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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2020 12:00am-1:01am CET

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this is d.w. news of live from berlin germany reveals its plans for vaccinating millions of people against a covert 90 box with a limited number of doses available the country's health minister says people will have to be patient also on the program hundreds of schoolboys kidnapped in nigeria are of united with their families their abduction has led to public anger and demands for better protection.
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i'm all out psycho welcome to the program germany has revealed plans to vaccinate millions of people against covert 19 as new infections and deaths continue to climb sharply vaccinations are shadow to begin on december 27th box with the initial dose is in short supply the most vulnerable will get priority and it's likely restrictions will remain in place for several more months at least. germany is gearing up for the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine authorities have to find which groups will be the 1st to get the jab priority will be given to residents and staff of senior care homes people over 80 and medical personnel with a higher risk of exposure those aged between 70 and 79 and people with dementia who follow. health minister yen spawn culture patients from those who
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will have to wait for their dose of the vaccine i call on all of us to do of the situation sensibly when germany states begin vaccinating most likely on december 27th at 1st the supply will be limited and it will be clearly defined who has the priority. therefore i ask all their citizens to be patient i ask you to wait until it's your turn. and that. there is light at the end of the tunnel germany is building numerous vaccination centers across the country ahead of the vaccine rollout. warned it will take one to 2 months before the most at risk groups will be vaccinated it will take time for doses to be widely available that means many measures to contain the pandemic will have to stay in place. gentleman's club we have to realize that it will be quite a while before the vaccine will have any effect on the pandemic quite simply because we don't have enough for everyone who wants to be vaccinated therefore we
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will still need other measures to contain the pandemic. a pandemic that is still in full swing in germany the country recorded the highest number of new daily cases on friday and daily deaths are also at record levels high time for a smooth and fast rule out of the vaccine. sweden has introduced its toughest measures today to try and slow rising infection rates the government is for the 1st time recommending that people wear masks on public transport some public spaces such as gyms and libraries are now closed until late january but boston restaurants will remain open with tighter restrictions so it has struggled to cope with soaring numbers of cases in the past 2 months. now here's a look at some other some more developments in the pandemic france's death toll has passed 60000 president of manual mccoy is asking people to remain vigilant after he
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tested positive for covert 90 austria will go into its 3rd lockdown after christmas shops that reopened last week will close again restaurants schools museums and theaters will shut until mid january and china's planning to vaccinate 50000000 high risk people before the start of its lunar new year at least for chinese made vaccines are being tested hundreds of school boys in nigeria are being free night and with their families following a mass kidnapping they were abducted from their school in the northern states of siena by armed men a week ago and rescued by nigerian security forces many of the boys say they suffered abuse while they were being held. the moment nigeria was waiting for the school boys free and safe after nearly a week in captivity some say they were beaten and starved. to be honest
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there was no food or water for us. no shelter no break in the friday we were taken and we spent 2 days without sleep. our food was leaves and after 2 days without food we were given fresh potatoes and pieces of ground cake. 2 nights have passed since the boy's release they spent the 1st night with soldiers then medical checks now the government says they can go home early school you do super trinity. to prove. the air force made it right in terms of community up on it because. if you hadn't put that kind of a need to. believe these are the 300 who do fool despite government praise for the armed forces it remains unclear exactly how and why the boys were
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freed or if more are still being held the mass abduction raises questions over the government's ability to protect its population especially in the northern part of the country who carried out the armed kidnapping remains in dispute whether it was boko haram the islamist group that's claimed responsibility and has posed a threat to nigeria for years or bandits as some officials allege the security situation is precarious in many parts of the country for the moment at least the sight of children reunited with their parents is a welcome distraction from daily threats many in nigeria face let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines more than a dozen children have been killed in a bombing in eastern afghanistan no one has claimed responsibility for the attack on a religious gathering and gaffney province which is controlled by the taliban. u.s. vice president mike pence has been given
