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we are the improbable. group of the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery there is a. moon for the earth for you starts feb 11th on t.w. . the year. this is d w news and these are our top stories russia has expelled diplomats from germany poland and sweden for attending protests in support of jailed kremlin critic alexina vali moscow says the 3 participated in a krone volley rally last month that had been ruled illegal by the russian government germany and other western governments have condemned the expulsions as unjustified. under the students and teachers have staged rallies
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against the recent military coup in myanmar demonstrators in young going wore red ribbons in support of detained leader unsung suchi a civil disobedience movement has been growing since the military declared on monday it will take power for a year. delegates from libya's rival factions have elected an interim government to lead the country until elections in december businessman abdul hamid debate will serve as prime minister and govern alongside a 3 member presidential council libya has been divided between rival governments of the country's west and east for over 5 years. this is news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram at news and do visit our website it's t w dot com. biden democrats have their 1st win in congress early on friday morning as the
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senate voted to back the president's 1.9 trillion dollars stimulus package there's also the small matter of dealing with a republican representative who has mused on facebook about the likelihood that wildfires in california had been caused by a jewish backed space lasers and who has now retracted her claim that no airplane hit the pentagon on 911 but we'll get to that i'm phil gayle in berlin and this is the day. many americans you know that are sleeping in the street. and then you know you have coursed. worth more and been decimated we have the opportunity to give hope to the american people we want to do it bipartisan but we must be strong i can't remember the budget in the time that i've been here that either side
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has ever voted in a bipartisan way the a's are 50 the nays are 50 the senate being equally divided the vice president votes in the affirmative so we're off to a totally partisan start. think that's unfortunate. also coming up what happens when an ape is raised like a human child will that's part of the story of t.c. boyle's new book talk to me and one of the questions that preoccupied the author when he wrote it went back to those all the research that. the cross for string cheese in human households race and justice you rachel. to see how language is developed in us but also how it is generally developed it's just really fascinating we work in words we are words where they come from why are we different
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. welcome to the democrats in the united states are asserting their control in congress to set the agenda and the tone in washington they now control the senate and use their majority for the 1st time in the early hours of friday morning to push ahead with president biden's plan for a $1.00 trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill but vice president harris's tie breaking vote the budget measure that was approved also means democrats will not need any republican backing to pass the final package as long as old democrat senate has backed the bill with the details still to be worked out speaking with senate democrats at the white house president biden signaled that he was pleased that the path was now open to going big on spending to help americans overcome the pandemic and its economic effects we can't do too much or we can do too little to do too little support or begin the end result is not just the macro economic impact
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on the economy and our ability to compete nationally people's lives real live people. and we can fix. straight to washington then we jointly doubly correspondent to all of salad to welcome all of us so what sort of things will this $1.00 trillion dollars cover. as quite a big fail and joe biden wants to tackle the effects of the pun demick so the economic crisis that the united states is suffering from right now so we have $1400.00 u.s. dollars in direct aid for every american taxpayers high earners are excluded from this money then also several fields so with regards to food the unemployment insurance will be extended until the end of the year small businesses health insurance also rental assistance if you can't pay your rent anymore and then of course there is aid included for reopening of the schools here as quickly as
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possible and so the strategy really that president biden is following here in his 1st weeks of his presidency is to focus on the pandemic and on the fault the economic fallout and of course no word of all trump and his looming impeachment trial really a no would have an increase in the u.s. minimum wage which was a key part of joe biden's election platform and that's why he wanted 15 u.s. dollars per hour as a minimum wage of by 2025 however now the problem here is the u.s. senate and that is backing the stimulus package but the senate is rejecting this minimum wage that's a small setback for president biden especially because it goes down to a republican proposal and that now prohibits the minimum wage should be increased during the times of a pandemic and that found bipartisan support the concern here is that this minimum wage would be a burden for small businesses that they could eventually not make ends meet anymore with this minimum wage imposed ok so as far as the stimulus bill is concerned is
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not job done joe biden can he relax and move on to something else. well the senate has approved that budget plan 1st of all and the house approved it with a final vote just a little while ago so that paves the way now for this relief package to be signed eventually the speaker of the house and nancy pelosi promised that this would be done and passed before march 15th so it is not done. course we know that the democrats have the majorities in both chambers off the house joe biden is able to do that now without the help of the republicans but of course he wants bipartisan support that is something that he promised also in his inauguration speech so in part he wants to govern with the republicans but of course he also needs every democratic vote in senate as specially they are because the majority as you know is very slim and it continues to be
