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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2020 3:00am-3:30am CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin a new twist in the mystery surrounding the ruses missing of opposition leader maria kolesnik over allies who were with her along the bella ruse ukraine border say kolesnik over tora pub passports in order to prevent her from being forced out of the country the whereabouts right now remain unknown also coming up to australian journalists fleet china fearing arrest as political pawns we speak to one of them and ask what's behind beijing's crackdown on australian media. plus
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a stark warning for european football to head over europe's clubs association says the coronavirus pandemic is causing a clash for cash crisis rather and that effects could be felt for years to come. i'm told me a lot of why it's good to have you with us we start in belarus and developments relating to the fate of the leading opposition figure maria kolesnik over after she went missing on monday belushi an authority said they detained her while she was trying to escape across the border into ukraine to opposition members who were with her in that car have spoken out providing some dramatic new details. chants of maria you are here are people in belarus who once again on the streets of minsk . marching in support of leading opposition figure maria kolesnik of or she went
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missing on monday the russian authorities claim she and 2 allies even christoff an aunt on robben cove tried to flee the country they publish these videos saying they detained as she tried to cross the border to ukraine crossed off and rather tell a different story they say the 3 were arrested by security forces in minsk on monday interrogated for hours and driven to the border with ukraine early on tuesday there they say authorities ordered them to enter ukraine they wanted their departure to look voluntary. she got into the car and saw her passport she immediately took it and tore it up into many small pieces. pieces of paper out the window at people surrounding the car. after that she left the
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car through the back window and headed towards that dilution border. a move that made it impossible for officials to expel her kolesnik of has been in the custody of bill russian authorities ever since christ often wrote in cough or in ukraine. kolesnik of a has been a leader of the month long protest against the russian president alexander lukashenko protesters say his victory in august election was rigged and a calling for a new vote. but look if he's holding on to power he claims he is the only leader able to steer the country and maintain order in the region. there. you know what we concluded with the russian establishment in leadership if the roof falls russia will be next.
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and most of his main opposition figures are now abroad or in jail. from lithuania. main opponent called for international sanctions against him and other officials she said international pressure is needed for the country to finally move forward. we spoke to our correspondent nick connelly since a number of opposition activists have been forced to leave the country now we asked him whether this has weakened the opposition movement with. a sign that the government is making good on its promise to crack down and to really get rid of any serious organized opposition activity there or. main leaders of the opposition. one of them being. the nobel prize winning writer so that really gives you a sense of what how many people are being forced out of the country but this is not about political parties or structures. organized by people individuals.
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residents of individual parts so i think by putting. a few 100 people in jail. for the past 4 weeks the valorous in capital minsk has seen mass protests demanding president look at shackle resign last weekend 600 people were arrested as police continue their crackdown on dissent 2 victims spoke to dede of linnaeus about what they experienced. peaceful protesters call on the police to join the riot officers react with the torrent of violence. scenes that have played out almost nightly in bella russia's fiery summer of revolt . whose book of the author coming who has seen and experienced the washed of it too graphic for us to show. us what they know little about the shoulder belo roost
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quarter of arms i'm blows rained on me from all of them they started to beat me right here. the coat of arms has become a potent symbol of the uprising that has seen those and summarily are breasted. 100 kicked punched and tortured. and. even threats of rape. only at the go go go the policeman turn my head so i could see them and he began with theatrically putting a condom on a bottle. and while doing it he told me that i have about 5 seconds to see my password from my phone. records go vote for what to look for. human rights groups say there are at least 500 active complaints of police torture among them a lot of computer program of law dimia retain court. your particular.
