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tv   Nuhr im Ersten  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2020 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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many storms. may go. mate for mines. this is due to be nice africa time enough on the program the power off new young nigerians have taken to the streets forcing the government to act on their demands for police reform they've demonstrated how effectively the masses can be mobilized but when it's bringing change this is not the way to go to pay what he was going to do while he was at the money pay them to be here. we put them in that of these and you have as i'm sure that our young love that's not here is what it comes i am still here and teaching school girls in togo how to spot signs of breast cancer
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and os on the message. hello i'm christine wonder it's good to have your company young nigerians protesting police brutality were back on the streets again today keeping the pressure in a campaign that has forced the government to disband and the tories and you see it as in a riff on station to people power in africa's most populous nation nigeria's police say a new unit will replace the controversial special robbery squad or saws which was dissolved following protests over accusations off which had but the announcement of the new special weapons and text tactics team also wash has not calmed the anger on the streets as protesters continue to call for police reforms.
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the crazy was nigeria's young people standing up to injustice incidents of police brutality have triggered days of nationwide protests forcing the government to act. it is now disbanded the controversial saas police unit but human rights groups say up to 10 people have been killed after police opened fire at separate protests including this one in lagos protestors a question in the government's commitment to reform. the. protest of the still shots aren't you just asked us. for simply exercising their fundamental human rights if you are really serious about police reform if you're really serious. and it. is the seeing of these forms of police misconduct. nigeria's police has ordered the release of all those arrested during the protest.
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and the presidency says it will investigate the alleged violations by saas and other police units but protesters are skeptical they don't trust the new police unit that is to replace. and to keep up pressure. we're going to have to see if that mahdi afternoon i'm not going to get caught me. they say they'll stay on the streets until they see real commitment to reform police. and i'm now joined by hero a well he's been taking part in the demonstrations and he's actually joining me now from one of the protest site in lagos haifa gerosa you are at a demonstration at a toll gate set us more about why that specific location.
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yes so you know i would suggest on this is i mean this is a. case of this is. one of the demonstrations at one of the demonstrations someone how to cause that grant that the power of the people is strong and then the people in power what do you believe that's true right now do you believe that you guys really have the power. to assess. the problem. in the log on budget cuts the election on. board and if you're going to report. we've seen young people like yourself turn out to demonstrate across the country what is this what is the symbolize you didn't
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refer to the next one but what is this symbolize. the notion of trust. centers or not doesn't do anything there's no one else. under surprise them just sort of i know that sure you can understand. because i'm a pistol to isabel when's the last and this is because this is your. opener and consumers. here. ok. thank you. and for more on this story and the process every scene of this movement rainy that we're seeing in nigeria i'm joined by tony let it go at the table with me tom it's good to see you so we've just seen for gerry are they at a person is quite right it's been days at the prices have been coming out but just tell us more about how this protest has been coordinated it started as a movement on social media and now people on the streets yes it did start on social
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media that's how 1st of all the news about these incidents of brutality police brutality was spread anyway civilians going viral people then beginning to tell their own personal stories and people sort of rallied around each other using the internet using twitter and other forms of social media around the hash tag and saws and this is hash tag has been there for a few years but now i think this latest video i think was on the 3rd of october when it when it started being shed and it just spot people's emotions and they decided they were going to come out to the streets they've been crowd sourcing resources let's take a look at some tweets that just show a bit more of the of of what they've been doing. in terms of getting themselves together this tweet says people from our 2 lists over 600 nigerian lawyers have volunteered to be stand by for arrested protesters so we're seeing people expertise
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being brought together by let's go to another tweet that says. that to and police brutality victims of police brutality in nigeria deserve to be properly acknowledged and compensated if you know or have been a victim of police brutality filiform and there's a link there here that's another element of trying to bring people together and let people tell their stories one final one quickly is. so the families coalition's bitcoin account has already has over $1000000.00 in donations already about just under $3000.00 they've raised a lot of money $10.00. of thousands of dollars at the moment to keep this movement going ok so it's effectively coordinated as we're leading to but who's leading the protesters that's the interesting thing about this that doesn't appear to be a leader or a group most kinds of protests of this nature in nigeria have been backed by a political party or union or civil society this one has been organic and it's