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a very close call. he said of why is the democrats don't need republican support from this point well they usually need 60 votes in senate to pass such a bill the democrats currently have 50 so that's not enough and then the senate passed a so-called budget resolution that's a procedural step it gets a bit complicated here but essentially it allows democrats to pass the relief bill with just a simple majority and that is enough if they use the vice president kelly harris's vote as a tiebreaker and so therefore the democrats do not need the republicans to pass this legislation ok so the other big vote being talked about the watching today is the house that democrats unprecedented step of removing a republican congresswoman from her committee assignments so democrats told republicans to take disciplinary action against marjorie taylor green because of her controversial internet posts or else they would. congresswoman green advocated
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for the execution of a leader of this house she advocated for the execution of former president obama she encouraged violence against law enforcement and has a long record of racist anti-semitic and islamophobia comments she spread cruel conspiracy theories even claiming the horrific mass school shootings in sandy hook in parchman were staged i never said any of these things since i have been elected for congress these were words of the past i was allowed to believe things that weren't true and i would ask questions and questions about them and talk about them and that is absolutely what i regret because if it weren't for the face book post and comments that i liked in 2018 i wouldn't be standing here today congressman greene says this resolution could set a precedent for the future i hope it does i hope we are setting a clear standard for what we will not tolerate anyone who suggests
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putting a bullet in the head of a member shouldn't show up on any committee period never before in the history of this house as the majority abused its power in this way the gays are 230 and the nays are $199.00 the resolution is adopted all of the some of the the bizarre is and conspiracy theories that marjorie taylor green has talked about and design on facebook is long and bizarre but among those talking about school shootings the 911 being fake this sounds the extraordinary and particularly egregious. well yes and it really shows also if you look at how the republican party response to her than how the rift is in the republican party right now because it really depends to whom
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you speak there there were some 11 house republicans who voted to remove her but then you have this other republican party who is right which is rather on the radical extreme side of course following all this rhetoric over the last 4 years of president trump's term and they are cheering for her of course and she also is very supportive of donald trump and the most important aspect perhaps is that she still has the support off the party leadership the republican leader in the house of representative kevin mccarthy is still defending her ok so this is going to be a big problem for republicans going forward is it's how they remain sort of true to traditional conservatism while also accommodating their conspiracy theories in the semi racists in the insurrectionists who flock to them because of donald trump absolutely yes and this is basically one of the core questions that we're looking at right now when it comes to the future of the republican party the big question
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will be how will the republican party be able to move forward right now you can see with this with this republican congresswoman in particular that the party is very much divided and that there are 2 essentially 2 sides that cannot come to terms how to move on should they rather stick with donald trump should they stick with conspiracy theories or should they move on and embrace old democratic values and this is going to be very interesting to watch in the next weeks and months and years to come ok so the vote that we're talking about that happened on thursday this was to remove moderate terry the green from a couple of the house committees so what is the significance of these sanctions. well that's a very significant move by the democrats in particular because the democrats want to make clear here that they do not tolerate if congress people are in such important positions in such important assignments so they want to make clear they don't accept this and make a signal also so it's a symbolic move but it's also
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a move for the records because it essentially scholz very well where each individual republican congress person stance so who supports her and who doesn't and that became very clear in this vote here ok and further the significance of this particular vote as much as we would normally expect the republican party to do with membership with members on their committees but the democrats took this out of their hands yeah that's exactly right and and again i mean we have this divided party right now that we're looking at and of course the democrats took it out of their hands this is unprecedented so there has been some criticism also by the republican party they are afraid of course that this could be turned into a political weapon to remove any kind of. person that you do not like on the other
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side of the political aisle of course but then again the democrats say that they want to follow their principles and fight 3 these wrong informations and conspiracy theories like chewing on and all of that we've heard of the last years so basically this is the stance that the democrats have fewer and that's exactly what they have put forward thank you for that all of us silence in washington. and the european union's top diplomat went to russia today in a bid to try and patch up increasingly strange relations joseph burrell's visit to moscow was the 1st bite on a u.s. official since 2070 these talks with foreign minister sergey lavrov came in with debate about whether a u. countries should impose new sanctions on russia of the jailing of opposition leader alexei in the valley in the crackdown on his supporters both sides acknowledged but