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a covert vaccinations live live on television the inoculation was broadcast from the white house where penn said he aimed to promote the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. a heavy snowstorm in japan has left thousands of vehicles stranded on a major highway between tokyo and the country's northwest soldiers have been sent in with food blankets and portable toilets japan's weather agency is forecasting even thicker snow falls over the weekend. the pandemic has led to a rise in mental health problems among migrants stuck in camps in grades that's according to a study by the international rescue committee the i r c some 15000 people are currently stuck in overcrowded reception centers on greek islands squalid conditions are made worse by lock downs and post because of the virus the i.r.c. study found that additional restrictions in movements have worsened symptoms in a range of psychological disorders among migrants. now the number of refugees
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worldwide keeps growing this year the un counted a total of nearly 18000000 refugees globally an increase of some 10000000 and many of those people have been living as refugees for much if not all of their lives we have this report from lebanon. every morning. cleans the source out of this rusty oil oven it runs all night so that her children aren't kept up by the cold with temperatures dropping close to 0 degrees celcius meanwhile father for tasks is desperately trying to insulate the shack. it's miserable we don't have proper schools here nothing to do that night i huddled the kids close together so that they keep warm we don't even have warm clothing for them. it's set to be the harshest winter for the family yet not just due to the
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cold nearly 10 years ago they left aleppo fleeing syria's civil war since then their lives have been devoid of prospects but it has never been this bad. name and barely any jobs left for us everything has gotten worse. almost 90 percent of refugees here now live in what is considered extreme poverty and the coronavirus has arrived at the camp but mosques are in short supply. that kid never had to move everyone here is afraid and worried my father in syria has just died of coronavirus 3 days ago. the explosion at the beirut harbor in august was the catalyst for a wider crisis 200 people died 7000 were injured and 300000 made homeless the already teetering economy crashed completely and that has affected the willingness to support around 1000000 refugees in the small country. there are
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a burden on lebanon and any other country they live in they should go back home. they need to go back lebanon is in a huge crisis we also don't have jobs and money for food there is nothing nice and nothing. and so for those sentiments off felt in the bekaa valley many syrians here are afraid of being attacked and are scared to leave the camps at night. which it's awful after 5 pm i don't go out even not to the pharmacy or the market. looking. for most people here a return to syria is unthinkable. houses destroyed and he fears being arrested his name is on the regime's wanted list and so he'd rather stay here than risk being put into a torture prison. turning to sports now and club shall care have
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parted ways with coach manual baum who was unable to put an end to their $28.00 game winless run in the top flight bound failed to win a single game which has since taking charge in september that's a run of 10 matches the german side are currently bottom of the table with only 4 points from 12 games better in dutch coach and shark a board member who stevens is set to replace for the time being. in friday night's win as they got a match in the on berlin continue to exceed expectation this season when they pull off a stunning 21 victory against dogma and the winner came on christopher trim a corner in the 78th minute which marvin fade ahead of. it was his 4th goal of the campaign the most of any defender in the bundesliga the win puts a new one in 5th place right behind dortmund. the pandemic
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has turned the film world upside down but awards season is still approaching and one film is already being tipped as a major contender madre nice black bottom it shows a day in the life of good rainy one of the earliest professional african american blues singers and a pioneer of recording made over 100 records. or all with gold teeth and 40 packing actress biology davis embodies the mother of the blues bringing. * one of the 1st african-american recording artists back in the 1920 s. will want to do you know work to do. this really into the rhythm of the americans we're moving from the rule sound to the north for a better life including reigning. she got
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a record deal in chicago and became a star. ready to go in 15 minutes already gone ma'am said ready go and that's where you go well you know. she was not a woman of her time because she was a woman who absolutely unapologetically knew where were. the real life was born good truth pritchett an openly bisexual black star she broke the mold like all blue stars though her greatness was fueled by pain of full bloom they hear come out but they don't know how it got there. then understand it as life where tell. you nothing feel better all the same because there's a way i understand them. in the film mob raney faces arrival on stage and in love the quick fingered trying to tell
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a feat performed by the late chadwick boseman. back to the songs i can pick them up write songs of pick them off your hands. because musicians are up against the evils of racism a plotline that still rings true today a lot of our artistry a lot of our imagination a lot of our ideas are not seen as good as our white counterparts. so busy a lot of things that still resonate because they haven't changed they've just a bald. wrangles black bottom the story of a strong woman who new songs and song is out now on netflix. was. sponsored accounts for it what changes are being used to live from berlin don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our websites that's dot com you can also follow us on instagram and
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twitter d.w. news. is up next with news africa and i'll be back with the headlines at the top of the alibi that. passionate drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere power fight at sac intuition love money. fans friends files fans and friends all. on you tube join us. every day camps for us and for our planet.
