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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2020 1:45pm-2:01pm CEST

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here are the scars from. what i told you i should be i you but the bear was quite all man drunk amani eventually he let go of me. local people can vouch for the story they've nicknamed. the bear wrestler. back to the bees and the alleged healing effects of the night honey 10 minutes later to want to checks his mother's blood pressure again he finds out it's dropped another percentage point the honey seems to be working but now his daughter isn't feeling well i'm going to need them along the way that i feel about my head tax. free can i just want to sleep. the sun already has i ran into a tree at the ready to counter the side effects and he finishes up the next time
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it's all part of the method to his. champagne is not just the name of a rather expensive type of sparkling wine it's also been aim of the region in france where this wine comes from wine makers and champagne and have been a hard hit by the corona virus pandemic no parties no weddings very few occasions to celebrate it's estimated that $100000000.00 fewer bottles will be sold because of the pandemic now instead of letting the fruits of their labor go to waste the wine makers are finding alternative uses for their harvest that are a little less glamorous. some of the world's finest grapes grow in the champagne wine region but the coronavirus crisis has taken a big toll on visitors here. restaurants in france were closed for months parties and receptions canceled that could ruin champagne wine maker.
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good. growing regions are in crisis in a global crisis there's not a sector that isn't affected. what is certain is that we wine which isn't consumed during a certain period you want to be drunk later on. her. family has been in the wine making business in 1644 his wife who is german this worried during france's long lockdown business pretty much came to a halt. to return it's. like this will be difficult. but never for a moment have we thought. giving up or that things will collapse. you must think positive otherwise i won't have the strength to go on. $7000000.00 visitors
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normally flock to the champagne wine region each year. at champagne bars were especially popular with international visitors until the coronavirus had. one whopper we don't have any russian guests any more. chinese brazilian or australian ones either it's literacy to keep others in our region alive what are your. for the week the money has run this bar for 37 years now he may have to lay off a star for good there's little of the french show or the reeve under splay here these days is really pretty even though it was small that north the small businesses are in big trouble a 2nd what don't we spell the end for lots and lots of them. here for. we travel farther into the oz us with almost 1500 that the region was a covert 19 at the center. even now only paris has more patients hospitalized with
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the virus. normally this area is specially popular with belgians. but the belgian government is currently advising people not to travel here so these days there are futurists around. like there are fewer and fewer people in the restaurants we haven't met so many cyclists i imagine they'd be more it's nice for us on the municipality of middle earth has just 800 residents. but a boast 21 aris and vineyards as far as the eye can see telling the soil and taste in the grapes. recently causes tivo and bungee most specked took over this fin yard from the respective parents a changing of the guard in the mists of a crisis. he said we have too many greatness too much wine for the global market and now in addition we have an economic crisis due to coronavirus. that's
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a luna's cause an 8 to 10 percent drop in sales it would have on there's only 10 people so the french government is aware of the van 1st flight last month increased its able to 250000000 euros in the alsace alone several 1000000 liters of wine are to be distilled to make room for the new harvest that would have been unthinkable before but the coronavirus crisis has visitors hunting over their high quality wine some of it will be turned into disaffected did not think about it we're getting ready to come away now. it'll be collected next week brings us about they're picking it up village by village so just one day for all of it there isn't much of a. we're doing it up because we have no choice but it breaks my heart to part with wine this way object themselves they'll get $0.78 per liter for the wine that's the stilled. at this wine cost around $2.00 euros a leader to make in december
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a 2nd wave of corona virus in the next few months would be a catastrophe by this and most of the association wineries make 40 to 60 percent of their turnover during that period. a 2nd wave half of all the wine makers here and also i would have business was pretty good. if it's a kosher is not her part of french culture at the coronavirus crisis has put its very future in jeopardy. it's not just in france where people have not been able to make their vacation dreams come true this year because of the corona crisis many people across europe have decided not to travel abroad at this time and belgium travelers fictions have led to a new tourism trend they have a special type of camping it might not be the most comfortable way of travelling but it allows belgians to go out and discover the beauties of their own country.
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in the national park. or to springs guessing there is all the fun. you can go by kayak or on through 2000 kilometers of hiking trails. through dilute natural landscape spectacular vistas always surrounded by a green. zone. and see so i've come to celebrate their graduations. easier just as they have like our own little country and discover it as well normally we just go to the rest of europe and not love to hear so it's nice to discover places in our own country i guess. rediscovering these natural places is a booming trend in belgium but who acking and bowls are arriving without motorised transport on food by canoe by. spending only 1001 please respecting
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nature burying your waste and taking all trash with you. in belgium camping in the wild is a load only in the areas designated by the forestry office there are 56 of these areas. is a vast the in s. has divided them up into zones. we used to have big problems with wild campers everyone just pitched tents anywhere. to get it under control we decided to designate areas for before walking to. these areas can be checked out in advance online but a surge of traffic has been jamming the website for weeks now. this bit who our area on the do sorts national park is it deliberately located on the loop of the river near the border with luxembourg only 3 tents are allowed any one time in some 2500 square metres of space. for me cheesy cheesy but i think it's true it's like freedom well never you want is
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possible whatever you experience is your so it's just that feel of freedom that is important for me. whose evenings by the camp fire are a big draw too and there's lots of competition 'd while camping spots in this area . ready ready ready to make sure all the nature lovers find the police to pitch their tent some local residents like me are inviting them onto their own land. sig it doesn't cost to get only a smile. more than 40 big yards have been offered with more added daily listed on the internet this can expect a warm welcome. i've travelled a lot myself and now i'm giving a bit of that hospitality back to you it gives me the feeling i'm tagging along for part of the journey he moves. liza easy to think of camping in private yards as
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a temporary solution during this popular time. they want to be able to jump in the creek in the morning enjoy nature as a weekend and have breakfast in style. i slept ok i think. there were quite some noises from animals and trees you know when the fire was out it was completely dark so then we were like ok what's this what's that but then we sat down by the water and looked at the sky like there were so many stars because it was completely dark they have to have their tents packed up by 10 in the morning . no problem for leeson sita today they're planning to hike 12 kilometers to the next. sounds like an amazing way to discover your whole region maybe a bit tiring but certainly rewarding well that's what he brings us to the end up
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today's show thank you so much for being with us today please join us again next week for a new edition. on your up until then i buy a home to take care. in
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. conflicts these days america's religious rights are in the spotlight few worse groups are active in europe and elsewhere seeking zoellick's olof the rules for the legalized among other things for bullshit and game of the world congress are some ways provides a false platform for such moves from this week one of it's found those allen calls
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airport city managed by from a bought. this is the w. news live from berlin alexei no vanny was poisoned that's according to the german chancellor analysis shows that a military grade nerve agent was used to poison the leading critic of the kremlin avani remains in a coma and the berlin hospital also coming off of a verdict of not guilty in slovakia and a much watched case that toppled the gulf.


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