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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2021 12:30am-1:00am CET

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they want to know what makes the devil you just do it and join the love. thing away from the. other out towards my own good and everyone was made a holes in everything. are you ready to meet the deadlines and join me right just do it under. the family this this is the future of urban transit travelling by bike here in berlin more and more people have recently switched to 2 wheelers. this route is to become part of the cycle expressway for the capital over the next few years. how do
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we want to travel how do we want to live i'll be looking into these questions on my journey today. sustainable travel how does it work and what can you discover when you're away from the popular sites that's what i want to find out so i made appointments with experts here berlin but also in the small town of nearby because there they have a university that's completely focused on the topic off sustainability well i'm curious. the future of travel is also a concern for amsterdam a city very much affected by mass tourism. who rents both explains how you can discover a tourist magnet like venice in a different way to. nature profits from visitor management as the games in world heritage site near berlin shows.
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i look out now you go. over you great weather where you taking me to the temple of the field one of my favorite places i'll tell you why. you do it is in ecology and feels yes she gives tours on the topic of sustainable brylin the 1st stop on our route is the huge area of the former temple hoover airport in the middle of the capital. claudie how did you get into sustainable tourism how did you discover the topic. first of all i studied did. as i have my real interest in actually developed right here in berlin. but people don't generally associate big cities with sustainability. is such a melting pot and so many creative ideas take shape here. this is where sustainability is being redefined and where it needs to be. i've come across so
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many great projects and i thought this has to be spread to the whole world of. what you said this is one of your favorite places in berlin why. you just can't find anything like this anywhere else it's a great example of how enormous are open spaces can be used so they offer something for people not always just for profit. this is not just screen space. how is this field used today. as a player and everything to do with recreation and exercise as a place to get together you can meet friends in the fields and join the coronavirus time social distancing is no problem here. then you've got a garden one of the 1st pioneer projects. it was laid out in 2010 and really kicked off this whole wave of gardening. urban gardening so it's
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a place for people to get together and learn to get closer to nature. sustainability is a big challenge and it applies above all to major populous cities in europe such as venice barcelona or amsterdam sure because of the travel restrictions over tourism declined anyway but how will it be after the crisis will cure isn't change for example in amsterdam. for years residents have been complaining about 30 tourists but when a lockdown was imposed in the spring and eerie quiet fell over amsterdam came off the go start searching places and it also showed how dependent economy in the city center had become only tourism i think that's really unhealthy so it was also a signal to said this has to change. the city of them stor dam 1st took action against mass tourism in 2018 prohibiting offers of tours and holiday apartments at
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the tourist hot spots. the tourism tax was raised to know most of the near shops were allowed to open but martin would like to see even more steps making use of the enforced break he and some friends launched a petition. we thought it was a good time to say ok of course you want you can call me to recover and teresa come back but there needs to be a better as we don't want to go back to the situation before the crisis and that's why we started a petition. to say ok we don't want to go back to situation in 2980 but put a limit on the number of tourists coming through the city the united states. $30000.00 citizens of amsterdam agreed now the city council is obliged to look at their proposals. and the city has already announced plans to seek new paths in managing tourism. starts to 3 different effects of the visitor economy that have a negative effect on the livability one is the anti-social behavior that is to
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cause mainly by bigger groups that come here to drink that make a lot of noise don't respect the locals the local estate puke on the street that is a certain group they can have to manage differently the other part is that in the old city center in some spots the pressure on public speech has to be so there you have to invest in crowd management and also invest for the long term to make much more parts of this city interesting part of the solution for crowd control might involve redirecting visitors to less popular areas of amsterdam but no concrete plans for achieving sustainable goals are yet in place will there be any real change once the crisis passes stephen code does doesn't believe so he works for years as a tourism manager in amsterdam until he was left with no doubt the city could not carry on with its current approach to travel. i changed my perspective the world has changed. i promoted amsterdam in the never lived in new york
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and director of the board of tourism and promoted it as much as i could. until i realized that i was busy to destroy what i think was of value and therefore i changed but i'm seen as a traitor by the industry is he a traitor or a visionary. either way he doesn't think much of the city's current proposals. i've seen for the last 30 years of them saying we're going to distribute tourists in time and in place 30 years and 30 years it's not been able to achieve anything. and the reason for that is people follow people people go where the masses are. small hidden places away from mass terrorism that's what clouds berlin tourists are