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ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make see the screen. how can we protect our talents. we can make a difference. good morning to us environmental series in 2002 w. dawn. this is day to day news africa on the program today. nigeria's kidnapped boys they've returned home telling tales of hunger and peace but just how good a grain skewed and was a ransom paid. and the abandoned cost rooms in and your phone camera routed the rebels fighting forces station have forced the closure of schools in the region denying children their education.
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hello i'm christine one but it's good to have your company hundreds of schoolboys seized by kidnappers in northwest nigeria have arrived home the boys were rescued on 6 days off to they were abducted from their school in katsina states one of them say that the captain is described themselves as. had regularly beaten them with canes and only gave them food once a day at the also talked of their ordeal and how they were happy to be free. they hit us all in the same place at 1st but when they saw a fighter jet they changed the location and hit us in a different place they gave us food but it was very little. i have. and. did my duty my my. my my do you know. but many details surrounding the incident remain unclear main be how the release
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was secured shortly after news of the boys being rescued broke the government off at sea in the state. told al correspondent that no ransom had been paid to the kidnappers. you know we're. going to. we're. going to sure there were no. wonder. we're going to going to do under. one thing i don't. need to be coming down. and the like you know some of them that are
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going to talk you know the region around because. she. should americans. a lot of joins me now tom has reported extensively on security in africa so i see a toe maybe of justice into the gulf and often seen a state say that the old boys he's didn't pay a ransom to the kidnapping so just how were the boys rescued. christine the government obviously would be it would be wary of using their own sons because that empowers militant groups so in this particular case the authorities or the officials are talking about haven't used repentant bandits that's in their words and also
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a group known as me that's an association of cattle breeders notorious or at least accused of being behind the violence and killings in many parts of the country and they're saying this is the group that was used to get in touch with the abductors and wield influence over them to be able to get the boys back and this group obviously would be using that in its own way to gain prominence and again to be seen as a kind of the to be used in terms of growing its political importance in the country as well right boko haram claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of these boys how credible do you think that claim is. well i mean it appears a you know when book around released a statement it did this to through a voice message but when we saw videos of the boys the men book around players were not in that video so it appears as of this was i have a cell of book around operating in that part of the country or
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a group that you know just opera a militant group that operates there and was hoping to possibly sell these boys on to boko haram for money but it does not appear as if the book around the coke around had control over these boys and and so was not able to wield to hold them on for longer. right tell me what we are talking about something that's happened. since the chipboard incident and still today we can report that only half of that your bottles have been found or freed at this as we know were married off to 5 says while the rest really seemed to be dead so why is the outcome in this case so different. well there are 2 things i'll point out the 1st is that the chibok girls case when the girls were taken the government at the time heard the news and thought it was a hoax and thought it was an opposition ploy the opposition made this up to to to
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discredit the government and so they delayed in their response and by the time they eventually responded it was too late and the girls have been moved to different places and split up in this particular case there was a faster reaction but here comes the 2nd point which is geographical in that the chibok to block the town is in the north east where book around for a long time controlled territory this particular incident happened further west the northwest north central of the part of the country which is not book around territory so it's harder for a group to hold this group of boys this group of students longer and it's not as hard to retrieve them and identify where they are as it was in the boko in the in the chibok case so i think that's the difference in this particular case but also we have to see that there was a much i mean more muscly there wasn't a much faster reaction the news got out quicker got to the president quick and
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there was in the closet meant that there was a problem to be addressed in mediately but the fact that this happened regardless the fact that a large group of boys can be kidnapped in the country should be worrying for the government as as everybody around the world who heard this story would have been would have been expressing as well all right the state of his tomi oladipo thanks to me as if. you. children and schools in cameroon english speaking region have become common targets of the separatists fighting for secession the separatists say the government in one day has been addicted to the and the phone region in the majority french speaking country and they've now declared their own state. crease reports they have attacked schools to pressure the government. 4 years ago residents of the predominantly english speaking with cameroon protested peacefully against the perceived need elect of the central government which reacted violently since then
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civil war has broken out separatists fighting forces session and their own state. to pressure the regime they are forcing schools to close in november the school was attacked and set on fire shortly before 7 children in another school in that. in the meantime some schools have opened again with lessons taught using the under military protection one boy tells us he is scared of being kidnapped by separatists . in front of one of the schools and that the moment it's morning and you can see many of the students are arriving without school uniforms and they're coming here in front of the entrance to change to wear them because they're afraid of wearing the uniforms on their way to school we travel further into the countryside where many schools are still closed like here in the village shop but there's a glimmer of hope. that they. should