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people coming together they have acknowledged the support they've got from some of these prominent activist but they insist they don't want a leader but we see the margins for example of women taking leadership you see individuals in certain roles right but overall this seems to be a very open movement ok and one other thing tony is the nature of these demonstrations in other countries in the world where people have been protesting something like police brutality we're seeing violence right these protests become violent people burning things also it's not the case with these protests no we've not seen you know the anarky or vandalism a looting that hasn't been a staple of this we've seen in fact cases where police have opened fire on people but there hasn't been the kind of violent response from these groups for example hitting back at the police it's generally have been a few isolated incident right overall this tends to have been peaceful and that's part of the message these young people are trying to get across that they have
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a point they kept trying to get and the government has to listen to them right tell us about these young people this demographic i mean we saw a figure there this is of course is a tech savvy people take it how to effectively use the tools that are available to them just give us a sense of who this demographic it was of people who prominence in this are born in the in the ninety's and on words these are people who are young and of a different generation who have been accused of being ignorant of nigerian history and i suppose maybe that's what's worked for them because they don't have the same hangups that older generations have they don't have the fear of the government they don't have the kind of deference to older people into authority that other generations have now. i mean it is so fearless on they come out the way they do they're not reliant on traditional media they go out on social media and do the work themselves there's a case where police accused protesters of shooting at police officers and these people came out quickly and showed video to say no no your police officers were the ones who fired while widely wildly and this is how police officers themselves got
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injured so they're doing very few cation against misinformation and that's what sets them apart from. other groups in the past the word unprecedented gets overused sometimes but i think it does definitely apply in this case ok and we'll leave it there tony thank you so much for that. now intel go and medical student is teaching high school girls how to detect breast cancer in its early stages the idea is for girls to spread their knowledge in their community breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women worldwide and the earlier breast cancer can be identified the better a woman's chance of survival. breast cancer what is it and how can you tell if you have it. that's what these teenage girls at the revelation high school in the me are here to find out today in 2017 young trainee dr beauty so dark in this business of more than 20 high schools in tokyo to promote breast cancer awareness. it's called. was i mean that m l a to
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a rose could post evil influence the future of africa because our initial goal is to end the current trend of detecting breast cancer in its advanced stages so that once the girls are informed about breast cancer detection they go home and have to try to share this information with at least 10 people. and this is what sidonie does after attending the m. and a to of course workshop the 15 year old shared what she had learned about tumors and breast examinations. with her friend t. fan and her mother. before the talk was came to our high school i didn't know anything about breast cancer. might make it but i learned a lot when they came they also showed us how to detect breast cancer. cells
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are starting to work too according to the world health organization more than 3000 people in tokyo died from cancer and 2018 alone almost 750 women died from breast cancer the majority of the population in total lives below the poverty line this makes it more difficult for them to access prevention measures and other important information about cancer diseases. beauty sodo can work so the training new role or just i took in university teaching hospital in. the 25 year old was nominated by the global health council as one of the female leaders in the field she believes that it is more important to invest in prevention rather than treatment. we have noticed that at the hospital many women who are hospitalized for breast cancer women who have no idea about the disease and don't know anything about what we call breast self-examination. to examine this.
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so far beauty and her team have already trained over $6000.00 girls but there is still much more ground to cover. increasing awareness it is just the 1st step in the battle against the most common type of cancer found in women worldwide. and that's it for now be sure to check out our other stories on dot com africa we're also on facebook and on twitter about it but now. i'm scared that if i work. and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. 'd with numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story train always understand this new culture.
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you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. publishers are feeling the pandemic but it's not all bad how the world's biggest book fair is coping with the coronavirus coming up on arts and culture and iconic designs by one of film's top costumers go on display in berlin and a little later on the show 50 shades of grey more like 3000 our reporter rachel gets familiar with german bread culture. welcome to arts and
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culture for book lovers there's nothing like it the biggest publishing event in the world the frankfurt book fair but this year with the coronavirus it's a radically different digital affair still it's attracting headliners including canadian author margaret atwood she's one of the big names set to grace the online event with a live stream. last year more than 300000 industry professionals and visitors came to the frankfurt book fair some 7500 exhibitors meet at the most important industry show of the year. but this year because of coronavirus the trade halls are in. and the book fair has gone digital. music and the trade fair holes won't be the same this year as well as a decent realized event we've had to come up with a relatively large scale digital concept it's most. likely many publishers said that interview their own authors and then present the results at the fair.