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all about. why are you taking me to this place. and this because to me. this embodies the noise the street sustainability scene. in this shop in the she like east area of berlin to fashion designers and a photographer have come together. shows us her collection on the ground floor clothing made from surplus of leftovers and usually this stuff is thrown away but here it provides the material for a completely new clothes. this is pretty cool isn't it. but that's not all. what's down here. and. no one special i'll give you special. company photographer the here and now us as our studio in the basement she
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specializes in siam a type and environmentally friendly photo printing process with blue tones a traditional handicraft that she also teaches. and to show that sustainability is also possible with everyday products cloudy shows me the surplus shop on back in the district of quotes back there's a salvage still he can become a salvage yourself everything you see he would normally get thrown away though it's still perfectly edible. there are foods here that are close to their best before date or just beyond their. now 6 of these salvage stores in berlin. here to waste products are being region used. as you know that looks nice 100 percent element of eagan excel vist i feel really
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good buying this one. the last stop on the tour through sustainable berlin is the marked illinois in fights back here you will find regional and artie's in all products there are bakers who produce their goods locally and fresh produce from the surrounding area . historic 19th century market building has become a desolate place for cheap discounters in the early 2000 it's now the market hall is again a place for small traders and for people who want to be inspired. that looks good. so do what has to be done to make sustainability even more
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popular at the kiva both about what up whatever gunsmiths is i think is very important for sustainability to become the norm was it will be great if we no longer had to talk about where the little sustainable hot spots were sold. rather as a tourist you could just think hey cool i'd rather go to these great little shops around with lots of love that individual and we'll have a totally different experience. on course i mean it and i follow. instead of rushing off with all the masses you can come here and take your time and look around you don't just hype. we're talking about but that also means that you have to plan before the trip and pick out the individual spots yeah. yes of course but that's the nice thing about it it's fun to plant a tree it has a little slower ball slow down a little which is an issue in general and you have to put
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a little effort into it. ok thank you very much and thanks for your time just as if i got a very unwelcome hype i was able to give you couple of insights and get you interested in what's going on here. for c.n.n. but. there is hardly a city in europe that has suffered so much for a master is as venice how things look this year during the pandemic that's going to show us said he's the head of the company that offers both tourism around the city so it's a day's meet a local slot we're going to take you to. 5 hi i'm j.p.
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and we're in venice and i live in venice and right now i'm going to show my face just a little bit but because the regulations i have to keep this back on so will cover up my ugly face right now we are in kind of i just and i live here in this in this area i'm going to show you a different kind of venice not the tourist venice but my venice the venice that i like to participate in. but we're going to be honest and i would use one of my favorite places because we're talking about boats and everybody that words here is in love with boats you can't be in venice without loving boats because part of the history of what we're in right now this at one time is. one of my favorite places to be was the biggest shipyard in the entire world the 1st kind of factory lines started here in venice.
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where on the island of those are now where we're based and where a lot of our fun happens it's not just we work here but we also on my off days i like to come here to to hang out because it's just a really beautiful island it's an open area where there's lots of grass and you feel nature here you can this is where the lagoon starts of venice and where i think the fun happens. to a little bit. or a. little. you are not allowed to skateboard at all in venice so that i work in this beautiful island it's amazing that i have all this space and. the idea behind classic birds venice was to create a company that was offering sustainable choices as it pertains to the marine. the marine industry so to speak in venice so we thought to take classical craftsmanship
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traditional craftsmanship that was venetian and in particular a boat like this which is some people thought which is a traditional venetian sailing boat and rowing boat and to convert it instead of with an electric engine so that we could rent this without driver and so that gas could come to venice and experienced a venetian lagoon in a sustainable way but also in a traditional way. from this year from 2020 looking at it venice has suffered a lot in terms of tourism but on the flip of that we have a lot of guests who are looking for sustainable or is. which was incredible which was a big blast for us and the cleanliness of the city definitely improved. it was a pleasure to welcome you inside that is to the day in the life of someone living
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in venice and i hope to see you soon. and now that we leave for lim i want to go to the town of the bus by the it's only about 50 kilometers from here and because we're already on the subject of sustainability of course i'll head there by public transport. we regularly show you your videos from all over the world and this one on skis through the austrian alps maybe it's a little inspiration for your next winter vacation after the pandemic.
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from berlin to a bus by the it takes an hour by car the train is faster i'll be there in just half an hour.