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look at least a really has built a youth center where teenagers learn a trade and children are given and i turn to church school program 3 times a week. there's. the scene. the scene. in the very responsible we. use the 11 to provide to. the life was this minute because it's just so you can do anything with it because there's nobody for it so the center of this is really because i think we're really making a difference in september the village school was set to reopen but separatists have driven away the teachers. this is one of the classrooms looks from inside the benches are destroyed you can still see parts of books scattered around on the grounds the school has been closed for 4 years now and we were told residents here that it was the separatist fighters who came here to destroy everything they took
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some of the benches hours to set up barricades on the roads the school symbolizes a lot for the community that us bias for development and growth and it tells a story that he shows how. out of reality yeah it is like nobody really cares it's painful it's. he can't even express it. beyond the physical structure of. the human structure is destroyed how does it come to that is beautiful job is to go to school or to turn never learned priest already once the children here to be finally able to live a normal life but for 4 years he says the government's nor separatists have been ready to enter a serious dialogue. there are more chases in the media than anywhere else in the world but even their chief says all still highly endangered
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one threat comes from ranches who kill the chief says when they prey on their cattle but now i'm going to be as far as can keep a castle out of harm's way thanks to scientists studying the cats a rare sighting of wild cheetahs and namibia and the country has the biggest free ranging population of cheatings in africa but the big cats here as elsewhere on the continent are highly endangered. i. knew the population is threatens because it doesn't occur inside of national parks but on commercially used farm that there's obviously leads to conflict as the truth ok finally probably or livestock of the problems scientists from germany flatmate's institute have discovered a way to reduce that conflict they've been researching cheetahs and then maybe for more than a decade part of their study includes putting radio collars on the cheetahs and minor ting their movements they found she does it vastly preferred some areas over
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others allowing them to map safe and unsafe areas for cattle herding. where it's about 10 percent of the area that is highly dangerous because concentrations of those very high and about 90 percent is much less risky for the harm was done by moving their cattle out of harms way farmers now lose much less of their herd to cheetahs. the country adopt a management to these day nobody sees a high risk area they just can't hold their head tilt to another place always just really not change and when cattle herders lose less of their livestock they kill fewer cheetahs and example of how scientists working closely with locals is helping conserve africa's most endangered cat. and as
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a pop quiz for you how do you tell the difference was seen a cheetah and then left it follow me into that well post the onset i'm back with 7 well that does it for today's program be sure to check out the stories on dot com forward slash africa for all scientists at our facebook i'll see you next time a fight. he'd come to conquer the world market. hoax widens heidi for only electric with no compromises. this is. thrust for. what we don't the promises. we put it to the task. 60 minutes. happiness tears for everyone schumann premisses are very different from
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primates we how many totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature. and this is climate change prices sex how credence in 3 books you get smarter for free you brooks are new to. start your electric engines history is in the making tesla is set to cruise into the s. and p. 500 as the most valuable company to be added to the index of lunch cap usa but its . european comic is growing is about a no deal gregg said there's still no trade agreement and time is running out the deadline is end of the month. but there's an even bigger deal inside the e.u. and china reach and in principle agreement on a bilateral investment past it's been 7 years in the making.
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and been fizzling let's do business the most traded share in the world is set to get even more attention officials are introducing the electric vehicle make a tesla into the famous s. and p. 500 stock index at about way short of $620000000000.00 tesla will be the biggest firm ever to be added to the index which features some of the top public companies in the united states investors are likely to rush to the stock which is surged at least 700 percent this year that's more than double the current top of 4 more on the s. and p. . $18000000000.00 worth of test the trades made every day it's. following developments for us in new york just how much more valuable could tesla gate i mean it's really quite remarkable at the beginning of the year the stock was at about $90.00 a share and today we reached
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a new record tipped almost 700 to. pieces and you already did mention the valuation of more than $620000000.00 just to put that in context that means tesla is worth more than the 9 biggest global car companies including a folx bargain the general motors toyota or peugeot if you look at estimates well i mean there are actually some analysts saying this stock should drop to 90 dollars others are saying it could reach 1000 so my guess is as good as you are spot to create a white or a quite a remarkable rally and what we've seen already and now in after hours trading that this stock is losing some steam and we see that quite often that when a company gets added to one of those big indices then the days after and weeks after the stock quotes get under some pressure it's president elect joe biden has pledged to make electric vehicles a top priority so a u.s. road set to get cleaner and perhaps what it to.
