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to do the job here at the bar heritage village the robots are strapped to the camels while human operators get their hump on a far. russia g.w. news from berlin you can stay up to date from our website u.w. dot com or our apps and instagram and twitter at t w news play and look for thanks for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. with 19 special the next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we have it and when will all this. just through the topics covered in the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would
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like in the information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at the. science of. the coronavirus pandemic has put the spotlight on the often difficult relationship between science and politics. in the scientific world researchers tried a slow and methodical top in the search for truth but for some politicians the rush to deliver quick and easy answers to complex questions has made scientific research into a political football. how does the virus spread. to mosques really protect their way or isn't. do is most at risk from the punjab make. sure our
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government researchers are still learning about the virus trying to understand how it behaves and devising strategies to fighters. they need politicians to turn their findings into public policy but that collaboration is often far from straightforward. this is d. w.'s covert 900 special i'm paid ferguson thanks for joining me here in germany chancellor angela merkel has warned that the number of corona virus infections could rise to almost 20000 a day by christmas if the current trend continues she says the priority must be to bring numbers down while keeping the economy alive the right the pandemic she's been shaping her policies around the latest advice from germany's scientists and researchers among the experts that have her ear is the country's most well known for religious and austin. where a mask wash your hands and maintain distance people in germany are accustomed to
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following the safety and hygiene guidelines yet despite this the rate of infection is climbing with more than 2000 new cases in a single day the highest count since april germany's most prominent virologist christian thorsten sees the development critically he recently spoke at a conference in berlin and detailed some of his concerns in an interview with deutsche avella look at other countries look at france the u.k. and spain what we're seeing there is what we will see germany. if we don't react very early on. in a way that needs to be adjusted that needs to be. let's say bearable for the economy at the same time targets and this is a very difficult task to find the right point of time talking. has praise for
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germany's coronavirus policies and the response by the country's leadership during the pandemic he says germany has been efficient and measures have softened the pandemics impact but he also says the government could do a better job of explaining why certain decisions are made it is not sufficient to impose rules that people don't understand so that cooperation off the population especially in the coming weeks and months. of autumn and winter. is probably one of the most important functions in the whole concept 2 to intervene dalston says from a global perspective current developments in india particularly worrying the virus is spreading there almost uncontrollably and he says the situation in many western countries could also become more threatening there are areas including in europe where there is little control where countries already go into autumn with
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a high. background incidence i believe. there are countries including india. that will have to impose stricter measures very soon as germany and the world prepare for a likely 2nd major wave of new covered 19 infections in the coming months now more than ever politics and science need to work hand in hand. let's bring in professor or they d.n.i. go he's a neurologist for an insanity hospital and the founding director of the qwest center for transforming biomedical research professor dan i got thank you so much for joining us how has the coronavirus changed the relationship between science and politics. i don't think this relationship has changed in principle scientists provide evidence and politicians may or may not act accordingly but what i hear is different for example to the scientific council because climate change is that it
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is in the nature of an emerging pandemic that the available evidence is often tentative and new evidence leads to new interpretations and new recommendations potentially universals so in general politicians don't have a good track record in following sound scientific advice i mean i think climate change again is therefore no big surprise to me that politicians have difficulties in following scientific advise if it is based on preliminary evidence and reckoning by statistical models now as they saw in that report there here in germany and often he has become a household name how much influence what you say individual scientists have on politicians. i just have to ask the scientists generally the downplay the influence but for us observers it appears that some scientists are indeed highly i guess it's obvious who's on sweden with the stated emotion and just taken who has to say or officially on anthony fauci in the us although he seems to be
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marginalized by prom but i take the u.k. for example it's quite likely that new focus meant his model of the potential death toll triggered a policy reversal in the u.k. and led to the lockdown what is problematic in my view is that it's and it's not the scientists who are to be playing for that scientific advisory supposedly not guided by for relevant principles advice research be inclusive it is in preventing sources expertise stakeholders it should be rigorous that's comprehensive free of bias independent review and transparent that it should be clear that conflicts of interest assumptions limitations gaps and you should also be accessible that is freely available in a plain language and we don't see that at the moment in any country and expanding out what you're saying they do you think find that they're under pressure to advance a certain political agenda and all this. well in every country politicians not claim to act according to the best available science but what is this best
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available science someone has said that it's a case of survival of the ideas that fit so politicians tend to favor the kind of science that alliance with existing preferences but special to political actions or inactions independent is that they are felt immediately in viscerally by everyone it's days instead of years as the climate change so it's a prominent epidemiology is recommends closure of schools and the government indeed closes schools the scientists becomes an immediate target for those opposing this measure so i guess this puts tremendous pressure on scientists giving advice. and i'm not hold that what you say the attention they cloned a virus is getting right now is good or bad for science. i guess a little bit of both and the jury's still out with the positive or negative effects will prevail science hopes to contain and eventually a predicate of threat this will reflect positive on on science i hope on the other
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hand many of the measures taken have unintended consequences harming many people and as i said just now therefore as it's straightforward to blame scientists for all the negative consequences even within science because it's not black and white on the positive side are new forms of disseminating evidence scientific discussions which are currently popular us think for example pre-print. scientific collaboration also gets a push but on the other hand we see what's been called a call it is a shift of research resources and expertise is funneled away from here is with the cell phone call attention to t.v. there are a cancer and there's increasing noise making it harder to focus on the signal that's the robust and relevant research results plus we see what has been called research exceptionalism and that's on the bed not bad data is better than no data and that's clearly dangerous especially in the conditions of of a pandemic some pros and cons f.f.s.