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over numerous digital platforms industry professionals from around the world can communicate and present their authors this year selection is extremely diverse from celebrity chef jamie oliver to whistleblower edward snowden they tim fung the fares so she oh political stage is this year all about europe and its cultures naturally it too is online. because of the emphasis on the digital some creativity gets lost that there are a few random encounters for example the great thing about physically being here is that i can look out for my shoulder and see what's going on 10 meters behind me to counter that on line. 2020 s. guest of honor canada has postponed its physical presence at the fair until next year instead it's presenting a culturally diverse offering online including books about its indigenous population the 2020 frankfurt book fair is an experiment but will it remain an online event in the future we're trying to figure out what works digitally and how
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the economic transactions work how does the public interact with the digital elements of course we will use whatever works at this year's event next year the future is looking more digital anyhow but the desire to mix with others in person is unlikely to disappear any time soon. my colleague melissa holroyd is following developments in frankfurt. the frankfurt book fair this is normally a beer event of the year where the whole publishing world comes together hundreds of thousands of people scherzinger scouting titles can this really work online. not sure. i mean they're doing their best they've got 4400 digital exhibit is there this year from 110 countries they've got 260 hours planned of streaming of talks of readings of seminars but you simply cannot replace the social element that it's really important people don't just go to frankfurt to buy and sell books they
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go there for the cultural element and you know they go there also to party do you think it's going to bounce back after this the same way that it was it's certainly time for you know publishers to take stock isn't any sort of pause is time to take stock you know to think how much money are we spending going there how many people are we sending anyway book sales are up in germany that were down at the start of the pandemic and now they're up there also up in the united states so this trend that we've seen over the years of the frankly what fare just getting bigger and bigger i don't know whether that's going to continue that might change but you said the book sales are up is that just due to people having more time to hang out at home with a book how do you explain that yeah well thanks to coronado we're spending more time at home was spending more time indoors i think people are also very very sick of looking at screens and looking at things online and there's a lot of comfort in actually having a book in your hands isn't there you know it's like an anchor in the storm
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absolutely well more so we're going to have to see how this goes if. e-books are the thing if really this could be the resurgence of the physical book thanks so much for keeping us up to date on the frankfurt book fair. and it looks like it may be another year yet before large scale performances returned to new york the new york philharmonic has now canceled its season 30 june it's expecting to lose about $20000000.00 in ticket sales though orchestras president called the corona virus the biggest crisis in the philharmonic's 178 years now in the meantime with concert halls closed members of the still have been putting on small performances in the streets. c now. for decades now designer bob has been bringing german films to life or costumes tell stories about the characters who wear them the time and place they're from and how they see
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themselves a new exhibition in berlin celebrates some iconic designs by a woman with a special feel for fabrics. intricate lace flowing silk delicate chiffon or heavy brocade this is the world of. germany's most famous costume designer. the stunning costumes on display are a visual testament to the importance of her craft within the film industry and to her legacy. that's caused this in the costume design in those films tells a story and i think that's the specialty of. the 3 of the costumes she brings a narration a meaning to the scene and not one. thing. career spans more than 6 decades and over 70 films it's her particular feel for historical
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fabrics that earned her the recognition of her peers. found has worked with germany's think it's directors thanks to her collaboration's with focus learned off like here on home a father or with kind of an a 1st bender who. work reached an international audience. to move into other films are known worldwide and for example live in my lane as deeply imprinted on to collective memory especially this wonderful silver limaye dress which was showing in the exhibition and which is inseparably in twined with fast in dos and bob a bonus work. we count as put to stunning effect in fassbender is film about forbidden love and the 3rd high he was. stuck to. so. was that.
