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tv   Jamal Khashoggi  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2020 11:15am-12:01pm CEST

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world managed and the bonus league for 3 seasons before being dismissed in april last year. you're watching t.v. news from berlin coming up next murder in the saudi consulate the documentary looking at the killing of jamal chief more news coming up top of the hour i'm terry martin thanks for watching. can you hear me now oh yes we don't need you and how it all stands down and starts now we'll bring you i'm going to matter as you've never had to have surprised himself with what is possible who is magical really what moves time and want. to talk to people who follows her along the way maurice and critics right joining us from athens last stop.
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as investigators try to find out what happened to jamal khashoggi saudi arabia confirms that the drone was terrible her shoulder is dead and all because show she is loved ones some form of closure any foreign minister saying this was all a terrible city execution of jamal be sure to your frequent critic of the shots saudi regime inside of the saudi consulate saudi arabia for 3 weeks. the world here killing of jamal khashoggi it was a premeditated murder and their own october the 1st $28.00 nothing seemed out of the ordinary in belgrade forest north of istanbul it was
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a monday the start of the workweek and the full with a few visits has. just before sunset c.c.t.v. cameras picked up a car belonging to the saudi consulate in istanbul as it passed through a security gate. it would later in the gym reports by turkish state. this it was carrying the consulates millet she attached a ahmed do not. turkish intelligence surveillance mission. according to i'm losing any had returned from saudi arabia earlier that day with a plan to liquidate saudi genitives jamal khashoggi.
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i don't. believe you will be i believe i was really a small one am i normal for an alderman on june 21st 27th prince mohammed bin so many was appointed crown prince of saudi arabia the journalist jamal khashoggi had long been close to the royal family but with the rise of mohammed bin so many he'd fallen out of favor banned from writing and tweeting he faced increasing repression and began to fear for his life he fled the kingdom that same month and though he remained supportive of the saudi monarchy and the crown prince's 2030 reform agenda he became a vocal critic of saudi repression and policies from his self-imposed exile in the united states. put pressure increased i believe him to 14 or to 15 when he was writing minister of information decided to publish the letter from writing that i think is on the very insulting. remember the german. weeding out the right thing
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out of the white. because he's not. enough so that maybe we've. we've that worked. for i think we'll have a gruesome murders during. that i think by introducing version 233 no he just has to do it right in the early 1918 stream and he showed he received a degree in business from indiana state university he then began working as a journalist later serving as media advisor to ambassador prince turki bin faisal in washington with some more. more while he was in istanbul to arrange a marriage one of his sons came to visit him. already he wanted to live in istanbul to be near his family it's. awfully good of
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the formulation what. he had 4 children with his 1st wife his 2nd marriage also ended in divorce in may 2010 he married stopped to allow nessie for several months after left saudi arabia that marriage also ended amid rumors that the journalists had been put under official pressure to agree to the divorce i'm very happy he was worried he one time told me his 2 sons complained to him that they are held hostage because of him they couldn't travel so they were both bankers their work requires them to travel and they could not leave the kingdom passports were confiscated and they were blaming him and that really caused lots of guilt. he told me he felt guilty that he is causing the. stress and suffering. in august 27th teen shogi tweeted for the 1st time
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from exile in the united states. i return to writing and tweeting grateful to his highness the minister of information for his kind efforts gratitude and loyalty to the royal crown prince no free pen is broken and no tweets every silence down to his reign. coming from a man in self-imposed exile the tweet seemed confusing and raised questions about his relationship with his native country back in 2016 the saudi authorities had banned from writing and tweeting he was informed by sound out the tiny an advisor to the crown prince in a telephone call which he showed later described in a television interview. a little. very nice how degrading it would be if i agreed to such a thing if you believe any of that an official could prevent me from. writing or tweeting over the phone every minute. in september 2017 he started writing for
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the washington post. his column extended his readership and influence beyond the middle east. for the saudis i think this was the scariest thing the guy writes for a paper that's already all over the world that would buy this is a makers in the u.s. image mohamed bin someone painted himself in the west in america london and paris with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of public relations it was destroyed by casualties one single article in the washington post as we speak today there intellectuals under notice jail no nobody will dare to speak and criticize like. saudi intelligence was monitoring chevy's writing and movements and were briefing the new crown prince and to the throne. of the horn of the world everything i write i write as an honest advisor. to the saudis trying to tempt the journalist to retire from the source close to christianity said that the crown prince's
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advisor sound a tiny contacted him twice by phone he said that mohammed bin solomon trusted implicitly and that the doors of the royal court would be open to him whenever he chose to return. the same source said that the saudi government maintained communication with his shogi and made him several offers including managing a saudi funded media network if he were to return. north so you has been has been. was. i think his knowledge of the regime credibility as a journalist when he spoke out. continued his criticism of the crown prince in the one. to me before.