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i asked to call my lawyer and another policeman suddenly kicked me in the belly with this me i was standing in have been position so i felt in my belly very well but then i got another 5 kicks in you know it which we could afford the floor. justice for the victims is unlikely throughout these protests delarue says president alexander lukashenko has praised state security forces. to the case of the russian opposition leader alexei and avani foreign ministers of the group of 7 leading nations of condemned what they described as the confirmed poisoning of the kremlin critic for its part moscow has someone to the german ambassador over statements by his government about the case on monday of audio work from a medically induced coma in a hospital here in berlin his doctors say there is undeniable evidence the volley was poisoned with a form of novacek
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a soviet era nerve agent the german chancellor has called the poisoning attempt at composing and attempted murder. 2 australian journalists have returned home from china after being caught in a 5 day diplomatic standoff michael smith of the australian financial review and bill birtles from public broadcaster a.b.c. were forced to take shelter in australian diplomatic missions in china after their homes were raided before they left the country chinese authorities questioned them about an australian t.v. and go working for chinese state t.v. with smith and birtles departure there are now nor australian journalists reporting in china. earlier we spoke to bill birtles one of the 2 australian journalists who left china and asked him to outline to us the events that led to him returning to australia. this was a pretty unexpected situation just as i was preparing to break the story
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of the other of the time to stray and chung like last monday my bosses here in sydney received a call from a stray is our affairs department sighing we have good reason to think that i and another journalist in shanghai need to get out quickly and for the 1st couple of days it's pretty hard to get slots cut so while reitman surveying my we were also questioning where this advice was coming from you know being journalists were pretty cynical and we want some day tiles but on wednesday night it became clear it meet nice when 6 state security police plus a translator stand up on my doorstep the most curious thing was they weren't there to tide me they were there to tell me that i'm involved in a national security case and therefore i'm not allowed to leave the country but they said you still have freedom of movement you still are free to go around and do your duty or whatever your business. said we will call you the next day and
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we need to chat and this sort of. diplomatic situation where of course i went to the strain embassy and so what's your advice all right and i said we think you should stay here for your safety. let's take a look now at some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic pharmaceuticals company astra zeneca says it is temporarily suspending its coronavirus vaccine trials after one of the participants reported a serious side effect the company says it's pausing the study to review safety data . england has to ban gatherings of more than 6 people starting next week following a sharp rise in new infections the limit of flies indoors and outdoors including private homes and in the u.s. some of the country's largest cities reported computer glitches as they rolled out online instruction for the new school year amid the pandemic now
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a bleak warning for european football clubs the man responsible for protecting their interests says clubs are still in crisis management mode as they continue to deal with a coronavirus pandemic and rare nearly who chairs the european clubs association says the effects could last for years. the light at the end of the tunnel for football clubs could still be some way off. games played in empty stadiums and a massive hit from broadcasters and sponsors the coronavirus pandemic has already washed away hundreds of millions of euros in revenue a cash crisis with worse to come according to the man in charge of representing european clubs as of last year we are looking at revenue decrease. of approximately 4000000000 euros in the next 2 years the fear that some of the big clubs will probably saw for. losses that are bigger than
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federations are considering one individual then the confederations will lose. though this year's champions league was finally completed behind closed doors in lisbon and nearly said you a fool would have to repay 575000000 euros to broadcasters with a knock on effect for clubs but some suggest his doom and gloom message is a ploy to get a better deal for the top european clubs with the president striking a more upbeat tone. football is stronger and we can be optimistic even if we know those who lost there were our next challenge is to bring the most important political game experience. one of the 1st steps towards that will be here in budapest shefrin confirming $20000.00 fans will be able to attend the super cup match here between buy and munich consider year later this month. ireland may be
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might be famous for its pubs but it's currently the only country in europe where the majority of bars still closed the almost 6 months long shutdown has cost thousands of jobs gastro pubs have been allowed to reopen but so-called what pubs that don't serve food remain shut. this 19th century pub is famed for its live music it has attracted celebrity visitors from near and far including bono sandra bullock and clint eastwood but everything is quiet now no one can visit it's a wet pub that doesn't serve food and has to remain shut the owner says the pubs already lost 70 percent of turnover it's been extremely tall financially. for. that well it's going to run dry i know many of the popular circe's pub in dublin has been allowed to reopen it's kitchen is busy and it's implementing safety restrictions so does the owner of this pub understand the government's logic no not
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really no no i don't think. people having dinner. on a drink is different people going into a weapon and having a drink over the same period of time with a safe social distancing don't it should be able to work for those guys as well ireland's government has unveiled a range of grants but pub owners have dismissed them as inadequate a road map for reopening pubs is expected later this month but for some small businesses it could be too late. don't forget you can always get on the go just download our app from google play and from the app store now to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're positive a news story you can also use the app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. this is the dumping is coming up next on film
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documentary about the time change comes to the happy kingdom you can stay up to date by downloading the news app and you can follow our stories and correspondents on instagram and twitter handle is at the news a website as well as dot com i'm told me a lot of fun for me and the team thanks for watching. love. to. go beyond. all of the stories that matter to. us. whatever it takes. a running nut. job made for minds.
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time is said to be the place where happiness is at home protected by high lanterns in the north and thick jungle in the south the country is the last kingdom in the himalayas the government's top priority is keeping its citizens happy that includes protecting pristine natural environments. the people live according to their traditions. yet at the same time are connected to the outside world online. bhutan is located between 2 giants china and india nevertheless it's managed to
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chart its own course our journey begins far away from the capital in the remote eastern part of the country or not much has changed in the last 100 years. that. 6 year old boy is facing the biggest challenge in his life so far today he's going to leave his home and family. that. yeah that was. you can't do it.
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it's the last morning doherty's mother is going to spend with him before he leaves for the monastery. of course summers my son the college and want to be in the way on his path to finding food or. i'll be sad for a few days. jungle do not get used to it. at a station stand. be a good boy and behave yourself at the monastery and study hard and eat 3 meals a day white our help. i don't know what it's like in the monastery there are big buildings in the city.
