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this is news coming to you live from berlin of 1000 people arrested in russia after the jailing of kremlin critic alexei no bonnie riot police turned out in force in moscow to prevent people from demonstrating against a court ruling activists say they're targeting peaceful protesters bonnie accuses president vladimir putin of trying to intimidate his critics also coming up the
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fight against the pandemic gets a boost after it bans trials show russia's vbac seen as more than 90 percent effective against cope with 19. plus a surprise announcement from the man who founded amazon is stepping down as the company's c.e.o. look at what's next for amazon and for. another life lost to the virus after raising millions of pounds for frontline workers the 100 year old world war 2 veteran captain tom war loses his own battle against cope with. good to have you with us security forces in russia have arrested more than 1400 people during rallies to protest against the jailing of anti corruption campaigner alexina by. witnesses say police used excessive force to detain peaceful protesters
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earlier the body was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison for violating the terms of his parole western governments have condemned the ruling and called for his immediate release. in the future to leave my heart for his wife. the only goodbye alexei in a volley could manage before heading to prison earlier he told the court the charges against him were fabricated a way of intimidating his supporters. will go the call of these officers and this cage it's not a show of strength it shows their weakness they are weak. and they cannot jail thousands or even millions of people. outside the cavalry arrived early. lines of riot police stood in front of the court not to keep the in but to keep his supporters
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out. as the day progressed police detained hundreds of supporters would come to show their solidarity. cage was no barrier this woman stood her ground in defiance. as night fell on mosque out the protests room. run. by but so did the presence of police in riot gear and the arrests. the tension is a price these protesters are willing to pay to speak their mind. is. going to go do it one my children to grow up in the same conditions i did alex say is trying to do something at least you never done he has just been wrongly convicted the country will never be free if the thirty's and the courts behave like. that's
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it looks like they will soon start beating us with a baton but we came out so that our children won't be beaten with the tons in the future. soon enough the police proved him right. there be tons directed indiscriminately at anyone in the crowd. on the phone these supporters are taking risks in the hope the next generation won't have to. see how folks in brussels are viewing this we're joined from there now by our correspondent. the european union has reacted strongly tunable news sentence what have you leaders been saying jerry the european union but also the united kingdom for instance all of europe united here in their call for the immediate release of alec's a. but also a very strong condemnation of the mass detention of protesters at the violent treatment by police in moscow and across russia pictures that really shocked
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european leaders here that a neighboring country is treating their people like that and that is something that's a europe does not want to tolerate so strong words coming from london then from brussels but will the e.u. take any meaningful action here gail. well so far lithuania and latvia are you member states that have called for stronger sanctions bear in mind that sanctions are already in place since the end station of crimea now and towards the end of the week a foreign policy chief joseph burrell will travel to moscow to meet foreign minister lavrov to have talks this was an. before long time before the arrest of alex they know of ali but of course it's now a centerpiece of that visit and joseph morale is also interested in meeting i'll
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explain the value of what we have to see what happens of that but the you will mainly use now diplomatic pressure in order to show a russia that they will not tolerate a violation of international law of a treatment of people in that particular way you to be there in brussels thanks. let's bring in leon a fix here she's a russia expert at the curb a foundation here in berlin then at western relations with russia are very strained after the conviction of election avani what options are there for addressing these tensions diplomatically. that's a very good question and that's the idea of the book to the well of the who are presented if that we've just heard about to attempt to use a diplomatic path instead of the sanctions the u.s. ambassador have already announced that they will because you like distillation after the conviction of alexei navalny the e.u.
