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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2020 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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anyone tell me what the russians learned his stuff will know. how women are striving to reform their islam. traditional prejudices. september 24th. fla. we are living during the most extraordinary. history. of transport people before the electric. light of. the auto and
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mobility show. a word she will look at that beauty beyond you a toyota yaris 2023 need a car at least that's one thing you know what i claim. checks out the yards doesn't live up to toyota's promises. the way they put it here it looks like they just they took it and then. put it on to the best board it. could natural gas be the fuel of the future for cars. it's complicated. natural gas is very environmentally friendly the problem is the price. and we meet one of the few women who drive a cab in moscow. and look at this it would be such positional but the folks in dallas. apologized for something someone spoke to us a little longer. but it didn't seem to me. so i'll be in and take
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a ride with red. strong modern and french facelift toyota gave the 4th generation has paid off almost 20 years it's been one of their most successful models. to look at their beauty the all new toyota yaris 2020. 3 lead a car at least claims and i think we're going to put that. how much fuel does the yarns consume it's pretty economical with just $3.00 leaders per 100 kilometers depending on how loaded with extras it is anything under 40 finds it as a fuel efficient 3 liter car. with
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a pretty successful car. it's been sold more than 4000000 times and therefore it has made its way into the top 5 of the most popular small cars in europe. the reason why the risk is so successful is because it is a hybrid drive train you know from the previous generations all the cars in that segment like. ford fiesta i don't know all the other they don't have the hybrid option and of course then you also features a hybrid drive train one and a half liter engine grease in this 116 horsepower. system. it feels quite good especially if you start from the traffic or at lower speeds
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accelerating feels pretty sporty. the opportunity. to use it electric motor to move forward it's especially true when you from a traffic light or when they go. traffic jam like we're in right now i don't know what's going on from there but. right now we're waiting and you can tell the motorists so we're on our way. electric. cars can only go a few kilometers in pure electric but that's all right the electric motors main purpose is to give a boost to the combustion engine the headlights are equipped with only the technology to provide maximum safety in the dark. when your risk of a pretty sleek silhouette i mean look at the roof sloping down just
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a little bit all in all the car got 5 centimeters lower but what does it mean for people sitting in the back. yeah. it's ok i mean you can tell there's not very much space left but i'm not yet hitting the seat with money so that's that's ok so the top i'd say there is like that much space left well i also like the dark ceiling i don't like it when these are light colored but i guess that's a personal preference most of the people would say they feel like trapped inside but i personally like it like that. the interior is pretty neat not gonna lie i like it especially because it's kept them black almost everything is black here looks good here and we'll feel it's good
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there are 2 things however i don't like this one ok you need it because this is the air bag but i don't know maybe it's too round i can tell it's not good so and the other thing is the infotainment system the system as such is ok but the way they put it here it looks like they just they took it and then. put it onto the dashboard and that's it it's not properly integrated they could have like their space they could have put it inside and integrated into the dashboard so it flows something like that but ok in the end everything is fine and what's really neat you have a head up display that shows the speed speed limit and so on. pretty good like it. was teachers a variety of the latest drivers assistance and safety systems such as adaptive
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cruise control main assist and a central air bag designed to protect the passengers in case of a crash and it's really easy to park making it an ideal car for the city. and that's the good thing about these small cars the hours of just under 4 metres long you'll always find a parking space. and optional rear view camera makes that even easier. when it comes to comfort. this is good i mean it's not it's not as loud as i would have expected the streets and bad to hear on. the asphalt this pretty loud and you hear that on the inside but to me. all in all i would say. 2020 is a very nice car with a sweet ass design hybrid drive train and the latest in the systems and safety
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systems once the verdict the sporty stylish yars is fun to drive on our test ride we average 3.9 meters per 100 kilometers which is almost exactly the same as what toyota claims in the specs on the down side the infotainment system is in a strange location and the yarra says range in pure electric mode really is quite limited. there are more and more cars on the world's roads according to greenpeace the car industry accounted for more than 9 percent of global c o 2 emissions in 2018. rev wanted to know if a looked. cars could help cut emissions. electric cars 1st this is the motto of the ongoing translation in the automotive sector but the truth
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is this is not enough if we really want to reach the goal of the parents agreement and keep the temper to rise to 2 degrees celsius. more. for years the big car makers dismissed electric cars now they're holding them up as the solution to the world's ills. thanks in part to massive government subsidies some 8100 electric cars were registered in germany in june 2020. that's a year on year rise of 41 percent. but that's bigger of 8000 is dwarfed by the number of new combustion engines on the road some 212000 in the same month a lack of consumer choice ecologically damaging battery technology and a continuing shortage of charging base compared to the traditional ubiquity of gas stations are all putting the brakes on the market no matter what the experts say.