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it was pounds collaborations with fassbender that propelled her to the top of her field and even beyond. your brother is in great age she became an inspiration beyond the film industry through fast and those posthumously released film with sean. z. is the infrared we know that she is the inspiration for many costume designers but we also know that when john saw fassbinder sketch he got inspiration for his fashion lines because that's quite unusual for costume designers thus pass it off and here in question. from sketches to film stones the exhibition covers the decades of part of a career. her attention to detail is literally palpable as visitors can actually touch the fabrics and experience some of the magic of the films she worked on.
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from fashion now to food world bread day is coming up this week and as anyone who lives here in germany knows in germany it's basically bread day every day here's our reporter rachel stewart with this week's installment of the germans. grain east and malta 3 key ingredients for 2 german fashion. the germans even call b.s. or liquid brain to ask germans what they missed above all else when they go broke and that's one of the shortest route you still take place with the. little wonder then that german bread has been designated an official you know sco intangible cultural heritage but it is obviously a favorite staple all over the world and plenty of countries eat more of it than the germans for example in turkey they twice as much but the germans take great pride in their specific for riots of bread there are more than 3000 different types on the official bread register wheat and spelt are all very popular varieties that never varieties like sprouts bought they usually come in in slices like this one
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very tasty but very heavy i get a lot of stick here in germany about bread german seem to think that look for it see it as a really bad version of what they call tools which while this makes me pretty defensive of my country superior sliced bread varieties i can't deny that the germans make a cracking look so what's the secret. to warn you they seem a few for the force them to be. tough enough to sort of because it was an early symbol than it was one for going on with. the 1st one the this is transposed and told my mom and then norton for the one thing i love about living in germany is a large hearty breakfast on the weekend including the vital ingredient of fresh bread from the bakery bread traditionally makes an appearance throughout the day in germany it's the star of the breakfast spread later on you might munch on a power or talk great time bread and in the evening many families will have evening
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bread but over the last 10 years the germans have become a little less loyal to that crystal staple it's among dipping and more shoppers switching to discount to supermarkets there's also been a decline in the number of independent like this one. anyway i just have a. and that's the. general. and depending on where you are in front. i have a theory that germany is trying to test its new comers by making it. difficult.
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i remember trying to go. when i was you know. i would. find. the. time i'd end up walking away with. a perfectly fine. perhaps in the works. and it'll be worth. a picture of siberian tigers hugging a tree as a one the wildlife photographer of the year award for russian for. his photos called the. and i'll leave you now with a few other shots that were in the running for that prize from britain's natural history museum thanks for watching arts and culture.
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i have them i'm. going to catch them in a moment. the from the from the moment. of.
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entering the conflict zone in terms of data. a deep very divided america is heading for its election my guest this week from washington is ken cuccinelli the acting number 2 at the department of homeland security which caused uproar after the course of the sages used excessive force during recent protests in portland oregon can his department keep the peace conflicts of. 90 minutes on the w. . and you hear me now i guess we're going to hear you and had our day as jam starts now remembering your uncle imam rauf and you've never had to have before surprise yourself but what is possible who is medical really what and understand and what are some africa who talk to people who've followed her along the way maurice and critics are right join us from adults last done for the owner of. up to date don't miss our highlights. program online
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w dot com highlights. this
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is the dublin news line from southern germany's federal state seek a common policy against coronavirus as the country sees its highest single day jump in more than 6 months the government and state premiers consider imposing tighter restrictions on socializing incompetence books also on the program no end to the bloodshed in the corners kind of backers of samsung the median secures each other by making a ceasefire. fast. an activist has been fined 2000 euros for trying to take african heritage museum.
