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one family and friends all here easy to feel loved and especially during this holiday season we go g w we're here with you we will keep you informed on all fronts and someone remind you we're all in this together we wish you happy holidays merry christmas everyone a very merry 1st of season merry christmas and stacy happy holidays everyone happy holidays to you again soon everybody pays a way to see you sit in. the . hello everybody welcome to. coming to you from kampala uganda it is good to again as always we hope to report from the. things that people are
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doing to address environmental issues and also the micro presented in nigeria hey sandra it's good to see you again. thanks for tuning in today's program will take all over the continent a beautiful garden about you can you grow up to shed light on some exciting new top . man in god i went from coaching to protect you. and printing on people making can be done sustainably find out how and i'm eco friendly a business idea for the pandemic you can buy young south african bans on by. conservation is defined as the preservation and efficient use of resources when it comes to nature we humans can choose to destroy it but as you regular viewers know raising awareness is sometimes all it takes to convince a village a community always single person to commit to environmental protection he is an example from data.
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that so jeffrey insania used to come to the forest to kill animals now he comes to protect them parts of the forest became a refuge and the poacher has become a ranger he and his colleagues are documenting the traces wildlife leave behind and any destructive human activities now that poachers traps like this one are being removed there are more antelopes here again. they look nice in the. eye with. that event and with the good. of the ice. on them. they thank. the nathan is to. be said no to contend with. the documentation he works on
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enables inferences about which species live in the only pony endangered species refuge. jeffrey a failure has been working for the in geo her conservation gonna for 3 years and receive the regular salary equivalent of $55.00 euros a month and all they'll be. from here for a job in a. good job in to work and. he's one of 100 local people trained by the n.g.o.s forest rangers for once a month he replaces the batteries in the camera traps. the photos will help with the creation of a more detailed census of the forest inhabitants. the total slippery frog which only lived in this region is one of several species here that are critically endangered but its population is growing much to the delight of the ngos founder. when we talk about how it's just basically like where you leave
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your house the only about how the destroyed you cannot survive enough is what they call nuclear was going to this for 30 years how we resolved that one would become pains to reduce the consumption of this for us food and the 2nd thing that we've done so very well one will support holes sources of water for the people so that they don't need to come in bath and wash a used this stream in a month destroy the harbor thoughts of the flood. the indios team works closely with the people living in the area offering help and information jeffrey if a neo is a member of what they call the behavior change group every week they visit villages in the area including by jamie where he lives to talk about ways to protect the forest and its animals. they have. many angles and. general community awareness and we use religious
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platforms to appeal to people. who are less programs and all of these things into. to. part of that people to put text biodiversity. the only pony endangered species refuge has recently been expanded by an area the size of $16000.00 soccer fields thanks to neighboring landowners and churches a significant achievement considering that ghana has lost 20 percent of its forest cover over the past 2 decades. first saw. the cover of night 7 damage might be taking a lot of attention these days but we still have to cope with the problems we face due to climate change for some communities on the coast of africa in particular feeling the impact of rising sea levels overfishing and loss of habitat that is
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indeed the case and that is why here in your own house don't talk to me and dollar project to build resilience in a coastal community we visit the tata islands to see how the erosion is affecting people there and also find out how they apply to. just 2 years ago it was possible for the people of a island to walk along these streets without getting it but the rising sea level has split one of sierra leone's to 2 islands into. more than half of the island has disappeared the archipelago was once a bustling fishing community no 500 people have been forced to leave in the past few years because their homes we watched and went by floods one of them sulaiman couple. of years already built 2 houses on the island even the 2nd one is through
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to the rising water. most of his belongings he ses have already been carried out to some. having lived. because this is where i grew up and i've lived all my life here it's where i built my house 1st the water washed away the last trees and then he took my house with not i built another house but the water will soon take that one too now i have left the island and settled on a larger one nearer to the main out of the fight for life to us 5 or settle now. suleiman covers couldn't afford to visit all the wolf in me on the mainland immediately his wife still lives on young guy and his children are with realities starting a new life is expensive most people here live or no more than $0.10
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a day suliman carbonneau tries to save some of the money he makes from fishing so $1.00 day the rest of his family can join him now he leaves on shipboard island but even there he is afraid of flooding the threat of rising sea levels is very real. if you years ago waves broke through the flood wall in order to restore the damage says sure the municipality in the government found international partners to finance this large scale project and this time they want to do it better ses the mayor we are worried that if we are to take. this issue. to restoring the free swore to also a showing that we maintain our greenmount roof over it would be disastrous for our people or several island this new embarkment would be almost 2 kilometers long and
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one meter taller than the highest type measured so far. but the east a long way to go. many islanders don't yet understand the danger of deforestation that tree cover would provide the island's a measure of natural resilience and would slow erosion. the authorities have started to involve the local population in measures to protect the climates man grooves are being planted fishermen alpha djalu looks in on the young man group plants nearly every day he say's the roots will bind the soil and protect it from being washed away in the rainy season or season and groove roots who help the ground become stable again if we don't plant here the problems will remain houses will be lost and people will have to migrate again the mom grooves in
