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i don't stand a chance. train i'm successful. everybody starts oct 15th. is the day that we use life from berlin as the smaller and central asia after fighting these hundreds dead armenia and azerbaijan agree to halt the conflict over the disputed region of milk or in a car backed an open talks on finding a long term solution to. germany tighten its restrictions in big cities ouster a surge in corona virus infections chancellor angela merkel warns tough action is
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needed to stop the penn demick spiraling out of control. and is it rough play to our room bench we look at what's behind a series of orca attacks on sailboats off the coast of spain. on nickel for welcome to the program armenia and azerbaijan have agreed a ceasefire in the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh after talks brokered by russia the region lies and azerbaijan but has been under the control of ethnic armenian forces hundreds of people have been killed in 2 weeks of heavy fighting between the former soviet states it's the biggest escalation in the decades old conflict since the 1990 s. the ceasefire comes into force an hour's time following the negotiations and mop.
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this is a version of the republic of us a by john and the republic of armenia are starting substantive negotiations with the aim of achieving a peaceful settlement as soon as possible with the mediation of the o.e.c.d. men's group co-chairs and based on the basic principles of the settlement. that was russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and will of course have more on the ceasefire and peace talks as the day unfolds to germany now where chancellor angela merkel and the mayors of the countries 11 biggest cities have agreed a package of new measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus germany fears a growing 2nd wave after infection rates in several cities including berlin cologne and frankfurt passed a key threshold triggering tighter restrictions. from her office in berlin and the americans video conference with the mayors of key cities sent the message germany urgently needs to prevent corona spreading in urban centers the irish be another
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chance that the big cities there than areas and now the area now there we will see if we can keep the pandemic and control in germany as we have done for months so for if we lose control this that is precisely where we are right now it and the important thing here to contain the virus the mayor's agreed a tough new framework it could see experts from germany's armed forces and the national disease control body sent into cities if the 7 day infection rate rises above $35.00 per 100000 residents their job would be to focus on content tracing cities where that infection number is above 50 will require people to wear masks in public spaces and there will also be limits on alcohol sales and socialising berlin and frankfurt have already reached that threshold and experts are worried the situation could deteriorate as it has in some other countries the experience in other cities it's like. a look into the future if we are not
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ready. to act on the problem now especially in cities and the element of this activity is to inform the general public to abort misinformation and to rely on the corporation off of the general public including the younger people many young people in berlin's bars of not yet change their behavior from saturday people in the capital will only be able to socialize in groups of 5 more if they are from only one or 2 households. it's global you know we have a rule which allows us to take action very quickly because we're saying very clearly these places must be closed from 11 pm it's easy to see if a bar is still open or not if it is action can be taken quickly to get young people may find it hard to take a break from their social lives but as the chancellor appealed to them to observe the rules she also offered reassurance this photo with everything the return
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parties nights out from without corona what matters now is something else i respect and solidarity. and if the rise in infections is not halted within 10 days the mayors have agreed to impose even stricter measures. germany has marked the 1st anniversary of a deadly anti-semitic attack on a synagogue at the eastern city of hull or the neo nazi attacker killed 2 people after failing to gain entry to the place of worship german president. expressed shame and anger over growing anti-semitism. it was an occasion to mourn and reflect for survivors for the purpose and for germany the ceremony and. church marked the anniversary of an anti semitic attack
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that evoked germany's darkest history. a year has passed already a year just a year. heard of a year ago today and nightmare came true here in holland in broad daylight in the middle of germany in germany of all places i was conversion it into explained. earlier in the day the city came to a standstill for several minutes as people took a moment to remember the victims. in the courtyard of the synagogue a new memorial was unveiled the head of germany's central council of jews said the attacker had failed in his mission their teacher were to deviate from it but a perpetrator wanted to impress the world by killing people who in his mind have no right to live how but he did not convince us of his inhumane ideas he did not
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impress anyone on the contrary indeed. it was one year ago that a far right extremist attempted to shoot his way into the synagogue his intention to kill worshipers marking young kapoor but the people inside was saved by a wooden door that wouldn't breach instead the assailant gunned down 2 non jewish victims a woman passer by and a man i think about shop attacks against jews have been on the rice in germany recently the german president said it was up to all germans to fight anti semitism . i'm does imitates most anti semitism as a canary in the coal mine done for the state of our democracy but the more overtly it is expressed the more of values of tolerance and respect for human dignity are under attack and before. you turn left many germans wondering how widespread far right extremist views are in germany the commemoration in holland
