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tv   Anne Will  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2020 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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make every delivery special. not just next day but every day. thousands of children who are still waiting for their delivery sponsor approx today so to get the care of their little futures. this is deja news africa on the program today the backlash in south africa over a marketing campaign angry crowd stormed the stalls of a leading retail pharmacy after a foot out what they say is a racist and vicious meant about black people saying. that this year's design read dances scaled down became invited only 30 maidens to the annual highlights which usually attracts thousands of virgins and there was a special message. hello
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i'm presuming to welcome to news africa it's good to have your company a leading retail pharmacy in south africa has been forced to suspend business off to protests outside and number off it stalls the outrage is over a marketing campaign which described black hair as dole and white hair as normal tickets were organized by south africa's radical left wing t.v. . the party supporters demonstrated outside several clicks pharmacy stores across the country the company has pulled the ad for it and apologized but the if once the resale change shut for 5 days so it suffers revenue losses. soar year to its top leagues being if the broker and we've. never bit the. up and we're
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going to. and do not be in a position that is going to exist here and this market didn't inform over clark or doe in intimidation that is going to stop us from protesting against the bases if they want a physical confrontation letter with their them too often. we state that they must close all this postpone close the most out. and i'm now joined by his she's a journalist in johannesburg welcome to news africa kind need to tell us more about this advocate and the response that it's provoked. thank you very much to you christine it was just giving the a bit of context on the website of clicks which is a dispensary which is a chemist and it sells all kinds of products all across the country there was an edwards which was placed on their website which showed different textures of here
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they were advertising they trust them a product so it wasn't a clicks product there was a company called tesla made that was advertising here products and it showed different textures of a-k. and they had black women's hair listed as dry doll and brittle and they had white romance he listed as normal and those spots outrage amongst women of color all across the country because they were drawing a comparison saying that white hate or flying straight hair is normal whereas course king keep black african hay is determined as dry brittle and in need of this product and so what he did is it sparked outrage across the country it reached on for days with the narrative really speaking to the way that we view each other you know from a color perspective you know speaking to how a company like cliques which has a very large natural hey care range in its stores how could it allows such
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a blatantly racist efforts to be put on its website we've seen a lot of angry people out on social media many of them storming some of the stores belonging to but i think the whole country outraged over this. well i mean it's difficult to say which parts of the country hour i know it's because there is a a social media storm raging around this and yes definitely it's people from every corner of that kind of cheap but most especially people who are on social media just to give you an idea there was an elderly woman today. in the western cape who wait to get her medication it clicks like she usually does and we arrived today she found the store closed and she was not a way of watch what's happening and she found members of the e f f protesting outside the store so definitely those who are not plugged into social media or are plugged into general news will most likely miss what's
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happening badge we should not underestimate at the size of the outrage definitely women even those who are wearing weaves the rigs even if they too have found themselves you know it's you know the narrator sized because they're saying fetch well maybe cakes is just you know reflecting how black women themselves feel about their head because we don't rig our hey michel be pretty fit to wear the textures of hay so in terms of the size of the outrage i'd definitely say it's widespread across the country but it has certainly spilled over to other you know regions you know we've seen people can you sing in solidarity of what has happened who are not in south africa i think the main question is how is an advantage like this possible in a country where most stuff the people majority of the population is back. ok we need to understand that under daily basis in the media in social media in the
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mainstream media whiteness is regarded as normal ok and anything else that is not right is the default position or is the exception how is it possible let's look at the creative agencies who have the creatives be hind some of these campaigns it's people who don't have an experience of being black it's whites creatives that are sitting together and in their minds over what they say that they did not put color to a person's head but they literally just looked at a text just so there's almost an oblivion in terms of why there would be anger towards a compay that lists white woman's hair as normal and left women's hair as dry brittle and dry you know so that anger and then they it's from the of livy and that is there too was racial sensitivities you know you're dealing with a company like cliques that has a white management with a white agency with white creatives you know and for the most part there is a level and the standard in terms of representation representation metes in the
