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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2020 5:00pm-5:04pm CEST

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from the long term their final resting place the russian d.w. documentary. play. player. plays. this is d w news law from berlin the russian opposition leader alexei no volley were gains consciousness the berlin hospital treating above me says it has taken him out of the induced coma that he's been in since fall until the german government says he was poisoned we'll have the latest on this breaking story. also coming up a crackdown in develops local media reports that opposition leader mario kolesnikov
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has been abducted in the street hundreds more have been arrested in the latest rally against president lukashenko decades long work on tolerance. plus the e.u. commission president warns the u.k. to respect the brakes of withdrawal deals or risk a future trade partnership that comes after prime minister for strong signals that he has other plans. and 5 years ago germany welcome to hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers we talked of volunteers who stepped up to help the new arrivals find their way in a new country. i'm sunni so misconducts great to have you with us we start with breaking news a berlin hospital says that russian opposition leader alexei the volley has been taken out of an induced coma. doctors treating him at the sherry taste say his
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condition is now improving after he was possibly poisoned with the soviet era nerve agent know each of the cases being treated as an assassination attempt on the bali who is one of president vladimir putin's harsh harshest critics western leaders are calling on moscow to cooperate with an international investigation the kremlin denies any involvement. and political correspondent hans brunt is at the charity hospital for us now hi hans tell us more about what the hospital has been saying it has been a pretty brief statement what they have been saying is that they have lifted the artificial coma in which nobody has been for the last a couple of weeks since the poisoning that he is responding to speech signals but one presumes that he cannot yet talk himself because he is still under ventilation he's still being artificially you're a spirit so presumably he cannot yet speak but he is responding to speech so he is
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back to consciousness as it were but they also say that they cannot yet say what the long term effects of the poisoning will be hans this comes at a time as germany is stepping up pressure on moscow to get to the bottom of what happened i mean tell us what's been going on on that front yes the german authorities have been insisting that moscow that russia has to investigate this crime this presumed crime seriously and sara lee that it has not been doing so so far there's also been some bickering about what information the german authorities are going to supply to the russian authorities for instance the tests that have been made here in germany to confirm that this was a chemical weapons a substance that was used to poison and avani at the same time there is a lot of discussion about what kind of consequences that might have full the relationship between germany and russia and in the center of that is discussions about the north. no 3 in 2 pipeline gas proper.


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