain have been pushing for
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bigger grants but a group of so-called frugal northern european countries want the bulk of the money to. but he does loads with more checks on how it's spent so these prime ministers he said become terry says he's cautiously optimistic that the rift can be overcome and hid knowledge that negotiations have been tough to leave that there is a limit that must not be exceeded for the dignity of italy and for the dignity of all the other countries which are going through the acute phase of the crisis under living the most serious consequences we are not joking here it is no time for national navel gazing we are proposing a european solution here and there is no time left for jokes. let's go through this with a w correspondent to tell you in brussels welcome terry so you leaders are now finally in the room together what's on the table. that's right still after yet more delays of hours and getting together they are finally now sitting down with the
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latest proposal from e.u. council president sharma shell this group says you mentioned earlier how much money would be given to these hardest hit countries in france how much would be loans it also includes some measures that are very pleasurable to 2 countries like hungary and poland which would provide some some supervision over how the money is spent and whether these countries are observing what the e.u. considers democratic values and the rule of law there are a lot of very controversial issues packaged up in this recovery fund. michel says that he believes that this latest proposal the latest layout that he's just given leaders is going to be the one that finally allows them to come to agreement on this recovery fund after 4 days of negotiations ok so fingers crossed on the deal over that 750000000000 euros but a bigger issue facing the e.u. late leaders is the blocks trivia in your own budget which still hasn't been set.
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that's right i'm not sure it's a bigger issue in terms of the argument it's a bigger amount of money but that too has now been sort of rejiggered by shoma shell and there are some other controversies that we haven't even been discussing like cuts to climate funding and and you know changes in the way that countries would be required to wean themselves off fossil fuels we haven't even been discussing the climate phil and you know that's usually a very controversial issue here in e.u. budgets so you know they they say that they believe they can get an agreement here but you know there may be new arguments opening up once they can move on from the recovery package on to this 7 year budget. seemingly be nonfood disagreements where it's supposed to be old unified this particular summit does seem to have been particularly bad tempered if not name calling in public profanity and dial warnings why has it been so bad. i don't mean to laugh because it has been pretty bad but i
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mean any time you get you keep people without sleep for that long of course nobody is on their best behavior but more seriously it touches on these old wounds that are reopened every time you need 27 governments to agree on anything the issue of solidarity you've got you know italy and greece and spain the countries that are hardest hit by the corona crisis also hardest hit by the financial crisis and so once again the northern countries which you know we call it we call the frugal is are saying you know their governments isn't good enough why should we have to bail them out yet again that's why shell michele was forced to come back with a smaller amount of grants inverses loans at the same time he may well consider this a success because at the beginning people like dutch prime minister mark rubio were saying i don't want any grants so this truly would be a compromise but again it has reopened all of the old questions about how much solidarity there is in the european union to brussels thank you and
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take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world scientists at oxford university say the experimental coronavirus vaccine appears safe and has produced strong immune responses in early trials but the research is a warning to well the results are promising why the tests on needed to prove the vaccine efficacy facemasks are not compulsory in all of france's enclosed public spaces for this year's new coronavirus outbreaks face coverings were already required on public transport time in some establishments and france brought down infection numbers after 2 months locked down those sources fear a resurgence. saudi arabia's king sound him seen here in file pictures has been taken to hospital became tim's official press agency says he'll undergo medical tests after developing the information his goal but it sounds health has been subject to speculation for years the son crown prince crown prince mohammed bin
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soundman is now effectively in charge of the 76th anniversary of an attempt to assassinate adult hit last spring commemorated with a swearing in of new armed services recruits limb in front of defense minister i think that comes out about on july the 20th 944 klaus punched out from baghdad 11 group of officers who tried unsuccessfully to kill before it with a briefcase bomb so they ceremony reminds the members of the armed forces that their loyalty is to that country rather than syria particularly that is the german defense minister speaking in today. we're focused we will never forget we will always have the courage to live democracy we will defend the rule of law we will empower peace freedom and humaneness around the world for. these especially renew this promise here and now in commemoration of the men and