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was a chance to remember the victims but also to reflect on those concerns. and daily a correspondent came brady was in her love for the ceremony here's her account it was a song but day in hell is the city mark one year since the terrible attack it was a day not only to remember the victims of the shooting but to also show a sign of solidarity with the jewish community both here in heller but also across the country so memorial services took a more critical stands highlighting again the failures made by police in the investigation after the attack but also the blind eye that have been turned towards far right extremism in germany for many years during his speech at a memorial service in this concert hall behind me german president frank files a steinmeyer reminded german society that it had a responsibility to protect the rights and values that germany stands for and to
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stand up as well against any kind of hatred in the country if we stand together we are strong he said. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world the 2nd u.s. presidential debate due to take place next week has been canceled donald trump refused to join a virtual debate with democratic challenger joe biden the president is expected to make a speech at the white house later on saturday his 1st since testing positive for cope with 19. hurricane delta has made landfall in the u.s. state of louisiana the storm skirted the eastern coast of texas bringing with it fierce winds and big waves delta is the 10th named storm to hit the u.s. this year breaking a century old record. and a diesel tank exploded inside a bakery in beirut on friday night killing 4 people and injuring several others according to the lebanese red cross the cause of the blast remains unclear the
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explosion comes 2 months after a devastating explosion in beirut scores killed nearly 200 people. in a pod of orcas commonly called killer whales has been terrorizing sailors off the coast of spain marine biologists are now trying to understand why the intelligent mammals have started attacking boats. and this is. like a scene out of a horror film a group of all critters surround a sailboat off springs atlantic coast they appear to want to play not entirely unusual. but the game turned serious one begins to ram the hole and attacks the rudder until the boat can hardly maneuver. there have been several such attacks since august but. it went very quickly they peered to be behind
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and beneath us then suddenly there was a huge bump it knocked me over and i fell on to the bench. images of the old attacks have been circulating on social media normally the highly intelligent mammals don't attack humans but this year at least 8 boats have had their riders broken on spain's atlantic coast forcing the sailors to call for help or thor as he's moved quickly to bear and small sailboats from the area. put them into the clear see that it's possible that these are extremely curious young all crews who just want to play with the boat this is their way of exploring the world . but why this spate of attacks now some experts see the orca's behavior as revenge in july fishermen attacked a group of all crews with harpoons but marine biologists say that's unlikely
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another theory fishermen are competing with all kinds to catch redfin cheetah in the atlantic and as their numbers reduce the stress increases marine biologist bruno dia's fears that stories about the numerous attacks could stigmatize the orca's. people who don't understand what's going on might think the animals are bad and that could be harmful to the needy and useless against what you're doing you know. the old crews have now moved further north and this sailing ban has been lifted but the animal's unusual behavior remains a mystery. and on guard rock musician nick cave has been bearing his soul on albums and concerts for decades the singer songwriter has now turned to different art forms with an exhibition of video installations notebooks and personal artifacts in copenhagen our reporter adrian kennedy takes a look. stranger than kindness the nick cave exhibition is in the basement of the
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danish royal library in the iconic direct diamond building in copenhagen the pieces of music in the. middle history's propelling souls away of a tremendous rate. welcome to the kind of cave a sub to a new network of rooms that provide an insight into a shower manic rock star and represent a new artwork reflecting on the nature of identity and creativity. part of the exhibition consists of painstaking reconstructions of caves former homes and workspaces the attention to detail is breathtaking. the idea for the exhibition originally came from koch you're a circus deneuve back. cave overcame some initial reluctance and worked closely
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on the project. the exhibition also includes a generous part of nick cave's own personal library. with the corona and joost restrictions on visitor numbers it does sometimes feel a little bit like having broken into nick cave's home. alongside the reconstructions the pieces include original artwork personal artifacts collected by the singer. notes and literature. the result is a dense and frightening journey into the mind of one of the most original voices in the wrong. here's a reminder of our top story at this hour our mania as our eyes and have agreed to a ceasefire the long running conflict over the disputed region. no cornell karabakh
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fighting over the last fortnight has left hundreds dead the 2 former soviet republics are to begin talks on finding a solution. you're watching t.v. news live from berlin coming up next is shift living and the digital age don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's dot com for me and the entire team here in berlin is to watch. live. every day. for us and for our punish. the reuters is on it's want to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities streamer how can we protect animals and there have been times. when
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