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well i mean 1st of all we have to wait and see what happens on generally fifths i mean we will see either a senator race in georgia or 2 senate seats are still vacant so if democrats could get should get the majority in the senate then joe biden has a clear past to go forward because his plan having that said there's still some catch up to do so far minivans and s.u.v.s pickup trucks i mean that's the hot car sales here in the united states sell is staying for about 70 percent of the u.s. car market selling about 12000000 vehicles a day so i'm just talking many events trucks and. s.u.v.s and if you look at tesla sales they're aiming at 500000 cars sales globally so there's still some catch up to do his quota for us there in new york with a bit of christmas cheer for us they say it's. now to some of the other
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business stories making news the u.s. has added this popular drug make a d.j. id to its economic black list along with dozens of other chinese firms because the pop and says it's among companies that enable wide scale human rights abuses in china through high tech surveillance nike's sales revenue was up 9 percent compared to last year the supposed to make also notched up over a $1000000000.00 in profit that's despite pandemic. frictions fitness fads and access to gyms and sports clubs. roshi ations is striking a pessimistic turnaround breaks that trade talks as a new deadline approaches and you know she had michele coles the situation grave prime minister abbas johnston says no deal is likely and the european parliament says it needs the draft of any agreement by sunday britain officially left the
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european union on february 1st but still hasn't come up with a trade deal and its transition period ends in the 31st companies wired. what happens that call plus doesn't look very look sure and yet what happens here is what makes a jack you are a check your fabric or flock is applied to central console's turning is simple plastic item into a classy detail appreciate your landrover is britain's largest car manufacturer responsible for just about a 3rd of the country's automotive output the company depends on many suppliers. who in turn rely on their own suppliers many located on the continent like the german company that produces the glue and truck used here. first we have the extra cost of shipping which will anyway then we have the potential for 5 percent imported goods. of course we have the worry that.
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if they have a reduction in their sales they're not straightaway. because if they're not they were. making matters worse it's hitting after an already tough year when the virus pandemic has cost the company 3 months worth of production. jobs on the line . and then. the worry you know. it's going to stop. the way. we just. see.
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the things i'm going. to do for. the worker said quote last echo what a growing number of brits have been saying about bricks that they wish it never happened. or they can take a long time to put together a trade pact chinese and european officials are pushing to seal an investment deal by the end of the month it's taken 7 years. china is one of the most important markets in the world but european companies operating have long complained of unfair competition from state backed chinese businesses they're also frustrated by excessive peer across taken legal hurdles such as in the fields of biotech or electric vehicles. now with deal to regulate fair market access seems to be within reach. talks have entered the final stretch so. we believe that as long as the 2 sides take care of each other's concerns and can
12:38 am
meet each other half way we'll be able to achieve the target set by leaders on both sides. but the agreement isn't without its critics in europe is it wise to quickly conclude a far reaching agreement with china shortly before the new u.s. administration takes office the deal could risk pushing the e.u. into the center of costly trade tensions between the u.s. and china torn between the 2 sides on the other hand some say china's concessions don't go far enough still an agreement seems to be closer than ever germany is pushing for this and also france is pushing for this and many others because they see more business opportunities and it's also a chance to level out the playing field with in europe because so far john edwards also preferring some e.u. countries through its growth initiative but the talks won't be over until a deal is signed on the dotted line of the rule of the european chinese investment
12:39 am
agreement wouldn't be the 1st major project to fall at the last hurdle despite years of negotiations a wave of bankruptcy to sweep over germany with tighter corunna restrictions for the rest of the year and into january could be extended till easter. the chef not one desires types say our business right now is best described as disastrous normally just summer the christmas holiday period is our busiest time it's really busy the yard is packed with people more worried that we won't be able to shift all the goods in time. at the moment you can see for yourself it's the dance of death. grocers have never seen anything like this at the berlin wholesale market because restaurants and counting have been forced to close sellers of gourmet products are losing their christmas business it's especially bad right now as it's usually the best time of the year for sales. fedderson normally sell some 6000 different
12:40 am
products are currently his workers can't even fill the space the managing director expects a loss of 1000000 euros this year during the 1st lockdown you've got to throw as a lot of products another best before date is coming up on others even frozen goods . during the 2nd lockdown many businesses are struggling to stay afloat like the greek fruit and delicatessen wholesaler like us currently its sales are at just 35 percent of normal levels. like last ball steven lots can pay its bills another company is insolvent. given a mass knocked on hunger already badly hit by the 1st lockdown we never really recovered during the summer because tourism didn't come back to the city. my employees have been on reduced working hours for months their wages are down because they're not getting night bonuses it's a really tough situation they're all afraid of losing their jobs and. the fruit and vegetable market where like us has a stand belongs to the city but instead of counselling rents the city is just
12:41 am
suspending them and that's not the only criticism about financial assistance from the city. but expect a bit more honesty before you start expecting praise for being a big supporter of business. for many companies the main problem is that when the funding comes will it still be enough. the big question for many companies is whether to be too late because they lack liquidity. one long established fruit dealer next door has already fallen victim and gone bust like us itself is still holding out just. like.