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public space and so in a country like south africa in $20.00 to $80.00 of course it's definitely still possible to have a component of those sorts because they hasn't been transformation in the areas that counts the most and that is in the creative agencies and that is in the marketing departments right that's kind of by nature invest in johannesburg thank you annie. and staying in south africa this weekend dozens of young women took part in the end you'll read johnson it's an ancient right off passage mocking an entrance to womanhood but like everything else this year this tradition has been forced to update due to the coronavirus pandemic and the event has got a new message to. a celebration of virginity with the colors and rhythms that connects these women to them sustenance. and a 2020 outfit update 3 dances an annual event in south africa's crystal in
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a top province a rite of passage to womanhood around $20000.00 young women usually take part but you to coronavirus restrictions this yeah only 30 could attend this year also saw a new focus for the event with participants carrying placards calling for an end to gender based violence the number of victims has said since south africa went into lockdown a recent string of murders and president's house shocks the country and prompted condemnation from this earlier king i over the. city honest condolences. believed firmly these but we must not take this as him and know him because no nation that allows the killing. with. respect to king good with reality need told participants he would take responsibility for women's rights i wonder woman to rest assured that i mean yeah
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corner i go with myself to our safety for as long as i live. as they mark the entrance to adult hood these 2 women will now want to see more action to ensure that lives a protected. it's have a look at some of the stories making news on the continent now sudanese authorities have declared a country and natural disaster area and imposed a 3 month state of emergency that's after flooding hild around 100 people and inundated over 100000 homes since late july the u.n. humanitarian agency has warned that the situation is expected to get worse over the coming weeks and residents in and around the car have been clearing up after heavy rain or severe flooding across the nickel those were damaged and furniture was covered in mud in their residential area in the outskirts of the kabul government say's more heavy rain. in one day really fell in the country usually seen in 3 months in the rainy season. now cameron's local football league like most around
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the world and question it is still suspended because of the current of ice pandemic local football is already faced financial issues before the outbreak now some of them are forced to look at alternative means to make money as their savings trap. leak before the sporting events to be halted. or not $200.00 a month. with scenes of football league was suspended does it then nothing at all it's really so we all know to use on a street corner in the capito you know windy is the nice little business and do with one $190.00 support grunt of the conscious football federation. of america i decided to put my pride to one side because in order for me to put food on the table i can't be lazy so i decided to set up this business because of the current
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situation that they're going to throw. in the has been playing in the league for 5 years is come out is version of the german bundesliga in 2015 you want to qantas has tied to what is incomplete. on the normal circumstances his money paid doesn't meet up on his needs and is not paid regularly. y.b.'s of the camera national team i well paid goes up live with a look ali have always struggled to survive the problem of account was because of the carving knife. and santa rosa shoe business 6 this week a mix of a 4. he lent to replace shoes from his uncle when he was a child. and we feel is worried about all the players who have no extra source of income he says most locals in town who are left out of jobs to focus on the game on . sunday night cameroon is a big footballing nation but local football has been forgotten in cameroon we don't
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get rewarded properly for playing football. for some reason local football is a despised in this country but i think that football is should get what they deserve. regular. no by a sports writer and become a state media he thinks local football doesn't generate enough money to allow players get people do independent make if you look for example the. national division one football championship which is the top doesn't have a major sponsor and it's been short for 2 to 3 years the league is being rolled surely by the government on the national football federation the trickle down effect it's got on the teams is there not have enough resources to pay the players to plan to develop on weekdays ends and that practice is with all the football us in his neighborhood. most of these players aspiring to play in football leagues