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what burrell described as a low point in relations over the last 2 years our relations have been mark by from the mental differences from a lack of trust. we are seeing huge other more than a competitor of reichl rather than a partner so you. we proceed from the assumption that the e.u. at this stage is an unreliable partner and i hope that the strategic review that takes place soon will focus on the key interests of the e.u. and that these talks help make out contacts more constructive but as soon as those talks wrapped up moscow and i'm state was expanding diplomats from e.u. countries including germany accusing them of taking part in illegal protests outside alexina valley's court sentencing earlier this week german chancellor
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angela merkel speaking at a video conference with french president emmanuel macro condemned russia's move condemnation that was echoed by paris and other european capitals the w correspondent bed righetti in brussels is following advice for us welcome parents let's start with the basics what was it that these diplomats did that so upset moscow. well russia is maintaining that these diplomats participated in the protests over the weekend. against the russian government caused by alex a nevada me the opposition leader 2 of them burned st petersburg one in moscow but the governments in europe say this is nonsense because they were only doing what they're supposed to do they're watching they were watching the societal events in russia and this is covered by the vienna convention on diplomatic routes so there's
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also a. disagreement now of what was exactly happening but it is clear that this is a huge prove occasion by the russians this is what the european diplomats see here in brussels ok so they you was already putting pressure on russia over alexina valley's poising and he's cold cases not to mention crimea of course i guess these expulsions take this route to a whole nother level. yeah that's right because this was not only a probation but it was also an attempt to to be a little just as sure as a you envoy who was in moscow or why these expulsions took place it was clearly to show how weak the position of the e.u. is right now and. some sources say that brogue was very angry that this happened during his visit so to say and he's trying to get to alexander
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vonnie that would be his response then to this prove occasion he wants to meet him he's still in moscow and wants to see the opposition leader but it is also very likely that another expulsion both follow now sweden and poland and germany are considering 2 x. 2 to throw out russian diplomats as an and voted for tat in this diplomatic row and this is what what normally happens in such cases ok so but if you can sort of see russia's point because there is confusion it seems to be confusion from the european side in terms of response i mean let's look at a couple of your space european responses to today's events 1st we have the german foreign minister heiko masa saying russia's decision to expel multiple a you diplomats is in no way justified and further damage his relations with europe if the russian federation does not reconsider its decision this will not remain a nonsense that's germany's position and i feel
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a sense of they will listen to the new foreign policy chief joseph burrell talking about sanctions but the sanctions. there is no proposal by the time being by any member state. discussion will continue in the next for an official concha of ministers and to be union leaders we have in march so bad rigor to help us out to germany says expect a response europe says that response won't be sanctions so if not sanctions what. but i think germany is not expecting you sanctions in this diplomatic spat as i said the expulsion of russian diplomats would be the appropriate answer but the epa tide the atmosphere is hardening at the epa tide for sanctions is is going up maybe in the european union in the nevada in the case and in other cases there are lots of sanctions already in place against russia because of the an exemption of crimea
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they have severe economic sanctions that targeted sanctions because of the russian involvement in ukraine there are sanctions against people who were involved in the poisoning of alexei nevada and other cases so that there is a lot of sanctions already and people asking here what do other things. which effect would they have is russia really responding to that so that makes clear that there's not much leverage the e.u. has except they want to go for the for the big hammer and take a big you took economic sanctions which is not likely at the end of this month's the foreign ministers will come together in brussels are going to talk about this but the interests of the member states of very different when it comes to russia there are some that have economic ties some that feel threatened by russia and some like germany and france that want to keep the relations with russia somehow going because russia is needed in many other crises around the world right and cities of
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course are going to look at a situation i wonder how much a you've reluctance to take a firm a line against russia has to do with germany the a user biggest the most powerful country not wanting to jeopardize its massive gas pipeline deal with the russian. well 1st of all it's not only a german project it's a project done by companies from germany the netherlands france and also all syria all these countries have interests in north stream to this pipeline which is nearly finished now and germany and france are saying this is nothing to do actually with the in the case this is an economic case we need is for gas supplies which are needed in europe and russia wants to sell its gas so this is something different but of course americans the european parliament also the commission say no no no it's stream to sort also be used as a leverage should be cut off now to say to show the russians that europe is really
