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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2020 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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trump and his challenger joe biden face off for the 1st of 3 televised debates trump's tax history gives the democrats fresh ammunition going into the final month of the campaign. you're watching news coming up next we've got business for you with rob what's in course you get all the latest news and information anytime you want online that's d.w. dot com our web site there and you on a song instagram and twitter. thanks for watching. the spirit of the sony. that will never be found.
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a plot connected to the highest levels of government why did journalist shonky have to die. who was threatened christmas. 2 years later and the reasons are still unclear. the case don't just. start september 13th on w. . apple is accused of taking too big a bite out to develop his profits the 2 trillion dollar company takes a hefty share of any money spencer its app store that make is a saying enough is enough also coming up. to get economies moving despite coronavirus when he had to get testing and do it fast
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a time when his company says it's new. on a small english village she's getting innovative people living that have found a way to pull themselves out. them overall signal lapse vote. this is going to be a business i'm robots in berlin welcome to the program. now i phone users if they want to download an app have to use apple's app store but more few perhaps know is that apple takes a hefty chunk of the money that they pay to the developers the world's most valuable company takes a cut of up to 30 percent when an app gets bought or items are bought within an app now even digital payment processes like pay pal or credit card issuers only take a maximum of 5 percent commission on sales through their platforms developers say apple's fees are unfair i think games spotify intended i have been challenging the company over them for some time now and now a coalition for fairness has been founded on europe's publishers council has also
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teamed up with activists for what promises to be a high stakes high tension online power struggle well let's get more on this dispute and speak to my colleague stephen beardsley who joins me in the studio it's lovely to have you on stephen so tell us how these developers supposed to compete with a company with a market capitalization of 2 trillion dollars yeah doesn't really seem like a fair fight from the beginning i do think they have a case though public sentiment is tipping against tech companies and as we see more and more studies and as we see more and more and it goes on as we learn more about how tech companies sit upon so many different aspects of a market and how by doing so they can control things to their advantage and they can sort of box our competitors then i think we're going to see that more and more companies will join in i think we're going to see that public sentiment will continue to up the question is who is it that brings a challenge against these companies it can be governments like we've seen here in europe they've been very proactive against google against facebook against amazon
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it could be consumer groups or can also be companies in this case in silicon valley who say hey this is uncompetitive against us and it's not just about the commission but it's also about. things like in app payments apple for example is very restrictive in terms of allowing in that payments also in terms of communicating with customers in your apps they're also very prohibitive about that so there are a lot of reasons for these companies to start to make a bit of a protest now apple has defended this 30 percent it says it compares with the service providers like travel agents and the retailers and they got a point. sort of hard to imagine that they could have a point because in a way i mean if you are taking your product to an in retail like a book store like a travel booking service you still have a much more much more variable choice much more variety of choice than you would if you're an app developer you basically only have a handful of app publishers you're looking at amazon google and apple of course and so the market is much more stretched and that means they don't really have much of
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a reason to keep it at 30 percent why would they not go to 40 percent for example another big problem here and perhaps one of the bigger problems is that these publishers themselves are also developers apple's not only publishes apps it develops its own it so it can use the data that it cleans from 3rd party apps to enhance its own abseiled that's the fear amazon's already been accused of doing this with its marketplace as both a platform and a seller and this is at the heart of antitrust legislation that you going see coming against these big tech companies is that they can't have it both ways they can't both control the market and then participate in that market and there's also what this app debate is really getting at but develop as if this 30 percent is so threatening they essentially pass that cost on to the consumer and just raise their prices will it's not a flat fee right like it's not a $5.00 euro tariff or something like that they can just say ok we're up our price 5 euros it's 30 percent so they're already taking a chunk of whatever they make and as you know with any business there is such a calculated costing mechanism to figure out this is what the market will allow
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this is what we can take so if they're always going to have to slough off a portion of that to the publisher then they're going to say we can't actually make the most innovative product that we could this is anti competitive and that's going to be their argument coming up and you're going to hear a lot about this in the coming weeks stephen busy day to be business thanks for bringing us up to date. it's now economies around the world are struggling to restart after coronavirus lockdowns one of the keys to getting businesses moving again is likely to be fast and widespread covered 19 testing well now a time when he's biotech firm has about a testing robot it says return results within 3 hours. meet q vs $96.00 the taiwanese robot boasts 3 arms and it doesn't have to sleep either if say it's invented q vs $96.00 when mass produced it could make a huge contribution to the world's economic recovery. could be a snow that can produce around 2000 results for
