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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2021 12:45am-1:01am CET

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world of german photo artists. whose meditative work documents the traces humans leave on the world around them. and europe is the news that inspires a german artist and 20 was created a mural of monumental proportions all of it in pencil. signature a film festival the belly not i was the last of the 3 major festivals to take place normally one year ago in february before the world was so radically changed by covert 19 months since then the organizers have been working hard to salvage the essence of what's known as the world's largest people's film festival and the european film market of course and in the grip of a tough winter lockdown they've had to be creative and so we'll go over to bonnie now to our resident film expert scott roxboro to see how the festival will shape up with lockdown restrictions at the highest they've been so scott this must be strange for you normally the belly knowledge would have kicked off today but
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instead there was a press conference to announce a modest program tell us what's happening. yeah a press conference and a virtual press conference of course because here in germany we are under complete lockdown we cannot meet in groups in a public event which would be the case for this announcement of the competition lined up so instead the the heads of the bell and gave a virtual announcement in a socially distance and completely empty cinema so it was a differently a different feel for this year but of course this is a year unlike unlike any any other when it comes to the actual films that were selected for this year however it was quite similar to a lot of want to be seen in berlin it's a bit fewer films for just 15 but the type of movies they're sort of these international art house films that berlin is really really known for so there's a new film from. the french director or or. a shot of the german director who just
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won an emmy for her netflix series on orthodox she's going to be showing her new movie premier ing at the belly not up what i find quite interesting with this selection is the new team at the betting are really putting a focus also on documentaries which crap is appropriate at the world that we're living in and there's a film who we were it's a documentary that describes sort of a cinematic essay about climate change and about the environmental destruction based on a book in a series sort of a series of conversations with interesting people including an astronaut and it looks like something that's contemplated but if you're the mood for something a bit lighter we also have a new comedy with michelle pfeiffer called french acts that it's not a competition but will be screening as a special at the belly now and. play a fight for plays a sort of. sophisticated woman who's fallen on hard times and is forced to move
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back in with her adult son played by lucas hedges in a tiny apartment that they have in paris looks like a nice frothy comedy to maybe lighten things up in what might otherwise be a fairly dark and dreary berlin. ok scott so berlin is also known for being a very political film festival what can what can we look forward to on that score. yeah there's one film i'm really excited to see is called the mauretania and it's a legal thriller a true life legal thriller starring 2 time oscar winner jodie foster and she plays a lawyer who represents a man whose rendition by the u.s. and taken to guantanamo bay and she's trying to get him free it's based on a true story of a man who was actually snatched off the streets by u.s. forces off the streets of germany by u.s. forces and it's it's it's brought to by kevin macdonald who did the last king of scotland very very excited to see that. some exciting stuff lined up there and of
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course we can't see all of it today it'll be happening as of march 1st but this kind of 2 part solution for that is this enough for the film industry is this going to be sufficient. it's going to be difficult to see they've been a few a full throttle as they've done these sort of virtual type of festivals brylin wolf from the beginning of march will screen these films online essentially for the film industry and for a couple of film fanatics like myself and then in the summer conditions if conditions allow it they want to have a proper in public film festival with red carpet screens with dollars for the audience for the audience in berlin that so loves this festival i think that type of audience participation is needed for these type of movie specials the smaller independent movies it doesn't it doesn't work just seeing online people don't get excited about them you need a big crowd of people watching a film they've never heard anything about and getting so excited about they go and tell all their friends that's what this festival at berlin does and i think that's what we desperately need hopefully we'll have it this summer or we certainly do hope so because we're all i think missing that cinema feeling so part one of the
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1000000000 dollar to 2021 kicking off on march 1st and thanks very much for that background information scott roxboro in berlin. and in other film news thanks to the pandemic the 2021 oscars will also be different from past years they'll take place on april 25th at several locations simultaneously much like they did back in the 1950 s. when for a few years they actually held ceremonies in los angeles and new york l.a. is still on the schedule but as it's currently a covert hotspot other locations will mean less travel and easier social distancing . his work is a good place to turn if you're in search of a bit of stillness or even if during prolonged lockdown conditions you want to do some vicarious travel in your mind german photo artist. has traveled the globe for his labor intension intensive photo series and he trains his lens not on the people
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in those places but on the actual traces they leave behind on landscapes themselves or in the form of architecture. goes out into the landscapes near his home there he finds images that tell of people and their relationship to the world around them but he doesn't like to leave things up to chance and his photos are planned measured and smoothed out wherever the eye calls for it. 'd doesn't come up with. this is a camera i've been working with for more than 20 years i haven't used it as much lately but for me it has the advantage of this really large negative from which you can make large creds and above all it requires that i work with extreme precision i have to consider very carefully where i position myself and what picture i want to create almost. in chinks birthplace of effort an exhibition of his work awaits the return of visitors after lockdown. made