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when there is but upbeat and also security in times of crisis. all right and that does it for our program today be sure to check out our other stories on forward slash africa we're also on facebook and on twitter. to say she's on to news feed ecstatic about. going to unofficial estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans in even colombia legally and illegally. already a wide return to. visiting friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure . witness global news that matters. made for mines every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word
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published in the. coaches in germany to learn german why not come with them simple online on your mobile and free. learning course nikos speak german made. greetings from berlin and welcome to the latest edition of arts and culture halfway mark after venice venice film festival and we'll check in with our movie man on location at the lido and also coming up. thankfully the weather played along and for an instant pro is able to give it all on the weekend with its annual open air concert devoted to new fish fund the tour. and in our continuing series 100 german must reads authors spend
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a good offers an enlightening and entertaining games into 19. well it's the oldest film festival in the world the venice film festival and for its 77th edition it's the 1st to brave new territory as a physical event with in the covert 1900 euro with strict rules for social distancing sparsely populated theaters and a tad less glitz and glamor than usual but the important thing is the show must go on and on it goes and here's a look at what's causing some buzz on the lido. the 1st weekend of the venice film festival usually main stars on the red carpet for top 1st and film premiere and so it is this year with strict hygiene measures in place but there are also positive changes fate of 18 films in competition from female directors not quite parachute
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but a new record on sunday mr monk spikey tarion director susannah nikki already had its crimea. the film tells the story of eleanor marx a committed socialist and feminist and the daughter of the called she was one of the 1st activists to speak about the exploitation of women and the situation within families. and also on the weekend of the printing out of the world to come by now we can direct more no more. sorry than a film is set in the 1850s on the us east coast. to farmers' wives fall in love with each other and start something they don't even have a vocabulary for instance if you have to ask
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a lesbian affair. stones and what the fortunate they see. in the leading role vanessa kirby who has. 2 films in competition she's already being celebrated as the face of this year's festival. and faces of a woman by direct. so it can be plays a woman who loses her unborn child. this. is the zoom around to where we are. now. and as usual scott roxboro is in venice watching those movies for us welcome scott now pieces of a woman certainly getting a lot lots of attention that film tell us what you thought of it. you know this is quite impressive this movie it's
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a based on the real life experience of the screenwriter and her partner who's the director of the movie and it's a really powerful look at trauma and loss and led by an incredible cast foremost among them but nasa kirby who really blew me away with this role ok so vanessa kirby we just heard there she's represented in 2 films in competition competition this is quite a festival for her tell us a bit. yeah kirby is really the star of this year's festival and for me i have to meet a bit of the stuff i mean i knew kirby some people who were from the crown a role in the crown i knew were actually for small roles in action films like the fast and furious movies here she plays 2 very different roles but 2 completely different scale i mean these are much darker more complex a few more characters than i've ever seen her play on screen before and she's really my favorite to take the best actress prize at the end of this week while
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that's quite a statement already at this stage of the festival now it is certainly very noticeable that female perspectives are much better represented this time around in venice than we've ever seen before tell us a bit more about what you've seen and what the magnitude of. yeah it is very impressive and i think what's most impressive is not just the number of female directors represented here but just the range of their work i mean it basically covers all genres all styles of cinema and all types of stories i mean ranging from the world to come an 18th century $900.00 centuries romance story to a new film will be coming up this week and to morrow the entire world of german film from up on heights and this film could have been torn from last week's headlines it's a story of a young woman who joins on the far left activist group and discovers the dangers of political extremism so incredibly top local a subject. and i think it shows and all the other films being directly live and
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they're being shown here in venice shows that female directors now aren't limiting themselves at all in story in style they're basically doing what they want and telling the whole range of stories of able to the. incredible stuff that you know scott venice also of course has this reputation as a bellwether for the oscars that we remember joker from last year are there any contenders in the offing that you want to take a tip on just quickly. yeah well that's a kirby i think will double be the oscar conversation for these 2 films that are here and there's one other film the screen today one night miami by the actress turned director regina king regina king already has an oscar for acting i think with this film which is a civil rights film set in the 1960 s. this could be your chance at the top prize as maybe best director. and i've got a little bit more time scott so just tell us what we'll be talking to you about on thursday because i think we'll be tuning back in. yes definitely will