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they are they cannot go from very emphatically thanks so much for speaking to us. thank you very much. time night on through one of your questions about the corona virus over to our science correspondent eric williams. if i think i had the virus but couldn't be tested could the vaccine actually be dangerous for me. well we don't know at least not yet but presumably the ensor to this question and others like it will be provided by the extensive phase 3 testing that a number of vaccine candidates are going through now they involve tens of thousands of volunteers and some of them i'm sure will have already had covert 19 and most other diseases there aren't mechanisms that would cause someone who had them to react badly to subsequent vaccinations i think the assumption most experts would make is that with covert 19 vaccinating someone who has already have the virus will
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generally act more like a booster shot reminding the immune system that sars co 2 is still around and putting it back on high alert which isn't to say that potential vaccines won't have any side effects in fact reports so far imply that some if not most candidates are pretty react to generate which means they can cause discomfort ranging from from headache to soreness at the injection sites to see or fever but the big question is whether those side effects are seen as acceptable in terms of tolerability if some people get a headache for a couple of hours the day after a vaccination that would probably be considered an acceptable trade off if their temperature spikes dramatically then it wouldn't that's at least in part what what
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phase 3 testing in vaccines is about one thing it's meant to do. is identify as many rare adverse events as possible in a big test coworkers to evaluate as many potential dangers as possible before you give a vaccine to the wider population. and we leave you with this spain has been one of the european countries hardest hit by covert 19 over the weekend activists placed thousands of spanish flags in a park in the capital madrid to mourn the over 30000 people who've lost their lives to the disease in recent weeks the city has become one of europe's coronavirus hotspots the secret auction was also meant as a sign of protest and a call on the government to do more to stop the spread of the virus.
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and that's all from this covert 1000 special if you want more detective the dedicated coronavirus section of our website from in the team and if i can take care. to. disappear entirely ecosystems are in danger on the ground. in the caribbean climate change is brutally real environmental activists are doing all they can but is there any hope this paradise can be saved in the caribbean rescue and climate change. w. c phil india. on the rise in register on is. special
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village a smart village residents work together to ensure a dignified quality of life with a safe water supply and basic amenities. and they are creating jobs. our rule community takes pride in the way of life the philippines. 360 minutes w. conspiracy of the saudi consulate. a body that will never be found. a plot connected to the highest levels of government why do journalists shuggie have to die. was threatened crimes for.
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years later and the reasons are still unclear. the case of jump. start september 30th on w o. law. carabine is a region remembered natural p.g. and rich biodiversity. in this natural paradise is in jeopardy to see is clogged with waste and many arlen's are under threat from rising water levels. coral reefs are bleaching and fixed blankets of albion saying we need
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a champion in the scenes. animals and peace. suffering. there is hard dedicated conservationists a function effects of climate change. yeah whatever if you don't take care of it they're trying to raise awareness about environmental issues mostly just to make children. while. the. produce aisle is known for its beautiful beaches which store choose from farm wind could the marine an island environment is also home to many wild animals. including bob a very special from england famous not only in curious town but all over the world
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. but it deuced and flamingo bob are inseparable the veterinarian came to bob's rescue when it flew into a hotel window and was seriously injured. they both were there within 10 minutes i was in front of them like i am here for the flamingo and they were like. they call can no longer spread his left wing properly and his feet are too stiff he would struggle to survive in the wild so it it took him in. when they asked me whose name i was like oh yes flamingo now and then in a split 2nd i thought oh no mushrooming. i don't like about him ugh why bob only look like a bob there oh the funny thing is the name bob it means like a flame and so to be well no and now he's famous. nomen is right there. it's
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a thursday. and on thursday. vault heads up on his new job as a wildlife ambassador and to do. so this back especially for him not to. get hurt but. you see. here. today visiting a primary school. you know there was a while bob is used to the passenger seat like what are the verb up there or even if i walk in somewhere with people you know that i'm coming in with bob though i'm not going to react like oh it's you bill so they think i just want to run with a fake coming up that's the way but it's also funny. the top makes a grand entrance to children thrills. like form. because it. pops in brief introductions to children get
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a closer look. at the omission of much of that it ends. up. on our some of the children hesitant more so than bob who by now has clocked up plenty of experience. and it spent several months preparing for visits like goods. then of the children have ever been this close to a training guide. book and. their budget then begins explaining the importance of protecting nature in animals . even a chance kind of band and outside can smell death to flamingos in iran amongst. us that there's no no not so this is nylon and once it's in nature it doesn't go away in a cute familiar like bug could get stuck in this. is quite the hit.