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women of the 20th of july 944 and the fallen and this month 6 new. well british government has suspended its extradition treaty with growing international condemnation of china's new national security law and the territory. of france is the considered subversion of terrorism. pro-democracy activists from holding an unofficial primary election with enough confidence to move the majority in the legislature and later this year. pro-democracy activists submitted applications to run in the. us to prominent activist nathan recently fled the territory for london there are reports. that. it's not all new in london. hong kong his home which 2
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weeks ago the new security law made it impossible for the activists to stay. being prosecuted i'm meeting law in central london the 27 year old brought this banner all the way from hong kong that could now get him arrested at home and a reminder of what he is fighting for freedom access and chinese the activist does not want to disclose his exact location and plants because he's concerned for his safety we all know that child us reach could be very. close on the move. to protect myself. it was an umbrella that one famous one alongside thousands of. protesters for
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democracy in 2014 together with he founded the pro-democracy opposition party. and got elected to the city's defacto parliament now i know has had to leave his life in hong kong behind. these are very painful decision but for me i think it's more than myself more than personalization is a strategy for the movement because we need to have someone to speak on the international level freely. people seem on when they cannot speak up on the ground so for me i would love to bear that responsibility even though i need to have some personal sacrifice. came to london on a visit with one clear purpose he wants to be the strong voice for those still fighting the fight back in hong kong but who are now being silenced under the new security law yes the historical time for u.k.
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regarding the china policy. change in the past 6 months. i think is. a strong consensus in the u.k. politics that we have to be more assertive to china and i hope that my presence and my engagement in the u.k. could facilitate that change that we could hold china accountable in the future we have to respond all wants to and power the movement and his fellow activists from abroad but the reality of not knowing if and when he can return to hong kong and the future leave some set. is just like. it is awaiting that you don't know when it will end. and. a lot of responsibility on my shoulder for now and i have to remind myself. i don't live for myself but for the home with him and it's
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a lonely path that mason law has chosen but one where he believes he can be the most useful to the cos. we're not in the arab emirates has lourdes the arab world's 1st interplanetary mission the u.a.e. is a mild probe which means hope in english aims to orbit mars and provide the 1st complete picture of the red time it's obvious from the launch of being postponed twice because of bad weather the orbiter blasted off from a small island in southern japan. hope is the 1st research probes sent by the united arab emirates to investigate other planets. after a roughly 7 month trip popa set to each man's unsettling to orbit. the hope mission in particular is going to study the martian atmosphere so it's going
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to study the lower middle and upper atmosphere on mars and it's going to try and understand how the gas escape from morse. hope will be the 1st weather satellite to orbit non's researching phenomena like the planets massive sandstorms it will study weather and climate as the seasons change over a 2 year period. the data is meant to help develop models of mars atmosphere and own some of the fundamental question why did mars change from a planet that would have supported life to an icy desert. space flight engineers from the emirates and the u.s. developed the satellite it was built in colorado it's meant to send a message of hope from the mission's founder the prime minister dubai to arab youth . bench really stablish the arabian peninsula's tradition of scientific leadership
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. the emirates want to launch their own economy into the future with innovation and reduce the dependence on oil. china on the other hand is setting its sights on a moslem ending safe on the us is the only country to have pulled it off china's satellite channel when one is expected to set of robots and drive them want to look down on the red planet's surface. this rolling recession of oratory will explore its environment on a 3 month journey it will also use radar to look underneath the surface to a depth of 100 meters. when knots down the satellite will lead densify and much mars mineral makeup and resume says including mineral deposits it's also supposed to search for frozen water. china does not plan on sharing the data collects with
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international research as as others have done and much criticized move. as it joe updates will have more world news for you at the top of the hour steve because it will be with you in just a moment of i think of you is this update going to. any explosive surprises. keep some sense in the footsteps of the great we've. been here in. town the place st.


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