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a day with 100 years now deployed in j.f.k. airport or singapore airports this airports can fully resume their flight unless the passenger travel safely and bring back the country's economy. for now though q. vs 96 is operational radius is restricted to taiwan to places like this taipei hospital normally patients here have to wait at least 2 days to get their test results from the lab the robot to manage is a turnaround time of around 3 hours and it can distinguish clearly between sobs to and influenza viruses and. this machine can be of great help when it comes to striking a balance between epidemic control and economic growth it can help people come together and contribute to the economy again while also effectively preventing the spread of the virus. and with infection rates rising in many
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countries right now q.t.s. $96.00 would have its work cut out. now if and when a coronavirus vaccine eventually comes transporting it can be a logistical challenge it'll have to be kept at a more than a little chilly minus 70 degrees celsius german manufacturer a vacuum tech takes them all containers spent makes containers especially designed to keep sensitive goods at steady temperatures sometimes for days at a time this monday in looking cooler is actually parent with cutting edge technology beaches tested before it leaves the factory to ensure the inside panels are 100 percent flawless they have the special ability to maintain steady temperatures inside for very long periods regardless of the outside temperature there inventor you of him cool as a physicist and develop the containers vacuum walls at university his business model was born out of that experience imprinted is on the box principly of boxes
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a kind of thermos flask in a box form or container form to it besides that it's lined with special high tech accumulator storage materials which can store heat energy at a given temperature 10 times more efficiently than conventional materials. and this combination of vacuum insulation and heat accumulating materials is what delivers the long term performance. even and is a line of performance the coronavirus pandemic has put rocket boosters on backtracks business the board based manufacturers containers have been used to transport some 300000000 kolbert 19 test kits around the world. the kits are temperature sensitive and have to be kept in the study minus 20 degrees celsius. could even if pharmaceuticals are the mainstay of the vac tech business they're not the sole activity. but demand for temperature load
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logistics is growing worldwide and we're not only talking about pharmaceuticals and biotechnology materials on and off we're also dealing with specialised goods like special chemicals adhesives optical equipment and even artworks that. there's a huge sector that requires constant temperatures over several days and that 0 business. has no obligation to wear masks at work here the way employees are tested for covert 19 on a regular basis. over times been the norm for months now and you're him coon has warned his staff that it's going to stay that way. and if and when a coronavirus vaccine emerges it will have to be transported at a constant minus 70 degrees celsius in boxes made of these panels that's when backed will ramp up to 240 production. and finally the isolation of the
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countryside can often be its greatest charm but all too often it's also cut off from mobile phone networks that's why the $400.00 enterprising residents of a village near england stonehenge decided to take matters into their own hands our chalk village doesn't look like a test bed for the latest mobile technologies it sits in the deep chalk family the church here dates back to the 13th century william golding who wrote lord of the flies is buried here but this place is a bit too quiet these days that's because mobile phones don't work here. promises of connectivity from big operators came to nothing so the local community took matters into its own hands and built its own network you know lots of people say it can't be done it's too complicated the mobile networks will never allow you to do this. but i'll go
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a history of when people tell me things can't be done i tend to go and do them anyway what a waste of that and so we embarked on a little project. we deploy got a little bit of money raised a little bit of money and deployed 5 cells here in short. and surprise surprise it all works that mobile signal is good news for local village business people including soon levy who owns a bed and breakfast she says no signal often meant no money. raided no we make not just the. a couple of couple pounds you lose you lose like a week's wages because they booked in for a week 2 weeks sometimes think you know it's the lucky lucky place to come and stay and then oh i need to get in contact with 77 i call and it's ok oh we just stay there one night. the team now plans to roll out the service across the entire
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family installing more small cells to cover around $1100.00 households the project is even attracted international interest officials from tiny villages in germany are set to visit power chalk to learn. just time for a minor top story this hour we looked at how apple is accused of taking too big a bite out of developers profits the 2 trillion dollar company takes i have to share of any money spencer it's apps to all but make is assange enough is enough. so for me in the business team here in berlin if you want more from us to check out our website do we don't call them slash business for us on facebook or twitter thanks for joining us.
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the odd. things are disappearing in time ecosystems are in danger on the mound and in the. in the caribbean climate change is brutally real environmental activists are doing . but is there any hope for this paradise can be saved the caribbean
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rescue and climate change. w. hey there i'm david and this is climate change brags it sex. happiness in 3 books. this is the book for you. you'll get smarter birth free do you know where you go are you to. the carabine is a region remember natural be chic and rich biodiversity. in this natural paradise is in jeopardy to see is clogged with waste and many islands are under threat from
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rising water levels. coral reefs are bleaching and fixed blankets of algae.


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