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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2021 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin president joe biden declares the u.s. is back on the world stage biden delivers his 1st foreign policy address announcing a reversal of trump's america 1st agenda is to end support for the war in yemen and halt the withdrawal of troops from germany also coming up they protested in moscow and now they're paying the price we speak to friends and relatives of those arrested in protests supporting the opposition leader. was back in court today this time. plus the need for more speed in germany's vaccination program new
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figures show most of the country thinks the rollout is still too slow putting more pressure on chancellor merkel to up the tempo. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us u.s. president joe biden has outlined his vision for u.s. foreign policy in his 1st major policy speech and sought to reassert u.s. global leadership rebuild alliances and reverse donald trump's america 1st agenda he announced an end to support for the war in yemen and a halt to the withdrawal of u.s. troops from germany. the united states is ready to engage with the world again that was joe biden's message from the marble tolls of washington state department biden that means foreign policy must be grounded in
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a multilateral world rather than a defense of america's interests that puts america 1st america is back diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy so the u.s. will once more try to find solutions to the world's problems like in yemen dubbed the world's worst humanitarian crisis years of conflict has destroyed much of the country killing hundreds of thousands of people and leaving more near starvation the u.s. has given tact backing to one side of that war no more says biden. this war has to end and to underscore our commitment we are a new all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen including relevant arms sales the move represents a broader shift in u.s. policy previous administrations have been accused of siding with authoritarian nations in the name of stability but the president wants that to end and he knows
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he's going to need help for biden taking a stronger stance internationally will mean having to reach out to washington's old allies in europe and elsewhere he ordered a freeze on u.s. troop withdrawals abroad including from the u.s. bases in germany the trumpet ministration wanted to pull out nearly 10000 of some 35000 troops based in the country biden will depart from that plan america the alliances are our greatest asset. leading with diplomacy means standing shoulder to shoulder with our allies and key partners once again. the biden administration comes to power with diplomats. and its alliances chasing over restoring both will be a huge challenge. w.'s pit a little adult is monitoring the story for us peter what sort of vision did biden
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lay out for america's place in the world well what we saw there was really buying you know trying to turn the page on 4 years of isolationism and really restore diplomacy asks the u.s. main tool of choice it was a speech that in some ways reminded me of former president teddy roosevelt's famous phrase speak softly and carry a big stick. they're clearly promising to counter advancing authoritarianism singling out russia and china you know saying really putting them on notice with regard to human rights abuses singling out china's unfair trade practices so a very clear signal there that the times are changing or really we're returning to or turning our backs on the policies that we saw during the trumpet ministrations of the of the courting of more authoritarian regimes also talking about restoring.
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america's moral leadership there saying you know that he wanted a strong support for l g b t rights but also resorting america's refugee program admitting a lot more refugees into the united states and i think from a european perspective really sending a clear signal to allies that the u.s. is standing shoulder to shoulder with its allies that it will pursue a multilateral approach and i think that's going to be music to a lot of people's ears here well talking about trends let it go as biden mentioned germany several times in his speech a real departure in tone from his predecessor. yeah i mean bitin there is singling out germany ouse one of the us is top allies and that was very notable he also announced a freeze on the withdrawal of more than $10000.00 troops from the u.s. a very controversial move by the administration that ruffled a lot of feathers here in the u.s. and also maybe signaling that biden will continue to look to his trans-atlantic
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allies to also keep russia is also a signal of russia i think to tell him that the u.s. is not going anywhere but it's not a complete sigh of relief for germany maybe just yet biden also signaling that he will continue some of the pressure campaign that was altering trying to get its allies to spend more on their military to spend more on nato so the u.s. and germany not completely off the hook and really also signaling says allies that they need to pull their weight on the global stage but that the u.s. is right there with them so a very important speech i think from both the u.s. but also a global perspective here. peter thank you very much as always. now to russia where thousands of people have been arrested this week in protests against the imprisonment of opposition leader alexina body among the appeared in court today for a separate case this time on charges he defamed
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a military veteran of all they called it a disgusting trial but he is not expected to get more prison time meanwhile about 500 of the arrested protesters are being held at a detention facility near moscow. their friends and relatives wait for news of them our correspondent yury rachet to spoke with. not. who is number 15 an alliance with this woman asks she's one of the volunteers outside of the soccer of a detention facility at 2 hour drive from moscow these people have been standing in the freezing cold since the early morning. they want to help as their friends and relatives people who were arrested to during the protests. some of them are waiting for their sentence some are already serving it to be shared with you that we have collected warm things this is a sweater there's