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electric car is hot and solution for the transformation especially if you think tank so to say yeah electricity coming from you well you and gene. the challenge is there are roughly 1200000000 cars on the world's roads. a nearly all have combustion engines and emits a range of pollutants. then there are hundreds of millions of mopeds in motorcycles almost all of which also run on gas or diesel people will not be inclined to scrap their cars just for the environment so how can we clean up. one possible answer can be turned into. some news of the last days so how relevant they can become the door to bond with just the railway company decided to bring more alternative fuels into that these lands ends and the german comic a porsche goes into research on eternity fields and the reason this clear the
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legendary 911 sort. of wonderful combustion engine in his. tonnage of shoes on the one hand biofuels which you can't substitute immediately it but you do not have enough sustainable biofuels on a on a global scale so it could be one component to use biofuels on the one hand. biofuels also have their downsides to huge monocultures of maize rapeseed or palm oil and other focuses on synthetic fuels known as the fuel which are based on carbon dioxide or hydrogen. hydrogen production requires electricity preferably renewable for example windows or gee it's a stormy day here in the german north be perfect for kite surfer and for when you know it's a 1st have a lot of fun and the when you see huge amount of energy the question now is how to
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store it and one answer could be hydrogen. audi is producing hydrogen with wind energy as part of a pilot project in northern germany. in the next step the hydrogen reacts with carbon dioxide to form methane. that methane is bad into the national grid. the carbon dioxide comes from industrial waste or agricultural waste. but the power efficiency is low in a car that runs on natural gas only about 10 to 15 percent of the energy generated is actually used to come. engine uses up to 70 percent. you can use natural gas in many ways one of it is to burn it out right in the combustion engine of a conventional car like this. the idea to use natural gas for cars is not new the 1st station opened in germany in 1935 in hanover and the netherlands and italy
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started in the seventy's to build up a nationwide grit off natural gas fuel stations. but the crucial question is what's it like to drug rep reporter christophe johan has already driven about 12000 kilometers with this little s.u.v. so free. you can tell the difference from a gas engine. to see how to run as one liter 3 cylinder engine produces 90 horsepower and with an average gas consumption of 4.2 kilograms of gas per 100 kilometers it's quite a logical. 4.2 kilograms of gas costing a total of 4 year olds $0.50 in germany still emit 123 grams of c o 2. but there's an almost total reduction in particulates and nitric oxide.
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no question natural gas is very environmentally friendly the problem is the price $1.00 kilo costs in germany in 4 years now around one rule the price of diesel and petrol so much so that it's no relevant saving while using natural gas the cost similar to a diesel locomotive. and there's another old and persistent disadvantage despite being stored at high pressure natural gas takes up a lot of space. the tanks are large and expensive to get the say on can only take 15 kilograms. and the bigger to. thank you means a smaller trunk. the only problem of the c.f.r. or not t g i is not the limited space in the trunk that is an offer every day the real problem is the limited range with natural gas it's only enough for 24250 kilometers
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and then you have about 200 kilometer exabyte pressure but this is not enough for everyday use and for longer a friend of. the gas station network needs building up to the 850 stations in germany has a 29000 are just about enough. there are 1250 in italy but in other countries you have to search harder. there are only 74 stations in all of france or 58 in spain. this is one challenge natural gas has in common with hydrogen. so the trans falls into neutral mobility on principle 2 falls with the with the focus in the moment on battery because specifically because of technology is if you're years in advance compared to the 2nd and turned into which is hydrogen where we see some common effect as developing that with with very high speeds and we see the 1st speakers in
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europe focus lois in other in other locations around the world like california. birch sadie's produced its 1st hydrogen fuel prototypes in the 1990 s. . back then this fuel cell try took up a whole van. the world's 1st hydrogen car was the toyota mirage launched in late 2014 but it remains a nice product but sales of just 100-2900. pounders . manager of the hamburg based startup in the health industry is no stranger to innovative technologies. he believes in the future of hydrogen. is all it's like this we all want a car that uses more sustainable technology and fuel since.