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welcome to the program i'll bring you their stories in just a moment 1st some breaking news from france where the government says it will reinstate a public health state of emergency from saturday frances cigna huge surge in new infections with more than 1000 people now hospitalized with coverage that's the 1st time since june the state of emergency is french officials greater authority to impose measures to contain the spread of the virus bring you more on that in the course of the evening. there here in germany the government is also preparing new measures to rein in rising infection rates the heads of the country's federal state right now how many details with the chancellor and the man in the running for
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several hours that meeting is still going to. go straight to political correspondent kate brady welcome kate why is this taking so long. well there are a lot of issues to discuss here and this is about anglo merkel the german chancellor getting all of those 16 state premiers to agree to some more cohesion when it comes to measures here in germany to tackle the 1000 pandemic and of course the numbers are not comparable to for example neighboring countries like like friends right now but of course the numbers are increasing and rather swiftly here in germany and the problem is that germany has a federal system so you have these 16 different states and so far largely speaking each of the state premiers has been able to act in accordance with the situation at the time so there's a lot of things to be discussed this evening and it seems at least there that
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that's going to go on for maybe even at least another hour yet. so at the other you look at sort of standardizing restrictions across the country or increasing the bill both. it's a little bit of berry so there have been some things that are leaks already from the me saying that's still ongoing for example when it comes to the curfew on bars and restaurants something that we've already seen between put in place here in berlin and also some of the major cities around the country as well so one of the reports at the moment is that if a city or region in germany were to report more than 50 new cases of coronavirus per 100000 citizens in the last 7 weeks then there would be an 11 pm curfew put in place on bars and restaurants there would also be limitations as well on the number of people at private parties that would be limited to no more than 10 people if also the number of new cases exceeded 35 new cases in the last week per
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100000 people then we could also see strict strict measures come into place when it comes to when and where you need to wear masks or if those indeed are the new restrictions that are decided upon and those would already become into effect in several places several coronavirus hotspots throughout the country so how far is germany from a national lockdown. well we have to remember we never had a very strict lockdown here before not something that was comparable with the u.k. or with friends or even parts of the u.s. for example but that certainly is not off the cards but the aim of the meeting today between angela merkel and the 16 state premiers is to avoid that germany still has time at the moment to acts and try and keep these numbers down especially in comparison to its neighboring e.u. neighbors so we'll have to see what they see even brings if anything but we still
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are still going to have a little bit of time to wait yet. brady. the united states now with 7 and a half 1000000 corona virus cases the u.s. has the highest number of confirmed infections in the world i was campaigning for the upcoming presidential elections as hot into it's been dominated by the current administration's handling of the crisis but with another economic stimulus package looking unlikely before november the 3rd some small business owners i doubt they will stay afloat that long as the w.'s in this poll reports from washington. come face close to bars boarded up. the pandemic could washington's entertainment to 3 card so kaufman takes out what's left president workers like him or some of the 1st to lose their jobs. thank you the only bartender left where he
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works and he does know how long the owner will be able to keep him on he's scared of joining the 19000000 americans who lost their jobs in the in the me and he worries what would happen if he does. i'm renting right now i've already got one month's forgiveness of frank from my landlord i'm very fortunate a lot of people have it but in that situation a lot of people might be forced out of the city that might lose their. lives or vehicles or a way to get around the city. if it did their face that it at some point. the government feeling to pass another who would stimulus package he fears businesses that employ people like him who could that. given that winter won't have as much outdoor seating a capacity to serve our guests it probably won't be enough to save some of the small businesses from closing anyway if small business were to fail specifically
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bars and restaurants there would be a ripple effect all the way through the supply chain that would probably have an economic impacts all the way across the country. one would mean prison personally no action is taken before a new president is elected well this one is really good. it's not something i like to think about but it is something that keeps me up at night i fear that maybe i'll be out here myself or you know people that i know and love might be out here in force in these kind of conditions i know personally and a lot of my colleagues are really worried about getting affected maybe early next year if nothing happens or no help comes we could all be facing you know almost miss or having to relocate and it's really a big fear of a lot of us right now. the fear of losing everything is everywhere in the united states not just here in washington discovered numbers continue to rise in
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businesses continue to close more and more people like they will see their fears turn into reality. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world protesters calling for reforms to thailand's constitution and maleki have set up camp outside the prime minister's office in bangkok wednesday's match was the biggest in 3 months of demonstrations against the government which seized power in a military coup in 2014. heavy rain and flooding has killed at least 15 people in southern india these images are from the city of hyderabad where police say 25 centimeters of rain fell in one day of horses have been using boats to evacuate residents from low lying parts of the city. to russians added american have successfully reached the international space station a fast tracked flight took just 3 hours off the usual time it's now says that last mission on a russian spacecraft the u.s.