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a record shop. the message sticks. plastic isn't good for them. if they die it's not ok. but it knows that moments like peace can make a difference. when you have that reaction then you have the gateway to their heart with their shoes young spunky might still question their marriage to friends. like some discussion what are we doing why are we doing what we do we is this something that needs to be continued and. this is what i did is hoping to prevent. away from the tourist destinations many of curacao space a club with waste nylon fishing lines and fishing holds a simply abandoned birds and animals get tangled in them the lucky ones but it
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finds and nurses back to health. and it's worked as a vet keeps have busy but she also runs a wildlife century she's always love birds. pluming go ody is one year old a debt fantasies lee injured near a pool and has been tending to her for months you know a female can live up to 40 to 60 years in the world so she's a baby if she's a female reproducing also for killing the population for. both kids company so that she doesn't forget how to interact with their own species she'll return to the wild soon. they need to not be taking rehabbed rehab is not coddling rehab is for all animals that are hurt you help them they put them back as soon as she can. but it is currently rehabilitating
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$45.00 wild animals they need medication in cages and 80 kilos of food each week the wildlife clinic essentially depends on donations for it it's a labor of love but it's exhausting work. i. think the store clerk. soon audit will have even moved on her hands over just a few days a thick mass of seaweed has drifted to the island's coast. to sea turtles trapped in the alga it can be deadly. a group of conservationists have made it their mission to sites in a cold early in the morning. i get this goal but if i win you.
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all it is 14 years old as a volunteer at the sea turtle conservation organization she in the team leader about to head out. nearly all species of sea total and now endangered. turtles are in distress paddling helplessly fighting for their lives and we want to do what we can to save the are involved that. many tentacles attract in the massive scene we. find out here on the water there almost impossible to see. that. and they're not easy to rescue. all these
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cars so uncomfortable he actually hurts but they keep the snow. very bad. and can't hear anything in the water just everywhere there is just. these huge seaweed blue. a recent problem because by rising water temperatures along with agricultural fertilizers washing into the ocean from brazil sea turtles come to the surface to breathe and then find themselves trapped in the mat it seems wait. without help they would die in the heat every rescued sea turtle is a cause for celebration when a severed turtle it's just been thought it's like i'm helping. but it's not just startles it's everything the ocean itself and everything we trace it's wonderful to me and i dare you for doubt but it's. 15 have
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been working here for days on end they've rescued 25 turtle so far many of them are undernourished and weak and will need to be nursed back to health. care. the sickest turtles are brought toward it for help. we have to understand this you know you've been out on the roads no there's no. movie is yet so we have to go there is something you would do in these turtles a suffering from a chuma disease found in a rain turtles or dead will surgically remove some of the growths this one is making it hard for the turtle to see. could a sound has a network of wildlife conservation is to call on each other these turtles are healthy but need to put on some weight don't go to the aquarium for a while to recover bridge over. who has been
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volunteering for 3 years she helps whenever she can wherever she is needed being able to help it's just one this you know. every so. a hurricane passed through the caribbean in recent years there prone move frequent and gained in force the strongest storms bring death and destruction mike here in the bahamas and the dominican republic the storms are being fueled by rising water temperatures a hurricane could spell the end of the cooney alaska peleg isle of panama until maginnis is why need storms are growing more powerful and the sea level is rising. and helen sila a fishing today. these waters have long sustained the indigenous community people look. like. they're not the only one with
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a god created this and gave it to us you gave us this privilege we should enjoy it but we also have to take care of it or we have to preserve nature the environment in which they're hoping to find enough fish for a meal and perhaps some to sell but that's proving difficult this morning. you know now this is a sea cucumber the chinese like the. first this is a lion fish. they're venomous if it stings you you could die. there were . the water is shallow here the island is surrounded by a reef that forms a natural barrier. to.