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working with. a foundation for democracy. people. efforts included supporting the project electronic beast with canadian based saudi activist omar abdel aziz he was seeking to counter the saudi government's online harassment of critics of the regime. curing may in july 28th seen many activists notice that there was an organized attempt to attack them online specifically on social media. was a key target so i studied how those electronic attacks worked. i wanted to put together a project that aimed to stop them. presented the idea to germany and he liked it as did other people like tyree from kuwait. we decided to establish
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a team that would counter those attacks were decided to live in contributed $5000.00 an hour his own pocket to help fund the project. in istanbul we spoke with a political scientist about another major project. from the turkish city fire a number of media platforms we contacted several of assistance but they were reluctant to talk in detail because they didn't want to jeopardize the future of their project. meanwhile back in the saudi capital of riyadh a small town was formed to decide what to do about the shogi they weighed up different options. as new information became available they formulated
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a course of action. they decided to silence. for good. in september jamal khashoggi left the united states for what would be the last time he boarded turkish airlines flight t k 8 from washington arriving at istanbul's ataturk airport just before sunset on september 10th. he planned to stay until the 17th of october to finalize his wedding arrangements. are. the. body of the turkish scholar the teacher met jamal khashoggi when she interviewed him at a conference in istanbul in may 28th. this was the 1st of several meetings
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that summer jamal khashoggi proposed and she accepted. the models for all because he is about to get muddy he wanted to establish new life and he was telling me about the flood of people the furniture of the field going to put in the flat and the fact that the scope of the consulate the good some diplomats and they joked with them both said you are younger. than i have seen you before because you have a new love story and you are. and you know we need so we may continue 'd our struggle for. generation. i thoroughly. for most secure him in. his personal life in his inner self.
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from istanbul he went to london for several days returning to stumble at 4 o 7 am on friday the 28th of september. at 924 that morning the couple went to the municipal office in the fatty district to complete the formalities for them marriage. to brigadier with we went to the municipal offices together to get information about the marriage process and find out what documents we needed. what we were told that in order to marry we needed a certificates confirming that we were both single. without that we wouldn't be able to marry. and he would have to go to the saudi consulate to get that certificate of real. estate. jamal khashoggi and her teacher jenga took a taxi to the saudi consulate. therefore want to get alcohol are active in all my
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life he left his phone with me before going in i wasn't allowed to go in but only people who had to obtain paperwork were committed to enter it without the car called each other he stayed inside for gas an hour for mr. i was relieved we were both relieved when he came out of the consulate or the took it up he said that they treated him well no he cautions going further during his 90 minute visit at the consulate he was told his documents would be ready within the next few days that same evening he would. turns to london he had spent less than a day in istanbul. on the 29th of september gave a tour to symposium on the future of peace 25 years after the oslo accords he posted 2 tweets about the event and then what would be his last tweet. your
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100 of the very recently with question. of even when. i was one of the last people to meet him for he disappeared he was here with me in this office we spent the day together we had lunch together and he went to the airport i followed him the following they threw away some would cause he was supposed to appear on my t.v. show. but by the time i arrived in somewhat he was gone and i can tell you that when we met here you know my love seemed so quite comfortable and excited about the prospects of marriage we discussed. projects or here had in mind and that is to set up a website. to publish translations of reports of the cause and alice's economist regime in saudi arabia and the region.