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now has its own access with iran must space x. corporation. there are growing concerns over the failure of a cease fire to stop the fighting between armenian and the syrian forces in the disputed on flavor of nagorno-karabakh russia is urging both sides to observe the truce and and the long running conflict through diplomacy the 2 former soviet republics blame each other for breaking an armistice that came into force at the weekend. the cathedral of stepan ocket a place of worship no longer. its roof ripped open and its interior in ruins the church has fallen victim to a conflict that has cost hundreds of lives since it erupted last month the congregation and i praise in a makeshift shelter. but they cannot escape the war. ringback of or cease fire was supposed to come into effect last sunday but the shelling
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continues destruction and death a constant companions empty streets after thousands fled stepanek at the capital of a self-proclaimed republic within azerbaijan for more borders. 30 day after it's only in wheelchairs who have stayed. it's scary and you can even imagine that whenever the shelf lives we don't know who it's going to hit but we tremble in a basement what if it hits here again every day we live with this fear in the past life from it was you. on the other side of the front lines are telling the fire is also raining down in the town of terror to residents have sought safety in their cellars. oh. what can you do we have no choice the armenian guns and cannons made us come here we run we fall down we stand up again we get injured and now we're here hiding we fall down again
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and then we hate again what can we do i got injured here here here. i mean as prime minister nicola blames azerbaijan's ally turkey for the field cease fire he says ankara is looking to expand its influence in the region home was of out there. i'm convinced that for as long as turkey's position remains unchanged as a buy john will not stop fighting. brother mark long worked for. chuck e. for its part has called on armenia to withdraw from azerbaijani territory it currently holds so far the international community has been unable to broker peace talks. with the 2 sides refusing to come to the table peace remains a distant prospect for the people here. and activists from congo has been fined 2000 euros by a french court for trying to steal an african artifact from
8:12 pm
a museum in paris was a day of bands that live streamed his attempt to remove 1900 centuries relic he accuses france and other european countries of plundering the places they colonized and says they should return the objects they took. many would call this theft by this activists he's only getting back what was taken away from his people i came to reclaim goods that were stolen from africa during colonization he saw this video of us live streamed on facebook back in june or west. and 4 other activists were trying to steal a funerary post from carol nima see him in paris he failed but managed to draw attention to a topic that has recently triggered a heated debate should african art looted during colonialism be returned and if so how and when the congolese burn activists action is needed now. and
8:13 pm
you never ask a thief for permission to get back what he's still from you and that's what we did we have the right to defend ourselves because we were robbed the fact that our works are on display here means to theft continues to be a sport yes you. also caused a stir when he tried to steal a piece of art from a dutch museum as well as in the french city of must say some say these acts have to be considered as performances not just that. it's a different way of saying things that have already been said to many farmers for a long time since african countries gained independence on a diplomatic level in a dialogue between museums and international corporation. in a report commissioned by french president emmanuel and that the art historian so looted art has to be given back and that up to 90 percent of african artworks are located outside of the continent the kemper lima c.m.