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has so said we will wait when the money was arrested and i think the visit of the well might also be one of the test cases to see what kind of with dollars will he be able to bring home will it be in the end of the good of bad timing and bad blokes and might that be for the youth an occasion to think about sanctions when diplomatic means especially when it comes to washington method policy usually that those successful. europe and germany in particular walk a fine line trying to maintain business relations with russia while addressing numerous disputes not least over ukraine these interests are clashing spectacularly over the north stream to pipeline project are we talking parallel worlds here. yeah i think that it's at least at the moment that it's very much the case or not seemed to pipeline project was beginning to project very critically. nemeth and
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union but then also you know it's into issue became a bipartisan issue in the united states is the issue of concern when it comes to the security of ukraine but also the energy independence. so what we heard yesterday is that the united states is willing to discuss this sort of package deal with germany to link the pipeline to some sort of political conditions as it has been the case in the pods to make sure that ukraine we maintain secure and has about a letter will. agreement with russia this could be a compromise in the end between the u.s. and germany to get out of this debt not that not seem to have created between these 2 countries. we're going to stay with us because we want to get your take on a nother aspect of russian european relations involving the sputnik the vaccine from russia new data shows that russia's splitting the vaccine is more than 90
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percent effective western governments had initially expressed doubts about the vaccine because russia started using it before completing the usual clinical trials but now results published in the leading medical journal the lancet appear to back up russian claims that the job is safe and that it works or as we report hungary has already begun using the vaccine. truckloads of russia spent rolling into hungary the 1st 14000 of some 2000000 doses ordered the distribution of vaccines in the european union just not quick enough for hungary. to fast to me that snake the weakest segments of society and the quicker we can lift restrictions on public life we don't use that. as we've just got to chicago that shut sputnik the even. as the 1st vaccine developed to fight cope at 19 russia began vaccinating people with it last summer even though clinical trials were underway hungary's emergency pilots
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gave the vaccine the green light that's because sputnik fini has already been administered at least a 1000000 times without any serious side effects so hungry has decided to sidestep the e.u.'s common procurement policy. in very strict conditions and conditions under very specific criteria and then the member state is liable russia's promising enough with its vaccine for 700000000 people sputnik vs more than 91 percent effective according to a study published on tuesday in the medical journal the lancet the raw data used in the study has not yet been released unfortunately that's exactly what the european medicines agency needs. when the agency gets the data in the proper form so they can check it as with other manufacturers then i can't see why the vaccine can't be approved in europe i just kind. of. germany's chancellor agrees yet every vaccine is welcome but only those that supply the
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necessary data and are approved by the a.m.a. will be accepted. it said the virus knows no boundaries if the data is correct that can also apply to vaccines. they have a fix from the court of foundation here berlin is still with the french president even while the cause says politics should not be an obstacle when it comes to possible vaccines against a coronavirus german shells buying american says she would be open to the russian vaccine once approved by the a.m.a. but many people or wary what's your opinion is there good reason to trust russia with this vaccine. i think there was reason to be wary when we actually used the vaccine without the 3rd base which what's next is which is on the clinical perspective necessary now that we have independently confirmed we've solved i think this is indeed good news and i know america has been one of the 1st to talking to the russian president in discussing possibilities for using the banks in europe and
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let us remind them and let me also remind us that in russia there was a lot of skepticism towards. so that was the problem that was made by by moscow itself it was not transparent and that from the beginning it and when it comes to the numbers it's still it's not transparent and that but the fact that we have an independently confirmed study about the effectiveness effect of that of the vaccination is really good news. thank you very much for your insights that was leon a fixer russian analyst at the curb a foundation here in berlin thank you. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today italy's president. says the latest round of talks to form a new government there have failed and he's expected to top former european central bank chief mario draghi to take over as caretaker prime minister later in a bid to avoid snap elections amid the pandemic the previous government collapsed
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last month after a small party withdrew its support. police in istanbul have detained dozens of people after forcefully dissolving a student protest turkey has seen a month of mass demonstrations against a decision by president wretch of time i don't want to name a party loyalist as the head of. prestigious. university the yunus the institution have been known as a bastion of liberal. us president joe biden has paid his respects to slain police officer brian sic nick he lies in honor at the capitol where he and other officers were attacked by violent mall on january 6th signet died from his injuries the next day former president donald trump faces a senate trial charged with inciting riots. 6 people have died including 5 young children in a shooting in the u.s. state of oklahoma an armed suspect was taken into custody but authorities have not