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for the money. it's time to go. door to his journey to his new life as a monk begins. his parents and siblings won't see him for more than a year they may not even be able to speak to him before that. or. georgia he has never left his village before he's excited ahead of the 3 day trip and his 1st visit to the capital.
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in the northern part of the country it's time to transplant the rice plant by plant the botany staple food is being moved from one paddy to another crown a good job a farmer grows a very special crop of flowers edible petals for salads risotto or salts mixes for the business concept came from switzerland. virgin soils and pure air should guarantee top level organic quality. we need the whole village to help us transfer all these seedlings from the greenhouse. my entire family helps to have your car when the cornflowers america
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goals we've planted here start to bloom they will dry the flowers and send them to switzerland in which i brought this project to our village because it's fun for me to cooperate with young farmers to establish something i really love the brought him along but it's really hard work we don't know how these flowers will grow here that i'm watching and there's a lot at stake for me my children should be able to live from this to the let's hear a little bit image looked at is out there with him and what in the. villages in the middle of the towns primeval forest bears leopards tigers and wild boar are a constant threat to the farmers. just last year 14 cals was killed while grazing what if a tiger by it leaves behind a toxin so the wound doesn't heal for a long time so much of this winter here is more than a year old but we would never kill a wild animal that would because that's a major scene in the car you know see we need to live with the wilderness and protect our animals and plants as best we can also look what she later ignored.
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tonight it's took his father's turn on watch there's a tried and trusted old method that works best. chucky is expecting an important visitor and is making the national drink butter tea. first the cheney then the batter and last the song was that over the. did you feel it in the movie or that our flour project is 100 percent organic and a big opportunity for all of us in the village and if we used chemicals in our fields that may be an advantage in the short term but over a longer period it will make a silk which is our soils will dry ass and lose the nutrients. reservoir no
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illusion illusion to me only moving to organic is certainly good for our health but we're risking crop failure. that much and how we will move the bottle is said to be everything we grow here will be worth more of the village is certified is organic so we can get a better price for it. when you remember q we can use natural means to protect our plants but chucky's optimism is put to the task sooner than expected. which who that puts much in the cottage will move the plants the dying look this is why do this which lance 18 the roots. of which if we plant them out and everything will be infested now look the new get rid of it.
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but it's too late the red ants are already in the field. choky doesn't know what to do but giving up is out of the question. who i'm going to talk to the local agricultural consulted with us maybe he has a solution we want. and could you call our partners in switzerland to see if there are natural repellents those insulating the let me talk a little quicker on abuse of. justice in the. more than half of all go to nice work the lands like turkey the country's goal is to maximize gross national happiness rather than just boost economic growth the town is prioritizing the satisfaction of its people maintaining traditional culture and environmental protection every citizen is entitled to free education and
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medical care 70 percent of times territory is covered with protected forests it's the only country in the world to find more c o 2 then it releases. the mountains are also sacred to the brittany's they're home to some of the world's tallest unconquered peaks this is the lie apps domain since ancient times these nomads have been herding yaks more than 4500 meters above sea level near the tibetan border. are now. 22 year old say wong is returning from a long trip and he's bringing the essential for the coming weeks.
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here it's men's work to provide the firewood and food and the women stay home to care for the yeah. because we can't earn any money here we have to go to the bigger villages to work. solar panels are used to generate electricity fires are used for cooking. your builds and your corpus hueco are honest we want our son to get the education that we never had and then he can get a good job in the city and they're going to if he doesn't do well at school they'll
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have to stay here when i'm gone and work just as hard as we do unless you have an argument or no one. yax living in the wild don't eat enough signs so the herders are provided for them. when it's in the north side some go dude we give our yanks salt and to keep them stronger and increase their milk production there are fewer and fewer yaks because in the warmer climate it is they become ill more quickly mrs decides they're not really making us any money human and we earn a living these days mainly by transporting of rain with horses and gathering and selling rare or for mushrooms that only grow here in the little monkey moved out to look doggy really.
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see one loves bollywood music his mobile phone doesn't have reception on the mountainside so before he sets off he always downloads the latest hits entertaining old and young alike. that's enough i need to pack. a bit of the. paint still knows the traditional handicrafts and can weave yak wool into fabric to be sold. off it was. not again
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279 iraq with the yes and i like living here and my only problem is that i just see enough of my husband didn't think of it most of the time my mother grandmother and i are on our own in town and my the say one is often away for weeks and i can't even call him on the phone and even though he's just come home and is already going back out to search for mushrooms. i hope he finds a lot at least 91. 0 . that's why i'm going. away up in the mountains. i want to come to. you're too brittle to come along.
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save longs in for a long climb the treasured mushrooms only grow way up in the himalayas it'll taken 2 days just to get there. how was. unlike say wrong many young good knees had for the city around 20 percent of the population now lives in the capital temple the city is one of the fastest growing in south.


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