12:42 am
how the virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. tremendous through the tax and we couldn't read your blog is called spectrum if you like and the information on the crown of irish or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcast and also from us and dot com slash science. and
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you know years and years we can hear you and how the last years german chancellor will bring you an angle a man or as you've never heard have before surprised yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and want somebody who talks to people who followed her along the way i admire those and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy joining us from eccles la stops. i'm secure in the by work. and in the air. this is a me you're not allowed to stay here any more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with miles of. what's your story ready. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence in the. park and send us your story we
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are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor another yes you want to become a citizen. migrants your platform for reliable information. that is the magnificence viola davis in the role of legendary blues thing armada reigning in the film mob reign is black bottom it's also stars chadwick boseman in his final role. that's out now on let's. and with that welcome to arts and culture more on that film
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a little bit later in the show and also coming up. the italian clothing label project so quit ticks all the boxes in its quest for a more sustainable and compatible fashion world. but 1st since early november the arts in germany have been experiencing what now applies to the whole country a 2nd hard lock down all that means no concerts museums no opera or theater and here in berlin no club scene and after most entities actually took pains to implement corona hygiene plans the outcry was of course huge when they were shut down yet again while monica gotos the minister of state responsible for culture says the government is coming through with funds but nerves are frayed with a grim winter still ahead. germany is
12:46 am
a nation of culture known as the land of poets and think it. is host the largest book fair in the world and is home to 6800 museums nearly half of the world's professional orchestras have their homely and the club sing is world famous. but since the covert 900 pandemic the arts have been in serious crisis. and. the art sic to got its own very large aid package the new start for culture normally i have a budget of $2000000000.00 euros per year and i added another 1000000000 in the middle of the year in order to alleviate the plight of those working in the arts you can't solve all the problems with 1000000000 euros but that was of course a very clear declaration of solidarity with the arts sector by the entire federal government it's an expression of appreciation of what. the minister of state for culture launched the aid program in june those employed in all areas of the arts
12:47 am
can apply for support through their professional associations so far more than 600000 euros have flowed into the art sector under the scheme. all the rehearsals for a miracle sat a few days ago the oldest cabaret in berlin dish to who has received aid amounting 270000 euros and raised another 30000 euros itself the theatre invested a good deal of the money in state of the art equipment for air purification just one of the measures aimed at complying with hygiene regulations. we've installed directional signs for the entrance and exit and plexiglass barriers at the baskin the coach we've got contact us lawsuits for the toilets we've presented and partially implemented a digital concept that then allows us to stream productions so we've carried out this hygiene concept and we're very happy about it in the concept under that.
12:48 am
but not everyone is taking care of the culture minister has now called for another 1000000000 euros for the arts there are many other programs as well solo artists groups and venues can apply for emergency aid grants special funds bridge loans and much more the economic effects to germany's far reaching arts and culture scene. jazz start to run a says freelance artists in particular need help to live it as critically as possible. it's really about the question of what someone deserves or not i do believe that artists especially if they're taken out of action by a lot of years already deserve something like short time compensation with. countless events have been canceled and cultural institutions have been closed for
12:49 am
months many artists have been using creative means to protest against the silencing of the arts. accord or the arts help us to deal with the big questions of course they are the critical corrective of any living democracy. we need the arts because they hold up a mirror to us because they create a space for discourse because they deal with answers to the ultimate questions with values that give meaning we need the arts more than ever right now to help us make sense of everything we're dealing. the coronavirus inspired mexican art student. to make these images which he painted during the 1st lockdown in germany he recently held his 1st exhibition for friends only on the outskirts of berlin.