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serious about punishing russia for its actions so this is still unresolved but it is clear that this is the relations with the day to day a much more in a dead end than they were before ok with this a bit of a negative conversation a band is there any is there any light any sign of a sort of positive. hope in this between you know the russian. well the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov left rough and also up already today in the press conference that there is there's some fields of agreement and some things that russia and europe can work together for example when it comes to climate change to energy supplies to the development of new renewable energies in such things and they also have to work together in an international crisis like iran russia is part of this iran treaty the argument the nuclear treaty russia's
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needed when it comes to syria to libya to yemen to many fields so that some common interests also between russia and the european union but it looks very dire right now to italy correspondent ben rigorous in brussels thank you. to the world of literature now on the american runs a t.c. boyle he often bases the extraordinary characters in his books on real people his latest novel talk to me is no exception it's about a professor who does the talk shows the chimpanzee that understands language like all the guests to be an occasional back met up with boyle to talk about books apes and coronavirus. the best selling author t.c. boyle lives in montecito california where unlike in most of the world right now the vaccination rollouts is meeting at a painfully slow pace. we
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caught up with him via video cool enough to him how he's coping. terror at all times not only the political terror that inflict this biological terror. i am not the age group who is vulnerable and i'm further vulnerable because i'm a pessimist now i haven't gone anywhere or done anything. since this began. within the last 7 months fortunately at least he's already received his 1st vaccination he lives in a house between the mountains and the ocean as a writer he's used to working at home by himself in that respect lockdown wasn't too hard to adjust to you know all. that are all people misanthropic people as well and i'm one of them yeah we don't want to be bothered by anybody or anything we want to live in our minds however there's another side to
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life and that's a social side which i really enjoy going to my village i live in a little village i know everybody part of my life is social and being with all those people in the village. that has. a lot of difficult. t.c. boyle has published more than 20 novels and short story collections if it weren't for the pandemic could be in germany right now promoting his new novel talk to me it tells at least in part the true story of an unusual experiment in the 1970 s. that tended chimpanzee into a media star. columbia university scientists placed a baby chimpanzee in a human household in order to study where the nim chimpsky as they called him could learn to communicate with fine one which the experiment failed tragically and the chimp died young effectively of a broken heart the failed research project was the subject of
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a documentary released a few years ago. t.c. boyle has often explored the biographies and work of scientists in his writing so it comes as no surprise that boyle was fascinated by this almost 50 year old story he says of 6 parent was an attempt to find out what distinguishes man from beast a question that has long preoccupied us. how do you know who your will. you have language and you can talk well the deaf language is different it's a general i wish i was at work but yes and i did all that went back to those days in that all the research seventies eighties the cross fostering pansies in human households race and justice eurasia child. to see how language is developed but also how it is generally developed it's just really fascinating we work in
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words we are words where they come from why are we different from. cheesy boyle might be a self-proclaimed pessimist but he's a hugely prolific one and not even a global pandemic is likely to dampen his extraordinary creativity. and you can see a longer version of that report on arts 21 program this week well the day is nearly done by the calm station continues online you could join us on twitter either at speed of the news we can follow me and go that's what you're good.
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to the point. opinions clear positions international perspectives. nobel peace prize laureate and some sushi is back in the house arrest in myanmar on trumped up charges with the elected government deposed and the military back in power is also part of democracy extinguished find out how to. for example to the point. that the next check on t.w. .
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where the real power resides. i come from there are lots of people in fact not in the building which is the blood not just democracy please that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the 2 finishing the book is fried chicken blood in the form of the blood in born and i remember thinking at the time if the blood in blue can flow with anything could happen if people come together and unite for a call. but i do the news often confronted because situations flaw conflict between just some hostility i see just want my job to confront floods details on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most congo food security
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question national nikesh and. a notch has been achieved with so much money for you john and i think people have to be at the hoc solutions my name is on the touchy dock and i walk into jail for a. nobel peace prize laureate uncensored she is back under house arrest in myanmar facing trumped up charges of illegally importing walkie talkie the military deposed her and the country's elected government on monday declaring a state of emergency for the next 12 months it's head claimed the army's pound was forced by massive voter fraud in november's elections which on sunday to choose party won by a landslide she called for supporters to protest the intervention but is it too late our title.


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