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the isn't enough but that guy in this has an impact on us every time it rains or high waves hit the island the island is flooded and much. fifty's respondents are inhabited by some of the most beautiful. i'll have hotels built on them for tourists i. cannot live on the other islands many men will because fishermen to organize their women to sell their handicrafts. actions island god is who is 300 meters long and 150 meters wide just about every inch of the island is built on. multigenerational families live under a single ruth. reichl and it is my mother sleeps here marked by sleepier my father sleeps there
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too this is our room there where the. local people have dug up much of the reef and now they also have climate change to contend with the sea levels are rising and the islands days look to be numbered. a menagerie of where there was one with the end we had unusually heavy rain recently it flooded the island our home too and of them quote the sea water came up to our ankles. it was unpleasant seeing my mother and i bailed out the water all day and we never had anything like this before so you're much worse so i allowed lopez was also worried about his home there with the has become increasingly unpredictable like many locals he's trying to build a protective barrier made of discarded materials and culled from the reef was only got 40 miles looked after we look for coral and fill up the holes with it. so we can build
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a natural barrier against the water at that point out what local people are removing the coral the pretext there are in hope of protecting their homes it's a vicious circle hopes the global community will finally take action against climate change they are not that there's a lot. one the nature response to our actions that damage the environment but we have to look after our earth and keep this from getting worse and that that will require a change in perspective on the guns into. the government has long ignored the problem they've given up on the island and say the family should be resettled to the mainland. to move would threaten the final flight of an entire community the older residents are especially reluctant to move. some of them are not here from this we are like elephants we want to die in our homeland. that if it wasn't absolutely necessary with global warming the storms. we
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feel that we have to go to a better place i will gladly hold. a 1000 kilometers to the north there is still cause for hope. the coastal waters of billy's oppressed take needed hold. people here live surrounded by the wonders of nature but the greatest treasure is underwater the police barrier reef is the 2nd largest coral reef system in the world some of the coral growth is believed to be 7000 years old. just a few years ago the reef was on the endangered list now it's slowly coming back to life. money for non is helping to preserve the reef she's doing the work she's always dreamed of even as
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a girl she always knew she wanted to help rescue the coral reef. what i feel like when i go to work it's like. when they call me and say all right we're going to go all do this laughing burkey or go check the corals here or whatever it is i'm like all right let's do this let's let's rock this let's rock today. people here in the coastal village of percents yet live from fishing and tourism both industries depend on a call reef. you know i come on this trip many times many there is a man left and i look at everything that i am that is the front of me and i think i hope one day this doesn't become a memory underwater it's apparent that the reef is struggling coral dies when the water becomes too into a city storm surges from increasingly severe hurricanes also damage the range of
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climate change is meeting behind leached gray emptiness. that many works for marine biologist lisa kohn and n.g.o.s friends but they're about to harvest some special coral atoll used to reforest the reef. overdue and so there's no time to waste right now the rows are basically like the forest this season so just like the trees in the forest provide a habitat so out there for some of the other animals the corals do the same on the reef and through careful research they determine which coral is especially vigorous . when we collect from the donor partly we never took more than 10 percent of the large these and these 4 hours that the forests have a very fast rapid growth rate. they use a technique called micro fragmenting in which small coral colonies are transplanted to other locations. perhaps carla sawed into 5 sent me to pieces then the pieces
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a half to. fragments of hope and because carmel is a living creature they have to work quickly. small pieces of coral a seeded in places with the original coral has died they come out here several times a week and played. the fragments on to what they call kookiness meaning to cement mixture. this is a god i don't work but it's for the credit for the future and that's all that matters. about 80 percent of the coral fragments survived these here have been growing for a year and a half as life returns to the reef and other marine life pretends to it. for me to look back at our reef and say i helped i helped in its day verse that day
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and for others to see it later on for me that's hope that's hope. it didn't leslie is also feeling more optimistic again. we do have a president so. you know the bottom of. this that started. when . more coral means fish. angela is a fisherman like he's far behind grandfather before him and now his son into he also brings terrorists out to fish the pelicans tell him where the fish and congregating. i grew up or here which cranks in here and then i start fishing my day thanks and my thanks to the world as