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identified a motive for the killings. world health organization experts have visited research center in the chinese city of new han as part of their investigation into the origins of the corona virus bendemeer who hunt is where the virus was 1st thought crossed over from animals to humans although china has disputed this. stuff at dozens of hospitals across myanmar have walked off the job to protest the military coup which defacto leader also in sochi health care workers accuse the army of putting their interests above coping with the coronavirus pandemic also on tuesday crowd stage the 1st widespread protests. since the coup demonstrators banging on pots and pans cold for soup cheese release and the recognition of her victory as of the 1st election. for more now we can speak to journalist dave group who's been covering the country for several years he joins us from kuala lumpur or can you
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tell us about the protests yeah well that's quite a stand last night these were really where we started seeing the 1st signs of civil disobedience from the public as you said people were honking their horns they were on the streets and from their balconies banging pots and form of protest and i mean our civil disobedience group said that at 70 hospitals and medical centers as you said in 30 different communities across the country that doctors and medical workers are not working that they've walked off the job additionally you may see boycotts of military link products this could include cell phone services brands of beer the medium our military controls a vast array of businesses across the country now of course all this leads to the natural follow up question is will we at some point in the days or weeks ahead see mass mobilization mass numbers of people protesting in the streets of yangon and other cities in the country i've spoken to contacts in myanmar today you tell me there are discussions under way about this but no decisions have been made it would
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be quite a risk for these people the tape because if you look at years past when there are been these kind of protests during the days of the earlier they often respond with much as violent force but often deadly force so there are some serious calculations that have to be made if they want to go that far one of the. day do we know where she's being held what's going to become of her. well we're not quite clear on what's going to become of her but a senior and official did say on his facebook page that aung san suu kyi appears to be in good health and that she's been walking the grounds of her compound in naypyidaw the capital now of course we have not heard directly from her since the quds happened on monday there was a statement that came out shortly after the tube attributed to her but that statement was prepared in advance of a coup as he and her colleagues were in his opinion that it might happen. meanwhile the u.n. security council dave has failed to condemn the coup with china blocking any action
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why did they block it well china has close ties to me and maurice had closer ties they certainly have business interests in me and my our economic political interests they during the days of the earlier him so we're very close friends providing a lot of economic support during this transition over the last 10 years the transition that ended on monday the transition the microstate they've been losing ground as western countries have been getting more influence inside myanmar for china there is a chance to regain a lot of that ground that they have lost so that's a big reason why china you're seeing a much more tepid response here from them. thank you very much for your insights that was journalist david greene about joining us from kuala lumpur. amazon founder jeff bezos is stepping down as c.e.o. later this year giving up leadership of the online retail giant that began in his garage in 1904 is stake in amazon has made basis one of the richest men in the
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world even during a pandemic his wealth grew as amazon's business benefited from walk downs and customers were being online last quarter of 2020 the company reported revenues of 120 $5000000000.00 with profit doubling to over $7000000000.00 is us will transition to the role of executive chairman and will be replaced by andy jessy who currently runs and was on web services. let's get more now from chelsea delaney from d.w. business good to see you again chelsea tell us why is jeff bezos stepping down when his company is doing wonderfully. well to some degree this is the best time for jeff bezos to step down the business is very strong especially through the pandemic we've seen amazon sales its profits really booming so the foundation of amazon is really on solid footing right now so it does make sense for him to say ok now is
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the time for me to hand over the reins but we already have in the past couple of years seen jeff bezos really seed over the day to day control of amazon the running of the operations to some of his deputies including and you just see so we have seen this really developing over the past couple of years but it also has to do with just the evolution of these big tech giants we've seen apple we've seen microsoft all of these other big tech giants have also seen their founder step down so it's something that happens and has to happen at some point with these companies jeff bezos says that he really wants to take the time now to focus on his passion projects he's for example really invested in and the washington post he has a rocket start of sort of like ilan musk so he wants time to to focus on those projects but he says he's still going to be really staying involved in the bigger questions that as am at amazon as the executive chairman you mentioned and you just
