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russia has to investigate this crime this presumed crime seriously and sara lee that has not been doing says so far there's also been some bickering about what information the german authorities are going to supply actually russian authorities for instance the tests that have been made here in germany to confirm that this was a chemical weapons a substance that was used to poison and avani at the same time there is a lot of discussion about what kind of consequences that might have full the relationship between germany and russia and in the center of that is discussions about the north regimes north 3 to pipeline a gas pipeline going through the baltic sea from russia to germany which is about to be completed hasn't been completed yet and germany has been saying that this product line might possibly be affected this pipeline project by the situation at the moment let's hear what the german foreign minister and the government spokesman said about this today. france's offer for. their the phone for now and i believe
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that would be wrong to rule out these having any impacts on the project at. this point your time. chancellor agrees it's wrong to rule anything out. you know the u.s. has been pressuring germany to scrap this pipeline project for a long time so could this dispute over the poisoning of me actually end up killing this deal. it's a possibility that's certainly in the rearmost possibility at the moment as we've just heard from the government spokespeople but at the same time germany has been defending this pipeline project for a long time for many years and today the government spokesman said that it wasn't in fact a german for object it was a project in which international companies were involved but it was a project that will supply gas not only to germany but to the whole of europe so that's their decision if if there is going to be a decision it will be taken on
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a european level and that will take some time yet our political correspondent hans front reporting at the start a hospital for us with the very latest thank you hans. now reports from bellerive say a prominent opposition leader has been abducted by an identified people in the capital minsk the website to be why says that maria was pushed into a minivan by men in black clothing and driven away that comes after mass protests on sunday in which more than 600 people were arrested protesters have turned out for the past 4 weeks calling a long time authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko to step down after a contested election. for more let's go to minsk i'm joined now by mark seems not he's a representative of the opposition and a member of the court a nation council now that is the body that was formed to negotiate with the government over a transfer of power maxime thank you for joining us here on d
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w have you heard any more details on how maria kolesnikov was detained and where she is now. it's a little unfortunately all information that we have is the information which is published in media. one of the streets so the more you know it was kidnapped we also got a video was presumably of this very moment actually she was walking to the post office and up to collect the correspondence from the police and cage of the. she just says here's a way to my friends i'm going to have over one car so. press secretary and secretary of the nation council they tried to fire her variables and also they this is your. whole you don't know where they are. actually yvonne's apartments there was a surge under criminal case some economic matter from the department of financial
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and is the kitchen so presumably it is taken by these financial police but what is with maria so uncommon is that it goes well so you now think 3 people have been abducted now earlier in the day the interior ministry denied that maria had been arrested has there been any more information from the side of the government. we can talk its own possible ministry son of a news agency and what's going on. they all deny its connection to this disappearance of maria and on and on and also i permission from the attorneys of money out. of iran they have filed. a notification on taking defense for all of their clients to all possible realizations who can be
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connected with this story and they have not received confirmation from any of the surveys asians. in this financial mess and what does this mean for the protest movement that's been going on with such strength for 4 weeks now. well i don't think that it will change anything in the protest movement it can only make it. my message because my comments and was not a leader of coordinator of this project whew she was more like a symbol of this brother's. protests where the centralized so i don't think it will have any input on the process neither it will. impact on the work of the current nation council because we have a system where the decisions are made by the majority of the council and if someone
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is not available them there is extended so for more than. 5000 people they will be just brought out there will be taken those decisions by the most for us friends of poland yvonne and for older sons who. i will say they are fans of my have because she's in this campaign from a she's very bright. everyone is. strong affection for the area so of course it's a great point and everyone is worried about her we all know. she was ready for that situation she knew this really is true of me advice about the streets and she shows that she will stay and fight for the rights of people and so the voters will have to leave it there maxine snack opposition leader there in dallas thank you so much for joining us. now to
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some other stories making news around the world a saudi court has given long jail terms to 8 people over the murder of journalists . the court overturned 5 earlier death sentences and instead handed down sentences of between 7 and 20 years casualty was killed at the saudi embassy in istanbul in 2818. a major wildfire tearing through southern california is believed to have been started by a firework more than 500 firefighters are battling the blaze that started over the weekend the flames are being fueled by scorching conditions temperatures have reached a record 49 degrees celsius on sunday. wiki leaks founder julian assange has resumed his court battle in london to avoid extradition to the united states on monday the judge rejected a songes request to delay the hearing until next year as an faces 18 charges under the u.s. espionage act for publishing secret military documents a decade ago. commission president was enough on the line is warning the u.k.
