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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2020 5:00am-5:15am CEST

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this is climate change regular sex how freeness books you get smarter for free get over your books are new to. this is g.w. news lines from berlin anger on the streets of beirut protests following choose days devastating explosion leave at least one police officer dead and dozens of people injured demonstrators plenty blame the plaster on the gears of government corruption also coming up. u.s. president donald trump signs executive orders to extend benefits for those left
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employed by the pandemic he took the step after negotiations in congress still. the government of the richest declares an environmental emergency as all stars in the struggle to contain tons of fuel meeking from a grand ship france is sending teams and equipment to help deal with the disaster. on pablo foley s welcome to the show we start in lebanon where protests against the political establishment have left one police officer dead and more than $100.00 people injured demonstrators have stormed several official buildings setting fire to at least one government ministry the country has been deeply shaken by choose days devastating explosion in beirut support the blast killed more than 150 people . injuring thousands more and destroyed large parts of the city.
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they came from near and far and their message was clear. down with the government amid anger and political elites they say are into exploded devastating large parts of the city the chemical had been stored for 6 years without adequate safety measures in a warehouse at the port the explosion they cannot get people's discontent with their leaders. i am here because of this nervous decent explosion that we just witnessed an 11 on that was it is a complete neglect this is neglect this and could upset and hypocrisy i am here the one thing we can do it say in the face of god we have to change the government to change how we. find a man to have to change everything people are dying from hunger and this is unacceptable and the prime minister hassan diaz who himself is being partly blamed
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for the situation in the country says he will now attempt to call new elections he says that's how change should happen. but it's unclear if those on the streets will listen to him with the situation growing ever more tense during saturday's day of protests a day of rage lebanon is in turmoil and looking desperately for a ray of hope amid the darkness. wild new car spawning bosler reidy has been following the events in beirut and sends us this update. that they are afraid seems that it's what ended up in lebanon to be that they open inner cities and over then 7 hours of clashes between security forces and the protesters and this day it was obvious that to protest that they had not the then usual they took over from ministries for a few hours the minister of foreign affairs and energy economy and environment plus . associate of banks since the 17th of october 1 of the new bunnies took the
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streets of lebanon they blamed the banking sector for the financial crises and they blamed the ministry of energy for the ailing sector of electricity and the minister of foreign affairs that it didn't represent that he had a voice of the lebanese to the world this day it was obvious that it is turning point in lebanon in the political life even though the prime minister they say he said that in his meeting with the kids ministers on monday will discuss an early election which was one of the main demands of it us there's lebanon but after tonight and after the huge explosion in the. heart but things are. becoming based we make sure right the future of lebanon whether he can continue with the cut in political system or it can be changed the international
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community asking for. the news bosler reporting they're moving on to the u.s. for president donald trump says he's taking executive action to extend benefits to americans who've lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic bypassing congress after negotiations between republicans and democrats broke down trump accused rival democrats of trying to block the benefits. in the current negotiations we have repeatedly stated our willingness to immediately signed legislation providing extended unemployment benefits protecting americans from eviction and providing additional relief a means to families democrats have refused these offers they want to negotiate what they really want is bailout money for states that are run by democrat governors and mayors. washington bureau chief in his polls and says this is sassaman trump's decision to bypass congress to extend the pandemic relief payments president told
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trump signed an executive order on saturday at his new jersey country club that will extend unemployment benefits that will give recipients $400.00 a week which is down from $600.00 the president is also ordering payroll tax holiday is for those making less than $100000.00 along with a moratorium on infections and student loans the executive order will most likely phase legal questions so it won't necessary leads to people receiving money at the end of the talks between how a similar process and senate republicans and the white house have stalled as they have tried to pass another stimulus package due to kong was inability to pass any meaningful legislation people are now wondering whether they will really be able to pay their bills without unemployment protection also as
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a victim protection expires people will not be able to hold on to their homes and could end up on the streets we have to keep in mind these types of executive orders are often put together in a great hurry and are highly political despite being important. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the japanese city of nagasaki has marked the 75th anniversary of the u.s. atomic bombing participants held a minute of silence to remember the 17000 killed in the attack the bombing came 3 days after the attack on hiroshima and japan's situation and at the 2nd world war the. survivors of india's deadliest plane crash in 10 years say the jets weighed violently before it skidded off the runway in heavy rain in the southern city of karachi code at least 18 people were killed the air india express flight