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be looking at bill one of the most exciting films to be screening here nomad land which is a film starring frances mcdormand also being hailed as a potential oscar contender very very excited to see this of course friends with or one of my favorite all time actresses she sadly will be here but the film will be and i'll be talking about that with you later this week and i will definitely be looking forward to that thanks so much and remember to stay safe and i see you wearing your mask thanks for joining me scott roxboro. all the time well no doubt good old beethoven was turning in his grave when the covert 900 pandemic arrived to rain on his 2050th anniversary parade a much of the initial programme for beethoven 2020 was extended so that germany's most famous composer can be properly celebrated and you can almost feel the immense relief in the air as cultural events pick up again and artists can finally leave
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the confines of that lockdown and find their audiences again and the berlin state or pro over the weekend was a case in point. another step towards the return of musical life in a state opera for under the pats on of daniel barenboim. it's great heavens $250.00 of perth to this year so no surprise that but it's over news on the program rushed out it's also celebrating a birthday its own $450.00 s. star soloist and sophie is delighted to be back on stage. you feel. so much that i can't wait to share this great music again that records are all well and good streaming is quite nice because sitting in peru you can be part of the
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live experience being the lie. that. straight talk reform isn't on your high notes of the bar in some free concert. tickets have been stepped up but it looks poorly attended carona means attendance has been cut from the usual 40000 just 2000 socially distance concert goers starts. opening is in times of coronas the only way to. communicate with more than 200 listeners i don't think anyone really understands why social distancing is not an issue at demonstrations but when it comes to concerts people are so very exact almost painfully fussy 48. daniel barenboim has been at the forefront of attempts to bring life music back to berlin he's led to better state opera for almost 30 years and is of course an ardent marra of beethoven whether the
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composer is in bombastic or in romantic mood. this is the melancholy lyrical beethoven it's not the explosive one nor the extremely virtue as a one this is very intimate chamber music actually but with an orchestra to stop. the evening ends with the 9th symphony one of the most famous works in the classical music repertoire the joint sung by a choir at a safe distance. fittingly this him to freedom a community is dedicated to help those in the front line of the coronavirus pandemic doctors nurses shop workers and teachers were also given priority access to the free tickets are special and much appreciated thank you.
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and staying here in berlin there's so much to see in this city but in times when travel isn't top of everyone's list a good. but a novel can be a welcome distraction especially if it's a funny self-deprecating view of one of modern history's most exciting moments like in spend the big nose berlin. in 1000 eighties west berlin punk was punk and 30 years old as dirt. sure you can still have the bars and try to live off student loans until you die but nothing is as wild as this neighborhood records brag was in
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the eighty's. and. the novel berlin blues by a span of a good hour can give you a taste of what it was like the main character is frankly mine but his friends call him hell of a man because he's about to turn 31 a beautiful woman asks him what he finds for filling and wife having him on flips out what do you mean fulfilling so film and as a totally idiotic expression what are you trying to say is life a glass or a bottle or a bucket or a container to be filled with something a container you have to fill a barrel maybe or a sick bag. everyone knows a thing or 2 about barf bags and buckets he spends his life inside smoky bars but his life is about to change the night he turns 30 the berlin wall opens up author spend the maid now conjures up a berlin that no longer exists and who better to write it from someone who survived
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it. so much to read well hope you can put that on your reading list on with that it is time for me to sign off so until next time stay safe and. the food includes.
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systemic exploitation in germany at. the nation's biggest meat processing the fed may keep labor costs low for dubious contracts but not. from january the practice will be banned in the meat industry but other industries will be able to continue regardless. of its contract workers close of. the 2 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back up a little africa's most successful radio drama series continues from olympus odes are available online to get more so you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms for a time to me now. that is for me. is for. beethoven just for. his her.
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and beethoven is for. beethoven is for every modern beethoven 2020 vision the 50th anniversary here on d w. carefully . choose to do get. discovered. documentary.