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a sublanguage because we don't know if our friends in there have anything to cover up with little see if there is sucks underwear t. shirts and wore gloves just in case all of this is our fault even cried a few times my friends are in there. looking back. more than 7000 people have been arrested across russia in the past 10 days. the police were particularly brutal during the last protests in moscow and st petersburg on the weekend and after alex enough on his sentence some time security forces dragged people into police buses for no reason some of them were random passers by several cases are now being investigated the police. authorities argue that the protests were not authorized and therefore posed a security threat in reality however the police officers themselves have at times
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become a security threat to some you know sent passers by. these young people say they spent up to do well for our loss as a courthouse after being detained apparently they had to sleep on the floor they were sentenced to several days in prison but since prison space seems to be running out they have had to wait for hours in the police bus. it's stuffy one young man explains he says he spent 7 hours in he has so far. it's now afternoon in front of the detention center the queue has barely moved. the also taking their time accepting the packages and a searching each one carefully and a couple of the police because this is all so surreal we don't know what all this will lead to but we want to continue fighting for our rights and our freedom you must know that giving you my guests of course we're also scared but many people want to keep fighting for their future on the streets you want to push them but
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it's. more than 500 people to be in detention behind to these fans and to more young people are expected to arrive here. especially if the protests continue. so you look at some other stories making headlines around the world today in indonesia activists protested the myanmar military coup outside the myanmar embassy in jakarta they called for the release of all. the other civilian leaders detained by the military the indonesian government is seeking a special meeting of the bloc of southeast asian nations to discuss the situation in. a controversial republican lawmaker has been sanctioned for promoting chewing on conspiracy theories and endorsing ballance against democrats marjorie taylor green was removed from 2 committees after a vote in the u.s. house of representatives 11 republicans were among those voting against her green
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said she regretted some of her past words but stopped short of apologize. and in the u.s. state of iowa a number of people were injured in a pile up of some 40 vehicles police said 2 officers were helping with multi car crashes in the area when the larger pileup happened officials said there were no fatalities. pharmaceutical company johnson and johnson has regulators in the united states to give its vaccine emergency approval if authorized it would be the 3rd vaccine to be approved for use in the u.s. the johnson and johnson vaccine only requires one shot the 1st of its kind in the world. and let's catch you up on some of the other developments in the coronavirus pandemic worldwide 5 days are have withdrawn a bid for emergency authorization of their vaccine in india pfizer says it will resubmit the bid with additional information required by the indian regulator the
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u.s. has recorded over 40000 virus deaths in 2 weeks amid concerns the cases could spike again after gatherings for sunday's super bowl football game and mexico has run out of vaccine doses and no new shipments are expected until the middle of this month this with the country's hospitals that over 80 percent capacity and denmark says it will launch it launch a 1st version of a coronavirus vaccine passport by the end of february. well germany's own vaccination program has now provided doses to over 2000000 people out of a population of more than 80000000 according to a new nationwide poll that's too slow but they years show support for the job itself is rising as more people plan to take up the government on its target of an initial dose for everyone by the end of september. more than 2000000 people in germany have now been injected with a coronavirus vaccine and have it 3 quarters of
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a 1000000 have already had their 2nd dose despite the progress there's a widespread feeling that it's not fast enough 68 percent of those surveyed say they think the vaccine rollout has been too slow in gemini that's a 16 percent increase compared with a month ago. machall knows it too this week she called a meeting to work out how to speed things up. this path has been slower at some points but i think there were good reasons for the nice. enough to death and. one of the reasons cited for slowness was that the european union countries acted together the e.u. decided not to issue provisional vaccine approvals as happened in some other places if i think we did the right thing it's about trust. another delaying factor was the joint e.u. approach to ordering vaccines some say attempts to push down the price meant it
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took longer to reach a deal whatever the reason support for the e.u.'s common purchasing policy is dropping and only 63 percent of those asked in germany said they thought it was a good idea 7 percent less than in january the government has promised all adults will be offered at least a 1st dose of vaccine before the end of september the good news is the number of people saying they intend to take up that offer is steadily rising. sports liverpool have been banned from entering germany to play their champions league quarter final because of new restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus variants the wrists were scheduled to play in leipsic on february 16th but the german interior minister has confirmed that an application by the bonus league aside for special permission for liverpool to enter the country has been refused by federal police switch to a neutral venue or
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a new reordering of the matches are both being considered options for a solution. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin up next we've got a documentary film for you the latest documentary is titled escaping hell on earth libya's refugee camps i'm terry mark thanks for. calling me and i'm game you know is that 17 trillion land on him or killed worldwide in syria but it's not just the animals though suffering it's the environment if you want to know how old one 5th of the priest i'm a huntress changed us as we think is listen to our podcast on between science.


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