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to respect its withdrawal agreement with the bloc or risk any future trade partnership her tweet comes after british port prime minister boris johnson set an october 15th deadline for a deal or he would pull the u.k. out of negotiations reports also say his government is preparing legislation that would override parts of the withdrawal deal that was agreed last year that would mean a dramatic reversal after years of dialogue. it's not 12 months since british prime minister boris johnson snatched an unlikely deal from the jaws of defeat after a long negotiations with the european union. are do you think that this deal represents a very good deal both through the e.u. and through the u.k. in interviews he heaped praise on his hard work. what you heard of is a fantastic deal for all of the u.k.
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at heart the deal would prevent an internal border in ireland no his government has found fault with the details and is reportedly planning to tear up parts of it a move that could see borders return jeopardizing peace in the region ireland's foreign minister said unilaterally reneging on a treaty would be a very unwise way to proceed coming at the start of a crunch week for trade talks the e.u.'s chief negotiator told french radio he was concerned because but you're. right what can i see today i remain worried it's not the last round of brakes at negotiations that are starting this week we have other runs in late september and in october i went to london again last week so these are difficult negotiations because the british want the best of 2 worlds in a way to do more good thing that the u.k.'s health minister insisted a deal was still achievable. the question is whether we can whether we can land
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a long term future trade agreement and i'm confident that we can. johnson won reelection last december on a promise that he could do his way to break. a strategy that proved popular at home but me yet undermined britain standing abroad. did have a use london correspondent back at mass has been covering the story and sent us this assessment. boris johnson is definitely putting pressure on his european partners the regs the tools have all but slumped over the summer the question is is he really prepared to walk away without a deal or is this just bluff after all the economic consequences of no deal would be dire particularly for the u.k. manufacturing industry where businesses are really lawyering on frictionless trade with a european partners now the indication that the u.k. government might backtrack on the withdrawal agreement that has caused concern in
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brussels but also here in london it's seen as a matter of trust but also as a precondition for a new free trade deal. one thing is for sure or as johnson had from those the brits electorate that's a free trade deal with the e.u. would be very easy to meet it's all been ready and that he would be able to achieve it today it's pretty clear that it's not as easy as he had once promised. we have one sports item for you in tennis world number one novak djokovic has been disqualified from the u.s. open for 33 year old was a favorite to win the grand slam in new york but that all ended when the serbian hit a line judge with a ball in the 1st set against spain's popular. and appeared unintentional but still objected from the tournament despite his pleading with so many players missing the tournament amid the coronavirus pandemic a 1st time men's champion will be crowned this year. i think
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a recap of our top story the russian opposition leader alexina volley has regained consciousness the berlin hospital treating him says it has taken him out of his induced coma he's been in since falling ill the german government says he was poisoned. coming up next to africa with christine would say to. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information of. our corona. from the 19 special next on d w. o
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l. this. respect. it's been 8 months of masks of lockdowns and curfews of living in fear of coffee at 19 and around the world people are saying they've had enough coronavirus fatigue is setting in not just from the virus itself but the restrictions governments have implemented to slow it spread people are gathering closer together wearing face masks less often. some of the reactions have been angry demonstrations against
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coronavirus restrictions are drawn tens of thousands of protesters into the streets mundus into the pandemic we understand that people are tired only to get on with their lives with a vaccine likely still months away people's desire to return to normality and the growing backlash against restrictions is becoming a major risk. after months of the pandemic it's probably no surprise that many of us are feeling sick of getting sick in belgium people are returning to school and work after the summer break the number of new daily cases there is falling but the country has one of europe's highest death rates nevertheless a study into speaking region flanders home to more than half the population shows 70 percent of people no longer support the restrictive measures aimed at slowing the spread of the virus reporter teri schultz sent this report from brussels. that
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covered 19 infection rate is declining in belgium but couvade $1003.00 teeth is growing so many months of isolation so many masks. i mean it's like something really oppressive t.-bo who doesn't want to give his last name despises social distancing and defies the rule to wear a mask in downtown brussels if i if i enter in the shop if i go in the metro ok but if i walk alone in the street no no that is really too much and tivo is hardly alone in his opposition micro for stratton who represents the protest group virus madness says no one should have to follow restrictions except to the most vulnerable how many people would die if we would not take any measures at all but we don't know if you have no idea new research shows just one in 3 people surveyed in the dutch speaking part of belgium still supports the safety measures that's down from more than 80 percent in march when the pandemic 1st hit here university
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of ghent professor martin feldstein who led the study blames poor official communication for the dramatic drop in motivation he says it's been a wake up call for authorities to pay more attention to people state of mind i don't think we have sufficiently been informing people on the consequences of their behavior for them to take a wise decision and now that summer's over everyone's back from holidays more likely to be in enclosed places at work and school it could be a toxic coronavirus cocktail we're quite worried leading belgian virologist stephen vang says experts are stealing for a potential september surge he nonetheless agrees people should be given more information about actions and consequences and then more autonomy so people can have some freedom to choose what they think is appropriate for their situation and
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they can at their behavior but are people so sick of restrictions by now they won't follow them then believes most do comply. but distinctive i don't obey them too strictly because it's very difficult to do but i try anyway a command i feel much safer wearing it we must do it all together but skepticism is clearly growing in recent days open letters have been published in belgian media signed by hundreds of experts including doctors scientists and researchers suggesting the strict measures should be reviewed to see if they're stopping the virus or just the vitality of everyday life. basks always well as speak to naomi rogers who is professor in the history of medicine at yale should we be surprised that people are starting to feel tired of the masks and the restrictions. you know i really think we should be.