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in london called the saudi consulate in istanbul they told him that his papers were ready and he should come on tuesday october the 2nd at 1 30 pm to collect them to show he left london to return to his stamboul on what would be his final journey. on this visit to show he did not stay in istanbul hotel but in the apartment he had bought for himself and a teacher to live after the wedding a teacher had been busy moving furniture and supplies to the apartment only a few items remained which can show deep panta by after his return from the consulate. the couple had breakfast at a restaurant in their residential complex they had a lot to talk about especially their upcoming wedding. and.
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we discussed the wedding date in all the details. how to organize it and who to invite. i asked him if someone would go with him to the consulate and he said he would go alone or with a friend by the end of the one by the 3rd so i told him i would go with him and skip the university seminar. then he called the consulate to confirm his appointment they said they would call him back. call half an hour later they called and gave him an appointment at 1 pm then we took a taxi and went to the consulate. the consulate was located almost 15 kilometers from the apartment. meanwhile in the early hours of that same morning the planes carrying the team of
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assassins had arrived in istanbul 3 members of mohamed bin so many special protection unit came on a commercial flight from cairo to private jets coming from riyadh landed an hour apart on a private runway the 1st plane with a tail registration h said s k one landed at 3 30 am carrying the head of the assassination team my hand i move trip and 8 other men including 2 of the key players. in the team checked into 2 hotels near the saudi consulate. surveillance cameras in both hotels showed the men leaving at 940 and 10 15 am and. surveillance cameras at the consulate monitored their arrival. make all the recordings that 2 planes came from. to the.
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airport of the took 15 men. checked in a hotel the before question arrived to call slate their. car with the ball that you cannot see inside. the fact that the team arrived in turkey the circumstances of what they actually did and the timing is concerned and also the composition of those people in terms of their forensic experts here is that ranking one at least is alleged to be a very senior ranking intelligence officer and the fact that it's also claimed that at least 7 of that team. are extremely close in terms of the security in a circle of the crown prince himself all of this is very strong circumstantial
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evidence it all suggests that not only were these people implicated in the whatever has happened. it also suggests that what the intention actually was. at 1 14 pm surveillance cameras showed jamal khashoggi entering the consulate he gave t.j. his mobile phone and left her waiting for him out signs. for example but 4 in the afternoon crucial jihad still not emerged a teacher jenkins contacted us sheen at take and tour and. thought stuff for which one former are they going to be at $330.00 pm i started asking myself why trim are hadn't come out screen you're going to be talking for so i got up and started walking around because they me either because i was checking the cars coming out of the consulate and trying to understand what was happening with me at all this to me
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i mean all the rajab are like i never thought that anything bad would happen or that anything like that could happen to say go your organs in a guy or not or back to your article but i thought that something had gone wrong and started thinking about what to do you know i went to the entrance and said that i was waiting for jamal who hadn't come out yet to watch the officer said that there was no one inside everyone had left that no more than i could i asked myself what i should do i found the consulate's phone number and called them i said i was turmel's fiance and i was waiting at the entrance but that he had gone inside did not come out before which counts the officer hung up the phone and came to the door to give the rich woman a kind of strong forward for the for a couple that became a that he said there is no one inside there's no point wasting for it i can feel. my legs started trembling and i thought about calling mr yes seen it in my arm to tell me i was sure there were a growing ass uming a little. hope she hoped she said she was jamal khashoggi
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so beyond saying all do so i asked what had happened because of the good though the man's on. she said jamal had into the consulate 5 hours earlier and still hadn't come out and that's when i knew there was a serious problem by the. queue i wasn't aware of how dangerous it might be the focus should be to go into the consulate of the. same bush from her coffee that i told her t.j. to wait until i made some calls. i called the chief of general intelligence i can't feed the ship then i called the president's office and i told some of jamal's friends about what had happened. and after about 3 and a half hours of work on the part of the intelligence agency it became clear that jamal khashoggi had disappeared so. long but. i have.