12:50 am
somewhere it's very important for this. to have. a few book. positive. thanks to the 2nd more extensive lockdown private initiatives like this are also no longer possible for many months now cultural life has shifted to the digital world with streaming services like netflix and amazon doing even bigger business than before the pandemic the internet is also being used as a virtual gallery for museums or a virtual concert hall for musicians even the beethoven jubilee events took place largely on the cultural nation of germany is currently being put to the test. i know we must not forget one thing this cultural richness reaches back several 100 years and we preserved it through 2 world wars to get at it for that reason so i am confident that with our help in this very tough and resilient cultural scene this
12:51 am
milieu of survivors will also survive this pandemic is upon the. state. where there is a will there is a way well it's already tips as a major oscar contender in this most unusual season mark rainey's black bottom produced by denzel denzel washington an adaptation of an august wilson play it shows a day in the life of gertrude rainey one of the earliest professional african-american blues singers and a pioneer of recording who made over 100 records. journal . old to move with gold teeth and body padding actress biology davis embodies the mother of the blues. 7 7
12:52 am
1 of the 1st african-american recording artists back in the 1920s a walk to a you know what to do. it's really an empty world without the groove but many black americans were moving from the rural south to the urban north hoping for a better life including rainy she got a record deal in chicago and became a star. ready to go in 15 minutes away to go on madam said ready go and that's where you go out here. she was not a woman of her time because she was a woman who absolutely and apologetically knew there were. the real life was born good truth pritchett and openly bisexual black star she broke the mold like all blue stars though her greatness was fueled by pain by folk don't.
12:53 am
they here come up with they don't know how it got there. then understand it as life where tell. you nothing feel better. listening to that away understand that life. in the film mob raney faces arrival on stage and in love the quick fingered trumpeter levy performed by the late chadwick boseman. back to the songs i give you the most right songs the victim off your hands for. those musicians are up against the evils of racism plotline that still rings true today a lot of our artistry a lot of our imagination a lot of ideas are not seen as good as our white counterparts. so there's a lot of beings that still resonate because they haven't changed they just evolved
12:54 am
. madre needs blackwater the story of a strong woman who new song and song is out now on netflix. it's a great christmas viewing to look forward to well more and more fashion companies in europe are making efforts to combat climate change and curb linear consumption habits italy's legendary fashion industry now has players like the sustainable fashion label project a quid which uses a very no nonsense approach to show that ethical and environmental values can be a driving force. this is trying to portray with the social conscience these clothes are made by pressure to quit companies that prides itself on producing clothing in a way that benefits the buyer producers in the environment in general. we
12:55 am
produce fashion for women fashion collections by recovering leftover fabrics from their luck story industry and by employing these advantage women this event it's people especially women but we create fashion recall elections. there and for winter. this is the current collection for fall and winter each piece can only be made until the fabric runs out. production takes place at the company's factory in the italian city of verona the company employs around 150 people many of them women who were given a 2nd chance through working here. 70 percent come from i would now board background work sound board visibility is or so violence a few months. and we also work with the 1st of all that on our we've made and former. the label of partners and of series fabric unsold stock or
12:56 am
materials donated by prestigious the tying companies which prefer not to be named. other european designers like dutchman's around lunch are also joining the sustainability trend he too recycles hiding in materials for his clothes. french israeli designer bunch. up cycles old video and concert tapes and weaves them into colorful fabrics. and then there are spanish labels. which recycles plastic from the ocean for its close. this year project to create received a prestigious green carpet fashion award. in the past the event has hosted a listers like sophia loren valentino garner avani as well as actor colin firth
12:57 am
and its chief men 1st style and sustainability which are set to carry on into the future. that's all for today but you can keep following the culture conversation through the holidays on our website until we meet again i wish you all the best for a safe holiday season and a peaceful slide into 2021 a few dozen. kids
12:58 am
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secrets. starts december 25th. off. this is day the. top stories germany plans to start must coronavirus vaccinations on the way december the 27th infections and deaths is still rising rapidly the number of new daily cases was topped 30000 for the 1st time the government is asking those not 1st in line for the vaccine to be patient. most of the 300 schoolboys kidnapped in nigeria have been released their medical examinations before being reunited with their families the president.


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