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played . last. this is the w. news live from berlin the russian opposition leader alexina regains consciousness the berlin hospital treating the ball he says it has taken him out of the induced coma that he's been in since falling to the german government says he was. also coming up crackdown aimed at. local media reports that opposition leader. has been abducted in the streets hundreds more were arrested at the latest rally against president. and 5 years ago germany welcomed hundreds of
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thousands of asylum seekers we talked of all insurers who stepped up to help to do a find their way in a new cut. i'm sumi on this kind of good to have you with us a berlin hospital says that russian opposition leader alexina vali has been taken out of an induced coma doctors treating him at the sherry tases condition is now improving after he was possibly poisoned with the soviet era nerve agent know the chalk the case is being treated as an assassination attempt on the bali who is one of president vladimir putin's harshest critics western leaders are calling on moscow to cooperate with an international investigation the kremlin denies any involvement. political correspondent hans brunt is at the charity hospital for us now hi hans tell us more about what the hospital has been saying well it has been
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a pretty brief statement what they have been saying is that they have lived with the artificial coma in which nobody has been for the last a couple of weeks since since the poisoning that he is responding to speech signals but one presumes that he come out yet told himself because he is still under ventilation you still being artificially you're a spirit so presumably he cannot yet speak but he is responding to speech so he is back to consciousness as it were but they also say that they cannot get say what the long term effects of the poisoning will be times this comes at a time as germany is stepping up pressure on moscow to get to the bottom of what happened i mean tell us what's been going on on that front. yes the german authorities have been insisting that moscow that russia has to investigate this crime this presumed crime seriously and farrelly that it has not been doing says so far there's also been some bickering about what information the german authorities
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are going to supply supply to the russian authorities for instance the tests that have been made here in germany to confirm that this was a chemical weapons a substance that was used to poison and avani at the same time there is a lot of discussion about what kind of consequences that might have full the relationship between germany and russia and in the center of that is discussions about the north koreans 3 true pipeline a gas pipeline going through the baltic sea from russia to germany which is about to be completed hasn't been completed yet and germany has been saying that this product line might possibly be affected this pipeline project by the situation at the moment let's hear what the german foreign minister and the government spokesman said about this today. france's offer. their the phone for now i believe it would be wrong to rule out these having any impact so my project at the. very shall is
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for. the chancellor of greece it's wrong to rule anything out. and you know the u.s. has been pressuring jeremy to scrap this pipeline project for a long time so could this dispute over the poisoning of me actually end up killing this deal. it's a possibility that's certainly in the rearmost possibility at the moment as we've just heard from the government spokespeople but at the same time germany has been defending this pipeline project for a long time for many years and today the government spokesman said that it wasn't in fact a german for object it was a project in which international companies were involved but it was a project that will supply not only to germany but for the whole of europe so that their decision if it is there is going to be a decision it will be taken on a european level and that will take some time yet our political correspondent hans
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bronze reporting at the start a hospital for us with the very latest thank you hans. now reports from belarus say a prominent opposition leader has been abducted by an identified people in the capital minsk the website t u t dot to be y. says. was pushed into a minivan by men in black clothing and driven away that comes after a mass protest on sunday in which more than 600 people were arrested protesters have turned out for the past 4 weeks calling on longtime authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko to step down after a contested election. for more let's go to minsk i'm joined now by mark seems not he's a representative of the opposition and a member of the court a nation council now that is the body that was formed to negotiate with the government over a transfer of power maxime thank you for joining us here on t w have you heard any more details on how maria kolesnikov was detained and where she is now. it's
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a whole unfortunately all information that we have is the information which is published in the media. a woman on the street so the more you know it was kidnapped we also got the video was presumably this very moment actually she was walking to the post office and up to collect the correspondence from the police and k.g.b. . she just says here's a way to my friends i'm going to get involved and want her so or press secretary and secretary of commission call so they tried to fire and are very involves also leaves your. whole we don't know where they are. actually that's it once apartments there was a surge under a criminal case something come of this matter from the department of financial in this the geisha so presumably they can buy these financial police but what is it