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as international speculation about who showed his fate grew one theory was that he had been kidnapped as part of an illegal operation to take him back to saudi arabia the british daily the guardian expressed concern that could show he might have been detained smuggled out of the saudi consulate in istanbul in a diplomatic vehicle and then transferred back to saudi arabia. according to the information we have this citizen you still in this idea of being consulate in istanbul we don't have any information besides that of the statement by the turkish presidential spokesman was made or not taped at the service the day after the failed to emerge from the saudi consulates 4 days later president said that turkish prosecutors were conducting an extensive investigation looking into all camera records and monitoring incoming and outgoing airport transits he added
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that he still hoped for a positive outcome. meanwhile the turkish foreign ministry had summoned the saudi ambassador to. mounting clarification on october the force. that resulted in the 1st official statement by the saudi consulate general in istanbul on twitter it said that the consulate was following up on media reports about the disappearance of the saudi citizen and journalist to market shogi after he left the saudi consulate in istanbul it also said it was coordinating with turkish authorities to quote uncover the facts behind his going missing after exiting. in a wide ranging interview with bloomberg news agency just a day after the disappearance of crown prince mohammed bin salman said my understanding is he entered and he got out after a few minutes or an hour the crown prince also stated that he was not inside the
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consulate and he added if he were in saudi arabia i would know that. all of our we kept going to the consulate for the 1st 3 days. we waste it from morning to evening because we thought her mole was inside. then saudi arabia released a statement saying that jamal had left a while after entering. this was during the 1st week. then i stopped going there as i believe that jamal was no longer in the concert and i thought they'd taken him to saudi arabia or somewhere else the other was critical to. the very 1st beginning more the iran has been happen. or couldn't the senate on the us king the most. clearly show that he has left because late all the responsibilities
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belong to the tortillas and. you know that they are. and their social media. army started to program the. super she has direct of course this is a very detailed. plan and action of turkish intelligence agencies they are trying to link. the other such kind of ridiculous story fabricated stories. the 1st report that had been killed surfaced 5 days after his disappearance reuters news agency quoted a technician official who said the initial assessment by texas police was that he had been murdered at the consulate and his body flew now said the country. the saudi concierge issued a denial saying that jamal khashoggi was neither inside the consulate nor in saudi
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arabia. it also denied that he had been killed in the consulate and said every effort was being made to find him. on october the 6th the sunday consul in istanbul mohammed. invited reporters through reuters to the consulate and accompanied them on a tour to confirm that he showed he was not inside the buildings the console denied reports of an assassination he insisted he had left the building but said he could not prove it because the consulate surveillance cameras did not save images. that. something is going wrong because if someone is missing. you have to prove that. your court why you would have a c.c.t.v. system that isn't working doesn't record seems. impossible to believe the only
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reason why you have a recording system is lack of money and this isn't something that afflicts saudi arabia for sure. on monday on tape for the nx u.s. president donald trump issued his 1st public statement on the case at the same time the saudi ambassador to the u.s. prince colleague bin selman bin have stated publicly that allegations claiming shogi had been killed or detained by the saudi authorities were completely false and unfounded. he then left for saudi arabia on the pretext of seeking clarification. for the king of saudi arabia. he didn't really know maybe i don't want to get a. good thing.
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from bus. wanted to get that from one of them so of course we know all. about themselves and we. started speaking about dog. or even the saudi government. so he wanted to give them the exit therefore we can use it to cover. this unfortunately was all over the station. i received an invitation from president trump a few weeks after the incident invited me to the united states. i didn't see it as a positive test as i saw it as a political trick to get the public opinion on his side of the what are the united states should have done something to find out what really happened.