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a name for himself with photos of roadways in eastern germany since the 1990 s. highways cutting sharply through the landscape altering the time and space of those regions these images captured human influence digging up the earth and building as efficiently and effectively as possible. showing photographed a lot of new architecture. and he also went travelling he's taken photos on all the continents of the globe he's fascinated by paradoxes and juxtapositions such as here in myanmar. he's even been able to take photos in north korea. i've been to a total of 50 countries and for the one hour project i actually traveled around the world in a single trip like and around the world in 80 days but i did it in 90 days in. for his one hour project shrink photograph the sun in 37 different places around
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the globe he used a one hour exposure and the resulting solarization effect created the. blackline the sun's path over the course of an hour has a different angle depending on where in the world the photo was taken and sometimes clouds get in the way for a tree. after photographing the wide world the photographer returned to germany settling in mecklenburg in the northeast in his own unique style. basically the house was built this way with this kind of orientation in order to have an openness to the landscape there are these wide south facing windows which really capture a landscape image. in a new series called hinterland explores his adopted home of mecklenburg as always the photographer takes his time using his high resolution mid format camera over
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the past 7 years. gets interland i've been trying to engage more deeply with my subjects and to take a less critical stance toward certain developments than i did fairly often in the 1990 s. and early 2000 i think that's resulting in a broader spectrum of moods and atmosphere. the series dramatic arc 1st reveals itself in the book edition it's less a portrait of a region and more homes close attention subjective collection of the traces human beings leave behind ready ready. and now to a very different german artist i'm 20 that hails from light sake and she's
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currently holed up in eastern germany in the state of saxony on putting the fish it finishing touches on a unique masterpiece of a mural the altar of as she calls it is an incredible cumulative work that covers about 100 square meters and even more remarkable the whole thing is done in pencil . in a palace in the eastern german town of massive book the artist onto a net puts the finishing touches on her monumental creation made with just color to lead pencils her drawings cover $100.00 square metres. of flesh and can meet a lot of pencils for these big homogenous surfaces this panel alone took 36 blue pencils. i didn't draft any sketches or plans beforehand what the work on the scale you wouldn't get much of an overview from small designs anyway. she's gone through $1500.00 pencils in 3 years for the work she calls the altar of
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europa in mass a book she created only the last 4 of 13 panels in total she drew the others further east in gurlitz and the european capitals of vienna and prague. europe has been the focus of my work for 30 nearly 40 years this continent has a prominent position in the world and it's evolving as is the rest of the world so i think it's important to describe the common identity that binds us together and can lead us into the future. holds. the entire alter was united for the 1st time in mao's a blog for a work that spans 25 meters that's no small feat but the work will only remain here until it's finished and open studio is planned for the final stages but the pandemic put an end to that still visitors can catch a glimpse of antoinette's work through the windows. and antoinette is
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still searching for the perfect permanent home for her alter of europa in all its glory. and we wish her luck finding a suitable spot for more on the web site at e.w. dot com slash culture you can also find us on twitter at d.f.w. culture and without until next time take good care and all the best from us from berlin up i. moved.
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to the point. clear position on the international perspective such. as coverage 19 makes an ever harsher told me they're putting their hopes on vaccines developed in record time yet in many places there rollout has been patchy the rates for covert vaccine british against tor are top may cut. to the point that he's the man the minutes on t w. criminals but also in our own right a few traffickers. there carted off to the c.d.c. with or forced to steal. we need investigators leading the
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fight against child trafficking. in 75 minutes on d w. where the real power resides. i come from there lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 you do the blood nonsense democracy maybe that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations am i going to. close in the book is fried chicken bone and onto the floor of the bun and want to remember thinking at the time if the blood in the old can fill with anything can happen if people come together and unite for a pool. but i do the news often confronted to 2 situations for conflict between design still i see despite my chill to confront him but he does on policies and
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development to put the spotlight on the issues that matter most hunger food security oppression matia united nations. or not has been achieved the so much more needs to be john and i had to be going to have to be at the heart of solutions my name is on the top and i work hard to tell you. this is g.w. news and these are our top stories in the united states house democrats prosecuting donald trump's impeachment have wrapped up their case they said the violent mob that invaded the capital last month believed they were acting on the former president's orders to stop the certification of joe biden's election victory times lawyers will now have 16 hours to make their case. the german chancellor angela
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merkel has admitted to failings in the government's handling of the 2nd.


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