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the embankment project giving hope says. but he knows that a lot more will need to be done to protect the homes in livelihoods of the thousands of people whose to leave on shipboard and the smaller island. children. come to know it's. one giant problem and when you are in no mood to see what. you did i didn't do anything legally changing the lady feel it was easy. how will climate change affect us and our children. w dot com slash water. i mean on not only rates hunted with the enemy but also with the high codes or skates the idea of a hunt but maybe
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a shock to the south but such things are being met with increasing criticism in europe vegan alternatives are in big demand one woman in france even get a job in law enforcement after selling the trend into a business idea here is this week's doing the. song designs bags and fashion accessories that are in a version of an environmentally friendly. or funky punky i'm vegan what looks like leather is actually caught with a rather unusual coaching. known to be difficult if you know what. this material is made of cactus but it's cactus that's been dried and turned into powder. suitable song lives in by year in
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northern france she only recently became a vague and she used to work in law enforcement with me but decided she wanted to do something new. creator. she says business is good despite everything. i do is this the crisis but i'm an amish market beginning and a tease i know and there's still demand for that to. make it to the movie. in europe demand for vegan fashion has increased more than 10 percent over 5 years with a very cool animal free bags song is in vogue. and how about you if you're also doing your big tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we
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share your story. it is pretty obvious to all of us by now that the current pandemic requires us to make a lot of changes in the way we conduct our life but it is also giving us a new perspective on how so many things are done even the simple things new ideas are much ink that can really benefit people and the environment in these trying times. that's right sandra in south africa a young man came up with a great new business venture it's eco friendly and has been well received in his cape town neighborhood writes this. young men in blue overalls cruising through the streets of longer in recent weeks the residents of the cape town suburb have gotten used to the sight. this is the man behind the bicycle armada. i mean he's calling corsi and found
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a. cloudy deliveries is the name of color because he's nearly found it business it to every service on. bikes the 1st one in the township. he starts every day with a team meeting. the group discusses goals and customer service practices. the idea for the business stems from his own experience. and. so. the delivery fleet is heading out. on him cause he doesn't have time to do deliveries anymore there's too much admin work to get done. since the 22 year old started cloudy deliveries in january 2020 it has grown steadily and the coronavirus pandemic boosted the business even more today the team has around 20 delivery rides with other one of
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them on his shift this busy customer has asked 19 year old took his easy causa to buy groceries and a cell phone cover for her. i'm working from home ploy it's very convenient for me because i don't have time to actually go to the store and i have to make it out. into the causa is heading to the supermarket the customers pay $9.00 rand per delivery roughly the equivalent of 50 u.s. sends the delivery rider gets 3 rand per delivery the remaining 6 rand goes to the company. youth unemployment in south africa is extremely high and the pandemic has only made things worse on top of the sickos that just finished school he wants to continue his studies one day but for now he's happy working as a delivery driver bar-lev much of. helping people.
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back at the headquarters the calls are still coming in every cyclist does $45.00 deliveries per day with my. any people forced to stay at home during the lockdown clouted deliveries is filling a huge gap in the township and the township residents like the unusual news service . to get feedback from across. the. sea of human rights. to. call him cause he's next goal is to expand his fleet and to open his own online shop to benefit the environment he plans to use only paper for packaging to set an example that he hopes other companies will follow. our way of doing things is reaching its limits and that's something we often hear
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in our days when it comes to the stewardship of natural resources it is certainly the case and the radical rethink is needed we have to protect its forest rivers. and plants and that will require coming up with ways of making on using things without creating which here are some impressive examples. of minutiae astrid since spends much of her free time thinking about wild plants. i must protect what you know and she's on a mission to get people to know the wild plants around them better. than the lion and that's why she created the game and that to a memo a memory game that you teaches people of all ages about plant life. began dusting bed fans i would really like wild plants to be part of our lives
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again in fact i'll even go one step further i'd also like to see them on our main. because wild plants contain so many important nutrients that are often missing from the culture of vegetables we eat nowadays and. she made sure not to a memo was produced to a standard called cradle to cradle. but the cradle to cradle standard means more than just composite it also means that during decomposition little to nothing is released that could harm the environment printouts loci is the 1st in germany that prints to this standard ralph inherited the company from his father and has transformed it into a fully green operation. basically i think it's the responsibility of a company to make sure that its products don't harm the environment. we need to make a profit so that both our staff from the company can make
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a living. but we're not looking to make a profit at the expense of people and nature. of course. this means making every step of the process to sustainable the printing machines provide climate control for the building which uses the water every secularization system the machines are also c o 2 neutral and the paper and printing colors both carry cradle to cradle certification making the change from a conventional printing house to a sustainable one was an easy decision fellow. it's not going to mentally much more expensive. but you do need to be willing to reorganize things. course when you rethink production. a lot of things need to be completely overhauled you need a whole new approach. this is the challenge facing the entire printing