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on october the 8th the turkish daily any chef that crippled the intelligence services were analyzing the movement of $26.00 cars owned by the saudi consulate in istanbul. it said they wanted to determine their whereabouts on the day jamal khashoggi went missing. c.c.t.v. cameras close to the saudi consulate showed 2 cars. with the license number 34 c c 1865 and another miss sadie's with the license number 34 c c 2248 driving to the saudi consuls house an hour and 15 minutes after the had entered the consulates. they were parked in the garridge there for 3 days. on the 4th day they were taken to a car wash near the consulate we obtained these images from inside the car wash
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showing the 2 vehicles being carefully cleaned turkish investigators believe the dismembered body was transported from the consulate to the consul's house in the safe. gruesome details began emerging in media reports on the 9th and 10th of october in the us the washington post published the c.c.t.v. video of jamal entering the consulate at 1 pm on tuesday the 2nd of october on the 10th of october the b.b.c. reported that turkish media had pictures and names of the men they said were members of the assassination sport the new york times also ran the story reporting that he had been dismembered with a bone saw 2 hours after his death and that the orders to assassinate him had been
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issued from the highest levels of the saudi royal court. men said that they were tourists but tourists don't normally go to the consulate for a few hours and then return to the airport. they 1st went to the hotel. market here in istanbul where they purchased 16 or 20 large suitcase and then they went to the consulate then the consul's house into the hotel and then they left. their hotel reservation was for 4 days but they stayed only 10 hours. members of the. team as a body guard. 11 days after disappearing donald
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trump was still insisting on c.b.s. 60 minutes that the crown prince that denied any knowledge of what had happened but he warned saudi arabia of severe every caution if it were proven that he had been killed there's something you'll be surprised that there's something really terrible and disgusting about that if that were the case so we're going to have to see we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment if they go on to claim that these people were acting without the authority of the saudi government and of course they can prove that by. relinquishing the diplomatic immunity of these people. for trial but if that happens of course a very big risk. for this capital offense will name the people who made the decisions and that may not be convening of course to the saudi government. on the same day the british french and german foreign ministers issued
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a joint statement calling for an independent investigation. of course governments in britain would like to draw a line and pretend it hasn't happened but i think public pressures and forcing the media to then force the governments in the west to actually at least in the short term appear to be taking action and that of course is in our judgment from the perspective. on the table the 15th the saudi press agency reported that king solomon had received a phone call from trump who had praised the progress of the saudi turkish cooperation in investigating jamaal disappearance. that same day sounding in turkish officials and to the consulates they arrived with a joint team led by istanbul general prosecutor. and counterterrorism agents that evening turkish forensic investigators were finally allowed to search the
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building. they worked 9 hours through the night until dawn on the 16th of october the forensic team left carrying samples of soil and a metal door from the consulate got the. media attention then quickly switched to the consul's house which was also subjected to forensic inspection. on the 16th of october the consul general mohammed al gore to evie left istanbul for saudi arabia amid rumors of his impending arrest.
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after all those friends each investigation. made a couple of telephone calls international leaders including. king them also your. at realized that the publication story of question has left the conflict is incredible so they accepted that mr question has been shielded inside because like. our camera team was able to monitor the frequent movement of saudi security staff between the come to lessen the consul's house from the trials to the 17th of october. from this footage we determined that this team included chemical experts ahmed abdul aziz janabi and toxicologist. rani the. they were among the group that turkish media reported to deliberately destroyed evidence at the consulate and the consuls house.