8:14 pm
alone has more than 60000 objects taken from africa but according to this lawyer an art lover not all of them are looted he recently published a book on the topic. some. objects have obviously been taken away european states have to give back what was taken in wars but there are also other aspects africans themselves all are too european. fardy advancer and his fellow activists it's not only about bringing heritage spec home as he calls it he also wants european societies to face the realities of their colonial past it is our goal to reach the biggest possible audience on the one hand our jaspar and people in africa but also people in europe nor the outside says he does not fear possible fines not even prison sentences in his eyes this is about a lot more than just his own destiny. that's it you're up to date
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brant got world news for you at the top of the hour up next in the. markets has your business update. on the show that of us are. in support of. what's a view was able. to bring about. this new song story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem. is
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crude oh no chemicals. and this time was. the same. since i don't stand a chance. training successful. tucker chatted me start talked over 15 w's. competing to become the world's back office could south africa economic worries by becoming the global outsourcing capital we'll look at research showing firms are rushing to set up shop. coming up. a headache for belgians beer makers will visit a brewery that struggling with new restrictions on pubs and cafes in brussels. will bring some better news local booksellers are thriving right now in germany turns
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out pandemic is proving a page turner. welcome to the program. south africa's economy has been badly hit by the corona virus pandemic so amazon's recent announcement that it would be creating $3000.00 additional jobs in virtual customer service there was more than welcome south africa is becoming increasingly attractive to companies wanting to outsource jobs according to a recent study by consultancy firm mckinsey well the 100 business process outsourcing providers are employing around 270000 people in south africa or at least they were at the end of 2019 almost a quarter of those workers serve companies based abroad cities such as johannesburg cape town and durban expect the number of such jobs to increase by 2030 they're expecting 780000 nationwide and 2 thirds of these employees will work for companies
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based abroad according to the forecast the reason why south africa is a top destination for outsourcing while it includes english language skills and the necessary infrastructure will go into that a bit more shortly let's speak to phillip to vet associate editor at business insider south africa welcome to d.w. business so what sort of companies are behind this trend in movies companies are names you'll hear a herd of their acronyms such as c.c.i. these are companies that provide outsourced services the name would suggest to other companies survey they kind of behind the scenes but then every so often you have the light of i.b.m. or in this case amazon which has a big push into the south african market and that of course is not just about the jobs but it's also read locally and i think internationally as a vote of confidence in south africa and specifically in the business processing our source space so i think a name such as amazon carries
8:19 pm
a great deal of weight in the context. when we think of outsourcing i think a lot of us think of india and that is because of the sheer weight of numbers that they have in that country but what is it about south africa the makes it attractive to these companies. a number of things that make india somewhat more attractive according to most recent studies it's a familiar legal system it's a large population of people who are english competent and can speak english with art at that without a great accent with arcas very noticeable exit but importantly for south africa is time zone simply we are we share a time zone with much of western europe that makes it much more convenient for european companies to use than say the philippines or india or major competitors you have good telecommunications infrastructure you have a government which is somewhat more predictable than in other places around the world and generally you've had a long track record south africa now has about
8:20 pm
a 20 year track record of very successful business process outsourcing that makes it much easier to justify new investment in south africa we know also about south africa's jobless problem i think the number of people in work at the moment is at a 9 year low what could this investment and job creation or expecting over the next decade mean for south africa's struggling economy. it's quite a bit but for at the moment we're looking at about 300000 people in these positions that is dwarfed by the likes of agriculture or mining for instance in other words the south african economy can be hit very hard by a drought or by a change in commodity prices and in that case business process outsourcing is only providing a kind of a buffer but with the growth that is possible here in this sector in an economy which is desperate to move into services to move away from primary production from things such as mining in agriculture this becomes extremely important very quickly
8:21 pm
and can make a big difference in the economy going forward and just quickly has very little on time but given the coronavirus is there a danger that during this tough period for south africa in particular with this harsh lockdowns could be overtaken by countries elsewhere in asia. much as our africa has many concerned some quite present the the provision of water in cape town which is a major hub for us you know if you can't flush toilet you kooks into country operate the provision of electricity so some basic issues that we need to solve that make other destinations increasingly more attractive even without the lockdown that is certainly a concern that is being floated locally philip divert from business insider south africa thank you so much for joining us i covered 19 infections are on the rise across europe and that includes belgium brussels has now closed its famous beer bars and cafes in an effort to stem the outbreak it's
8:22 pm
a blow to the businesses themselves but also to the people who supply them. belgians love their beer the country is known for its many beer varieties and it's bars and pubs but that's no consolation for. ever since the coronavirus hit in march he's seen sales fizzle his clients especially bar and pub owners have slashed their orders. from one day to the next there were no more orders and no more payments from our customers. as you'd expect because the entire hospitality industry was closed down all of a sudden everything changed for months after that our sales were only about 40 to 50 percent of normal. that situation's not likely to improve anytime soon. to curb rising coronavirus rates belgium has closed all bars and cafes in the capital brussels for a month through november 8th. but it's
8:23 pm
a little cool with this new decision here in brussels many brewers have lost hope that they'll be able to stem the damage. and we're also worried that this will spill over beyond brussels that given the rise in infection rates kathie's in the rest of belgium will also be closed. dune is also worried it's hard to say how long the local breweries will be able to keep their heads afloat during this long dry spell. now for a brief look at some of the other business stories making the news facebook has announced a ban on that discourage vaccination it says the cover 19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of vaccines the social media giant has been under pressure recently to clamp down on december mation on its platforms. the world's largest furniture chain ikea says it will buy back furniture from customers to resell as part of a brief sales promotion the scheme will coincide with black friday in the u.s.