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a fisherman the original poster sees himself as a protector of the reef using large next is out of the question for him thank you all the things which also kills the coral dollar's value look up you know our biosphere if you know how beneficial was there. you know. the reef is then projects the fish is happy if they don't have that i have the fishes out here in these crowds and stuff like that the growth of that is that. the region is now teeming with life. like. began to grow up. to 500. sustainably and serves all the regulations for what isn't seen that means no spinal lobster today. is going to help this. this be sure to get off and get back. there was once
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a book. the government has divided the police reach designs fishermen to fish in their own area it's the sacrifice of an indian supports the nation. in about it out to you it is a legal activity i get them out of the great knowing. that across their birth a future is not going to be fair for a kid you don't. serve as much as possible the future will be beautiful. edlin has also become an activist the police government has been issuing generous permits for offshore oil exploration but the catastrophic gulf of mexico oil spill 10 years ago was when white come and even joined the backers of a petition opposing offshore oil exploration in the united nations weighed in and the government called a moratorium was. dredging. it's not that there is. one little oil spill in the roof or that. the
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people of fighting to save the coral reef. is taking measurements on the cultivated coral they're planning to transplant soon the work is supported by project funds and donations current coverage he has increased to over 50 percent 8 years ago it was just 6 percent. of their hard work is paying off the reef is recovering. this is not solving the climate change craze it are the series is a little bit and they bind us some time for the cause of community people here and i think that the units of a right now they have all the power to make so much change and that is where i'm trying to get at because they are that they are the future. despite this success those 2 who consume every skew in brief here but elsewhere it's still being
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destroyed to beliefs very brief region is dotted with tiny islands covered in mangrove the mangroves are as important to the ecosystem as the coral itself. and mangroves provide habitat for lots of other critters that live on the reef they serve as nurseries in the tap root system mangroves also stabilize the landing keep it together so when you remove them everything falls apart. but that's exactly what's happening many small islands are being sold the mangroves are being chopped down and small hotels are being built sometimes coral is even dug up to shore up the islands there's so many things out of our control for say that we're constantly scrambling to mitigate and try to adapt to its frustrating that the one thing we can control which is close to the development is not be controlled was the battle
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to save the ecosystem along police's barrier reef has not yet been one of the hurricane season approaching the new coral fragments need to be firmly embedded so that they will stay put in a storm. back in curacao the environmental activists are thrilled clear tape is removing a sea turtle from the aquarium that she risky from the scene weed more than a month ago. dozens of people have come here to help a way in the sea turtles measuring them and tagging them so they can be identified if they're brought in again. today is a big day for everyone was. going to be released today there's so much better now so it's time for them. now it's time to head to the beach.
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to wildlife conservation is to attract a lot of attention along the route. that actually has a feel somewhat like a bronx. dispraise it means that more and more people are going to realize what we're doing and i know it's. probably. a good come out of. the water is choppy but clean fishing turtles will be returned to the ocean. very very excited are. they hope the sea turtles will swim away without turning back.
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66 sea turtles have been risky and. it's a special day for a day or 2 she's invited. local children and tourists today the birds that have recovered will be returned to the wild o.-g. the female flamingo to say goodbye to bob. for 18 years now a date has been working to help people appreciate nature and wildlife. domingo bob is the star of the show. his charm helps win people over to the cause which also helps the wildlife rescue program raise donations. bodhi is ready to return to the wild and to freedom it's a joyous occasion but there's always a bit of worry will the wild birds accept the o.t. or has she become too tame an action mated to humans by her mother bird flies away
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her tears form in fire his or her siblings. at the governor's time to let go o.t. is a little uncertain at 1st. then the flamingo plans a way to rejoin her colony it's another moment of celebration the people here know they can't stand the tide of global warming on their own but they're working for change and to raise awareness even a small success is worth the effort. to
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kill india china and russia stand is a special believe a smart village residents work together to ensure a dignified quality of life with a safe water supply and basic amenities. and they are creating jobs. our room community takes pride in the way of life. in the. 13 years deep below. the celebrities of the east for. gamers with a lucrative prizes and sponsors. many want to be like that. but not missed so necessary to look behind the game console can really play yourself again for goals. the $1000000000.00 in sports business. 55 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind. discover new
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adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. to double your world heritage 360 get the app now. this is news and these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has dismissed the new york times report detailing years of a legit tax avoidance as quote fake news the article stated he paid no federal income tax in 10 of the past 15 years and only $750.00 each in 20162017 revelations come ahead of the 1st televised debate between democratic challenger joe biden set for tuesday.


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