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on october the 20 s. after repeated denials saudi arabia finally admitted that jamal was dead a statement by the saudi public prosecutor announced the arrest of 18 saudis for questioning and suggested an altar cation and fistfight had led to death. bloop bloop bloop on october the 21st king solomon and the crown prince made 2 phone calls to say lucky shogi jamal's son to offer their condolences on the 23rd of october they summoned him and his brother sought help to show he to riyadh using the meeting as a photo opportunity. ankara strategy of leaking evidence finally brought the saudi attorney general zod to turkey he arrived on the 29th of october on a private plane he then held 2 meetings in the judicial palace with istanbul's
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chief prosecutor if unfit and whose office then made a formal statement it said that there was no tangible results from these 2 meetings despite all our efforts and good intentions to reveal the truth about the killing of cars shogi in his country is consulates. the statement went on to say that immediately after entering the consulate jamal khashoggi had been strangled to death as part of a premeditated plan and that his body had been dismembered and disposed off in the wake of the public prosecutor's statement official positions in the case became entrenched the turkish authorities stood by their accounts of the events saudi arabia continued to contest the leaks by the turkish government and the trumpet ministration continued to. defend crown prince mohammed bin anxious to protect u.s. business interests. some members of the u.s.
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house and senate defied the administration criticizing trump's actions and demanding that saudi arabia and the crown prince be held to account there was little response from arab countries. the cia has concluded through its investigation and that the saudi crown prince ordered the murder of washington post journal to show the proper going to touch drop a new storm of criticism over the killing of saudi. and response by the crown prince has yet to face. the passage of time has done little to diminish interest in the case a united nations investigation also sent a k. to the audio recordings leaked by turkish intelligence. these showed that he entered the consulate at 1 15 pm on the 2nd of october he went to the consul general's office where mohamed. was with my trip an officer from the saudi foreign ministry
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and a special guard to crown prince mohammed bin solomon they questioned me about his plans to return to saudi arabia he said that he did want to return in the future then they said they would have to take him back claiming there was an interpol order to that effect said there was no case against him and that he had people waiting for him outside the consulate the recordings then documents flight fathered by a conversation among the members of the assassination team. according to the u.n. investigation he was then injected with a sedative and suffocated with a. plastic bag then a forensic pathologist on the team. started dismembering body.
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about 2 hours later the audio recording picked up 3 different voices coming from the stairs one ordered the visa lounge to be closed another man believed to be an i.t. technician transferred c.c.t.v. data and reset the surveillance cameras the 3rd was mustapha. jamal look like. she was a premeditated murder and they're now telling c.n.n. that they believe the saudi. upstanding body double hero madani appeared to be complaining about wearing clothes shouting it's gary to wear the clothes of someone who was killed 20 minutes ago. shoes didn't fit him properly said the team leaders allowed him to keep his running shoes on ahmed ali was instructed to walk along for streets before taking a taxi to the sultan ahmed district where he disposed of clothes.
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the results of the united nations investigation were published in june 29 teams the un special rapporteur on arbitrary executions and years kalama called for further investigations saying there was credible evidence that crown prince mohammed bin soma and other saudi senior officials were liable for the killing she said he had been the victim of a deliberate premeditated execution an extrajudicial killing for which the state of saudi arabia was responsible under international human rights since he was killed. as yet to be far away he has denied any involvement in the disappearance of her newspaper in every morning that particular scene was recorded at a camp is a lot of the old ways. going to stay focused only on dismembering his body there needs to be some consequence. once the once.
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and a corn cut their most of all i want is to be an independent rider all nor and not to be banned from writing while at home in jeddah who are 40 and from appearing in the media banned from publishing books. and then i felt i couldn't enjoy my freedom while remaining silent. because gents machos in politics and for democracy in atlanta ross will not back down in the face of police violence propping up people for a tarion regime. they continue to demonstrate and demanding more socratic presidents step down to cut this women says look coax some consumer of. 90 minutes on d w. in the us of climate change.
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this is. good people. want to do years do they have their future. dot com for the mega city the melting just. click it or. this is some dope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem tests. his credo no chemicals. and his plan was. the students you. don't stand a chance. train him successful. the cademy starts october 15th d.w. . the.
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this is the w. news live from berlin the e.u. takes the u.k. to court breaks it european commission president also found a lie and says britain has breached its obligation of good faith this after you came prime minister boris johnson proposes a draft bill that would violate the breaks its treaty agreements with the e.u. . marks china's national day not everyone everyone is in the mood to celebrate police arrest dozens of anti-government protesters as chief executive terry lamb held a.


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