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with maria and on which they don't know so you now think 3 people have been abducted now earlier in the day the interior ministry denied that maria had been arrested has there been any more information from the side of the government. we can talk to its own possible ministry so nobody has a chance to ask and what's going on. they all deny its connection to this disappearance of maria and. also i permission from the attorneys of money out. of iran they have filed. a notification on taking defense for all of their clients so of all possible realizations who can be connected with this story and they have not received confirmation from any of those are the asians. in this financial mess and what does this mean for the protest
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movement that's been going on with such strength for 4 weeks now. well i don't think that it will change anything in the protest movement it can only make it. my message because my economist was not a leader or coordinator of this broad hue she was more like a symbol of this brother's. province where the centralized so i don't think it will have any input on the process neither it will. impact on the work of the creation council because we have a system where the decisions are made by the majority of the council and if someone is above the level of both of them there is extended so for more than. 5 people they will be just brought up. taken those decisions but of most for us
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friends of poland for all the road. i would say they are fans of my day because she's in this campaign from may choose very bright. everyone is. strong affection to marya so of course it's a great point to everyone is worried about her but we all know that. she was ready for the situation she knew this release should look for me advice about the streets and she shows that she will stay and fight for the rights of people and so the voters will have to leave it there maxine snack opposition leader there in dallas thank you so much for joining us. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world a saudi court has given long jail terms to 8 people over the murder of journalists . the court overturned 5 earlier death sentences that instead handed down sentences
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of between 7 and 20 years because she was killed at the saudi embassy in istanbul in 2018. wiki leaks founder julian assange has resumed his court battle in london to avoid extradition to the united states on monday the judge rejected a sound just request to delay the hearing until next year a staunch faces 18 charges under the u.s. espionage act for publishing secret military documents a decade ago. a major wildfire tearing through southern california is believed to have been started by fireworks more than 500 firefighters are battling the blaze that started over the weekend scorching conditions are fueling the flames temperatures reached a record 49 degrees celsius on sunday. this week we are looking back at events in the summer of 2015 when germany took in an unprecedented number of migrants fleeing war and economic hardship in their home countries people were
8:11 pm
making their way across greece and the balkans along a long and treacherous route and in response chancellor angela merkel declared an open door policy for refugees from syria in early september and more and more trains with migrants arrived in germany from eastern europe they were given a warm welcome at least initially at stations across germany people cheered the new arrivals handing them chocolates and other gifts there was an atmosphere of solidarity people donated clothes and other essential thing many germans wanted to help the migrants start a new life here in germany we caught up with a group of volunteers in berlin who came together in those days and who continue to help migrants and refugees navigate a new country and culture. as a. volunteer diana hennigan says doing her best to explain german bureaucracy to a migrant from yemen she's an expert in migration law but the neighborhood initiative she works for was overwhelmed when thousands of refugees arrived but then back in 2015 my country is on the bond it felt like we were in
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a trance we took on everything that came our way but you can't see that we were ready for what happened it was an american city humanitarian emergency. the refugees arrived with nothing and know what's in them nothing to each and spoke virtually no german. christiane of back among from the same neighborhood initiative set about trying to organize things. in the demo mentally here i knew that i couldn't just walk away people who were hungry one day were going to be hungry the next when men who were pregnant one day would also be pregnant the next i knew that from the start. both the volunteers worked full time at the community center which depends on donations some of those who arrived in 2015 are also involved helping to ensure that today's asylum seekers
8:13 pm
have an easier time of it. most fled from syria 5 years ago after his hand was blown off by a bomb now he works as an interpreter. it doesn't matter where you live people need help i used to get messed about because i didn't speak the language. that's why i became a translator. i decided i had to improve my german help others. and the mission and . it's not been an easy transition and the plight of the refugees has had an emotional impact on the volunteers. when i would hold off on incidence if a mother may have lost 4 children at sea in the mediterranean telling her story over and over again and a mother who wants to help may not be able to cope emotionally despite counseling and the other alternatives available that it's important to stop and pass on the
8:14 pm
baton to someone else it selfish stop by to. most of the volunteers do carry on although that already challenging work is increasingly made even more difficult by interference from outside. or joy and euphoria soon pass when you're threatened by extreme right wingers we often get threats sent to us by letter or email or on the phone it's exhausting and quite honestly the job is no fun anymore. but the volunteers say giving up is not an option their work is not yet finished. so now hundreds of spectators have lined the banks of venice is famous grand canal for the city's annual historical regatta rowers and gondoliers paddle the waterways and historical costumes for the event which dates back centuries people came out despite coronavirus restrictions the event is considered
