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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2021 10:00am-10:16am CET

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he holds the powerful to account just as a fix for your whichever way you like to spin conflict. d.w. . this is t w news coming to you live from berlin the military has seized power in myanmar the army has declared a state of emergency and is taking control of the country government officials including defacto civilian leader own sole suchi have been detained international leaders are calling on the military to restore democracy and release the detainee and it's also coming up security forces crackdown on protesters in russia tens of
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thousands have taken to the streets in cities across the country to demand the release of the jailed kremlin critic alexina bani police arrest more than 5000. and in the buddhist league a tidy trouble for goals for 3 goals 3 points that moves them into 3rd place on the table. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the military in myanmar has carried out a coup d'etat they've seized control of the country and detained key government officials including the country's defacto leader aung sun suu cheat the military accuses the government of failing to act on claims of voter fraud in last november's election announced a one year state of emergency on the new. channel they are in myanmar you know.
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in order to perform scrutiny on the voter lists and take actions you know 40 of the nation's lawmaking governance and jurisdiction is handed over to the commander in chief according to the 2008 constitution 419 don't want. to. be an id. well there's been widespread international condemnation of the military's takeover in myanmar the new us secretary of state anthony blinken expressed grave concern over the reports and warned myanmar's military to reverse its actions immediately un secretary general antonio guitarist released a statement strongly condemning the detention of own son suchi president when mint and other political leaders to be out are he said the developments are a serious blow to democratic reforms and the president of the e.u. commission or slow fundal line has also condemned the actions of myanmar as
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military and has called for the immediate release of those detained well for more of let's cross over to philip sure well he's a correspondent for the sunday times and joins us from bangkok philip what more can you tell us about this coup. yes well what should have been happening in man march today was that m.p.'s were shed year old to sit for the 1st time in parliament since the national league for democracy of on sun city won a crushing overwhelming victory in general elections in november the pro-military parties where in those same elections were humiliatingly defeated but since and those parties and and the generals have been insisting that there was a letter for the parliament shouldn't sit today and all day were sort of dismissing this were pressing had so we would have had a parliament opening this morning just a few hours before that under the cover of darkness in the early hours the military moved in they staged raids on the houses on the homes of several and all of the
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leaders including suchi and. she has she has been placed under house arrest we understand. she's no stranger to the state for she was a political prisoner under house arrest for 15 years during previous military dictatorships but you know they had just one or 2 successive elections and she was obviously expecting to be leading the country tree again. we're not clear that she's got any contact with outsiders but her facebook page has put out a message urging her supporters not to accept the coup and to take to the streets to protest so this is being seen as a real blow to democracy in myanmar by other countries at least the military are pointing to election fraud though as a basis for their actions have they presented any evidence to support their claim. they presented a lot of a lot of numbers and a lot of documents or indicating that there were maybe irregularities on voting lists on your list of people i've spoken to in in me not me in math think that that the that there probably were some some list that didn't so exactly correlate but
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the point that is being made is that the the energy won this election by such an overwhelming number that really these these these irregularities would be would be minor but the country's election commission has looked into these complaints and has rejected them the military took now rather their parties took their protest to the supreme court on friday and of broad to rich against suchi in the courts as well now now they were overthrown. just briefly how is all this affecting ordinary people in myanmar yeah well the internet and phone lines are very badly disrupted seem to be being blocked the army or on the streets the main city young gong banks of clothes there was long lines at a.t.m.'s this morning prompting fears of a run on the banks. long lines at petrol stations at rush vendors people you know they've lived under military rule before and you know that they're very nervous about its return they're not at the moment as far as we know protesting on the
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streets you know as i mentioned has called for that so really it's a very tense time and we're going to have to see how things unfold today and in coming days phil thank you very much that was philip sure well though there is a correspondent for the sunday times. security forces in russia have detained more than $5000.00 people at demonstrations across the country in support of opposition leader alexina bayani tens of thousands took to the streets of cities around the country to demand the maltese released from prison the police put on a massive show of force to try to break up the rallies. they were warned but they marched anyway anti-government protesters all over russia demanding the release of opposition leader alex saying of omi they defied a ban by the tram and the response was brutal and a show of force many were arrested some were beaten some hits with to select devices. and moscow alone thousands marched constantly
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changing their route in an attempt to evade the police some gathered outside the prison were all excited of ali is being held for many of them the protests are about more than just the opposition leaders arrest protesters also say they are marching against corruption and for more democratic freedoms in russia but also calling in a political battle for used to being told what to do being controlled but young people used to organizing themselves that's why i came here today because i want to take and what is happening in my country you watch over go ready it's a disgrace. they've stolen everything from us. i live near oil and gas fields and they're just standing is all that i mean yes i have a 2 year old son and if putin stays in power for the next 16 years as he's planning to then my son will grow up with him and i don't think anything will come of it. moscow was still asleep sunday when protests started in russia's far east in