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from dubai was repatriating indian stranded by the pandemic. a venezuelan court has sentenced to former u.s. special forces soldiers to 20 years in jail for their part in an alleged coup attempt they were part of a group of armed men who landed on a beach near the capital last year venezuelan president nicolas maduro claims it was a plot to assassinate him. hundreds of polish. rights supporters have protested in warsaw and other cities against the arrest of a transgender activist the activist known as margo has been put in pretrial detention for 2 months after acts of civil disobedience the protests came a day after police detained nearly 50 demonstrators in warsaw. all france is sending teams and equipment to help deal with an oil spill that environmentalist fear could become a major ecological disaster the government of the indian ocean island has declared
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an environmental emergency after tons of fuel started leaking from a cargo ship stuck on a reef. the beaches are already covered in oil which is threatening an entire lagoon and fuel is still pouring into the sea from the grounded ship. locals are relying on the ingenuity to fight the pollution stuff in sugarcane leaves into plastic sheets to make improvised booms that just isn't enough professional equipment volunteers are working with the authorities to scoop up the oil and pump it out of the ships tanks. the government has declared an environmental emergency. we're appealing to france and renewing for help the united nations and other countries. we don't have the know how to deal with a catastrophe like this. the whole body. francis promised aid and the
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sending experts and the naval vessel the empty freight to run aground 2 weeks ago on thursday a fuel tank burst the japanese owners have offered an apology. but environmentalist a warning to spill could devastate the fragile wildlife of militias and the fisherman the communities. the law good itself is heavily affected and we fear that it's going to be something that is going to last. for 5 months maybe years i don't know it's unclear what caused the ship to run aground police have opened an investigation. well the number of corona virus infections has been rising rapidly in many countries including mexico the death toll there has now passed 52000 behind only the u.s. and brazil and as the virus spreads it's the poor who are the hardest hit jose one said i'll defer sloss his father and then later his mother and aunt also died from
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cold at 19 he never thought it possible that the disease would take away his family . for them for proof it's only when my father died that we understood how serious this virus really is we realized that the situation here is really bad only then did we really start paying attention. to remember. more than 50000 people are known to have died in mexico but the real number is believed to be considerably higher hospitals are swamped the health care system is under financed and protective gear is in short supply more than 70000 health care workers have already caught the virus such as dr jose garcia. and it's because there are no guidelines whatsoever in hospitals. and no instructions from management or from the government about which rules we should follow the. winning ticket here on the committee to. other accusations include that restrictions were ease too early and
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that recommendations for wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing are contradictory criticism is especially aimed at mexico's crisis coordinator who rejects the accusations you know that the number of dead has a lot to do with the fact that many of these people were already chronically sick many mexicans don't believe that they say the government's response to covert 1000 has been chaotic and has cost the lives of many. the people of better routes are heading to the polls on sunday in one of the most closely watched presidential races in decades the country has been ruled by alexander lukashenko since the 1990 s. but this election he's facing a significant challenge. we love we can will win then not giving up meet the free woman taking on veteran leader alexander lukashenko said lugh not he cannot stay on as the one on the ballot this weekend
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but maria kolesnik of the and veronica said kahlo has now thrown this support behind her together they have been drawing tens of thousands of televisions desperate for something new. people have put all their hopes in me all the desires for change you thought they'd join forces after candidates they were backing were forced out to cull those husband fled the country with their children. kolesnikov it was working for victoria. arrested on charges of privacy. and he cannot stay as husband was jailed and disqualified from running. she knew. my husband is in prison he lives in very cramped conditions and of course there's tremendous pressure on him. this is the man determined to stop the opposition alexander lukashenko he has been in power for 26 years and he's made it clear he and the officials who backed him aren't going anywhere.
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this state will not give you up and it will protect you we have found a way to bring these extremists to justice if. you cannot scare has almost no chance of forcing outlook but she and the other complainer this has still managed to help the regime imagine the country without its long term leader. well to soccer now and byron munich have sealed their passage into the champions league quarter finals after easily eliminating chelsea byron will face barcelona in a one legged game in the last 8 next friday in lisbon that's after the spanish side defeated napoli byron's robert 11 ski converted an early penalty and netted late on in a 41 home win behind closed doors even paris situ was also among the scores as byron wrapped up a 71 aggregate victory having won the 1st leg way back in february before the
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coronavirus suspension. well this is the w. news live from berlin don't forget you can get all the latest information around the clock on our website d.w. dot com and you also follow us on twitter and instagram for me in the rest of the team here brilliant take care and see assume. i'm secure the value work. and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here and more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with her smugglers with clients and. what's your story.


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