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he was our interaction has always impressed me and. annoys. us it works really fine what surprises me is that the range is bigger around town than on the motorway can easily do 500 kilometers around town. some businesses are so enthusiastic they plan to buy entire fleets of the toyota mirage for example the german reichling service clever shuttle thanks to hydrogen their cars can travel locally with no emissions the price of the system you despite the price tag the mirai is a bargain for us there are hardly any service costs and we can keep the cars on the road for 20 hours a day with a 3 shift system so the mirai is not just an ecological component for us it's also an economic component in the mission i'm but the total number of hydrogen stations in germany is still below $100.00 it's all downs of business and economics. which
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multimillion investment will pay off in the. hydrogen. for the transportation sector those and we asked why we do not happen electric fence that means for ships from planes. from long distance trucks and but how does and it's a big used with equal to that renewable energy with. wind solar other renewable energy not. a natural gas. the world can only attain its climate goals with a mix of technologies. new synthetic fuels could quickly make combustion engines more environmentally friendly for example natural gas. then comes electro mobility on the way to a c o 2 free hydrogen fuel future. since
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then i hold on green natural gas wouldn't it be great to drive some more years without a little love combustion engines but of course eco friendly. move . if you want more of rev check out our you tube channel. if you want regular features about new cars and car culture and about mobility around the world that can make you very happy. visitors classics and future technologies some of the exciting content waiting for you subscribe to us and future dot com slash d w rather. be up to speed. and
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get into coverage in the new girl i met in a sort of cmu. travel to north korea that you. know which to. get the book is good bushnell to didn't you might want to put up with the story which about. what some are saying on the books a lot of them were so good it. that's a lot of what i can see. you have seen most going as milo. in here i think. that's just comes out because the text says goes like this where your. church across the idea that says those. park teaches
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kids to my school. was it was a heres a challenge my school said are the scum. of the spurs not the must. know what's in store for your theology of the chiller. here years most famous singer gillian cocos. i didn't even mention the fish was that but almost is apparently me here we can't do it right in the. park he's a lady in the club who moves around the. it was a violent before. we
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. look at the sequel declared such positions but the effects of. the culture some will suffer sort of some of the longs and i'll pull a lever. for me. and this was in a way i'll say yes but then stumble that was the gist of it was coming at us house or god forbid it. in much of the stuff i'd like to think that. i'm not sure i threw it in but it's like you know. he would he was it the government they sleep. with.
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the porch of. his. but getting if you share some christian you have a desert distaste for the simple but somewhat to the status of the dream put it that petition for request of the present also which you should. replace them with those that. are citizens because that is the which i'm sure. because i don't start with a void to get got that it's so i have. been yes no no muslim.
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programmer but thing is to look at photos and more than think is a cause for the delete button more just picture of the victim was in your mind so. looking on you don't look but sure you put almost. there's a bizarre process to the. guessing is not the stated goal of fluid. if you assume that you're standing on the stimulus and in the us you will struggle for all of us to. get things like the get there or not but if you do and does not do you give an inch when nothing you know. you will stop the clock to look at it when you put some day to your prostate is the perception of the thought of when you feel you mean. you're more like i am a terrible did this it's not only once a month i. see if.
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i'm glad i. got a book to stay pretty quiet i don't know which in my. all of the footsie out but i will talk to them which soon was jim. buss blog duck low wing with puzzling it to us that it's a book i say. well that shows the ritual that is that there was one crisis there's also it's showing up at the market that the car you have picture looks it up. yes it is. still. more glad to see. that it was going to challenge the bullshit but i walk. by will be good times. but also my job thank god
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is doing that so you just gotta. want to work for a little closer to really tackle a motion to get the stock market around that particular your station washing up. whether by land sea or air make sure you show up for the next edition often have. to.
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the old mind bridge is the perfect starting point for discovering 1st birth from here you can see many of the important sites and i'll be checking out those spots and on top of that i'll do some wine tasting because this region here is known for its with a culture cloud lipsticks going in line with the motto baroque and wine look to stink it explores and last around chickens coming. down 30 minutes on g.w.
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. did beethoven the invention of those who did too didn't he do. might he be the true king of rock'n'roll the. subconscious always plays a role in the. middle class one way or central willis on a musical journey of discovery to a world without beethoven i can't even begin to imagine. in 75 minutes on d w. and you hear me now yes yes we can hear you and how last year's germantown so that when you bring a new angle a magical as you've never had to have before a surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves sad and want to also talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles law stops. how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this trying to just through the tax cover and the weekly radio show is called suspect. if you would like an information on the corona virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at delhi dot com slash science. sometimes. sense. of. what connects people is stronger than let's separate stuff. is so strong that it can be turned down. we celebrate the 30th anniversary of his regurgitation october 3rd on d w. this
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is the news live from birth in the u.s. supreme court judge ruth bader ginsburg has died the death of id 7 of the liberal judge gives president donald trump a chance to expand the conservative majority on the court as he faces reelection live to our correspondent in the us also coming up. israel goes into what sickened nationwide.


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