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industry more than half of the paper thrown out 12 wide ends up in landfills and more paper is produced every year paper. can take up to 20 years to break down and that process releases c o 2 and anything into the atmosphere alcohol and other chemicals from the printing process also see from the paper into the environment the catapult magazine found you mean freight began printing on a different sort of paper to save trees. so this is the magazine this year where we changed over from normal paper to recycled paper so here i calculated how many trees were filled with normal paper and on the back with recycled paper if publishers would simply switch from normal paper to recycled paper it would be a huge step. sure it would be so much less damaging to the environment. not to. it's a viable solution for big publishes the same simple and catapult says it costs them
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less than one percent more to use recycled paper and if people opted for the same high standards as asked to put in completely sustainable printed products could become as common as wild. our next trip or takes us to senegal many of the countries 15000000 inhabitants live beside the atlantic ocean where the sea level rise caused by climate change is making the existing problem of costly russian worse 4 decades ago a forest was planted in the northwest of the country to combat the problem of shoreline retreat. that is right near to and changed the lives of farmers and fishermen there but now population growth and other factors are putting a strain on the forest and local communities are now walking together in order to maintain oh you haven't improved the forest hill. about to fall harvest
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all at plants that's not something that former smalley so take for granted. here's one of over 20000 followers living in the new year's region of northwestern senegal many live close to the coast and still potentially face the threats of erosion and sandstorms but a belt of trees is helping to protect them. almost 200 kilometers long it's 500 metres wide at its narrowest point the forest was planted 40 years ago as a shield against wind and coastal erosion. from city of ramadi. right here where we are no was once nothing but it was and is is known for his living in before these trees were planted up there we did with cause erosion. they call that much learned disease in here in the uk to produce. a tool it is
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they've made it possible for the foremost to set student here. but i'm a thorough proved to be that today 60 percent of senegal's vegetable production comes from the new i use region. an estimated 225000 tonnes of produce here on only. it has become the country's food basket and it was of high injuries that allowed farmers like a small to say to create their fields. if you really want to because we were going with it was only after the trees were planted that were able to live and work the land. at 1st they could only put up temporary shelters because the sun knocked out everything in its path and sort of pine trees asunder stable and because of that you have a fertile forest and if that's homes i can cultivate vegetables on
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a public. park not a model to be anonymous. it's a delicate balance though the farmers need the trees for protection but the growing population means the demand for timber for feel and fulfilled in fairness is also growing and. the solution the forest has been divided up into some 200 plots monitored by different agricultural and forestry groups. each group decides which streams can be felled according to strict cortez. sutley ends up planted to replace any trees that a chop down this there's reason leaves some planes to fun as all over the proved. well holy book but only in the early days as you can see it's because of the abundance of pine trees that we have for thailand so maintaining the forest is central to the work of our association it will be in order to do that we have to
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plan to replenish trees point before it's crucial to sustainable development when it can but that's a good one doug what the young trees are in their plastic chutes to ensure the absorb as much moisture as possible then the plastic is cut away to let the tree take root over $50000.00 trees are planted each year and hopefully they'll also protect future generations informant's from inclusion sand and rising sea levels. it is good to be really minded about it and looking after the environment can really pay all that is only help me today thank you for joining us it is a good bike for me but we know you're here in complex until next sign. buying into by phone alexandra it was a pleasure co-hosting the show with you and to our viewers out there every member you can find out more about environmental protection on sustainability on our
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social media platforms but for now i'm now tideway signing off from abuja nigeria see you again.
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which. is the sanctuary for the trick monarch. the end. secrets of.
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the f. 15 knots on t.w. . everything to. lose all muslim knows like the lady is the source of her straight. to cleat at large is an emotional. look up boldly a mob she's long as his feet killing her across the water she won when the sun. on europe. 90 minutes of the you. tube children to come to. one giant problem and nearly
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get in on a personal appeal to you. by leaving a trace is there a feeling that i'm getting the back how will climate change affect us and our children by. w dot com slash water. story of produce and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards born after the 1st world war. their mothers were germans living in the occupied dry land their fathers were soldiers from the french colonies. these halfords room and children had a hard time because they were a reminder of the german defeat. exclusion culminated in forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence. call them the children of shame.
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starch january 11th on d. w. . this is the news live from berlin after a year of negotiations and missed a deadline britain and the european union reach impressive trade agreements european commission president parcel of fungi lion describes it as fair and balanced and says or britain that will remain a trusted partner meanwhile british prime minister boris johnson agreed if the deal has fantastic news that will and uncertainty also coming up on the show as he
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prepares to leave office president trump makes sure to remember his friends the latest batch of presidential.


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