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i think that. it's someone who's also living through this as well and as a historian out to see you. i see all around me a sense that people have responded pretty seriously on the basis that this was some kind of disaster so for a disaster you know you're hunkered down you you follow guidance and somehow there was an implicit bargain that it would end many parents for example extraordinarily hard with their children. restricting their movement teaching them online hoping to assuming that. the order that all the schools would be open and everything would go back to normal and it's been a real shock when that is simply not show it's like you say there's this bargain
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was and that if we did as we were told that we would get an early end to this pandemic and it's not turned out that way for people you mention you're a historian of diseases is there a historical precedence for this this fatigue people getting tired of trying to protect themselves. oh actually during the 1918 pandemic. and we don't know it as much about the experience of people during tend to mix as we really short but it's very clear that people who are so anxious to actually to be able to celebrate their return. world war one. veterans and finally at the end of what we now know was the 1st wave of the pandemic they were parades in history everybody was delighted and it was also a feeling that depend dimmock had ended but in fact that wasn't true and then there was. a real sense of anger and frustration when
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influenza riam o. and as a major oh well why problem a 2nd time in just a couple of months after that so we do know that they have been historical precedents both the hour and here of waves and also the experience of living through them if people are impatient because they want this to come to an end but do what doesn't and look like how can we say when this pandemic is over. that's such an interesting question and i have to say that in my experience i've written about it demick sent our rig widely about others historians just didn't seem to really problematize to question it seems to me to actually quite a complicated idea what isn't and who is it who's calling it in and when does it feel like an end and in particular for example living here in the united states and
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i noticed that. during the summer there's been a lot of cool for the simply to be the end that everybody should be able to go back to restaurants and bars. go swimming in lakes and the sea just return to an ordinary happy summer time saturday just to say so this is the end that's where we are now let's just pretend that's exactly who you're calling it the end. and this is being as you can imagine this. resulted in great frustration by many public health experts who say well but it but it isn't the end and people who were people in essence are saying we have been relatively compliant we have to listen to the science and you don't know when
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and. and i think that there is i mean i don't know whether it's so much a question of communication i think that's probably one issue but i think there's also a wider sense among the general public and really many public health experts as well which is that they don't know that they don't really have a good sense some of what the induced can look like or how to more confidently predict it and when your experience real when you realize the explodes don't know. that becomes an even greater. motivation for just saying well maybe i i can't decide when the isn't that's the problem nobody knows well at least this interview is now listen and thank you naomi rogers from the school of medicine it's been great to get your insights you're very welcome thank you for having me. now have you got questions you'd like to ask us about the coronavirus well get in
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contact on how you tube channel and as science correspondent derrick williams will do his best. what country has lost the most health care workers. this question came in a while ago and i wanted to answer that but i couldn't find reliable data now we have some a new report released by amnesty international last week revealed how the pandemic has taken a very heavy toll on on frontline medical staff all over the world in the last 8 months and all it said that at least 7000 health care workers have been killed by covered 99 worldwide since the pandemic began and we know that hundreds of thousands more have been infected with the disease while while making
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efforts to contain it and to treat patients the report said that over half of all confirmed deaths among medical staff had occurred in just 4 countries mexico the united states brazil and india that's not really a surprise those 4 countries also represent more than half of all confirmed cases of covert 19 a worldwide so so to answer your question mexico is the country that so far seems to have lost the most health care workers to the pandemic and it's lost them at a much higher rate in proportion to its number of confirmed cases than in other countries one analysis said health care workers there were 4 times more likely to die of the disease than their counterparts in the u.s. . eric williams there now the citizens of venice got
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a break from the monotony of coronavirus restrictions with a return of one of the city's most colorful events hundreds of facemask the nation's watched on as the annual regatta sturrock a return to the city's grand canal i've been doing it since the 13th century that's our show thanks for joining us.
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make every delivery special to. not just next day but every day. thousands of children who are still waiting for their delivery sponsor a box today so to get the caramel delivered futures. this is due to every news africa on the program today the backlash in south africa over a marketing campaign angry crowd stormed the stalls of a leading retail pharmacy after it put out what they say is a racist advertisement about black people here. at this year's design read johnson scaled down became invite only 30 maidens to the annual highlights which usually attracts thousands of virgins and there was a special message.


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