8:24 pm
the more run from the 24th of november until the 3rd of december in 27 countries. south during carmaker hyundai is to build a new electric vehicle home in singapore a model which is seen here news comes along side a generation switch at the top of the automaker with a sunset to succeed his 82 year old father. who is chairman. and a self driving taxi service has begun operation in beijing for now passengers can enjoy rides for free in hi john district apollo taxis carry up to 2 adults but are still driven under human supervision for safety reasons. later the passengers will be able to take control in case of in. our financial markets holding their breath as vaccine makers turn in reports from ongoing trials on wednesday made
8:25 pm
among asian investors soured after johnson and johnson reports that it had temporarily halted its vaccine trial after a participant fell ill eli lilly also poised testing of an antibody treatment out of safety concerns are jittery and desperate for signs that a treatment or vaccine will come soon. they will germany's book industry appears to be thriving joining the pandemic the world's largest literary trade expo the frankfurt book fair is just getting underway with coronavirus restrictions in place of course owners of small bookshops say they're saying something of a renaissance there on the small bookstores been busy these past months children's and young adult literature are selling especially well now. children are crazy about books reading sparks your imagination and books are wonderful different wars all you have to do is pick up a book. sales of children's and young adult literature have seen a 5 percent increase in germany this year but other segments have suffered sales of
8:26 pm
travel books dropped 27 percent through august year on year the deadlocked on lockdown had a serious impact on the book industry of course just like in other industries we saw sales drop up to 70 percent on the other hand after the lockdown we saw our sales rise they've been higher every month compared to last year for you know both in the small book shops have been doing particularly well with the lockdown and the cancellation of many cultural events many people seem to have rediscovered their love of literature and their fondness for the book shop around the corner. you can make deliveries whenever even at midnight hasn't. independent bookseller i can be a lot more flexible and people seem to want to support local businesses especially now they've gotten a taste of what it's like when they're closed. during the lockdown e-books were popular afterwards people started heading back to the bookshops where they can also
8:27 pm
get tips on what to read when they've got more time on their hands. i'm tired of. working at home and short time work you might have a bit more peace and quiet to pick up a book in the evening in read. so many small booksellers have been writing out the pandemic surprisingly well. the building industry was prepared for a situation like this every bookshop has an online platform where people can place orders booksellers got the books and put them in front of their doors for pick up they showed a lot of creativity and commitment and they really brought customers back to the book shops with them give up things and asked. our customers are incredibly loyal many of them offered to help me deliver books brought by cookies or kick or stop by for a chat through the window of course it was a lovely time in that respect. in the here and now it seems the next generation of
8:28 pm
book lovers who's waiting in the wings. and the glamour is back as fashion week tokyo finally kicks off this week following its display meant in march because of the coronavirus pandemic rules still apply a runway but no audience the entire event is being live streamed 39 brands are participating and design is the trying to measure real and virtual worlds to appeal to fashionistas and style watches event runs until saturday. and that's all from me in the business team here in berlin thanks a lot for joining us. cut
8:29 pm
. into the conflict zone to survive. a deep freeze divided america is heading for its elections my guest this week from washington news can cuccinelli reactor number 2 is the department of homeland security because the uproar from the ports abuse agents use that so soon during recent protests to $14.00 to come to the peace conflicts. in 60 minutes.
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this way to bring you more conservation law how do we make city screeners how can we protect our tenants we can make a difference googling to those fundamental series of little solace and long do you don't mind at all mind. mrs d. that means africa coming up on the program the power left off new young nigerians have taken to the streets forcing the government to act on day demand for police reform they've demonstrated how effectively the masses can be mobilized but when it's bringing change lives up the way i did what he was going to do while we were both oh yeah i'm on b.p. to be here today as opposed to we put them in the office i doubt as i did that it out yeah look it's not good you're coming out of our stuff ok and t. .


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