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it was about is a town shaped by its industrial history a good place to find out more about sustainability because there's a university here that deals with the most diverse aspects of sustainability including tourism. i have an appointment with my. he's a research associate at the center for sustainable tourism at the university of. madiba how did you get interested in sustainable tourism with your. i studied here at the university and earned my musters in sustainable tourism management management that's always been the trust of mine. and i've always enjoyed travelling and i've seen what kind of affects tourism. and that's how i 1st got into the subject. or here how would you define sustainable tourism in and that children as not had to go to was was sustainable tourism is part of the overall
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concept of sustainability. it's about keeping the impact caused by tourism to an absolute minimum giving the american is not only through impact on nature on the environment but on the local population of the preferred call for these negative also for negative effects have to be reduced so that the tourism can be used as a positive factor for the region's other local populations and for a lot more of what can viewers or travelers like me pay attention to in order to be as dana bill as possible while travelling not to was different because i'm. i though this 2 fitted it's actually not all that hard for a traveler to behave sustainably on a trip. the 1st thing of course is to consider where you want to go your own region can also be an attractive option doesn't always have to be a shopping weekend in new york you can also have a greater shopping trip and. it's easier than you'd save a lot of money. so why get the right. the 2nd saying
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once you've decided or you want to go choose what kind of hotel or lodging you want to stay in. either a smaller family run operation were certified to business. said if it's your own or you know quite a few as you can tell there are days by the booking sites. but the target from then on i get that it's a question of what you want to do as your destination there are good and small restaurants get around on foot or public transportation of a month. and i think. none of these things to do it even before. that i learned a lot of experience things. learned something about the culture of the people and the same time you're doing something good for the environment the locals for the preferred form. there are many insider tips around here for example forest it's
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been a world heritage site since 2000 well as is the case with insider tips. and then the problem starts. a normal weekend in the summer of 2020 cars lined the streets of. people have come from berlin life situation even as far away as munich to see the gloom scene forest part of the biosphere reserve that's a natural world heritage site. there's basically one big intersection and sometimes drivers will park in it so carelessly that nobody else can get through including buses fire engines and farm vehicles it's a big problem we've got around here. since you know skoda cleared the gloom scene forest part of the natural world heritage site tourists have flocked to the beech trees from all over even more so during the coronavirus lockdown the villagers
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aren't the only ones affected the conservationists have had their hands full as well fixing damage warning signs and trail markers. of course it's a lot of work expensive too if you have to keep renewing signs in an area that there's large it's also an indication of anger and frustration but i can't understand why anybody would be face to science it doesn't help anyone. it's just being destructive or some people don't want any tourism here at all only the bare beginnings of the infrastructure for it are popping up at the forest dead on a parking lot for 10 cars and the natural world heritage bus that runs 5 times a day. when. somebody were always blocking my yard to our parking in front of my house it would eventually get on my nerves. and then the majors would like to see fewer cars on their streets. but the increasing bike
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traffic is causing problems for the community to you. for seeing growing numbers of cyclists and it's very dangerous when i travel here on the rural i waited while winding road with a 100 kilometer an hour speed limit for families on the road with children it's an untenable situation and we need a cycle path so people can reach the natural world heritage site and safety. with no end in sight of the tourists streaming to the ancient beach forests villages hoping for more support from the state government. shows us what sustainable tourism looks like it is of us why is it he leads us to the family garden a landscape park on the side of a former rolling mill we clamber up a crane once part of the industrial fabric that shape the of us by the.
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york at 1st glance and i only see in the street here what does this have to do with tourism they are giving us well we're working on making the connection we want to make washington street heritage we've got the buildings here presentable and available for people to use and we've already made a start with the family garden for example where we're standing now here on the cross as you can see it's been a success every year 150000 people come here to the garden to see what there is to discover old and new well what is the idea behind it just showing industry from the past or is there more to it. you have no beach no see here we have and. this is basically where everything got started i wouldn't want to work with what we've got. just have to get what's already here. we're working
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closely together with the university in the field of tourism and we're trying to integrate the family garden as a tourist hot spot and other spots that we have in the region. even for sustainable tourism with sites that could be well accessed by public transport bike or on foot. we're also trying to bring in sustainable astronomy with sustainable products. the words sustainable tourism is an overall concept and we're trying to do our bit to give as organs are by thought so it's not. yes sustainable tourism is possible in the big city of berlin and in the small town . you may not see that immediately but if you search a bit you will find it just take
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a little detour or change direction and you will quickly discover something you just like me to. here on. it.
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is cancer research benefiting from the fight against corona virus and doctors in germany are testing young new vaccine that comes from the same laboratories being used by penn demick researchers it's designed to help the body fight cancer cells on its way up the funny edge approach this vaccine is tailored to the immune system of each patient tomorrow today. i am in a. reviving forgotten churches from their
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slumber and then redesigning the. has become a mission for artists movement students. she is challenging church congregations we define it as. the artist who themes church says. than 30 minutes on w. . imagine how many push the homeless us road out in the world right now climate change event hoffa story. faces much less the way photos one we. how much work really do. we still have time to act i'm going.
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to sort of says. that subscribes to the morning news like this. it's about billions. it's about power. it's about the foundation of a mood disorder the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with history network also in europe conflicts are inevitable the consequences unpredictable mean benefit mordecai ever since a chinese investor got involved here our situation has changed again before the poor was privatized a work was much better and easier. china is promising its partners rich. but in europe there's a sharp morning whoever accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on it looking a little bit of a shaking the chinese state has
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a lot of money at its disposal. and that's how it's expanding in asserting its status and position in the world be the fish if obama was making. china's gateway to europe starts feb 19th on d w. this is news and these are our top stories thousands of people have been protesting on the streets of yangon in myanmar nearly a week after a military coup that jones appears to have cut almost all access to the internet as demonstrations grow after the coup the demonstrators are demanding their.


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