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one of venice's most beautiful traditions. coming up next the coronavirus pandemic has turned vacations into staycation so who is benefiting stephen beardsley has more on your business stay tuned. i'm not nothing out of the well because sometimes i am but mostly i'm nothing with you but you haven't think deep into the german culture. you don't seem ridiculous grown up there you go if sold out there no time rachel join me for me could have been fun to go home last. night in gemini with wu at any time any place. to be an event yeah i don't know but it was quite so nice to sing along
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to you. from super. interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive gem interest free with d w. can you know was a pioneer in the plastics free movement or could it be pressure to change course some fair trade talks with the u.s. could open the door to more plastic waste. that's the. the only pressure facing kenya also on the show will look at the country's efforts to build out its mobile networks on navigating a dispute over network suppliers like huawei. and the pentagon is giving r.v. holidays a powerful tailwind look at the trend toward staycation and booking the hotel on 4
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wheels. road welcome to the show i'm stephen beardsley in berlin it's good to have you with us kenya is considered a pioneer in the effort to move away from plastics introducing strict measures against plastic bags and single use plastics in 2017 now it appears the petro chemical industry would like to change that an industry lobby group has reportedly asked the u.s. to push for a reopening of the african plastics market as part of broader trade negotiations between the u.s. and kenya. in kenya only old landfills a reminder of the time when plastic bags were still in use after the country bombed plastic bags 3 years ago their only reusable bags for sale in the supermarkets today a role model for the rest of africa. but not everyone is happy as kenya negotiates a new trade deal with the united states the american chemistry council lobby group wants to use the talks to scrap the buy an export plastics to the east african
8:18 pm
country again. greenpeace warns that the country's achievements in protecting the environment are in danger this deal will have consequences in terms of limbo rental pollution because plastics have been. tossed over water board is the reverse the oceans and this is something dr kenyans have rejected quite significantly. kenya has been a regional leader in the fight against plastic waste the country has banned single use plastic in all its protected areas greenpeace warns the trade deal will turn the country into a transit point for plastic waste to other african countries. the african countries are looking. to actually reject the deal in also reject the fact that they want to be yourselves and into a point to access the african markets. if the lobby group gets its way kenyans might be pushed back in their fight to liberate themselves from plastic waste. and it's not just in cleaning up where kenya leads the way in africa also in technology
8:19 pm
for the sub-saharan region the country's middle class is growing and so is the demands on mobile networks that strong telecoms companies to set up their east african headquarters in the nation but the pandemic and growing political pressure are holding back expansion of the most modern broadband networks. in kenya's capital nairobi everyone seems to be online cellular services here have grown rapidly in the past several years in 2009 only 30 percent of kenyans huge cell phones but in the past year the number is risen to over 50 percent according to the mobile service association g s m a modern english an engineer a telecommunications company liquid telecom hopes the next big leap will be installing 5 g. networks. it's not just for billions and jobs that's why you're seeing different countries in i mean you're seeing u.s. . and china and. competing to be able to deploy. them into
8:20 pm
the country and to do so because it. would be able to fix the countries to be able to enable. the country to believe that new mobile devices and 32 other countries but the coronavirus pandemic is threatening the country's plans to roll out their 5 g. network what's more can use telecommunications giant safari com is considering using huawei 5 g. technology from china in the u.s. while weighs 5 g. technology has been banned over concerns that it could facilitate chinese government spying operations africa is in a difficult situation maybe because maybe that's somewhere in the middle the chinese telecoms vendors have certainly made more investment in africa in terms of resources to head the employment they've created and as a result african to investing heavily in that chinese equipment now we seeing pressure from the u.s. not to use some of these equipments and networks if in applying that pressure to
8:21 pm
other nations and you. can use economy desperately needs and says to stabilize speed internet but it changing that goal has so far been from the crotch the girls . and for more on this let's go now to wally good luck he's the head of sub-saharan africa for g.s. a which represents network carriers well it's good to have you with us we just saw a report there on 5 g. potentially coming to kenya what are the opportunities for 5 g. in africa what is the outlook. thank you very much thank you for having me i think by that she came yeah i mean even the rest of us. you know your table but more than a minute and i was people would like the company still. for this you pipes striving for cheap and it's a shot across up so i feel i'm looking to developing the right business caseys to
8:22 pm