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see who's going to be taking over as c.e.o. what do we know about. well he's been on amazon a long time basically since the beginning he joined in 97 and what he's really known for is building this cloud business at amazon which has actually become the most profitable part of amazon so it is really big and that's something they want to continue growing people say that he's a lot like jeff bezos they're sort of cut from the same cloth they're very focused on customers they're very detail oriented so in some to some degree people do expect a sort of continuation of jeff bezos his management style. regulators in the e.u. and the u.s. are hell bent on and on the reigning in big tech including. it won't be that easy for jesse will it you know he's definitely going to be facing a lot of challenges and actually have already seen at least one congressman in the u.s. say you know congratulations and see i have
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a lot of questions for you since sort of the criticism the scrutiny that jeff bezos was facing about amazon's practices the way that it uses its power to undercut other retailers as well as the questions about how it treats its workers which we've seen really rise up during the pandemic things that a lot of questions over the conditions and warehouses labor activists have been really eyeing amazon as well so all of that scrutiny is definitely going to continue for and each asked and he likely will have to be testifying and front of congress at some point again soon so he's taking over a business that is growing but it's certainly one of the most challenging times and amazon's history and there is there are a lot of threats to even break amazon up so it's going to be a difficult road for have a very exciting story indeed plenty from d.w. business thank you very much. second test flight by space x.'s latest starship prototype has ended in a fireball the stainless steel rocket managed
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a successful takeoff and high altitude test in texas but went up in flames on landing last prototype met a similar fate in december in a webcast of the latest launch the company said it had a great plight but still needed quote to work on the landing a little bit. british captain sir tom moore gained fame after he began raising money for u.k. health care workers during the pandemic now the world war $2.00 veteran has died at the age of $100.00 after contracting the virus himself he was unable to be vaccinated because of other medication he was taking. during the 1st wave of the corona virus pandemic captain tom morris set out to raise 1000 pounds for britain's national health service by walking 100 laps of his backyard before his 100th birthday his quest went viral and donations poured in from around the world
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totaling some 33000000 pounds more told d.w. how stunned he was a circus absolutely amazing that certain amount of money was the road some sort of short time only the closers was a really good one went to the source of all they think. by the arrival of his centennial birthday captain tom was an international celebrity. he wrote an autobiography which he dedicated to all those who serve on the front line of any battle. at windsor castle queen elizabeth the 2nd knighted him for what he did accomplished with his walks. his sunny attitude during the pandemic has inspired people to look beyond their illness and loss. groups throughout the world. believe that it includes those all new people.
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is no no may do so out of the news but i would say to everyone. things will go but there's no doubt that wrongdoers will roll out onto the ground some who will go on. now sports and 8 teams were in action in the german cup on tuesday with a major upset occurring in one of the last 16 matches last year's finalist laver cruisin were knocked out of the competition by the lowest ranked remaining team s. and are in the 4th division and managed a 21 win in extra time elsewhere dortmund beat out of one in kiel missed out kicked out dom stop rather having brushed past couple of years by on in the previous round raymond beat fruit and there are 4 more fixtures to be played later today. the ice hockey world championships will take place solely in the latvian capital re get
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this year decision comes 2 weeks after bella ruse was removed as co-host due to the political situation in that country denmark and slovenia had bid to replace bill arose but ice hockey peak body decided on keeping the event in one city as it was deemed safer in terms of covert on t.v. . and the president of the tokyo olympics has said the event will go ahead this year regardless of the state of the coronavirus pandemic yoshiro mori told reporters on tuesday that the games would not be postponed again following similar comments made by the head of the international olympic committee the games were postponed from last year due to the pandemic a recent spike in coven intentions in japan has fueled speculation the games would be rescheduled again. now for many of us living under a pandemic a law down life has begun to feel a lot like groundhog day if you remember that movie but tuesday actually was
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groundhog day the 134 year old american tradition of predicting the coming of spring with the help of an oversized rodent took place as always in flux of tony pennsylvania but this time without the spectators the famous furry meteorologist apparently did see his shadow during the ceremony that means 6 more weeks of winter according to folklore not great news for the snowed in east coast of the u.s. but the groundhogs handlers promised a beautiful spring once the season changed its. streamliner the top story we're following for you here today on t.w. news a russian court has sentenced opposition leader election nominee to 3 and a half years in prison court ruled that the kremlin critic violated the terms of his parole on earlier fraud charges while he was injured. many recovering from the poison attack of all these lawyers say they'll appeal just.
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