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siberia as dawn spread across russia phone of ali rallies spanned across the country's 11 time zones but so did the forceful response by the authorities to. russia's 2nd largest city st petersburg was no exception. some call this russia's most aggressive and fear inducing nationwide operation but others say the government's attempts to overwhelm the protests might actually fuel the flames of the russian opposition and the voices calling for change. a check on some other stories making headlines around the world today after months of silence india's prime minister narendra modi has condemning the country's long running protests against agricultural reforms farmers have been demonstrating for more than 3 months events took a deadly turn last tuesday thousands of farmers descended on the capital delhi and
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clashed with police one person died and hundreds were injured. hong kong pro-democracy advocate and media tycoon jimmy lie has appeared in court he's contesting an attempt by the government to keep him in jail while facing charges under a sweeping new national security law it's the 1st major legal challenge to the legislation imposed by beijing last year. and at least 12 people including several children have died after 2 boats sank close to a port on colombia's pacific coast officials say they don't yet know what caused the incident none of those who died had been wearing life jackets. thousands of brazilians took to the streets on sunday demanding president gyre bows and arrows resignation they accuse the government of mismanagement in the country's coronavirus backs a nation program and many sable sonars lack of leadership has led to an all sujan supply crisis in the amazon capital among else. in all german
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media reporting that a pharmaceutical company by own tech pfizer could deliver an additional $75000000.00 vaccine doses to the european union in the 2nd quarter of this year the news comes as the e.u. battles to buy more vaccine after producer astra zeneca said it was unable to deliver the number of doses it originally promised the german government is told in talks later with vaccine producers to try to speed up in occupations as we report the rollout here is beset by problems. in berlin the 6 a b. since it is being you. yes this is a massive vaccination clinic taxies delivers seniors to receive the shots it looks like everything's going smoothly but appearances can be deceptive jim and city say the country's rollout has been plagued by logistical problems. we need to know when the vaccines are arriving and in what quantities said that we can schedule
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appointments it would reduce the public frustration as he gets off the top. 3 vaccines now approved in germany but they are all in short supply jim and politicians now want to work closely with the pharma companies to overcome the shortfall. but it's not enough to tell companies to sky loved we have to come up with an emergency plan be prepared to pay compensation for a directed manufacturing capacity we have to do more than $20.00. the plan could involve the state ordering pharma companies to produce vaccines even vaccines developed by they compared to or in other words state intervention in the manufacturing process the green support that idea they say companies haven't done enough to speed up manufacturing. to me for. companies really doing enough to scale up operations that would mean increasing manufacture of ingredients trying to treat capacity and then vaccine production we have to take
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a close look at all of that has to get involved with things out working out including by forcing them to license their products to. the left parties also in favor of piling political pressure on back same produces useem god and one to me this pandemic is proving that the idea of the invisible hand of the market solving everything. but that doesn't mean the government should do it for them companies must be forced to act thousands of health minister can make them jim and laurin palin seem to do so when human. much is at stake at the german government vaccination summit as people white impatiently for their jobs. and in other developments in the pandemic around 2000000 people in australia have entered a strict lockdown after the discovery of one corona virus case in perth a stand has received its 1st batches of back scenes the health ministry says half a 1000000 doses of the chinese son of farm shot arrived in the country and china
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has recorded its lowest daily increase in new covert 900 cases in more than 3 weeks . sports tell him beautifully a football news of an incredible trouble for the surprise team of the league this season most walk 3 goals against freiburg mean 3 points and a move into 3rd place 3rd. con of intimidation the whole of sun beaten at home this season and they want everyone to know about it. when 5 books struggled to neutralize a corner 20 minutes into the game the los pounds thanks to john anthony brooks. the body and it right at his feet. the u.s. international smash hit home for his 2nd goal of the season. the hosts came knocking again 20 minutes late on the out of the course this time to strike
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a demagogue of spork seed with his 13th goal of this season the credit goes to a quick thinking and not a staff and who had the vision to play it in from the last. but the wolves were hungry for more yani yeah had made it 3 known minutes before the end. they needed baku with the assist and on cannot have to do is tap it and. work defend their fortress and jump to that in the pussycat table. denmark have been crowned handball world champions after defeating underdog sweden $26.00 to $24.00 in cairo the scores were close for most of the final despite the mismatch as denmark's captain and goalkeeper nicholas london made a stunning 15 saves to demoralize the st and attack
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a 2 goal cushion was then enough for the danes to secure a 2nd consecutive title against their upstart rival. you're watching d.w. news coming up next we have a documentary film for you looking at the greek refugee camp of more riots and the e.u.'s refugee policy and coursing planets on the internet thanks for watching. on the oh and i'm game did you know that 700000000000 and animals are killed worldwide but it's not just the animals that are suffering it's the environment if you want to know how it went to the priest i'm huntress changed this listen to.


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