use 5 she said this way in 5 to become small base in sub-saharan africa which is the investment climate like right now in sub-saharan africa when it comes to building out infrastructure you talk about developing 4 g. are we seeing more money going into the us yes we are we continue to see showing investment in the region. the strong demand for data and the opportunities i've let me lead because major population of young people what did you tell me to say was only experience with the entire. you guys so you know they've what you need to go in as we can get some of the better ask right like the right point ted and it's really we can get the price of devices get the price up on goes down we can get more on the casey we would need the significant this will provide the necessary
8:23 pm
to use all middles to continue to invest. the right now we're seeing a lot of build out of 5 g. networks here in europe as well there's a great big discussion about vendors a lot of that gear including huawei and whether huawei should be used is the same debate occurring in sub-saharan africa and africa rather are african nations being asked to avoid certain vendors like huawei by the u.s. . well i know a lot of folks i don't know. about the soft light breeze. he painted all chinese made. both on the radio and on the wall and if. so they've definitely. the way it doesn't. mean all the amount of easy years ago because he you know if he came to show and there was
8:24 pm
a significant relief to a bigger team reached the right equipment it would not be easy for him it is. all right well good luck with the g s m a coming to us from lagos nigeria there thank you very much. right now to some of the other business stories making headlines around the world south korea's samsung has won a $6700000000.00 contract to provide 5 g. technology to verizon communications in the u.s. samsung's competitor huawei is grappling with sanctions and washington's efforts to get allies around the world to shut out the chinese company. you can home prices hit record highs in august the rising at the fastest pace in 16 years as coast lock down britain's seek new homes prices increased by more than 5 percent helped by a freeze on taxes for new homes. and germany wants to enter the space race
8:25 pm
according to media reports the government is planning to build a space port the news comes on the same day that munich company east or aerospace begins production of what could become the 1st privately built german rocket to be fired into orbit. all right over now to an industry that's profiting during this very difficult time caravans or r.v. holidays it's a great get away if you're keen on self isolating and escaping the crowds of all inclusive tourist resorts and hotels sales in germany right now are shooting through the roof. it's like lego only bigger. craftsmen are assembling a comp or the company oil immobile in southwestern germany is building dumbest fast as they can. which means they build up to 10 a day. and yes we've noticed in all our markets that oil immobile as well as the brown common mode on the new brown foster
8:26 pm
for young people are selling like hotcakes 30 to 40 percent growth within 2 years. 400 employees build a compromise in their own carpentry department employees work in 3 shifts building the furniture for the vehicle but demand is so high that customers have to wait a long time before delivery. but growth in the comp or sector is not equally distributed the standard mobile homes are doing well but the real winners are these vans that can be renovated and they account for almost half of all new registrations in germany due to the coronavirus crisis sale of these 4 wheeled homes are booming not just in germany it's true in britain as well. so we could drive to the forest and we could drive to the beach we wouldn't be near anybody until we could keep to ourselves but still be in our own little looked down in the van. many british comp or owners even use that as their home office demand
8:27 pm
for converse with the necessary accessories on the rise. oil will be illin germany has just built a 3000 square meter exhibition hall the company sure the growth will continue and it's not just a trend caused by the coronavirus. the. imo if you decide to spend 425-0000 euros on a recreational vehicle it's going to be around for a while. it's a feeling of freedom and individual while still maintaining social distance there are plenty of reasons to go camping now potential customers have to visit the exhibit despite the coronavirus crisis. over south africa now where a controversial hair advertisement led to protests on monday in johannesburg and several other cities and the ad described black hair as quote unquote dole and white hair as normal dozens of activists from south africa's left wing economic freedom fighters were f. f.
8:28 pm
party picketed outside stores of a leading retail pharmacy the company which boasts more than $500.00 branches across south africa has apologized and pulled down the advertisements the protesters want to change shut for 5 days. and that's it for me and the business team here as always you can find out more about these and other stories online dot com slash business to join us on facebook and twitter i'm stephen beardsley is russia.
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systemic exploitation in germany and. the nation's biggest meat processing company . may keep labor costs. contracts. but you know. from january the practice will be banned in the meat industry but other industries will be able to continue regardless. of. its contract workers. 60 d w. what secrets lie behind. discover
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new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get to know. this is news africa on the program today the backlash in south africa over a marketing campaign angry crowds stormed the stalls of a leading retail pharmacy off put out what they say is a racist and vicious mentor both black people saying. this is designing johnson scaled down became invite only 30 maidens to the annual highlights which usually attracts thousands of virgins and there was a special message.


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